Apple now has CarPlay, why can't QNX do the same for all phones and all cars?

Apple now has CarPlay, why can't QNX do the same for all phones?
By Chris Umiastowski on 3 Mar 2014 04:58 pm EST

Today Apple made CarPlay official. Automobile makers who support the technology will essentially be implementing a way for drivers to interact with their iPhone through the car's infotainment system, which includes the car's touch screen, microphone, buttons, etc.

It's important to point out that the cars are not running iOS. Apple would probably never license iOS to anyone, so we're really just talking about something the equivalent of a control protocol and toolkit for rendering iOS app data on an external (car) display.

Why is this relevant to BlackBerry? Because it strikes me as obvious that no car manufacturer is going to ever agree to an exclusive deal where they can only support CarPlay, or Android Projected Mode, or whatever other automotive interaction platform exists.

So every car maker will inevitably need to support a similar feature set as CarPlay for all major smartphone operating systems. And doing this is probably pain in the ass.

Just as BlackBerry wants to make BES 12 the corporate standard for managing smartphones accessing the corporate network, why not have QNX become the dominant middleman to connect any smartphone to any vehicle?

It seems logical to me. QNX already has deployments with a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. It would be entirely within their competency to support infotainment supplementation from a smartphone.

Ten years ago I assumed that every car made today would have fully integrated 3G or 4G radios for permanent connectivity, navigation, etc. I'm surprised how few cars are actually net connected. But now with smartphones becoming so highly penetrated in the marketplace it makes sense that cars may not need their own cellular radios at all. The car could just connect to the smartphone, which means that every time the smartphone maker updated the device software, the car automatically gets new infotainment features.

Tell me why QNX — a division of BlackBerry — isn't the perfect company to dominate this market. This way, even if BlackBerry 10 isn't successful in the handset or automotive market, BlackBerry can still play an enormous role in selling secure control.

If we extend this beyond the car, I wonder just how far down this rabbit hole we could go.

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Apple now has CarPlay, why can't QNX do the same for all phones and all cars?


From what I have read it seems that CarPlay is in fact running on top of QNX.

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*UPDATE* – We reached out to Paul Leroux at QNX and he has confirmed our presumption:

“Connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices is a key strength of QNX Software Systems’ platform for car infotainment systems, and many automakers and tier one automotive suppliers use our platform to implement smartphone/head-unit integration in their vehicles. We have a long-standing partnership with Apple to ensure high-quality connectivity with their devices, and this partnership extends to support for Apple CarPlay.”

I was hoping to find out this was true.  Nice work by N4BB there. Now if QNX can do the same for a Google platform and offer this to all car vendors (and get sales), we're talking awesomeness.

I was looking on the MirrorLink website and couldn't find any BB10 devices as MirrorLink compatible.. :(

@Chris...Show me the money!!A little leverage over android is going to pay off one way or another,it's nice to have a solid product that seems to be, or soon to be a top Brand name.Coca-cola,HAHA

Apple's newly unveiled CarPlay iOS vehicle integration system, which allows an iPhone to take over the in-dash display of a car, has been designed to work with BlackBerry's QNX operating system. The QNX Car Platform powers many in-car infotainment systems and includes a mobile connectivity framework that supports many mobile development environments, including iOS.

THIS just came out,so QNX is for real !!...http:/

Same thing I wonder..i think Chen says he tunes in but do they really tune in and see these great ideas.. they should some how be officially affiliated with Crackberry. We the users come here to voice our opinion concerns and issues. Each month contact Kevin and the team and let them fill them in on a monthly basis about what the end users want.. same thing should be done to consumers the same way I'm sure they double back with their corporate consumers to ensure they have met their needs

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Yes, we do. Not all employees are decision makers though..

Most of us are just loyal CrackBerry followers :D

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So the people up there do tune in sometimes to see what earthly beings are up to.
Keep up the good work you out there.

Q10 \m/

What really annoys me and QNX and Blackberry. The reporter has a BB10 phone, the guy at 4min had a lame excuse saying we ran out of time whent he reporter asked if he can use his BB10 phone. Why would he reject this?

This would be proof that you can do mirror link with multi phones not just android and he should be promoting BB10 should he not?

Everything Blackberry owns, degrades while they own it and it annoys me.

There's no reason why these demos from even 3 years ago shouldn't have already been implemented in today's cars. What is taking this company so long? iOS is about to take the spot light when QNX had this cloud functioning before Apple even thought of the idea. Sure it might be a mirror link over QNX but no one is going to know that but people on Crackberry and from what I've heard very little revenue for QNX.

