"Apple layoffs: Painful but necessary"

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Sep 2013 11:53 am EDT

This was the exact same headline that appeared on this SFGate article on March 15th, 1997. Over the past few days I have noticed links to this article pop-up a bunch on social networks and in our CrackBerry forums. Looking at where Apple is today not only in the mobile space, but also as one of the biggest companies in the world (in terms of revenue), it's almost hard to believe a headline like this was ever posted about the company. But it was.

Following the recent announcement that BlackBerry will cut another 4,500 jobs at the company, and with less than 24 hours to go until BlackBerry's next earnings report, this article serves as a reminder that *anything* can happen and that sometimes, in order to keep moving forward, you first have to take a step backward. 

Here's a snippet from the 1997 SFGate article:

Apple Computer Inc. Chairman Gil Amelio swallowed hard as he laid out his plan to save the beleaguered computer giant - a plan featuring fewer products and a considerably smaller work force.

The much-anticipated announcement Friday from Amelio and other top Apple officials began with the news of a 31 percent cut in the company's work force: 4,100 workers - 2,700 full-time employees and 1,400 contract workers - will lose their jobs.

"It's very painful for us to be laying off people who have been working very hard to bring Apple back to health," Amelio told reporters and analysts in a telephone conference.

But, he said, the only way to return the company to profitability was to slim it down from its present 13,400 employees and to cut its line of software and computer models.

"I am optimistic about the future," Amelio said.

"These actions put us back on the road to health."

You can hit up the link below for the rest of the article.

Keep the faith #TEAMBLACKBERRY!!

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"Apple layoffs: Painful but necessary"



I'm sure it will. Layoffs are imminent but with everything else they've done I'm sure they'll be a delay.

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If there is one thing we can count on, is history repeasing itself.

Let's just hope that BlackBerry can pull the same stunt.

Not the same thing. Nortel was a direct victim of stock speculation and an unsustainable bubble was created ultimately crashing when it was realized that Nortel was not able to operate in world of internet protocols that didn't need the Nortel hardware as much as believed.
Nortel was trying to evolve from a landline hardware provider to one that could also operate with hardware for the internet as well. This didn't work as planned.
Nortel had debt, tons of it. Then the fraud incidents came into play and finally killed the company.

BlackBerry IS part of the smart(super)phone market. They created it (some would say) and still operate in it. The only real Nortel comparison here (aside from being Canadian) is, the fact BBRY is moving from its java based BBOS to the superior BB10 platform. Still in the smart phone market though.

The difference between Apple's 97 case and BBRY's case is the 'slight' difference in immediate global media attention today.

There are some other big differences:
1) Return of Steve Jobs at Apple. Who is returning to Blackberry to make this thing come to the top? Blackberry already have good products but need a good leader. Heins and is team of monkeys should be kicked out ASAP, if anything good can be expected from Blackberry
2) Blackberry is going private. Once private, we don't know in what form the company will survive. Apple always stayed a public company.

You may have forgotten the $170 million bailout by Microsoft...that was a decent wack of cash back then.

Kevin's and others self delusion. It was 1997. The market for MP3 players, smartphones and tablets had not begun. And Apple remained a tiny player in the tech market until they released the I-pod in 2001. Their primary business (Personal Computing) the Apple Computer remained largely unsuccessful until the release of the I-pod touch. But what made Apple was the release of the I-phone in June 2007. And again the smartphone market barely had a 3% penetration (Heck they were not even called smartphones in 2007). Imagine the possibilities. Apple became the trailblazer in bringing handheld technology to the masses by promising the internet in your hands!

By comparison, now more than 6 years later smartphone penetration is almost complete. Ecosystems are stable and consumer choice has hardened. You can not win back market share in this market, just as Apple never really won back market share in the PC market. Even with all the success of the I-phone and I-pad; Macs and Macbooks have never gained a significant market share from Windows PCs.

That is to say - if Blackberry is to walk Apple's path to success it will be with an entirely new product, or an entirely new take on a product. Under the current management which saw fit to make the former head of product development the new CEO, which brought BB such winners as the Tour, Storm, Storm2 and forwent development of a QNX handheld for 2 years to develop the Playbook, I don't see this happening.
Apple, Google and Microsoft have been pouring countless $$ into new technologies while BB's patents have become stale. Google Glass, MS's Table PC etc.. are cutting edge. BB is still figuring out how to add landscape mode to their latest generation handheld and put out ANYTHING on time.

Sorry - if you want to talk about a tech comeback talk about AMD.

+99999999999 fully Agree with you. BlackBerry will never be able to win back marketshare

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Haha let's not get carried away, eh. You never know what the future can bring. To tell you the truth if BBM ever releases cross platform BlackBerry could gain some traction from it. Channels also has potential to bring BlackBerry back to the top. But for now let's let them go private and see how it plays out. One may predict the future but one can never know the future.

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Well if you want to know the future, you create it. Blackberry has been sleeping and they still are....

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depends on what market you are referring to.
Apple back in those times:
- did not sell many PocketPCs (equivalent of the iPhone today)
- did not sell MP3 players (equivalent of iPods)
- sold a few computers

Apple today:
- sells many iPhones
- still does not sell many computers

And what about BlackBerry-the-company?

If you re-read any interview of Thorsten, it is all about shifting the efforts towards services (BES, BBM, and QNX). Not so much about their current core business (selling phones).

Apple-the-company changed its focus at that time ; it has started to be the same for BlackBerry-the-company.

First of all, it is "iPhone" not I-phone. That alone makes your expertise in all things Apple suspect.

As for Mac marketshare, you are so wrong.
When I got my first Mac in 2002, I didn't know anyone with one. Today, I knoe almost as many people with Macs as windows PCs. Of course the enterprise still skews the numbers in favor of windows but the Mac is doing very well.

Now, thr iPod was a huge boost to Apple and BlackBerry needs something like that, which is what BBM can be.

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WTF cares whether it's I-phone or iPhone. Not claiming to be an expert in all things Apple. Just a short study of comparable history. You argument is illogical. Either provide evidence of a fact that I've misstated, not spelling, or disagree with a conclusion..

EDIT: For a further discussion of APple vs. PC Sales figures which peg an even more disappointing stat for Apple - see: http://mashable.com/2012/07/03/mac-vs-pc-sales/

Also I spoke of actual market-share, not your particular anectdotal experience. MAC has about (repeat about) a 7.25% of current marketshare. Going from 2.5% to 7.25% market share in 16 years is not a great comeback story, in my opinion.

Your take on the rise of Apple and their market share is correct. What saved Apple was not Mac but the IPod, and the IPhone. For someone to use their own circle of friends and family doesn't give an accurate measure of success. In my circle of friends and family there are only one or 2 people I know with an iProduct, the majority are Windows, Android & Windows Phone. So from my circle of friends Apple must be an absolute failure with WP coming in as a strong 2nd to Android :).

I very much dislike Apple and that entire closed ecosystem. Non-removeable batteries, no sd cards, proprietary connectors and i-tunes to boot!

But I dislike even more having to make the arguments I made above and below. It pains me, I really like BB10.2 and the Z-10. It has some issues and needs some polishing. But I had really high hopes that work would be finished. It pains me that I believe it never will be.

