Apple releases the new CrapPad, can anyone really tell the difference?

The New CrapPad
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2012 12:13 pm EDT

On Monday I was traveling home from the USA, and our own Adam Zeis put up a post here on CrackBerry telling our readers to check out iMore's review of the new iPad. It didn't go over very well with many of our CrackBerry faithful. To be fair, we've been cross posting hero device reviews for years now. Yes, iMore told their iOS faithful to check out CB's review of the PlayBook when we posted it. But had I not been traveling, here's the post I would have wrote...

While RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is busy innovating with gesture-based interfaces and powerful, open development options, Apple has just released their 3rd generation iPad that's... hang on... looking... looking... Um... almost identical to the last iPad as far as I can tell. It's got a better screen and a faster radio, which makes us wonder if that's all Apple fans have really been complaining about all these years? You can go and read the really long review over at iMore if you absolutely have to, but I doubt any PlayBook fans will be switching over any time soon. In fact, I'm not sure what Apple would have to do at this point to get our attention? Maybe update that 5 year old interface? Consider a new form factor? Make a Porsche or Ferrari designed model?

Wake us up when iPad 4 hits. Or maybe not. Visit if you do want to check out the full review. Stay classy CrackBerry.

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Apple releases the new CrapPad, can anyone really tell the difference?


Good ComeBack Kev. lol

Now you will most likely get CB users to agree with you :)

Also, I got to see a new iPad 4G LTE version from a friend of mine. Though the screen is kinda sharper than the iPad2 and twice as sharp on actual specs, the difference when viewed from the average distance is not much. I have to agree that due to the size of the PB, the PB screen still holds up great against it, despite it being a year old (almost) IMO.

The res increase is mostly for marketing purposes. Retina display has become the new fad like television refresh rates...

Carmi Levy's article yesterday pointed out the down side of the large number of pixels being pushed in order to display video, especially when connected through 4G. You will blow through your monthly data cap in a real hurry and end up forking over overage charges for watching all the same stuff you used to without having to worry about it. Now THAT is moving forward in technology! Sounds like they could use some of RIM's compression tech. RIM Networks anyone? This is going to be a real issue for all mobile device makers and end users as LTE picks up steam.

Dont forget the new cpu/gpu. The all new "quad core graphics" will improve, but not by a lot because most of the extra rocessing power is used for the new retina display. Again, plainly used for marketing purposes

LOL! Nice change to the view...then again there wasn't a problem with the first post...but very funny!
Oh, and the Porsche and Ferrari designs are only for us BlackBerry owners ;) Don't give them idea's that they may screw over haha!

LOL. Now, that's funny. I do have the new iPad, but seriously thinking I will return it. While it has some apps that I wished the Playbook has, it is so much easier carrying my Playbook around than the iPad. The iPad ends up being left at home and if that is the case, I already have a laptop (Macbook) for home use. Finding it hard to justify the iPad.

Now that's the Kevin we know and love.
2012 is going to be remembered as a pivotal year for RIM and we will look back on it fondly. There is a lot to look forward to for RIM fans.

Apple... not so much. Yawn.

Yes he should! You think this is going to keep the BlackBerry faithful from leaving? The firestorm the original post set off is because CB has been taken over by trolls who don't own BlackBerrys. Although some claim they use a BB and something else, that is crap. Unless they need to for work, no one uses multiple mobile phones. It just does not happen.

I appreciate mobile nations likely makes the bulk of the money from the other sites. As such, it appears management pays little attention to CB. That may be why most of the BB users I know have abandoned CB.

RIM will have to cross that bridge when they get there. It isn't certain that a 7" iPad is in the works the same way the iPhone never crossed into the 4" territory (atleast not yet).

Apple won't release a 7" iPad in the short term.

They can't cram all the techology into a small unit.

They've only just created enough space to add Bluetooth to the latest iPad.

So if they created a 7" iPad, they'd have to drop features and that wouldn't do their image any good.

All personal device manufacturers make compromises on hardware. Apple has gambled well so far choosing the look and feel of the device over function. What happens now everyone is catching up?

Jesus, Bluetooth is just now coming with the new iPad? It's been on the iPad since the original. And they could easily make a 7" model. They make a 3.5" model now. It's called the iPhone.