It's great and all seeing these functioning "concepts" for the last few years but i have yet to see one.
Ford Sync and Tesla are the only real known ones...

I want to just go buy a 2014 car that Has this QNX 2.0 built into it. Like an Audi or BMW. Or let you have the option to install it in other cars for like $1000 lets just say.

The only people I know that knows of QNX is people on Crackberry and that's sad since the company has so much potential...

1) MirrorLink is supported by QNX cars, but nearly no mobile phone is compatible except a few Android phones. Specifically for BlackBerry phones, there is no MirrorLink neither for BBOS not for BB10.

2) QNX does generate revenue, but the aim is the licensing model once they tune the app downloading.

3) for each car sold with the Apple CarPlay compatibility, BlackBerry will earn money.

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I understand what you're saying. Being told "we've run out of time" seems like a poor excuse but I would imagine they have the demo set up perfectly with the Sony (why not BB10 we don't know) and hence only use that for the demo, just to make sure nothing goes wrong.

I 100% agree with you on the last point. I see no reason why we can't buy cars with this software yet. We've been seeing it for a couple years, and it seems it's at a point where it is stable and set. Just throw it in there and take advantage of the current sparse market.

@Marauder2 I can see why because that would create bad press. If it seemed buggy with BB10 or another phone plugged in for that matter.

Exactly, QNX is supported in my Honda Odyssey and Accord. They are both 2012. I should be able to walk in somewhere like a Honda Dealership and get a car infotainment system upgrade with the latest QNX system and I can see it being $1000+ but it would be doable.

Especially in my city (Waterloo) being a bit more upscale and part of Canada's biggest tech hub. I can think of 100s of people myself that would throw $1000+ to upgrade their car tech. For a number of reasons
1. $1000 is pocket change to a lot people
2. Car infotainment that i see today in cars even 2013/2014 models is junk prepared what we see in these videos. I do know a few people with Tesla's which their infotainment is sweet. But other then that all i see is a basic junky nav with bluetooth and these are all high end cars.
3. People spend so much money on their cars. It's basically like a pet dog of technology along with phones.

BlackBerry is in a prime position to lead this revolution. Let's hope they succeed. I will literally be making my next veh purchase with the entertainment software in mind. I REFUSE to buy a veh running apple software.

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Pick any Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM you like. They all run UConnect which is a QNX Car 2.0 product. Soon perhaps Ford will be part of the line-up as well. GM is hedging their bets. I think they are using a Linux in the dash but On-Star is QNX.

Why is it we still wait for QNX and Blackberry to have this in place. They should be the first.

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For those who can't click on the link:
QNX Software Systems Public Relations Manager, Paul Leroux.: “As you may already know, connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices is a key strength of QNX Software Systems€™ platform for car infotainment systems, and many automakers and tier one automotive suppliers use our platform to implement smartphone/head-unit integration in their vehicles. We have a long-standing partnership with Apple to ensure high-quality connectivity with their devices, and this partnership extends to support for Apple CarPlay.”

Correct me if I am wrong Chris, but I was under the impression that QNX In Car basically already did what Apple's Car Play system did.

Isn't QNX already in these cars, and they are just supporting a "remote desktop" style system to support Car Play?

Good read... I particularly like this line from 'about qnx software systems':

Global leaders such as Audi, Cisco, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens depend on QNX technology for vehicle infotainment units, network routers, medical devices, industrial automation systems, security and defense systems, and other mission- or life-critical applications.

in the style of pinkman; QNX BITCH!!!

No, QNX prior to CarPlay certainly did not let you connect Siri to your car, and I imagine this functionality will extend to third party apps, which would not exist on pure-QNX.  But QNX can certainly be the car-side power behind CarPlay.

On the other hand, many cars equipped with QNX-based Infotainment systems, for example Audis MMI, already offer these types of connectivity mentioned in the article.
Via a SIM card which has to be inserted or a phone which can be connected via Bluetooth.
Once set up, you have on the go WiFi hotspots plus access to social networks, weather, live traffic updates and such.
Not to forget the "standard" hands free calling which gives you access to the BB10 voice control in many cars.
It exists, people often just don't want to pay the premium for it if you just can use your phone which often is much easier.

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It will work with any device that is compatible with Apple CarPlay. Currently only the iPhone5 / iPhone5S / iPhone5C.