Honesty the reason that I believe MacBook's haven't overtaken the market is pricing. Apple apparently doesn't care how large that market it, because spec for spec you're paying a much higher premium for a Mac than a PC. Not viable for many people who would prefer one. A large number of people who don't have them want them. So they COULD have made a major comeback there in my opinion

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While the Apple Mac AirBooks are well-engineered the price of these computers puts them outside the budget of a significant portion of the population. An interesting point though is that Apple Mac AirBooks are the computer of choice of many start-ups in Silicon Valley. Personally, I've been using Debian GNU / Linux on the desktop since 1999. In 2012 I switched to Ubuntu Linux on the desktop primarily due to its ease of use and its ability to deliver an experience better than either Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OSX.

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You need to get the blinkers off - he's 100% correct. The best BB can hope for is life as a niche player. You genuinely believe you will ever see another BB product after the Z30? There's not a chance in hell that there will be one. How could they afford it - who will code it? Where will they sell it? They are gone, sadly, just like Nokia.

If you fully believe that BlackBerry is a dead company and there is no hope, then why are you still here?


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auto-correct still doesn't get it right half the time, does it. :-).
Sorry, I'm anal and sad about the predicament BB is in. If the bid succeeds, and they double down on the consumer hardware/software market they have a chance. But I have to agree that its probably hard to rebuild the brand name and therefore consumer favor. Its a 2.5 horse race. Apple, Google, and windows(.5).
Time will tell.
Of course I'm looking through jaded webOS glasses. :-)

Well, you spelled 'know' as 'knoe' and 'the' as 'thr'.
That alone makes your words false and thus they carry no meaning.

Seriously, extremely lazy attitude on your part to try to invalidate his brilliant comment because he spelled 'iPhone' wrong.

Yup. The landscape has changed since the late 90s ... RIM did what Corel did and cannot repair the relationships it needs to support their survival at 4th place.

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There are flaws in your logic though. You can't make judgements on the future based on the status of Android and Apple today. The assumption is that Apple and Android will never falter. They could. Anything could happen, same as what has happened to BlackBerry. Service outages, security hacks, equipment failure, failures to innovate when other companies do innovate. Not to mention the all powerful bad press.

When the big guys falter, and they almost always do, the little guys sneak in and eat their lunch.

Not saying that a BlackBerry comeback is likely, nor is a return to popularity BUT survival is possible and every statement you make is on the assumption that it is NOT.

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I'm sorry that you took from me that survival or comeback is impossible. I don't believe that. I'm not that cynical yet to say never to anything.

What I'm saying is the management structure is the same that claimed a phone doesn't need a camera. The same that claimed a phone doesn't need an MP3 player. The same that released the original Storm without WIFI, because "it's not necessary." The same management that took almost 6 months to respond to the high returns associated with the Tour's trackball, and almost a year to realize the Storm's internal screws were too tight, and the metal element under the screen was overheating. The same management that promised OS6 to all devices and backtracked and then abandoned those plans, the same management that promised theme studio for OS7 and never delivered, the same management that had BB10 handsets delayed a year, screwed up the marketing, and still can't deliver or deal honestly with the public with regard to BBM for Android and IOS (Truth is it was not and is not ready for public release). At this late day and with this management comeback is far more unlikely than it was for Apple. And again Apple came back in a different space, The article was written before the smartphone revolution and was written about a computer company. Apple is still selling only about 2.3% of new computers bought today.

Edit -I purposely said management structure. I know those statemens were from the prior co-ceos but they were shared by the officers, directors and executives at RIM at the time.

Outstanding! I've stated all the facts you have although not in one post. :).

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You do realize that what happened to Black Berry is because the product changed creating a who new market. It went from messaging phone to true mini computer device. The only way BB gets back to what they were is to reinvent this device like what Apple did in 07. BB is in big trouble. They need to only make their current os 7 phones for their core audience and then sell software for android and iOS that adds their experience to these phones. Even with this purchase they won't be able to get the mass market to buy BB. It's easier to just sell the software and charge a monthly fee. I just saw this bad new today which illustrates why building BB10 devices is the wrong path.

You Sir are the brightest one in the room. Couldn't have said it better myself. I was just about to look up the circumstances that Apple was in during this time. You saved me time. Rose colored glasses off please.

Excellent post!

Further, for BB to have a comeback at all, they would first have to TRY. And, my suspicion is that the new owner(s) will not try. BB (and RIM, before) have demonstrated repeatedly that they can design and build good hardware, but they cannot deliver high quality software in a timely fashion. So, if I were the new owner, I would be researching these things:

- Kill BB OS (10 and earlier). Use the hardware side to build hardware for a new line of BB-branded phones and also for other phone and tablet manufacturers.

- Put Android on the existing phones. They already figured out (more or less) how to run Android on their phones. This should help them simply adapt the phones and software to run Android natively.

- Spin off the part of the software development group that is responsible for BBM. Make it standalone and responsible for its own profitability.

- Task the new software spinoff with developing software to run on the new Android phones that lets you connect/manage them with a BES. Deliver this software pre-installed on the BB-branded Android phones. But, make it available to use on any Android phone.

- Sell or license any and all patents that they don't need to keep and maintain an exclusive on.

- offer their radio technology for sale to other manufacturers to use in their phones.

Who says the next big thing will be in smart phones? Figures you'd be the one to come in here and enlighten us all.

I am going to sit back and see if Kevin responds to this, as he sometimes does.

This community can be full of smoke/mirrors and rose color glasses sometimes. I would like to see them respond to a valid objection to their half-baked comparisons.

it was not the iPhone that made Apple. it was the iPod and Steve Jobs amazing ability to capitalize on the digital music distribution concundrum with the introduction of iTunes store. I remember when the traditional iPod and the multicoloured nano were front line and centre in the apple store. The iPod and its accompanying white headphones brought the all important cool factor back the apple. the iPhone and iPad were just natural progressions.

I partially agree. They took a big share of the MP3 market, and started on the way back to profitability. But that market, did not make Apple - Apple. It laid the groundwork. Though the iPhone Touch certainly was as valuable to Apple as was the first Gen iPhone. I still believe that the natural progression was responsible.

But point very well taken.

Well since we are in the partial agreement, let me partially agree with your post. I think Kevin's post was more to enlighten us that Apple was in a similar situation with then chief Gilbert Amelio. They were trying to still make the Mac competitive at the time by doing a major mac OS upgrade. If I remember correctly Jobs was an advisor. Something like what  has been trying and failing to do in the BB current handset biz. For me at that time in 1997 Apple was a write-off. Now here is where I agree with you. Steve jobs realized he had to find something else and he did that with mp3 and the iPOD and digital music distribution.. There is no chance Amelio could have had the vision, nor can Thorsten or anyone else on the current BB board. Where I disagree with you is I don't see anything wrong with wearing rose coloured glasses. For people who still love the blackberry brand, what else are they to do? Give up all hope and throw in the towel, dump them and move to apple or android? Apple fans in 1997 must have clung onto hope with rose colored glasses as well. They stuck with the company and if any of them invested, they will now be retired in a nice warm island somewhere. So for crackberry to offer some hope and allow us to cling onto any small thing by being given similar examples from the past is a nice comfort to people who come to this site for hope. Go anywhere else and blackberry is being brutalized left right and centre by everyone from tech analysts to everyday consumers. The reality is that blackberry needs a great new leader and if so (a very big if) they could come out of this, more in the way Yahoo is reinventing themselves, rather than as some big tech leader. I don't think anyone can make a comeback like Apple again for a long time. They had the right guy, timing and luck on their side. Apple were the Beatles of the tech world.
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@ Vijit: I just love you right now. Thank you for reading my mind. :)

some people here are just trying so hard to be so freaking genius and analytical about stuff when the article is simply saying that the fate of BlackBerry could also be the same as Apple (maybe or maybe not). It's as simple as that. Why make it complicated?