Don't worry about that RIM will be obsolete by then. Watch the shares tumble after the earnings call tomorrow..

Kevin, why are you so insecure. We all know Apple is way more better than Blackberry or any other platform. And they have proved it time and again, for God sake's, even you use Apple product. I have your iMessage ID. So stop degrading others as it won't help a bit and be healthy enought about competitions.
The day RIM starts producing path-breaking products people will buy it. Insulting others won't Help RIM boost their sales besides it might get to the opposite end.
Peace out :D

When you're BlackBerry FanBoy #1, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The word insecure isn't in my vocabulary. However, #BeBold is.  Peace Out.

You definitely need to be graced with more time so you can write a couple more blog posts more often - they're great!

Oh! Looks like it is getting hotter.... Everyone know that Both RIM and Apple set precedence in mobile computing. One has edge in enterprise level and another is in personal mobile space. Vidit is right in his point and Kevin is right at his point. At the same time we should take all good and bad things equally and move on with a bigger expectation for BB 10. Love my RIM products I use as equally as my Apple products. I hope most of the guys here in CB use or used both at some point. Right? (if not, some one in their family does)
C'on Kevin, Ship that pad to me, before you make it "CrapPad"..... :)

Hey Nero have you tuned your fiddle?

For those of you with Apple products, let me explain that reference. Nero was the equivalent of the Rome's mayor who was said to have stood on his balcony playing his fiddle as Rome burned to the ground. Just as Kevin is making fun of the citizens of CrackBerry while it falls apart.

I cringed at your second sentence.

Let me know when you can write a "way more better" post


I stopped reading your post when I reached the "way more better" part of your second sentence.

dude...and the 3 dudes above u....he was being IRONIC.

it was funny, now move on people-with-nothing-better-to-do

thanks, buh-bye

He has several instances of broken grammar so likely he isn't as fluent at english, not that he was being ironic...

Agreed!! If Kevin wants to take a dump on apple why doesnt he shit on his Mac? Everyone knows he uses a Mac. I dont get why the so called fearless leader wants to crap on apple when he uses one and tries to hide it? Whats Apples stock at today? Just sayin!

Nobody is hiding anything. I use a Mac. Bla1ze uses a Mac. Kevin, Adam, Jared... we all use a Mac. I never got how that played into ANYTHING... not like RIM makes laptops.

Read below, I pity the crackberry team, :-) I was sucked in too, but at the end of the day, when I see some one using a Mac, I think congrats you've overpaid and got less functionality.

You can have this view but writing "We all know.." is simply wrong. I went through a period where every product I owned was Apple, but hey the truth is I now don't own any Apple products because for me every product they made had fatal flaws.

Macbook Air = overheated way too easily
Macbook Pro = too heavy to be a laptop
iPad touch = must use iTuned to tranfer files
iPhone = poor reception and screen typing was poor (likely has improved)
iPad too heavy and too large to really be useable.

I agree that a lot of people like Apple products but there are more people that don't use apple products than do use them (you can't say that about windows) and that's because Apple products despite success aren't perfect, so you should be a bit more humble.

BTW I'm loving life without Apple.

For anyone who owns an Ipad I say read a book on the Playbook.

For anyone who owns an apple laptop I say type on a Lenovo X1 (pure heaven God it is a fantastic laptop).

For anyone that uses OSX whatever version I saw try windows 7, it'll enhance your productivity without a doubt.

The pure pleasure I get from dragging and droping file to my playbook is just super. It's simple pleasures.

Finally being in a non-Apple world is just so much more interesting what'll your next laptop look like? With Apple you already know... silver... with black keys... yawn. Think you're cool? Think again, grandma has the same phone you do. :-)

"way more better"???!!!?? Grammar check dude. And while your at it could you go over to the Windows 8 forums and defend Apple there in the same eloquent way. I will go so far as to say Apple (Steve Jobs really)was smart in choosing Unix (yes a decades old OS) as it's foundation for OSX. It to this day is a superior OS, however they are using a intel PC, nothing new there. The original iPad was an improvement on existing tablets NOT an original idea, and now they have failed to bring anything groundbreaking to the table. Will we be able to make the same statement about the next release of my beloved Playbook? I hope not, but I will not gamble on it. I have (and use)a Torch, 9700, iPhone 4s, the new iPad and the aforementioned Playbook. They all have their merits but the end user determines if one is better for them over the other. Fanboys/fangirls grow up, stop trolling, and go back to your own forums and help your new users enjoy their products.