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I agree. This would mean a great deal for BlackBerry. That would be nice to hear that BlackBerry would be successful something again.

Posted via CB 10, using  BlackBerry Z10 on the SaskTel Network.

Makes complete sense. Should be a strategic focus. Nice to consider privacy and security in the integration. (manage the cookies and other PII going in and out of the car!)

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That wasn't in question. QNX runs the core, the question is why is QNX NOT the top level service?

Because it is owned by BlackBerry. Sorry but BlackBerry can't execute anything well. It's sad to watch them constantly fumble the ball.

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Some people just don't read the question fully and try to understand before commenting :) not trying to be rude lol :)

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Good question. You are correct that QNX would be very well-served to be offering the "top level" service and announcing this as their package. For strategic reasons, I want car buyers to know the QNX name and to ask for it in a couple of years. Something along the lines of: "This runs QNX, so it'll mirror my Galaxy S6 and my wife's iPhone, and my genius kid's BlackBerry, right?" But, QNX has long been about the underlying foundation, the kernel of an effort that makes another brand stronger. That's okay, it's a sales space, a kind of market identity. But, the BlackBerry acquisition was supposed to give QNX some direct to consumer and brand-building experience and help them compete for a greater percentage of mindshare. I'm not really sure BlackBerry under Chen is looking to be that kind of dominant ever again, though. QNX as the underlying platform is a movie John Chen has definitely seen before... and it can be profitable, not as profitable, but profitable without as much short-term risk.

Because BB10 is not that popular. It's all about displaying UI, apps etc on a dashboard from your device. People have iPhones and droids, not BB10s.

I wasn't asking. I was explaining. And no one is saying "make BlackBerry 10 the UI". Well, certainly not me.. I'm sure others are lol.

Add this to the long, long list of "Why doesn't BlackBerry do this and make billions?"

I love BlackBerry, but all the untapped potential leaves me banging my head against my desk at times.

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They need much deeper pockets then they have unfortunately.. Apple have the money, brand and marketing power to get out of the gates much quicker

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I thought QNX already was providing a standard for all smartphones to connect to all cars... something like MirrorLink?

Because Apple doesn't want to use some standard used by everyone else. Plus, this is all about more Apple exposure. Now cars will have Apple logos on them and in marketing materials. It'll be the promoted phone-integration feature. Google is likely doing the same and you'll then see that. BB will be coupled in with "other smartphones" if mentioned at all.

Looks like QNX is supporting the Apple car solution. This Apple development speaks to the long standing issue of marketing QNX. QNX is basically a 'behind the scenes' product. It's not a consumer product and never has been. As a result, it is impossible to compare consumer products designed to sell units - cars, phones, whatever - with facilitating products that are not consumer products but industry specific software. It doesn't mean QNX can't benefit the overall view/value of BlackBerry. For example, if Ford does replace Microsoft with QNX in their in-car solution, BlackBerry /QNX will benefit from the positive news. But we're still not to the point where the general public would be impressed with "Apple Car, powered by QNX" as opposed to "X in car solution, powered by Apple or Android". It's a big challenge for BlackBerry to get there.

"It's a big challenge for BlackBerry to get there." agreed, BlackBerry kick this in the guts!

Again, that was never really in question. People are just not taking the time to fully read things through.

So tell me, which part of the restructuring and rebirth should they pull resources (people and money) from to work on this? Is this really a higher priority? If so, please let Mr Chen know his plans are wrong

I don't think they should at all lol. It's riding well on its own as far as I'm concerned though they did assign Alec Saunders, Bob Taniguchi and lord knows who else to work on QNX stuff. Of course, the fact I don't have my license let alone drive a car to even care about much of this stuff is probably playing a bit on how I feel about it all lmao!

That and the fact most people clearly don't even understand what QNX is or how it's affects BlackBerry's day-to-day operations. It's cool but come on, when people are proclaiming they want BlackBerry to make laptops out of it, there's a clear disconnect between reality and what people think QNX is.

Just what BlackBerry should be doing... making laptops. I'm sure that would go over real well.

It was an example of the ridiculous things people come up with for as a use of QNX, never said it came via the link.

I don't think people want QNX to make laptops. People just want them to get their name out there because other companies will take credit of QNX's work like Carplay for example.

Blaze my opinion on this is, since apple car play needs QNX To run, and since 50 % of people with smart phones have iphones, then this is a way of marketing QNX infotainment system, not to the general public, but it will get car manufactures attention for sure.