#allthebestthingsinlifearefree :) love my Z10

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If you've been listening, you'd know that Blackberry's new target is not "smartphones," it's "mobile computing." We can't count them out till they've executed their plans.

I'm listening. As far as I know mobile computing is smartphones, laptops, netbooks and tablets, (arguably even car infotainment systems). Google Glass may one day add to that. But looking at BB's last certified financials, and word from their principals I see no evidence of significant R&D into a new type of mobile platform or a new tech. In fact I see significant practical evidence that they have harmed the QNX brand and development.

Edit: Checking out for the evening.

What Blackberry and everyone on here needs to do is get the F over Apple. Apple is rapidly going down the path of being not-Apple. Low market share and low margins in everything they create. basically getting their ass kicked by Samsung and Google. The only place where they are still undisputed king is iPods a product no one cares about .

Outside of north America people could care less about Apple.

If the sale goes through BB's new owners will care nothing about consumers. BB never really was a consumer products company, so I don't think we'll ever see the comeback of BB to consumer markets. That doesn't mean they can't make money. It just means they need to step back from consumers and focus on business.

BB should be mentioned with Cisco, IBM and Oracle not MSFT, Apple and Google.

In my view they should drop the BB name and go back to Research in Motion and stick with the QNX brand. What car company in their right mind would ever advertise that they have a blackberry powered system in there car. None!

It's an uphill battle for sure, but we are just cracking the surface of the mobile era, and have NO IDEA what the next big things will be.

To assume that the smartphone and MP3 player are the end of the line of technological change is simply ridiculous.

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Jobs also brought with him his NeXT OS that he had been working on since he left Apple. And as we should know, NeXT went on to become OSX. If I recall correctly, the NeXT project-to-OSX took almost ten years to develop. I have been an Apple fanboi since the mid 90s--although I have never owned an iPhone, nor will I ever, I have not owned anything but Apple desktops, laptops, mp3 players and tablets. Jobs single-handedly took a my-way-or-the-highway approach and forced the industry into making things such as USB and firewire standards by doing away with legacy ports, for example.

I remember when OSX was released...I was an early adaptor, got it the day it was released. The general sentiment back then was that OSX was good looking, but a general sense of WTF went around the community. There were practically zero software for it and most of the applications were cool, but rather useless for that point in time. People simply did not use their computers that way back then. In fact, many people felt that OS 9.2 was superior and continued to use it until Apple dropped support in what, 2005? But Jobs never backed down, and never produced a product that competed with anyone at the time seeing as how Macs were predominantly used by those in the creative community. Adobe products were on Macs first, heck, I believe that even Microsoft Office was on Apple first. Jobs said if you want to use Macs, you will HAVE to use the Macs and OS that we want you to use. No comprise.

The iPod came out to minimal success, and for the first two years solid was tied exclusively to Mac computers. Once again Jobs said if you want to use an iPod, you must own a Mac. Period. It was not until 2003 when iTunes became available to Windows-based PCs, and the iPods began to take off. However, it was still tied to iTunes, and practically all Windows users back then felt that iTunes royally sucked. Opening up the iPod and iTunes to Windows users, essentially "everybody" was a good move, but, it really was Apple's advertising that sold the iPod. Ads were aggressively placed everywhere; bus stops, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc., etc. Microsoft, if I remember correctly, had developed an mp3 player before Apple, and from what I understand, was a superior product. But, Microsoft, like RIM, had internal management issues that ultimately lead to a discussion that went something like "mp3 players? Why would anyone want one of those?". Many people felt that there really were better mp3 players on the market than the iPod, but Apple made the iPod look cool, and you were not cool if you did not have those iconic white ear buds protruding from your ears. So, even though the iPod itself was hidden in a pocket, those ear buds let everyone know exactly what product you were using. Effin' genius!

Apple also made apps standard-issue software instead of using full-blown programs.

You are correct; Apple computers are still a tiny player in world-wide computer sales, and that there success is tied almost directly to the iPods, iPads, and iPhones. There is something deeper, though. In another thread I mentioned that Apple is a software company first and foremost. They just deny third-party "clones" to run their software in order to give you the experience they want you to have. Look at Android: Jellybean may be Jellybean, but Jellybean on Device A by Company Y is not the same as Jellybean on Device B by Company Z. Heck, apps developed specifically for Jellybean "works" differently on some devices than on others depending on the quality of hardware used in the handset.

So really, Apple owes its success to iOS.

BlackBerry can walk in Apple's shoes if BlackBerry really pushes and develops BB10, and QNX in particular as QNX is really the key to their success. Automobiles began to become computerized (engines) in 1981 or so, and now automobile interiors are becoming more computerized by the year. If BlackBerry can lockdown the "automobile OS" with QNX, they will have a solid future a head. If they can get QNX into home appliances and electronics, they may even become the largest tech company of all-time. This is the future and the only other real option at this point is Linux. If BlackBerry does not take the lead with QNX, someone else will.

The difference is that someone with vision took over the company and moved it forward. As I've said in the past, BlackBerry's management team needs to go, completely, and someone who understands the current landscape, consumers, and marketing, needs to take the helm.

+100. Totally agree. Apply was in a worse situation then compared to BlackBerry. Only reason why Apple is where it is, is bec of Steve Jobs who had a plan and vision.

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And you don't think Mike L. had a plan and a vision. Here's what his plan was: to bring the first mobile device with push email.

And here's what is execution was: the BlackBerry

I'm pretty sure BlackBerry had a visionary of their own and right now seeing how BlackBerry is going private Thorsten Heins can now work on his planned vision of mobile computing. I rather just sit this out and wait.

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You forgot to include their marketing division...if they even have one.

BlackBerry Z...my weapon of choice.

+1 and there was only one other platform competing against Apple than, unlike today where there are dozens of Android phones and Apple and Windows and, and, and.... it is not the same

Z10 OS

Yes, it was always Apple vs MS. If you got tired of MS, you went to Apple. If you get tired of Android you can go to Apple, or vise versa. If you get tired of both, there is also WP. So, there is a lot more competition today.

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You're forgetting O/S 2, and the various flavors of Linux/Unix. Yes niche players but then so are the various alternatives now.

The groundwork is laid, QNX is legit and experts say "near future proof" for capabilities and stability. A new UI, a new direction to create revenue and in a few years this can be back in action and then king of the mountain

BlackBerry 10 is a great UI, no need to change that. Add to it sure, but they just changed their OS, no need to do it twice in one year.