The reason why Apple's new iPad is barely an update compared to the iPad 2 is because they don't have to add huge updates. Their tablet competition is still lagging behind (especially the PlayBook). The fact is, is that other tablets still can't compete with the iPad 2 so there's no point in making some huge, significant update because everyone else is still trying to play catch up to the iPad 2.

Porsche or Ferrari design? HAHAHAHA. Sorry, but Apple doesn't need other brand names to try and make sales. Those Porsche/Ferrari/whatever designs were ugly as hell anyways, not sure what RIM was thinking.

there's no point in making some huge, significant update because everyone else is still trying to play catch up to the iPad 2.

and the day people will catch up with ipad 2, history will repeat, Apple. well sitted on its throne will fall due to its failure to innovate.

thanks. your invalid argument is invalid.

So if there is nothing worth updating, why did they release a new product? Oh yeah, so that millions of sheep continue to flock and purchase a new iPad and let Apple rake in the millions once again for a product that is not even worth calling an update.

LOL, are you kidding me? Screw my kids and my wife. I would rather throw my money away, that way I make Apple richer. What do they have now 100B? Why buy stuffs for my family?

What does 4G LTE battery life mean to you?

You don't have a new ipad and won't buy one because its an incrimental upgrade to your ipad2

Hater :P

Even if it was on, the FFC on the new iPad doesn't have the PB quality to capture the details :)

The rear one does though!

"Just hope the front-facing camera was off..."

You jest?

That front facing camera is a .92 MP model 1995 unit, you might make out the shadow of an itard face in that pic ................ come to think of it, you would. Hey, that picture would come with a life-like smell too, part of the iPad attraction I guess.

Hey, 4 out of 5 proctologists recommend a New iPad, that has to mean something so lighten up man! (I could go on all day .... thanks Kevin)

Until RIM grasps that a tablet is about software and the user experience Apple will have nothing to fear from the PB. The PB hardware is excellent but its reach is severely curtailed for the averge person.

I completely agree with you as in the new ipad is a weakly named device with no real benefits over the ipad 2... Sure the display is great and all but from normal distance is hardly noticeable... Nothing about an awesome autocorrect system was found there so I'm still going to love my playbook more and more everyday. Not going to get an apple device ever :D great name there by the way.

As a person who has both I can tell you they're both great devices, ipad has all the programs you'll need for professional life and for fun, and higher resolution is always welcomed . Playbook has a great UI and OS and hopefully will be able to run great software when it arrives. Email on playbook is really nice and it has the best tablet speakers. I enjoy both a lot :)

I'm alright with the cross-promotion. The iPad is an amazing device if your needs are primarily media and games - a lot of average consumers for home use. The PlayBook is a better device is your needs are primarily personal information management (contacts, calendar), messaging, portability and productivity - business people, students, etc.

I don't think the new iPad really changed that basic distinction between the two. They got better at the things they were already the best at (especially the screen - not innovative but still freakin' impressive) but didn't really gain any ground on the things that the PlayBook is good at. There's lots of room for both to thrive in their different markets.

Well I'd rather hold a PB gaming than a large iPad. Yeah iPad has more games but PB is closer to the sweet spot and has better sound.

You are so wrong. The I have both and the iPad is a much more effective business tool. That is why corporations are opting for the iPad and not the PB. The PB is a portable media device at best.

Wow, yeah that was real classy. Then again, I think Apple needs to be more careful about how they treat their consumer base. Full price for a new model with negligible improvements will only get you so far before more and more people start getting put off. Apple is relying on their app ecosystem more than anything else and the fact they can get people to line up to buy something almost identical to what they're holding in their hands while standing in that line is really really sad. They absolutely need to keep innovating or else they're going to start losing customers to droid and BB just as much as RIM needs to convince developers to code for their platform, and get their droid apps ported over. It's more of a lose-lose situation at this point.