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Actually, globally the iPhone has around 17% of the smartphone market. In USA, that market share is around 45%, if not a little higher. My suspicion is that the previous commenter was referring to US market share.

BlackBerry needs to get big again but I don't think they will because my friends who have seen my Z10 at school point at it and say it is shit. Many people say this to BlackBerry nowadays. You just need to be big again to be honest. By the way, why are some companies switching from BlackBerry to iPhone? This is retarded.

Posted via CB10, Z10

Many are still under the impression that BlackBerry is that phone with the spinning clock

Posted via CB10

There are many reasons why people are switching from Blackberrys to iPhones
- People don't think Blackberry is going to be sticking around so they don't want to be left in the dust when Blackberry goes bankrupt. Blackberry image is getting a bit better in that category but a lot of people don't look at Tech forums and just watch the news. Even though IT departments should be all over tech forums to upgrade their tech from time to time but that's only a select few.
- Carriers in the States gave up on Blackberrys and they still don't have the 10.2.1 update when the rest of the world has
- Apps, companies are starting to use apps for there things to be more productive. They don't want to port or in the states case sideload
- Americans have an impression on the world and right now up until recently (iPhone being insecure) they are pro iPhone (Blackberry's time to step in and talk about how secure they are Tisk Tisk)
- People thing BB10 is just a new BBOS7 with the same flaws Blackberry phones use to have (personally i loved BBOS7 but to most people it was historic)
- Simplicity (personally i think Blackberrys are easier to use minus what we do on Crackberry but many say otherwise)
- Employees pushing to get the hip/cool phone (being iPhone)

This list goes on forever, I don't agree with any of it but that's just how the world looks at Blackberry. But BB10 will still remain and multitasking beast. Shhh the worlds not very smart ;)

Sorry it's not the world that isn't smart it's actually Americans that are not very intelligent (Not All) hate to generalize but facts are facts as long as the hip celebrity of the day indorsess something then it sells regardless of its value

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But we all follow american trends to some extend: Uk/Europe/Canada, It's just how it is. Regardless of how smart we are trends are trends.. I'm Canadian and I definitely see it. Americans basically control all the media which starts the trends.

Because people prefer a different phone than you they are not intelligent? Bb fans have serious issues.

It wasn't a personal attack. Just because you have an iPhone that doesn't mean you're not smart. But how the trends work and the carrier reps who barely know how to handle a cellphone aren't very smart. Every OS has it's perks and the carrier reps have no idea what they are.
Eg. Just because iPhone/Androids are "cool" (trend) they will recommend it to anyone: a business person, stay home mom, preteen or a grampa. They don't just recommend they almost force you to buy it (commission on certain phones is definitely a key factor Apple/Samsung). When in reality everyone is different and use their phone in a different way.

The example I gave above is BB10 is productivity king along side Note 3 which still are 2 completely different phones. If someone came into a store and wanted productivity I would recommend those 2 phones.
iPhone for a preteen/stay home mom who want simplicity, apps (cooking apps for example for the mom) and games (for the kid)

Sadly our world isn't smart in that sense. Sorry I offended you but I didn't exactly explain myself either.

Didn't BlackBerry announce partnership with Nokia, Siemens and qualcomm automotive at CES (nokia maps, parking services)??

Nobody brought the products to market yet. It seems to me that the apple car play is just an option. It's useless if you don't have an iphone.

The Blackberry solution is built in and doesn't care what mobile device you carry.

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Well, if it requires an iPhone to interface with then 85% of the the smart phone users will be left out. I'd never buy a car that had a proprietary system like this.

That'd be a shame cuz nothing else supports apple's proprietary version of MirrorLink yet.

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To be honest, it sounds a lot like what already happens between my BlackBerry Z10 and my Nissan. Does Apple just take it further and add more features? I haven't tried to see if the voice recognition on the phone works over the car's speaker system.

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if your car connect to your phone Via Bluetooth and your Z10 says "My Car: Nissan, model" you will be able to use voice recognition.
Which is good when you are using Blackberry Maps and Foursquare for POI (Place of Interest) if you have SayIt it will search for the closest pizza place/arena/sushi on Foursquare which will then use BB Maps for directions. Only thing I don't like about SayIt is that it's not handless. You have to press the mic before and after your done with your command which isn't the greatest when you're driving.
Native voice recognition isn't the greatest but you can say "find the closest walmart"
and it will get you there but it doesn't work 50% of the time.