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BB10 UI looks beta. It's beyond vanilla. Don't change it tomorrow, just change it when there's a complete overhaul that's stable.

How does the ui look "beta? " any evidence of this to illustrate your opinion? Most people I show it to think it's a slick, minimalistic user interface. Never heard "looks beta" before.

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My take on "beta" is that the OS is young and new, yet has so much potential just waiting to be unlocked. I'm excited to watch BB10 evolve and hope that BlackBerry find a way to knock the socks off of consumers without actually catering to the consumer. Continue the Prosumer approach, focus on enterprise and corporate offerings and let the market follow. BlackBerry has we, CrackBerry Nation, to show off their devices and their progress as they go and when/if the consumer market takes notice, capitalize! If not, continue to focus on the corporate world.

I'm excited at the thought of having my BlackBerry be my everything device. Go to work place it in a dock and have a full working computer (so to speak) to work with.

Virtual assistant (Jarvis from Iron Man comes to mind).

Get in your car and place your phone in a dock or simply link it and have it be the full infotainment and everything else for the ride. Tie into the cars computer system and monitor all systems and when your fuel gets low suggest gas station via preference of price or brand. All while noting distance from gas stations based on fuel economy. I would like to reference the QNX YouTube video on the not so distant future as well. Be able to fully control your device via voice control while driving. Read and reply to emails, BBM's, sms, etc, with ease. Suggest restaurants based on reviews and cuisine.

Go home your BlackBerry interacts with your house unlocks the door. Activates the lights and infotainment based on your mood or settings. Link or dock with home station for personal or work use. Dock or link your device with the TV for some gaming or watching movies, etc.

Have a thick and thin solution where your phone stays in your holster/pocket or within a dummy tablet (much cheaper then additional full tablet) with a 7-12" screen that essentially becomes your device to work with or watch movies or game on or browse the Web. Make sure it has a large enough capacity Battery to charge your BlackBerry on the go for longer trips, ie train or flight or passenger where power source is not always easy to come by. Make all of this and more work naturally and easily on the go.

The possibilities are endless! Keep moving!

Hey I can dream can't I?

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The problem with your awesome dream is that less than 10% of the world can afford that, even within 10 years this wouldn't sell.

BlackBerry and QNX have great idea's and Mike L even said "We plan 4-5 years in the future"

It's just that, if you want to make money you need to dumb things down. I'm not saying don't contribute to progress just realize that the average person is the market you aim for in retail. The average person just wants a few of the same apps from a brand that their friends and celebrities also own.

Going B2B is an excellent idea but businesses couldn't care less if a worker bee is having convenience of their life syncing together or not, considering everything is already cloud based anyway.

My dream for BlackBerry is to make billions of dollars a year, and that only happens when you look, act and market like everyone else - except BlackBerry needs to add one really cool feature in the user experience every 6 months instead once a year.

It looks beta because it's bare bones. It is minimalistic. Look at our UI, then Android 4.2 then iOS 7. There is nothing there for the customer. It looks different because it lacks so much not because this 10.1 was trying to look this way. The UI feels like they took the lease amount of effort to create outside of making a 4.2 rectangle or a newer version of the Bold.

This is what I'm thinking as well. With the QNX base BlackBerry doesn't need recapture the smartphone market; they will capture the next market. Their future is in integrated computing. Automotive infotainment, home automation, smart refrigerators that automatically update the grocery list when the weight of the milk jug indicated it's only 1/4 full ... there's a lot of possibility. When my phone works with my car and my fridge, I'll be happy.
And don't forget QNX already has a wide net: Mercedes, Garmin, Cisco, Boeing, BAE, numerous medical companies and Drones for the US Army and Navy.

That's. What's hell I've been. Trying to. Tell everyone on crackberry,,they need to go private,disclosure ,as it stands. There are reporters and investor planted to sabatoge BlackBerry at every turn,this will fix them,so BlackBerry can fix the company, BlackBerry 10 is the best rite now, restructure, refocus, and retaliate, ,,dont chase. The app junky,provode for the hyper-user,

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Nope. There is no conspiracy RIM is the one driving their own destiny. Their inability to execute in their chosen market in because of the decisions made internally NOT by media.

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I have faith in BlackBerry! I had faith before reading this and will follow it till the end! Go blackberry \m/

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Microsoft saved them when Gates "invested" $150,000,000 to give his old buddy Steve a hand saving his company from the sewer. So basically Microsoft bought Apple in 1997. The deal was that Microsoft would buy non-voting shares and would not sell them for minimum of three years. Not sure if Microsoft ever did sell them so perhaps they still own a good part of Apple.

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Microsoft did sell a few years later at a decent profit.

Not that it matters really, but the reason Microsoft invested was due to being involved in the anti-trust case at the time and they needed Apple to remain a viable competitor.

Another part of that deal was guaranteeing MS Office would be available and updated for Mac for a set number of years. This was much more important since at the time, Office was essential . Proves that back then, as today, apps matter.

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And Internet Explorer. LOL those were strange but very different times. BB current situation is probably more comparable to Palm. IMHO.

Let me clarify. The Trojan Horse in the mythological sense, not a virus.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

At one point, Apple was in a similar situation as BlackBerry. There was lots of turmoil with revenues on the decline, stock devalued, product flops, missed deadlines, a lack of respect in the media, etc. Windows was gaining market share at a rapid pace, and Apple couldn't respond quickly and effectively enough. In 1996, sweeping layoffs began. In July of '97, Apple's board imploded, opening the door to most charismatic, focused CEO the world had ever seen. Steve Jobs came in and cleaned house, first by acknowledging that Apple was broken, and then vowed to turn things around by rethinking everything.

This is how to turn a company around.


Apple was in a similar situation in 1997 as BlackBerry was in 2012 when Thorsten Heins was put in charge. Steve Jobs said "This is about getting Apple healthy, this is about Apple being able to make incredibly great contributions to the industry and to get healthy and prosper again." In July 2012 Thorsten said "There is nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now." Yes, BlackBerry was in Apple's situation a while ago but I am afraid we are way past that now.

The world had a chance to be rid of Apple then but Bill Gates came in and saved them. I'll not forgive him for that.

Competition is good.... Maybe not for every company, but a world without Apple (as much as I love BlackBerry) would have provided us all with less options. Apple's growth has at least pushed other companies to do better.... It's a race, and without someone running fast in the lead, everyone would go slower. So I say "bring them on" and let's make it a competitive environment for the health of the tech industry, and the consumers.

BBRY used to have vision/a visionary and used to be able to execute on it, but never had anything but abysmal marketing/PR.

Necessary but difficult ingredients that need to materialize.

You hit the nail on the head. Despite horrible promoting of these awesome devices they still managed to sell 3.7 million devices...not bad considering not much is known about these devices outside of the Blackberry World. If they begin advertising after the release of the 10.2 update they can consolidate all of their devices into one marketing campaign focused on "pick you device and get your OS of choice." They just need to show someone how the hub works and they will love it. My friends couldn't believe that my phone was a Blackberry...and that is a good thing because I just crushed their misconception...now they are asking me how much I like my new Z10. I don't tell them, I show them!

lets hope it repeats with blackberry... they have to shake things up.. find and hire a new steve jobs, someone with new ideas... and dump all those idiots which they have.. hire some new fresh designer.. sh*t ive seen some concept here on Crackberry that ill pay full price for.. (BB Blade) a new marketing team.