Ok so I choose a Playbook over an iPad cause the screen is smaller and I can watch better movies on it... Then I can multi task between movies, social media and emails really good but suddenly i'm bored i want to download some cool first person shooters and RPG's and maybe a few col apps but wait! you only have how many apps???

Kevin..., that url sent my anti virus off. lol.
Avast! program version 7.0.1426, definitions version: 120328-1
what can i say... i was curious. Doesnt say anything specific, says URL:Mal

What an incredibly childish blog post by Kevin. Ok, I get that this is a Blackberry enthusiast forum but taking a picture of yourself pretending to take a crap on an iPad is undignified to say the least. This is the kind of behavior I would expect from a 13 year boy. For the record, I own a Playbook and I have never seen such a post about a Playbook on either AndroidCentral or Macrumors.

Pretty sure it's just satire. Making fun of the debacle that happened when crackberry linked to an ipad review from their sister site and a lot of people got pissed. It was amusing to read the replies and the thread in the forums about it. Some people take this stuff too seriously. Which was the point of this blog post I believe.

Geez, I hate these jealousy rants in blogs. RIM would kill to have the iPad's following. Sadly they don't and never will.

I am not really sure why this ipad is getting more criticism than the ipad2, the increase in screen resolution to a level beyond any other tablet, desktop monitor or hdtv is more of a big deal than making it thinner and a bit faster which was what they did last time.

As far as limited editions designed by a 3rd party, there would be no point to those as every apple fanboy considers themselves a unique and special snowflake just by using their idevice in apparent ignorance of sales figures.

sent from my olskool os5



Should have cooked 2 eggs on it sunny side and used Apples new 'eyePad'!

Tho CrapPad is kind of funny.

+1 for feeding the fanatics/rabble they needed a

I find it hilarious that the i-fans that come here to tell us how bad our tablet is get so defensive when someone brings up a fail on the part of Apple.

Btw, anyone notice the company is named after the fruit that got us kicked out of Eden? Or that the first Apple sold for $666 bucks? Stave off the apocalypse and buy BlackBerry!

Fresh says:
March 25, 2012 at 11:29 pm
Lol I know I thought man this guy is a great salesman for apple its not better in anyway just buy it lol

As any good enterprise does, Crackberry needs to give its consumers what they want.

You just did! haha nice follow up.

The folks dissing on "way more better" really ought to get out a bit more. Actually, I mean stay in more, and read the interwebz, where that's practically a meme. Come on, if you're gonna criticize bad grammar you gotta focus on the cases where it isn't being used as a stylistic tool (like any bad grammar in this comment). Sheesh.

CB has gone from good to bad with both the article on the IPad and now a tastless crude picture on the main page.

Good move. I am sure both of these F ups will bring in more buyers and users to CB.

Get back to the basic..Blackberry and please do it with some class..

Starting to wonder about the IQ average at CB right now.

Kids or adults?



When you are at the front of pack, the only thing you care about is how far back your closest competitor is. If the gap is big enough, why not play your weakest cards first (to keep the people happy) and save your strongest/best cards for when your position is threatened? You better believe Apple is withholding some ‘wow’ innovations for when the time is right.

Everybody loves an underdog story, but I hope BB gets their act together for the Blackerry 10 release. We need a product that’s innovative and ahead of its peers, not another Torch/Playbook, that requires endless updates/innovation to try to catch up to its peers. I’ll take a solid well done new product with minor subsequent releases over a half-@zz product with complete overhaul updated releases because it wasn’t executed right the first time..any day of the week. Would like my new phone to be the BB 10, fingers crossed!

Apple better hope you are right becuase nothing they are doing now is remotely exciting compared to windows phone and windows 8.

Apple = totally unimpressive right now.

Agree PB wasn't done right but swipe gestures and general UI is more innovative than what Apple is doing.

Hilarious that people don't realize that this post is purely sarcasm aimed at the RIMbeciles that made such a fuss.

I also thought it was a tongue-in-cheek post to somewhat sarcastically satisfy the people who made such a fuss in the first place. But these same people won't realize that.

Funny post, though! Good work, Kevin!