I have a QNX equipped BMW. Superb office synchronisation but wont play streaming music over bluetooth from my Q10. Wouldn't be the end of the world but it works with my friend's iPhone!

Come on Blackberry - BB10 to QNX integration should be the best! QNX even supports BMW connected apps in the apple store but my Q10 doesn't have any. The result? I have to keep an ipod connected in my glovebox!

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@hajmuntz...if your BMW has a 2.5mm jack connection, you should probably purchase a BlackBerry Music Gateway and pair it to your Q10 via Bluetooth. I have it installed in my old 03 Infinity and it works like a charm.

Posted via CB10

The point here is that he shouldn't need that solution. They are the same company, they should have the best connectivity. Period..

That's sad you should be freaking out at QNX/Blackberry for that. It's there company and their phone that THEY both built together.

I have no problem with my Z10 and my BMW. Superb office connectivity ( e-mail, replying to emails by voice note, calendar connection....), audio streaming over blue tooth, voice dailing. When I plug the Z10 to the USB port I can even play the videos from my phone on the main BMW display.

Posted by my Z10

I think everyone will be able to use whatever phone they have to connect to a car. It's just that Carplay is accessible to iPhone users in these cars. Why would a car company be exclusive to any phone device. No way in hell. If I own an Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone would I have to switch to iPhone to buy my Mercedes-Benz. Not going to happen. Every car will not be exclusive to one device. iPhone and Android just advertising that they have functionality only now.

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Maybe every car will come with a new iPhone. Only a couple hundred bucks more.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Apple has got one problem, their market share is not big enough any more on a global level. Things like itunes won't be possible nowadays.

Same is true for the car industry. Why would any manufacturer be bound to a handset maker with a manufacturer with less than 10% market share in some countries? Open standards are the way forward, fenced gardens are not the solution in this respect. If BlackBerry does the trick, fine. But they should aim at supporting a wide range of platforms.

Take Whatsapp as a blueprint: the reason why they are that successfu in most parts of the worldl is that they support almost any platform including Windows Phone, Symbian and some other exotic manufacturers. BlackBerry should have learnt this lesson by now.

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Nobody said that the car can't support other platforms (via MirrorLink or whatever) if they opt to add CarPlay to their system.

Posted via CB10

Curious. This Apple initiative is long range.
1) Ordinary people tend to keep their autos a long time, so their main market will be business users who take short term leases.
2) If the described system is only used by Apple phones, these phones have been losing share of the phone market. In the past year, US iPhone sales have dropped from 20% to 14%. So, less phones will take advantage of it: even five years from now is a long time in terms of keeping used phones.
For BB, we can hope QNX is adopted by Ford where BB phones can be fast integrated into these cars.

I've been waiting for QNX especially in the infotainment arena take off for a while but it just seems very stagnant to me from what I've seen.

If BlackBerry wants to succeed they've got to want it with ever fiber of glass weave.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

BBRY via QNX just needs to decide on an interface standard of discovery. Then convince the auto manufactures to ship the autos with both "autoplay" and "QNXPlay" if the standard is published then any phone could connect and run with it.

I'm thinking that the sort of standard interface of "hi!", "connect" "validate" "audio" "image" "image size" etc.... Not being an auto guy I haven't a clue what the minimal interface should be. Bluetooth is just the medium for transmission, and yes that seems reasonable.

What do I want my QNXAuto interface to include?
Why the ablity to:
*) use my maps from my phone
*) GPS from the phone
*) play my music
*) display my videos
*) if the car has a microphone, to answer a call and talk.

Ideally all of these services are "discoverable" ie, you have to ok, that this phone and this car will talk. That it's ok to use these phone services (I want custom control so that I can deny GPS to the car etc if I want.) That I can keep my kid (or the guy in the next car over) from taking over the system from the back seat... etc.

This isn't rocket science and ideally it would be expandable ie the interface has this handshake that each device asks the other what they are capable and then choses to use or not those services.

Forgive me, but I don't know QNX, and I'm told I'm old school with my Z10. I say I need a work phone not a toy, I need my wheels to sync with my BlackBerry, and I don't need FB and What's App and other phones makers to tell me that I need. Don't use FB, What's App or own another phone. The Dart works with my beloved BlackBerry. Don't shoot me, I'm learning by watching your well-informed comments because I deal with ill-informed opinions of other people. They don't worry about security or productivity but I do.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has missed the boat (car) once again. Takes them forever to mass produce a good product. I have a Toyota with a QNX system that connects to my BlackBerry. It is limited to music, photos, emails and texts. In the states they can actually bridge the BlackBerry (like with the PlayBook) and get access to many apps. But once again, only a few models in the states have it. They have the technology, just push it!