One of my bucket list items In life is to see Apple finally burn to the ground. God, please let me live long enough to see this through.

I'm no fan of Apple but without them we probably wouldn't even have BB10 right now because why rock the boat and try to innovate when you are the lead dog.. BBRY needs to be cutting edge to stay relevant and stop sitting on their laurels. The task is 5 years (at least) behind where it would have had a good shot, now we have only an outside shot. Let's hope it's not too late but burning Apple (or Google) to the ground is not the answer or we will only be left with mediocrity. Who really wants that?

Do you have any idea the process involved in legally changing one's first name to "Crackberry"? Replacing Crackberry Kevin would be a serious undertaking.

BlackBerry is no Apple! Apple never lost it's base, unlike BlackBerry. The lost the base which is enterprise and what's left is bleeding out faster than a stuck pig.

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Dude, I see you around the forums making silly comments. Everyone in the universe knows the company is in trouble and most sober-minded people (BB fans or not) will admit this. You are wasting your time. Let it go.

With Prem stating in an interview that he has no intention to break up BlackBerry, I for one am very optimistic that BlackBerry will continue on....

Cheers from my Z10!! - 00

Short and sweet Sir Crackberry Kevin - you have provided perspective that transcends all of the doom and gloom chatter. Not saying Blackberry will ever pull through all of this, but it ain't over just yet.

Completely different position. Apple needed to be saved because there was nobody else against Microsoft.
In the mobile space, we already have 3-4 main players. Not many people feel the need to save BlackBerry, except some enterprises and agencies since alternatives are not ready yet.

Alternatives are a long ways off. We have 300 school children in California who just cracked the ipads they were given so they can use twitter and Facebook etc during class, that was a billion dollar project to be paid over 30 years by the tax payers down the drain. Wonder why the US is going broke? The we have a fragmented android system based on all the various devices not playing nice amongst themselves, let alone even bigger issues. So yes BlackBerry is still needed where secure spaces are required.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

They should have....at least it's secure......no actual pencil and paper is what they need along with exercise and proper nutrition. These kids are suppose to keep building the country and look after us in our old age! This is my vision.....US bankrupt, buildings and infrastructure failing all around, elderly starving to death as younger generation is in parents house, in basement doing the only thing they learned in school......Facebook, Twitter, and gaming. We are in big trouble.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I can remember all too well. I was an apple computer fan boy back then. Times change and some things stay the same. :) i'll be here supporting BlackBerry the best I can. Still plan on getting my girl a Z30 for Verizon when it hits. Go BlackBerry.!

Posted via Jiggy's Z10

Things that happend in the past does not mean that the same thing will happen again in the future, we will see where this goes

Posted via CB10

I already posted this in Engadget last Monday......funny how it's ok for Apple but not for BB. nothing new. The interesting thing is how close are the numbers. BlackBerry can turn this around. They need a Bold leader. One who stands up to the critics and fights tooth and nail. I as a BlackBerry user and supporter am beginning to wonder why it is up to us to lead the company. Heins, get down here in the trenches and fight with us for Petes Sake!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

The media was just as hard on Apple back in the day. Most people have just forgotten

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Damm Straight! Not for nothing but I could do a better job at running Blackberry then Heins. And I'd be cheaper. What a tool. Sad.

Funny, was about the layoffs with a colleague yesterday and sent him the sfgate article afterwards.

I hope history repeats and BlackBerry will rise from the ashes :)

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It's really a long stretch of desperation to compare Apple's 1997 slump, to BlackBerry's demise. It was different circumstance, less competition, different market, etc.

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This was 10 years before the IPhone was released. BlackBerry 10 has been out, kinda hard to compare.

Posted via CB10

This is an "Apples and... Berries" comparision, and a sample of how blind a technology analyst can be for brand's sake.
Apple was not on sale at that time, and there was not a lot of Apple users moving to Windows (or Unix, or OS/2 or whatever).
Without having to be "cool", Apple always had a strong and loyal user base of graphic designers, multimedia enthusiasts, etc. Also, Apple never had direct strong competition from IBM and their army of PC manufacturers. Everyone knew that PCs and MACs were targeted to different type of users.
That is not the scenario BBRY is facing today.
Competition is burning BBRY foundations to the ground, users loyalty is not that strong because of broken promises and delayed products. BBRY still have good chunk of business users, but that is not saving the company at all, and several companies are already looking for alternatives with other platforms.
So, no.. massive layoffs will not save BBRY the same way it did with Apple 16 years ago.
I love BBRY, I love BB10, and I really love to see BBRY surviving. But this is not about love or faith. This is not religion, this is business. And business errors must be paid with money.. or extinction.

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I disagree, BlackBerry has its loyal diehards, but not in the graphics industry. Apple back then did not have to fight with the immediacy of social media nor the postings of pseudo-experts who are fighting for recognition as "the one who called it". Most of the saving of Apple was done quietly in the background. Taking BlackBerry private will allow some of that to happen. No one in the mainstream was buying Apple products back then. Part of the lift they got was backlash against MS who was perceived as this giant who was out to control everything. Looking at Apple, and to a degree Android, they could be painted with the same brush. Apple wants you to live within their walled garden of only their products. Android just wants to be everywhere. So, what's the difference? There are many similarities. That doesn't mean the outcome will be the same, but it could.

I have been comparing current BlackBerry to Apple of the late 90s for a while. Very few people seem to notice the similarities.

Also, the iPod and iTunes was huge in bringing the company back, just as BBM can be a help in gettinf BlackBerry back in the mainstream.

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Yes, what is needed is a product that doesn't take a huge commitment from the average user that penetrates the markets of the competition. Google has this with, well, Google. This helps the Andriod platform.

We all know that MS has both windows desktop and Office to help with their phone platform. Apple has iTunes etc.

If BBM can become mainstream, it will creat mind share which is the most important thing for a comeback.

When I got my first Mac, I had an uncle ask me "do they still make those things?"

So, people need to know BlackBerry is still around.
For the most part they don't now.

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All fine and dandy but really can't compare the two. All blackberry has done was play catchup the last three years. I don't see them ever regaining what they once had. In terms of consumers the brand is looked at as cancer now!

Apple is an entire ecosystem. Cloud services, desktops, laptops, appletv, music video App Store, and more. All blackberry has is a shrinking business market and a dwindling consumer base.

Unless blackberry truly has some real innovation the world has never seen, the clock is ticking. If the current management teams stay onboard the company is as good as dead.

All Apple had back then were desktop computers. Their ecosystem was developed after MS and the return of Steve Jobs saved their asterisk.

Few things:

1. I "love" the fact that BBRY canceled the 'post earnings con call' tomorrow... Thorsten Heins sounded "befuddled and scared" on last quarter's and there is nothing he could say tomorrow to make "any of this better".