Even funnier the post got the exact same response from people on the other side of the fence as Adam's ipad post.

Crackberry has some TOO hardcore fans!! LOL!!! The whole new iPad controversy really highlighted some not so flattering characteristics of the Crackberry fans, as well as, some of the Crackberry writers...:(. And as some have pointed out...the satrical and saracastic nature of your post has escaped a few people...sheesh people take some things way too seriously! is registered by Kevin Michaluk. So, hum... disparately trying to win support from the crackberry fans? I know iPad 3 is not much of an improvement, but Apple still hold the cup on the profits and number of available applications for their platform.

Oh and I didn't know Kevin lives in Winnipeg. I thought you were in Toronto. :)

I'll take this as a sarcasm from Kevin. Or at least as his attempt to appease the ever hating bigots that populate this forum (and other forums as well), who are so emotionally invested in inanimate things or brands that call everybody else sheep, and who couldn't stand the blasphemous iPad review on Crackberry ;)

Are you serious Kevin? Do you think, being an educated adult, you have to stoop so low as to call competition cra p? Instead of trying to impartially compare devices and learn from the competition where learning is due.

But that's not the issue here. The issue is that you yielded to the demand of overly irrational members of this site. Way to go.

Anyway, I hope that this is a sarcasm.


To all the people who don't have a sense of humor around here. Your posts make reading the comment section worthwhile with these type posts. I salute you and thank you.

No problem with sarcasm. It's a pretty crappy, unprofessional representation of CB Nation and Kevin on the home page. Embarrassed for Kevin. Hope you get a call from RIM to wipe it off the page.

He was wrong for posting that crap onto this site (I know I know this is our site and we can post what we want on it), well with that being said- then prepare for the CrackHeads. We love your site which is filled with tons of useful information (saved my A$$ a couple times) but we do not want to see you posting as if you were ready to start sucking on a I-fruit; it suprised alot of CrackHeads and even offened a couple of us; you do not see crap like that posted on or or or and the list goes on. The CEO of RIM said that you are his number one site but you posting about an iMaxi-pads and how many ways the BBPB is failing in comparision (Are you for real with that crap). But, lesson learned give CrackHeads what they want BB-Crack, we are not follower or sheeps. Thank you, kevin for gaining our trust back!!!!

#Boldly sent from My BlackBerry PlayBook using my 9900 as a remote control (Post That)!!!

Still love you CrackBerry!!

Once again, if developers around the world leck the foot to apple, they will be the big player . The producer in china or around the world the like to have apple as a customer so other company buy to them... even the customer only tx they buy iphone because the other friends have one. Apple is a big player because in this moment the label apple is a trendy label. they was a nike time, adidas time, nokia time, motorola time, ericsson time, blackberry time etc.... apple before was underground stuff cool stuff for special people who whants be special maybe blackberry take know this place???? I hope because im addicted to blackberry designe and style but please make again good battery life... And minimum let change on playbook the date on calendary icon same my bold 9900 do.. :-)
Sorry for my english.. Swiss Man

my opinion they are out of ideas now that Steve is gone they are lost. take a look at the iphone the 4 and 4s looks the same but you can talk to it now, WOW big difference.

I am not advocating for Apple. But, I THINK (not sure) enough of Steve Job's vision was at work for the 4S and the new iPad regardless of the difference in release dates in comparison to Steve's death. Wouldn't be surprised if his vision will continue to drive Apple's success for years to come. I mean Apple's success is about making simple things that work well.

I had the "new ipad" for a weekend and shipped it back to Apple for a full refund. It got too warm, was too heavy to hold, and I am so used to my Playbook being able to multi-task with swipe gestures, the ipad's back button drove me nuts! Don't miss it at all. Still loving the Playbook.

Strange: it seems the Playbook gets warmer than the iPad 3 actually (with equal performance tests).
Just saying....

Kevin u should get a role in the next Jackass movie.
Thats a really dangerous stunt putting ur
A$$ close to something thats steaming hot.

The BEST thread I've seen on CB, ever. It'll most likely be the best or 2nd best with a BB10 related thread on top.

The obvious question is :

Now that the bar is set so low for RIM...can they reach it? It sounds like the competition is giving RIM a break to play catch up from the past couple of months.