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QNX appears to be a strategic partner...N4BB confirmed that Paul Leuroux of QNX said..
"Connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices is a key strength of QNX Software Systems’ platform for car infotainment systems, and many automakers and tier one automotive suppliers use our platform to implement smartphone/head-unit integration in their vehicles. We have a long-standing partnership with Apple to ensure high-quality connectivity with their devices, and this partnership extends to support for Apple CarPlay.”

Posted via CB10

Blackberry should develop a suite of tools to monitor all QNX cars sold by the manufacturer. Then sell a set of managed services like car software updates (talked about before) and higher level services such as location, realtime monitoring of vehicle equipment status (brake fluid low), etc. Tesla level monitoring but for standard cars. This could drive additional service calls to the manufacturer and everybody makes $$.

They could have a central monitoring station staffed by QNX people, just like security IT firms, Bloomberg, etc. Opportunities abound.

Posted via CB10

It's likely the other way: your XBOX requires the TV to function, like Apple needs QNX to be able to be used in a car. So if one requires the other, it's really simple to guess who really is the batch, hmm? :p

Posted via CB10

All of this in car stuff will amount to a hill of beans. Law enforcement will bring all of this silliness to an end. How can anyone suggest that all of these in car distractions make any sense. Cars are not entertainment centres.

Posted via CB10

QNX is the system at work behind the Carplay interface, so maybe they could find a way to integrate at least blackberry into the picture somehow.

Posted via CB10

I think QNX kinda does serve as the top level. For example in the video of the Mercedes demoing the mirror link with android you see that the QNX system is managing most of the car controls. The android mirror link is just that, a mirroring of the phone on the display. You get its functionality appended on to the QNX specific functionality. Likewise with car play. They are just clients (apps) on top of the host QNX.

Plus I like this setup. It gives the masses the integration they want with their popular devices and also let's QNX get on there and become the dominating standard. Then BlackBerry can work behind the scenes to provide tighter integration. You see, BlackBerry will have a lot of say in the requirements provided on each release.

Posted via CB10

It's hard for BlackBerry to control this. Google and apple are giants. But blackberry can stand on both their Shoulders and get a piece of each of their pies. And it doesn't have to battle them either. They are BlackBerrys partners. Let them do all the heavy marketing.

Posted via CB10

Um, no. The z30 has MirrorLink. android and windows phone support MirrorLink, APPLE is finally catching up. But because Apple is doing it, they do it with high marketing and everyone believes they are in the lead.


Posted via CB10

"Tell me why QNX — a division of BlackBerry — isn't the perfect company to dominate this market." - it should be simple as that... unfortunately, it needs huge resources to be simple as that... without investing huge resources, it will be complicated to dominate the market... and we all know where BlackBerry stands when it comes to "resources"...

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I am so tired of hearing about the iPhone everywhere! When are we going to be heard, when is blackberry going to be on the map of things to get?

Posted via CB10

I don't really mind, you know. The moment some dude will brag about his iPhone Car system I will ask him if he knows what exactly powers it ... :p

Posted via CB10

Any auto maker making their cars only one OS specific could wake up to one big unexpected shock if that OS suddenly falls " out if vogue ". QNX should aspire to be the BES of the auto world.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Funny, just watched a commercial from Europe and a opel(gm in North America) has Internet connection built in does anyone know what they are running? As for this apple in car smoke and mirrors show I'm sure people around the world are starting to see them for what they are maybe not in the USA were all they have to do is wave the flag (even though phone is not made in country) and a vast majority of people that don't think for themselves and are brain washed by the media (who in turn are paid by Apple) will run out buy whatever product they push out regardless if they fully understand what they are buying or not.... . can't get the jimmy Farrell street interview about the new iPhone (witch was actually an ipad mini) and to hear people say how great it was and how small it was, and they loved apple products.......the whole world laughed at this and made them think about how stupid they must be when they purchased a product just because others also bought it , (hense) the rise of android market share , but I fully believe that if these sheep (followers) actually tried other systems and tried (even though it might be very difficult for them) to think for themselves and not worry what other people thought of their choice then the competition would be great and in the end we the consumer would all benefit.....

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is slow, incompetent and destroying all there moments of succes. Again iOS is stealing the show with things that BlackBerry already has or could easy deliver, and BlackBerry just watches like some stupid f**k.