2. For all the "deal makers here" - why would any company make a counteroffer to "Prem's $9 bid" now" with the luxury of 6 weeks to do so? Prem was on the board - he doesn't need 6 weeks to do DD - he did that on purpose.

3. I suspect that Prem will orchestrate, over the next 6 weeks, a "marketing campaign" of "good BlackBerry enterprise/government account victories", decent numbers on the new Z30 - the only real 5 inch Droid alternative to be on the market, the launch of BlackBerry messenger cross platform - had 1 million downloads on a "leaked version" the other day - in 8 hours, and some good publicity around latest 10.2 OS...

This will be the marketing campaign that Frank "the Total Failure" Boulben CMO of BlackBerry should have done...

Stay tuned.

I agree that the marketing was weak. A good ad will make you want to but the product or service. It's the sizzle that sells and I saw little sizzle in the ads. In fact there was little steak either until the more recent ones.

Basically they didn't even start so bad with the super bowl ad... "better to tell you in 30 seconds what it can't..." if they afterwards would have told what it can by extensively showing in ads the amazing virtual keyboard, the hub, the gestures, a home button, oh wait there is any button (they could've even steal the show of apples silly fingerprint button...)... sneak, real multitasking, the data manager etc etc...

But as they weren't able to deliver a phone a week after the super bowl ad and thanks to mr. Incapable Boulben leaving it up to the media to judge about BlackBerrys products and the company itself... well here we are, 8months later, using an amazing OS from a company managed as poor as possible...

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As long as they continue to produce phones and sell to consumers, I will continue to use BlackBerry.

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Kevin, I have been thinking and saying this over the past few days. In certain ways BlackBerry is better positioned for a recovery than Apple was back then. I remember thinking that Apple was probably done. I would suggest that their success is what happens when you take the long view and don't focus on the short term negativity. BlackBerry, like Apple, makes great products. However, like the Apple of yore, the marketing is weak. Apple figured it out and I suspect that BlackBerry will too, but in a different space.

Very similar to BlackBerry situation. However Apple had an iPod up its sleeve at that time...revolutionary technology on the horizon. I hope BlackBerry has something up its sleeve. The BB10 phones (especially the Z) are amazing but they need the marketing to show the world. BlackBerry revolutionized communications...just needs something else.

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I'm sorry, but the iPod came long after Apple was brought back from the brink. They were rescued in 1997 and the first iPod was released in late 2001. Four years after. I'm the tech world that is a long time.

Apple had Jobs who does BlackBerry have? Thats the problem, no vision, no leadership

Posted from my 6230

Alot of jealous BB users here saying they hope history repeats itself. Maybe if Cook was running BB it would not be sinking like a lead weight.

I thought Thor was the person with the vision that was going to turn Blackberry around. Weren't we just having this discussion before the release of BB10 and how it was going to save the company? Wasn't it said on here that Thor would save the day (all the comic book photos of Thor, hulk, etc)? Seems like a broken record in here. Now the savior is Prem. Wonder who it wil be after him.

Yes he was given the product, he started out correctly then fell off the face of the earth for some reason. What the real reason for going into hiding I believe is the privatization of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

BlackBerry was a star is a star n will b a star... in india v have a famous saying ' jab haathi nikal ta hai to bahut kutte bhonkte hai..magar haathi ko koi farak nai parhta..vo apna kaam karta rehta hai ' it means when an elephant walks on the road..so many dogs bark at him..but elephant doesnt bother..he keeps on walking n finally reaches his destination.. so BlackBerry will reach its destinition...

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But #TeamBlackberry doesn't have a Steve Jobs on the horizon. They're going to bring back Mike Lazardis who is comletely out of touch, just like you guys on this sitJne, clueless.

What is interesting is that Gil Amelio's name was also on the "sorry your services are no longer needed" list shortly after writing this memo.

If BlackBerry is to have the same visionary leadership to orchestrate a turn around as Kevin implies, I fear they will have to follow up with their own memo to the current CEO, who has shown no leadership at all, never mind the visionary kind.

But yet, there's still the people that constantly talk and act in a pessimistic type of well. Have hope.

Posted via that z10!

I don't think it's constant and more importantly, the pessimism didn't happen overnight. Many people on this site have been using BlackBerries a long time. The pessimism is with merit.

Posted from my 6230

A lot of companies have been in the situation that Apple was in way back then and the BlackBerry is in now.

This has been talked about the forums for years now trying to compare a failing BlackBerry to Apple. BlackBerry is not Apple!

Bbm can beat the ass off all the existing messaging services, even skype if executed properly. Once the craze is on then consumers surely will start buying BlackBerry devices to get the real bbm feel.

A very cunning and perfect execution is required.

It must be mouth watering.

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BlackBerry will recover but how anybody expected anything positive before 10.2 is mind boggling

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The markets with little penetration, where there may be prospects for solid future growth, may be in areas such as in-car computing.

Kevin just went down skid row feeding crack to all the junkies.

It's amazing that people see BlackBerry and Apple as the same, when their markets are vastly different. But try to compare BlackBerry to Palm, and no one wants to buy it. But they were/are the same.

Wow I can't believe this made the front page.
Good thing no other company in history fired a pile of workers and then didn't fail...

Apple is the exception to the rule, stop acting like this is a normal trajectory for tech companies.
The delusion is just...astounding.

BlackBerry don't need a "lifeline" as they have 2.6bn in the bank and have generated positive cashflow for years despite challenges and misfires... They have more cash now than when they introduced BB10. They just need time and maybe a CEO or leader who would stem and challenge the rumours with fact. That being said it won't be a problem after November as they'll only answer to themselves and their clients.

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As long as Blackberry has the next Steve Jobs sitting around, anything is possible. Of course they don't, so none of this talk makes any difference. Its over. Face it.

I love the amount of crystal balls some of you brain dead morons have in here. No one knows for sure what is going to happen are they??. I appreciate some of the comments in here as not everyone is brand dead here but really f**ks me off seeing people take joy in Blackberry and their position they are in now.

Right Blackberry, on the verge of being bought out and going private...not such a bad thing if it gets them out of the media headlights as im sick to damn death hearing the media spouting their crap and it then goes down the line to store employee's who give out wrong info. For instane last night went into a mobile phone shop here in London to ask about the Z30, asked one of the guys there and he looked at me and said no idea, Blackberry is dead. I laughed and said what are you on about?? said oh they have been bought and now are dead in the water. I just shook my head and said my friend, stop talking about stuff you dont know, Blackberry isnt quite dead yet.

Anyhow this just proves just how difficult it is for Blackberry to get back to where they were many years ago. Its all well blaming Thorstein and the people in charge of BB at the moment but i firmly place the blame at Mike L and Jim B for their inability to change Blackberry when we were top of the pile. They are the ones who drove this company into the ground but dont get me wrong, if it wasnt for Mike L blackberry wouldnt exist so for that i give him credit but i blame him for pushing this company down into the ground. From what i have seen, heard and read Thorstein did the best he could but he probably saw that this wasnt going to be a 2 yr job to get BB back to the top. Thats not to say Thor and his management dont deserve to be crucified as they do for their inability to execute their plans for the next gen BB devices.