Oh grow up Kevin.

Apple don't need to make major changes to the iPad as it is what customers want anyway- if it ain't broke don't fix it. Just make it a bit better and reduce the price of the previous model. That way they can whip the PlayBook's arse even more. When did RIM actually make anything innovative or exciting in the last three years? My PB has sat on the shelf since I got an Android Phone. My phone does everything so much better. I am only keeping it in case BB10 is any good but they have a mountain to climb first. Apple on the other hand have climbed their mountains already.

Seriously...... I can not believe some of the posts here.... Kevin, Hilarious pal..... CB team, brilliant job and thank you very much for all the hard work. I find CB a great source of knowledge and entertainment. The service provided by CB is free, why are any of you so venomous towards the staff or the site over something as unimportant as an ipad review. For any of you that have used both the ipad and the playbook, you will know the PB is a far superior tablet with full multitasking and phenomenal display (nit retina but so what). My job entails alot of email with high levels of pictures which the PB handles beautifully. If you disagree, you don't need a high performance tablet! so be happy with your vastly overpriced ipad. I loved my ipad and it was only when I contracted all my staff with PB and 9860 devices that I realised how lacking the ipad is. Please keep up the good work Kevin and CB staff, and STFU the idiots the have been posting over these last few days. Love to all and tool on bb10!!!!!!!!!!

Well probably gonna get slated here but i own a BB Bold 9900 BB Torvch 9860 and and PB and have since its first day of release. However i waited and waited to get the OS 2.0 update as the original PB wasnt able to be used for work and guess what when OS 2.0 came still not much differant in my eyes. I purchased the New Ipad and havent used anything since for both work and leisure. The PB is in a top draw and will probably remain there until it comes into the retro archives like the Dragon 32 and BBC model A and Beta max video. I cant sell it as they are giving them away in the UK

I will remain faithful to BB for the phones even though i think the Android phones offer more value and speed but sorry guys unless RIM get there act together on apps and not just silly ones but work related then im sticking with the Ipad. slimmer sleeker and more veriaty than PB.

BB are great, until you try the competition. My android handset is a breeze compared to my old 9780. It does everything my BB did and so much more. It does everything my PB does and so much more.

I like crack berry buy really post like this whether they are sarcasm or not, is childish. Let me remind you that oh no Blackberrys line up is EXACTLY the same and yet you bitch about the iPad? And that's not even talking about about the software which iOS being light years ahead of B10(playbook os with better GUI that's all). What a fail for this so called leader. If he really cared about RIM then I would see post about how can RIM do better what's failing you know opinions

This is funny because I bet the new iPad has sold more to date since the pb has sold since I was released. Call the iPad what you wanna call it but it's dumping on the pb in everything. PB had to be put on sale before a new one was released just to get some sales. Gotta bridge it, roll it around, twist it just to make it work. apps sucks, software, I can go on but the bottom line is sales. And this post was very immature coming from you Kevin.

For those who upgrade from iPad1 to the new iPad it is a no brainer. I have iPad2 and can't justify this update at all.

To OP post, I take it as a good laugh for the day :-) Gr8t work Kevin!!!


Hey Adam, have you seen the specs on the iPad4? There's a new symbol on the power button and the cord is 1/2 an inch longer! Can't waitfor your review!!

u know lets hope that RIM is very innovative in their next release of the playbook, and doesnt end up with medicore specs. say what u want to say about the ipad call it what you may want to call it they sold over 3 million since release.its about making a profit and apple is making that profit cant say the same for RIM how many PB was sold in the first week? im sure its no where close to 3 million

by the way i am a bb user

That's disgusting... i think you crossed the line. If I were Blackberry I would seriously be questioning whether I wanted to be associated with this.

The reason the people on crackberry get all pissy is because they can't accept the fact that other companies make good products..

I have owned it all 4 blackberrys 3 iphones a couple android phones..

blackberry is dead unless they do something useful with bb10. Your hardcore email only device is only going to last so long..


didn't Apple just hit 3 million ipads sold in a short time period? how many playbooks have been sold to date?

the iphone seems to have beaten RIM at their own backyard....

i will admit i was one of those who dissed the iphone 4S thinking the lack of innovation would finally do them in in the post SJ era....oops I guess I was wrong...