Yeah I know, you guys here know that QNX rocks, so we have still 98,5 % of other smartphone consumers to convince.

You know I'm not even trolling or bitching. I'm just really sad, plain sad, about BlackBerry not having there act together. I think I'm just going to sit her and cry, and wait till the new flagship of BlackBerry in September. Or maby two quarters later when the specs are outdated, that's the way BlackBerry likes it best.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

CarPlay is powered by QNX FACT. So no need to bitch about BBRY. They are working day and night, as hard as they can and yes they are gaining momentum. I also see a BBRY partnership with Apple in the near future, but don't quote me or my sources just yet hehe... Can you picture BB10 on iPhones?

Sooner or later someone will figure out a hack for CarPlay and before you know it your car radio will be locked on to the Captain & Tenille station forever

How about stream car entertainment through BBM. Heck it's already platform independent and could help add a social aspect to it.

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I would have to agree. It would be very short sited to only support one mobile platform. How about the many that do not have iPhones? or Android? for example.
QNX can merry them all together under the most secure crash free setup. BBRY has opportunity here, and Mr. Chen seems to know this. GO Get them Boss.

Its confirmed. CarPlay is powered by QNX.
*UPDATE* – We reached out to Paul Leroux at QNX and he has confirmed our presumption:

“Connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices is a key strength of QNX Software Systems’ platform for car infotainment systems, and many automakers and tier one automotive suppliers use our platform to implement smartphone/head-unit integration in their vehicles. We have a long-standing partnership with Apple to ensure high-quality connectivity with their devices, and this partnership extends to support for Apple CarPlay.”

Why is crackberry the only place I hear about QnX and how great it is, hell I didn't even know bit was part of BlackBerry. The biggest problem is that the other smartphone users don't know blackberry exist. BlackBerry needs to advertise and advertise like no other. And start with the trend setting countries, such as the U.S. And not by bashing the competition but by showing how great BlackBerry really is.

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This is the promise/potential of QNX that a lot of us saw way back in January 2013. It's the reason I was so excited about bb10, because I knew how far down the rabbit hole BlackBerry could go. Unfortunately BlackBerry wasn't able to, or didn't want to, take that potential and run with it. But Chen has shown a lot of foresight, making QNX it's own operating unit. Hopefully Alex Saunders is reading this post and is getting his team to work on exactly this. You don't need to be the leader in infotainment, just the guy everyone else relies on.

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apple is trying to move in already. Qnx and bb better step up the game and make damn sure they secure a big chunk of automobile market since they are deserving pioneer in the area. Please execute this business carefully and correctly.

Simple answer I am guessing is cost. QNX. Somewhere along the line I am guessing that QNX hand over a package, get paid, and walk away.

If your products don't break once completed why get involved in providing ongoing support looking after the bits that do.

That said they should build in BB10 support for free. So in this instance. Here is you infotainment system with your carplay bolt on included. Oh and a free Z10 for you to demo it with.

"Does it support the new BlackBerry as well"

"Yes all of our products designed to function within the mobile space come with full BB10 integrated connectivity as standard"

That being said you then have to be able to provide updates to every car as the mobile OS grows. This also means you have to have the strength and capacity to make sure ALL your phone get the latest updates as well. I would therefore assume that all this whould then increase Blackberry's costs meant they would need to increase the cost of the basic package and possibly losing customers.

As for the QNX demo cars..... lame. the Benz should have been built wit monitors in the head rest and one for the passenger side of the vehicle. As pairing needs a pass code to happen each of the 4 main occupants should be able to pair their phone to the system displaying it on each individual monitor. And headphones socket for individual entertainment needs. Integration for each OS with BB10 in the driver seat running some next level Bridge Integration. With certain functions only limit by the fact the car is in motion. And limited info shared with all displays like the GPS maps on airline infotainment systems.

These car show little original imagination. Give me massage seat Intergration, HUD and a multifunction jog wheel in the steering wheel. To control it without removing my hands. They need to build in a wow factor. .

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Wow yeah. I am sure Chris tries his best to do the research before writing up an article like this. It's what happens when you wear many hats. There's not enough time to know everything about a subject. Nice job on posting the link CJH. That is why we are a community.

Get cracking BlackBerry, deploy the damn QNX software faster, stop screwing around! A few weeks ago it seemed that Ford was going to change its Sync car system from Microsoft to they're not so sure...BlackBerry cannot afford to drag it's feet!