Anyhow Blackberry, hopefully under Prem will get their act in order and get back to doing what they do best. Im hoping that this isnt the end of BB as we know it as i really honest to god dont want to be forced to use Apple or Android, dont consider WP phones to be anything special im afraid. Lets all hope that when they go private, Prem shakes things up massively at blackberry and they make a stronger comeback because honestly in my opinion, iOS is stale as 6 week old bread and Android is a buggy POS in all honesty and WP?? well the less said about them the better. There isnt any real innovation going on anymore, wow fingerprint scanner!!! big deal, for me its a gimmick albeit a very nice gimmick as ive played with a 5S myself.

One thing i wish would have happened is Apple buying out Blackberry, so that Apple could concentrate on the hardware and Blackberry could concentrate on the software side of things. For me that would have been a marriage made in heaven.

Get Mike back; Kick out TH without paying him 50m, that is stay as BlackBerry; no change of control. Fire TH because he didn't do his job, give him $0.

Mike, please, it is time to save BlackBerry.

Blackberry != Apple, Thorsten Heins != Steve Jobs, Mike Lazaridis != Steve Jobs. Talk about comparing Apples to Oranges (pun intended). PUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHthetic. Stop it! Your team lost. At one time they were the only team on the field, but as other teams started to compete, your coach, actually co-coaches, fell asleep on the bench.

The way things are today you really have to market well when you are trying to push a product. I hope that is one area blackberry will look at once they are in the private sector. They have some really good talent on there team and as they improve the BB10 platform I think a lot of people will be surprised. I am not saying they will take the market by storm or anything but they will get some second looks at they further develop.

Just remember this, isn't Microsoft who helped Apple back in the day? So I have heard anyway.

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I said before that going private means BES dicommisions. See they are happening. Also manufacturing partners are running away. Because as a private company there is no transparency, no scrutiny. And given BB's recent business behaviors that scare customers and partners away.

So we need Mike back to BlackBerry, inject confidence. Mike might made some controversial comments in public when he was CEO of RIM. But every CEO did, Steve Jobs did way more. Mike definitely has the respect from customers and partners.

Fire Torthen Heins ! Get Mike back. Mike !

Ridiculous to compare Apple then and BlackBerry now. Apple didn't have crap out then, BlackBerry has their products out. What possibly can BlackBerry produce, that is going to make a splash like the Ipod and IPhone did? BBM? This is going to make BlackBerry sound again. I'm not a Apple person, I'm just realistic.

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In fact, TH's recent disappearance including the canceled conf call tomorrow are signs that the board is firing him. I hope this is the case.

Please bring Mike back. Mike if you are back, I can work for you for free.

Give some perspective to those who have had their eyes closed to technology thinking Apple has always been #1.. FALSE!

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How come TH took a big bonus just a quarter ago. He was cheating. All his plan is cheat to get more money for himself.

- Cheat to get the first year bonus first;
- Cheat again to fail BlackBerry so that there will be a "change of control" so he can take 50 million more.

If you examine BB's recent history carefully since TH being CEO, you can easily figure this out.

If you look back longer, it is since 2007 when TH joined RIM, that RIM started is down turn.

To survive, BlackBerry MUST

Fire Thorsten Heins !!!

I appreciate the parallel but who does BlackBerry have in leadership? Remember, Jobs came back and turned the Apple around. We don't want Balsillie and Lazaridis back do we?

Posted from my 6230

Oh, Gil Amelio! A National Semicon CEO, who could not do a thing for Apple, having to request the return of Jobs. I remember that very well.
This is in a totally different time, when Apple was essentially still a startup, and struggling to establish a "proper" corporate culture etc. Starting from sugar drink executive and a German name somebody (Spindler?), and Amelio, they all failed, UNTIL Jobs returned. It was the era dominated by M$. While there might be some resemblance between Bbry and Apple in that particular era, there really is not a commonality at all. Apple was suffering from a typical start up problem with short operating cash, and still in the infancy to establish itself as a corporation.
Bbbry's problem is not the money, but a totally (and amazingly) inept team of management. I do not unnecessarily glorify Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates for that matter, but there is a difference between the team lead by Heins and those wild guys like Jobs and Gates. Job's/Gates are college dropouts but with visions and tenacity, while Heins & Co.,behaves more like nice nice Europeans (sorry, but no stereotyping here :-), totally lacking typical N.American aggressive drive.

Unless Kevin Michaluk is secretly a Necromancer and uses his power to bring back Steve Jobs, and also convinces him to work for BlackBerry, I doubt history will repeat itself.

The old adage "the more things change the more they stay the same" readily came to mind. The smartphone market was in its infancy in 1997 and is now mature in 2013, BlackBerry is unlikely to replicate Apples astounding success on that front. However they may make their comeback in M2M computing, the fledgling concern that represents a new paradigm in which mobile phones would act as the central hub that interfaces with mainframe infrastructures to control peripheral devices. Once BlackBerry acquires a management team that understands the dynamics of that market and they are prepared to release cutting edge hardware to complement the QNX based software, BlackBerry will be well positioned to be highly competitive in that market.

The only thing that really can be gleaned from this is that it is possible to layoff a lot of employees due to shrinking market share and find a way to come back well..... there are lots of counter examples.

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BB will survive, its one of the few Canada technological 'forts' left for them, it is almost a must. Otherwise the brain drain will continue for Canada.

Wow, my post was deleted for pointing out the obvious.

I'll say it again BlackBerry is no Apple! Apple never lost it's base unlike BlackBerry who's supposed base is the enterprise (back in the day). The remaining enterprise customers are bleeding out faster than a stuck pig. You lose your base and mass appeal, your screwed in this high past competitive market.

This going private is nothing more than Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd, trying to savage a bad investment they held on to long.


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While this is a good article and one that gives hope, I don't think the same thing that happened to Apple will be repeated with BlackBerry.

Here is a point missed. In 1997 Apple was considered cool... not accessible but it was still cool. their name was synonymous with quality... though it wasn't for the masses. every marveled at their software but just couldn't afford it.

Blackberry's name isn't worth crap, at least not to the consumer. The reason for their failure is a combination of product and perception.... and given the response to the z10 it is clear that perception is a major factor... The average consumer don't give BlackBerry the time of day.... and that's the thing as great as the z30... absolutely no one of note is looking for or waiting for it... furthermore BlackBerry don't even know how to market.... I still talk to BlackBerry users who still have never heard of the z10.

That said who knows...maybe they will find that wow product in the future... I'm hoping it's BBM and and it'll take the company forward...

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It seems like their are lots of people on this site who already knows the future, to my knowledge we can speculate about the future and take best guesses based on the information available to us, but none of us are sure of what the outcome will be, if the doctor tells you Friday will be your last day living will you give up all hope or continue fighting, just think about it so why should we conclude that this is the death of Blackberry.

I remember it all too well and the stock prices too. Yet I still bought an Apple computer then as I have multiple BBS, latest my awesome Z10 now! I pay little attention to those who feed on trying companies, specifically those as great as Apple AND BlackBerry.

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Awesome Kevin.