I have a question for you ... Do you like your apps looking horrible and performing poorly even if the hardware is Top notch? I know I don't, which is why TATs work seems promising for RIM but promises can only take us so far...



ranning out of IDEAS, I SAY. adding small updates, small features, little by little and still stuck on 9.7 inches. claims apple are trying to make a smaller version, and it would look like the samsung note. What would be the name "inote" ( more like iCOPY CAT ) hahaha....whew.!!!

I WILL NEVER BUY APPLE, if they add FLASH on the next upgrade, I would probably just BORROW IT. But adding FLASH will never happen, bec. they will surely loose a tons of money from their iTUNES store. Goodluck on that.!

And Rim dont play with there BBfans. Pb laumch with promise of taking over from the iPAD what a laugh. RIM promised a new release os2.0 before Xmas, oh sorry delayed again until Fabuary. Rim promised native apps, oh sorry didnt deliver. Rim reduced the price to get people to buy. dont see apple having to do that. Rim promised apps, haha side loading Android apps, why not develope BB apps

RIM total joke and to see the apparent No 1 fan boy posting rubbish like this goes along with the trend of RIM taking the micky out of people who buy there products.

$600 for ipad is way to much for me to justify. The PB for 200 is a steal. I have had an iphone since it was launched (never worked well as a phone by the way) I have never owned a BB phone so I consider myself impartial . it was a no brainer when I went out looking to buy a tablet. It was so cheap I bought 4 for myself and the kids. How does anybody complain about apps or lack of when it is a third of the cost of an ipad.
In many regards it has some advantages over the ipad. I have downloaded probably 20 apps on my iphone in the 5 years I've had it. I have the 5 I need and that's it. I haven't visited the app store in 2 years.
I am waiting to hear the numbers on units sold tomorrow and will be shocked if they aren't in the millions. There is no way people can ignore the PB at that price.

Wow ! So ingenious ! Crap- Pad ! Awesome ! Please give us more of this ! CrapPad is just a toy !
Playbook is for getting the work done. "Amateur time is over" ! RIM for ever!

There was a time not long ago when I thought people were losing faith in BlackBerry. Then I realized the fan base is so strong that they will never let this wonderful brand die.


This post is really bizarre. I read crackberry every day, but this anti-ipad post seems like an unwarranted low blow. Apple fans take similar shots at playbooks, but still this post left a weird taste in my mouth.

Hey Kev, Love your name for the Ipad.... (CrapPad) Hahaha how clever!!! What did they sell 14 million in half an hour?

Oh, BTW how do you like the name for the PlayBook.... (PoopBook or PrayBrick)? Ya know name appropriate for a piece of crap that's always crashing!

HAHAHAH this post blew up in Crackberry's face, not only does it make it clear this site is ran by monkeys but the small minded kids that log in every day are no better.

Apple is clearly doing something right and RIM would kill or should I say fire CEOS and revamp anyone to get those numbers.

RIP RIM...good job digging your own grave :)

I am in love with my Playbook ever since I got it. But two things which tick me off are;
- absence of a goof Ebook / PDF reader. i am big PDF comic and magazine reader and was hugely disappointed when i found out the laggy interface of PB. I mean Ok there workarounds available but even their quality of rendering reading experience takes away all the comfort and fun out of reading. Plus consumers should not be going to the workarounds in the first place...coz otherwise why buy a tablet, i could just use my laptop.

-Then the PB touch interface is real crap. OK OK its awesome when I'm scrolling through my home screen but the moment i try to open an app and want to navigate within becomes frustrating real real frustrating. it becomes unresponsive, lags most of the time. then the keyboard is again a piece of crap. try and edit some of your text and you will know what i am talking about. First i cant get the godforsaken cursor on the line i want to edit. and when i finally get it the process or selecting the text is another story.
So all in all PB needs improvement, apart from Bridge i dunno if there's any thing on it i should be proud of.

Have a look around at the contemporary tablets and you will understand where PB stands.