Every day that passes and BlackBerry doesn't to something to jump at the forefront of the technology queue, is another lost opportunity.

BlackBerry might not be able to compete with Apple or Google or even Microsoft, but there are still things that they can do to reserve a place at the table, by offering unique, distinctive services and solutions to both the public and private sectors! QNX, BES, BBM are these possibilities ...and in there if they are smart they can promote the BB10 OS and the accompanying devices.

Just get your damn heads out of your collective asses and get going on this!!!!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

They better be getting on it..not wait too many more years for this even..

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!

Just as we have no BB10 7.0" tablet, or cannot back up any BB10 phone wirelessly,without a cable being hooked from the device to a desktop, as in a Curve 9320, it wouldn't surprise me that BlackBerry wouldn't try to do this as well.

I'd have to see it to believe it from now on, otherwise my next phone is Apple or Android.

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OK I didn't read most comment ( I know is should have),when you interphase your iOS with carplay , does that mean your display will look like an iphone?
If it does would that cause a distraction to a drive? it would be like driving and playing your games.

Chris, I agree with you. Why is it that on my 2012 Accord Crosstour running QNX will support my 3rd generation iPod through my car's controls by plugging it into the USB, but my Z10 and Z30 will not work? Both my BB10 devices try to install software and then come up as unsupported devices. That is crazy!

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I have two thoughts on QNX in car, Apple etc:

1) Have QNX support multiple GUIs, one sets it up as a user profile in the menu. That way one person gets their Apple interface, the other BB, etc. Manufacturers aren't tied to a particular mobile vendor.

2) QNX has the opportunity to really ramp up the "Internet of Things" related to cars. How about getting QNX into gas pumps, pay parking lots, toll roads, burger joint drive throughs, etc? Have your credit card associated QNX car securely connect, (for a small fee a la Paypal, cha ching!) you can enter a code on screen in the car, or on the gas pump. heck, you can even tie that into apps on your phone or the cloud to manage expenses, great for business people. If QNX gets a small transaction fee, they could give the OS away and still make a s**tload of cash.

No need for QNX to do this when smartphones already do this. The smartphones simply need the in-dash touchscreen and QNX is giving it to them. There goes that opportunity.

Car manufacturers are so smart, and dumb at the same time.

In North America, VW ships all their vehicles with a proprietary MDI interface, with an iPhone specific connector. Most still ship with the old 30-pin, although the $80 Lightning connector cable is now available and comes only on the Toureg. I actually had to go in the Apple store and plunk down $55 for the Apple 30 pin to Lightning adapter cable, so my wife could connect her iPhone 5 to the MDI. (The plain adapter block is only $45). There are apparently no aftermarket brands capable of doing this.

They should just keep it really simple and put at least 2 powered USB 3.0 ports (with 2.0 amp output) in each car and then users can just bring their own device and cable.

QNX could build a simple USB and/or Bluetooth tethered device mirroring tech to the market, and pitch it as the universal solution. Car manufacturers would just need to provide the in-dash display.

Feet Draggers. They've been demonstrating the tech and let apple beat them to the finish line. WTF??!!!?!?!?!?

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Chris, it's almost irrelevant whether the deals with automakers are "exclusive" or not; what matters is that car makers who DO chose to support CarPlay exclusively--without any contractual obligation--are effectively providing a deeper integration with iOS than with other platforms. Given the cost, longer lifecycles, and variability among makes and models, cars ideally should be mobile agnostic. I don't want something that's updated or replaced in 12-24-month cycles influencing the purchase of something lasting 6 years or more (for bought, not leased, cars).

But the battle isn't as much with automakers as it is with their suppliers. Ford isn't in the automotive A/V business; it looks to suppliers to fill their requirements for in-car A/V. And historically, QNX has been happy to sit very low in the stack, essentially licensing its OS to these A/V makers, who then build the value on top of it. QNX is infrastructure or the's not the piece that consumers interact with or ascribe value to. It's a means to an end, but the value is in the end, and BlackBerry/QNX is not providing this critical piece. QNX is like the ARM of embedded OSes. While QNX has decent penetration, obviously there are alternatives. And as these types of systems become more ubiquitous, even among lower end models, economies of scale as well as pricing pressures will force suppliers to lower costs. Some may look to squeeze out COGs, such as QNX licenses, and by using hardened Linux or some other alternative. That's not a great position to be from a strategy perspective.

Well I am fully supportive of what you said on.. at least qnx works out... it would be great that qnx works out, but! I'd still want my BlackBerry phone!

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