BlackBerry is starting from scratch with bb10. Innovation , product and marketing are the only things that will grow the company again.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, things are so different in the two companies. Just because they were both struggling technology firms that laid off people doesn't make them (and the situation) comparable. There are plenty of examples of layoffs in tech firms that preceded the firms' demise. And BB certainly doesn't have a Jobs-like leader. The only other thing I'll mention is that whereas long-term Apple shareholders ended up reaping the benefits if they stuck with Apple, Blackberry shareholders are doomed to be screwed. Even if BB turns around after being taken private, shareholders be damned. I understand that you are trying to drum up some positivity, but this is a stretch, in my opinion.

Well, the different is Apple never take the company private it faced the public criticism and learn from its mistakes with 150 millions from MSFT investment Apple became the world biggest market cap company.

That is almost word for word what you see in an article about BlackBerry today. Even the employees and the number of layoffs is. Eerily close

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Yea the only difference is that I get to sell my shares at a pathetic $9 a share....if I'm lucky.

Posted via CB10

Most we can do it keep believing the powers at be will make the decisions that will take the company from it's current spot to a better one. Microsoft aided Apple before which helped greatly to where they are now. For BlackBerry it's Fairfax Financial not dumping money into it but new owners who will hopefully bring new leadership and a new direction of where they will gfo next and the future of the company.

This is what I've been trying to explain to people for the last week. This is a necessary evil. Slim down your product line. Maximum 4 devices. The z30 is a bad business move and it was never a good idea. Stopping PlayBook was wise, yet a hard move (still hoping they will bring back a tablet). Q10 &5 are good and understandable devices. So let's see...Z10, Q10, Q5, and a tablet(we'll call it a T7 and T10). Ok so it's 5 devices. That's still a lot less than Samsungs line, but more that Apple. I think by 1 device. They usually have 3-4 out at once. 2 tablets and 2 phones. Fix your marketing! Hire a marketing firm if necessary. And for God sake...stop telling everybody your business.ust say it's coming. No More Leaks!!!!

Just my small two cents.
#TeamBlackberry #LetsGo!

BTW: the BlackBerry Tablet is a wish list. So don't talk trash.

Posted via CB10

Dream on, Kevin. There are many reasons why BlackBerry today doesn't hold the same cache Apple did in '97. And you know damn well there is no Steve Jobs out there to tansform the the company. History repeats all the time. That's why BlackBerry will, unfortunately, join Coleco, Commodore, Palm, Bondwell, DEC, Grid...

? BBRY invented the smart phone, push e-mail on the go, and so on. And everybody copied them. BBRY has more that what it takes to come back strong. But they need to first ensure profitability and slowly penetrate the market. Once people catch on to BB10, they "WILL" go WOW, DAM, its AWESOME...

BlackBerry will come back to profitability and market penetration, and when they do they will bring with them vengeance.

I remember when they were talking about being road kill only to come back and watch their critics eat crow. BlackBerry may yet experience that same warm & fuzzy feeling.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

They came back, saw and opportunity and conquered it.
BlackBerry didn't even flinch.

A UK Z10 Owner

Blackberry's going to have to go under the radar for a while then if they want to pull off an Apple comeback.
Time will tell.

They have very poor management skills. They don’t know when and how to release new product. They don’t know when to release bad news.

Thorsten Heins is the crap ceo this decade, he dont know how to show beautiful features in the stage. He is ready to take his 55mil check.

They are very poor in new product development.

One and only good thing in blackberry is good security, except this everything is crap.

They are for sure on dead bed with Prem Watsa life support.

If he pulls the plug, blackberry is dead. I hope and wish Mr.Wasta will bring good turn around to blackberry.

Somebody had vision because the new 10 OS is actually really innovative and elegant. I think what they need now is an a-hole to force them to fix every little problem it does have. (these little things were to be expected) but they need someone to acknowledge and fix as soon as possible. Maybe the 10.2 release does this but they should always be striving to do better and be better.

"These actions put us back on the road to health."

It's been said before and I'm glad it's being said again...only when it is REALLY over will I ever give up hope of a brighter future.

Kevin, believe it or not, I am writing a paper at the moment for my MGMT520 (keller Graduate School of Management) course comparing Apple Inc. and RIM (now BlackBerry). I did not only used this in my paper but it is the same I refer to defend my beloved BlackBerry. I say to people time and time again, Apple was there before.

That being said, Leadership played a major role in Apple's rise. Can we say the same to BlackBerry? Is it too early to criticise (negative or positive)? Is Heins comparable to the late Jobs or is he just Cooked?

I had read an article saying the while BlackBerry is dead (I beg to differ), Apple is dying for the mobile device industry has climaxed. The new Apple devices are the old devices and the old devices are pretty much where they started. If Apple continues to steal patents would Cook be the demise of the organization? If the US government were to lay suit on Apple for failing to pay taxes accordingly, where will Apple be today?


Painful but necessary? Tell that to the families of those who will be layed off!! Maybe Mike L. will send them all some money for the holidays.

Again, Apple's success has largely come about on the masses general ignorance of technology, specially the North American and UK markets. They made the words megabyte and gigabyte "cool" to people who still haven't got a clue what they actually mean or how they work, other than roughly how much music/videos/pictures their storage device will hold.

BlackBerry's technology is actually ahead of it's time. Evolution is indeed slow, Apple knows this all too well and how people operate on a primal level and exploits it to their full advantage. The iPhone's user interface algorithms are designed around people with lower IQ's, lower EIQ's, and inhibited deferred gratification ability.

To be realistic Apple had Steve Job and he was a big part of the rise and success! BlackBerry have Thorsten Heins and he messed up quite a lot: Release of Z10 and BBM to name a few! I hope Blackberry will have success in the future but they do need a guy like Steve to get things done with the power of QNX inside of BB10!

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There is pressure from all sides no matter WHOM you are in business. Wolfgang Puck, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban just to name a few CEO's and Entrepreneurs have always said, no matter WHAT level they and their companies are operating at, it can all be wiped out in a matter of months by one very bad business decision or direction.

IMO, Apple is going to feel the pinch of Android and Microsoft more and more in the next few years. I was at a new Microsoft Store in Hawaii recently and holy crap, what a stellar place to pick up a new Windows 8 Phone! It was very similar to being in an Apple store and the "excitement" level of the shopping experience there was the same, or maybe even higher than at an Apple store. I think Microsoft, now teamed with Nokia, is going to surge and put a lot more pressure on the market.

PINCH! :) Same pie, smaller slices.

Here is a thought I want to socialize with the Crackberry nation - I for one don't mind chipping in $20k to $40k of my own money - but, I will need another 50-100k people who, like me, believe in this company and are ready to chip in that kind of amount to help provide additional funds to the tune of $2 to $4 billion to help turn around Blackberry and prevent it from going private.

Using this approach lets show a new way to the social media of how the power of the people, who love Blackberry products, can prevent the company from selling itself. We still have 5 weeks to make this happen!

Kevin, Kris, and the Crackberry crew do you want to mobilize the Crackberry nation to make this happen?

Kris S. (#IChooseBlackberry) - are you game for this?

I am confident that this will turn out to be the best investment that one can think of! If you are willing to partake in this effort along with me please send a tweet to #BlackberryNotForSale and include #IChooseBlackberry to spread the word.