"...While RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is busy innovating with gesture-based interfaces and powerful, open development options.." yeah the new iPad may not be the stellar upgrade you'd have hoped for (or for a lot of haters i'd imagine), but for all the crap it's been getting there seems to be a shit storm of sales going Apple's way. Maybe RIM should stop innovating behind the scenes and actually get us real working apps...the RIM faithful can only take so much teasing from TAT's teaser videos. At the end of the day the crappad is still is the best available consumer tablet on the market today.

no hating here, just trying to be fair...

wow we all know the iPad is the tablet king... just accept it.. we can hope for blackberry to make a competitive tablet. Don't be fanboys be objective. I love my 990 btw

Isn't this upgrade from ipad2 to the new ipad pretty much would rim use to do for example the old torch to the new one 9800-9810 so apple did an upgrade and called it a new ipad
These tricks only work for a little while but get old quick

*golf clap* I'll give you that but slow it down with the non bb stuff since it's just spam to my social feeds :p

surely posting your round up video every so often is enough sharing. if we really wanted to, we could always go to the very bottom of this page and check out the latest.

Hahah, while most of what Kevin says is true, Retina does make a difference especially when apps & games catch up to the hardware. Kinda like when Playstation 2 / 3 released, the developers always took a while to really start optimizing their games to fully use the graphics.

That aside, the product cycle that Kevin describes in the post, is the same for any great product. Including Blackberries. You put together the best product you can, and you make improvements on that product again and again, and again.

The best songwriters do the same thing. Take Bob Marley, he wasn't happy with the version of Jammin' that we all hear on the radio. He made so many freakin revisions to that song, so many different perspectives, different musical arrangements that slowly pieced together an audio landscape that was closer and closer to what he was envisioning in his mind.

Kevin, you can call it a Crappad, if you like, and I know it's all in good humour. But remember when things settle for RIM, after BB10, you're probably going to be looking at incremental improvements to another great product, the Playbook.

Not amused after reading this post and I don't even own an iPad. Reminds me of the Superbowl Samsung Galaxy Note advertisement and its cheap shot at iPhone users. Fanboyism may not be as rampant here as say Engadget but it gets old very quick. Look, I'm a RIM/Blackberry fan - had the RIM950 email/pager unit in '98, the 9000 and now the 9700 (OS7 and the 9900/9810/9860 weren't enough for me to upgrade). I want RIM to succeed with the BB10 Phones/PlayBook because RIM is Canadian. I don't use an iPad but I don't disparage anyone for using one or an Android tablet, Windows 7 (on a slate) or webOS.

My eye is on BB10 in the fall for phones/tablets and Windows 8.


Here's what's REALLY up:

BB is barely surviving....and if BB10 is just another attempt at playing "catch up" to the other OS's, then it will quickly become another victim like WebOS.

I used to love both my Bold9000 and my Torch, but BB quickly began lagging behind everyone else...only putting out devices that were still inferior to the devices released by Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

There's one sure-fire way of realizing that your OS is dead.....apps. If developers refuse to port their apps over to BB, then it's because they know that it isn't worth their time and money because that ship is sinking. Example: Netflix.

Here's my recommendation:
For those of you who are on the fence, and thinking about jumping ship, try WP7. Microsoft's metro OS is innovative, beautiful, and dependable (I have owned one for over a year now, and have NEVER needed to do a battery pull).
This way you don't have to worry about becoming an Apple "FanBoy".

BTW: The upcoming Windows8 OS will be unlike any other OS....where it will be a uniform OS across all devices, both PC and mobile.

I am a former Blackberry owner/user and as recent as this evening I was looking at a PLaybook as tablet option. I currently use iOS and Android for business and personal use respectively. I believe the Playbook is better product than the sales figures indicate. It could use more development support.

Regarding your picture and theme here. I see your point and the suggestion made is so wrong. DO that when the Playbook gains more traction because you cannot argue with the success of the iPad regardless of the marketing hype or other.

In closing. I believe Blackberry products are good, can do everything we need them to do. Question is how well do they perform relative to the competition. I am hopeful the changes in RIM will drive the company to the glory it once held. It would be heatly for the industry.

Just because Apple will sell more of these new iPads in the first 10 mins its available on their website then all the Failbooks RIM has sold since they came out is no reason to get all upset.