Staying on top of the tablet competition... Read the Apple iPad 2 Review by TiPb!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Mar 2011 11:15 am EDT

Read TiPb's Review of the Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

In a few weeks things will get crazy here on CrackBerry as the BlackBerry PlayBook hits the market and we do our content thing on it (think device, app, accessory reviews, how-tos, tips, tricks and more). Over at our sibling site, which covers all things Apple iOS related, they have now had a few days with their latest tablet toy, the Apple iPad 2, and have posted their initial review of it. Knowledge is power, so for the sake of being able to tell your Apple fan boy friends why your PlayBook is better than their iPad, you'll want to jump over at the link below and check out the review! :)

To be dead honest, as I type this the UPS man is actually on his way to my house with an iPad 2 (and yes, I bought it in white). I was hoping to have a PlayBook by now, but since that isn't the case I'm going to spend a couple of weeks getting to know the competition so that when I do review the BlackBerry PlayBook I can give it a real honest comparison to the current sales leader in the tablet market. We know the BlackBerry PlayBook is power packed out of the box and that the QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS has a ton of potential in it, but I'm sure there are going to be areas where iPad 2 > PlayBook as there will be areas where PlayBook > iPad 2. In the meantime, be sure to check out TiPb's iPad 2 Review.  Oh, and if you want me to do a CrackBerry Kevin unboxing of the iPad 2, let me know in the comments and maybe I'll do one up.  If I do do one, it won't be conventional... I can promise you that.

Read TiPb's Apple iPad 2 Review

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Staying on top of the tablet competition... Read the Apple iPad 2 Review by TiPb!


Do it, but please rename your website or sell it to someone else who is actually a crackberry addict.

Angry birds, iPad2 face it, you've moved on from backberry. We basically already know your review of the playbook is going to be focused on what it doesn't have, while you gloss over all the flaws of apple.

I have been on the fence about the two, mainly due to the delay of the release of the PlayBook. I would like to see your unboxing and get your first impressions. Should be interesting.

traitor!!!!!!..... well I always knew kevin was an apple fan but his fanboyism has now taken over his (previously) clean BB heart. He has now turned over permanently to the dark side.

(disclaimer: just teasing... some people take things on the internet too seriously lol...)

Ha, yeah, because Kevin isn't ENOUGH of a RIM "enabler". Seriously, I'm diehard Crackberry fan and BB user (for now), but this is by far the most pro-RIM environment in the tech blogosphere/media. Go check out RIMarkable or listen to what they think about BlackBerry on CNET's podcasts if you don't believe me.

It constantly amazes me how Apple has convinced consumers they make the "people's devices" and RIM is labeled as this antiquated, propriety-obsessed company because of BIS/BES, rumors about needing to tether PlayBook, etc. When, in reality, it's the iPad that doesn't do flash, doesn't take SD cards, and has to have a special plug or port for everything. Guess that's the power of good P.R.

Berry Review is better. They just stick to news about BB it isn't cheerleading but also doesn't give us apple crap when we come to look for BB news.

Number One reason iPad 2 > PlayBook is shipping product > vapor.

Also, despite the fact that RIM does not have a tablet product already on the market, they still have not announced a release date. Really, we are at 6 months plus since the Playbook was announced and put on display, that is way too much time. It is a hell of away to build anticipation and get the average consumer to hold off on a purchasing a competing product.

Really? So if i develop a tablet now and ship it tomorrow it'll > Playbook? Please.

Besides, a product leaves vapor status once someone gets a hands-on run through of it.

Shoo troll.

I have never been called a troll before, I guess I now have the last of my internet bona fides. Thanks.

As to the substance of your response, I'm not sure how your analogy applies since I was talking about the iPad2. A product that is here today. That said, I believe that my comment stated that this was the Number One reason, once the Playbook is actually available to purchase then this will be a non-issue.

Also, lots of products are demoed that never ship and, in my opinion, what we have seen so far does not really qualify as a hands on run through since no one seems to have spent any extended time with the device outside of RIM.

That said, the Playbook looks to be great but until it ships, it is vapor.

Not sure what calendar you are using... but RIM unveiled the Playbook on Sept 27th. It's currently March 15th. That's not even 6 months. It just SEEMS like >> 6 months because of how much we all want it. To be fair to RIM, they told us on Sept 27th that it would ship by the end of Q1 and they are still right on their prediction.

OK, fair enough, how about "nearly 5 months". The point remains the same.

I agree that RIM has always said Q1 but my point is that, it is too much time between announcement and launch. The same goes for HP with the TouchPad. It is nearly impossible to keep interest in a product for the masses when there is so much time between announce and launch. In fact, it may well hurt the product by creating expectations in the faithful that no product could ever satisfy.

Prime example of not knowing your gadget history. WP7 was demoed at CES 2010, and did not ship till Nov 2010. So how many times did you go to the windows phone site and call it vapor. New OS needs time for the dev community to bild apps for or it will end up like the xoom and be released with a very small amount of apps at launch. Plus RIM has always said Q1. The only way you can call this vapor is RIM was still showing it off in the glass box the had it in at devcon.

When you use the same OS in everything you produce its not hard to get things out in the same week.

I'm not sure how anything I typed reflects a lack of knowledge of gadget history. The same criticism could be leveled at WP7. In fact, it may be a textbook example of what I am talking about.

Nevertheless, I don't want RIM to release the Playbook before it is ready. IMO, that would be a great mistake. I rather they get it right than have it early. My point relates specifically to this method of marketing/generating buzz. I do not think it is particularly effective. Also, I don't think that announcing a device, say, a month or so before it is on sale would prevent any company from taking the time to develop a new OS, cultivate a community of developers and releasing a fully baked product. They are not mutually exclusive.

Forgive me for considering any product not available for purchase by its intended consumer to be vapor. The product we have seen demoed is enticing, high quality and going to take the tablet market by storm but until it is for sale, it is still just a possibility not a reality.

unconventional? so you wont be making love to it like all the other reviewers out there, sprinkling magic over its flaws?

Looking forward to your take on it, it'll also help with comparisons when you finish off your playbook review once its out and about.

Have Charlie Sheen and a couple of porn stars over to help onbox it ... unconventional enough? I'm torn between the iPad2 and the PlayBook. I look forward to your unbiased reviews!

I say go for it. Another perspective is always appreciated when comparing two devices, especially when those devices are from different companies.

"Competitions is all about" HA!, i had a chuckle with this one... Admit it, you are being drawn more and more to the Apple tablet.


All my life i have been an apple hater and have never owned one of its products (yes, not even iPods), but the iPad2.. it really amazes me, and all this waiting on the Playbook makes my decision even harder. >_<

im getting tired of waiting! release the damn thing now!!!

DO IT! i don't care if you like the ipad2 personally even if over the playbook. It's personal opinion my hatred are the apple fans or android bots who wander over here to say how sucky other peoples products are. In all honesty i played with the xoom, ipad, and some of the other released tablets, i don't like the ipad because of the weight and the itunes dependency it has. The apple fans only make things worse.

do it!
things to show -
hdmi out, ah ya need to pay for that
smartcover - ah ya need to pay for that too
imovie - what? im paying again?
garageband - yup, paid again

the Tipb review is great an all, but its not what you get when you purchase an iPad, its what you get when you fork out for all the extras

"Unless there’s a feature a competing tablet has at the time you want to buy it, a feature compelling enough to make everything else take a back seat — like a 7-inch form factor, Flash support, not being made by Apple, etc. — it’s hard to recommend anything other than iPad 2 right now."

The lovely people at TiPb recognizing their true competition ;)

You have to do an unboxing! It's only fair. I was actually thinking of getting the iPad2 so I could have a fair comparison too.

hmm SMART products??

didn't RIM come out with this whole MAGNET to sleep function years ago!?

it's so awesome how Apple does something that's been around FOREVER and deems it REVOLUTIONARY!

FACETIME? uhhhhh asian countries have had video conferencing on phones for a WHILE.. and all work on the network and not just wifi out of the box!!

makes me sick! and what's worse is that all these people buy into it!!

I hit the link and almost made it through the TiPb's reveiw for the iPad 2, they just couldn't keep my interest. ...~OPEN~ An iPad deux with a Green background and Orange logo, "Hi everybody this is Kevin at" ..... You've got my attention, please continue!

I read the review and it's clearly biased but in an obnoxious way, but the good part is that it gives me a couple of weeks until the playbook reales with out the ipad temptation

It's hilarious how in the reviews of Apple devices the specs are glossed over in 2-3 sentences and uses the excuse that it's "about the experience'. At least they were honest about the brutal cameras, mono sound, lack of a new display, I don't think they mentioned lack of flash, they mentioned app switching, not multitasking, and also voiced the need for dongles for anything and everything because nothing is built into the iPad. Furthermore they seemed rather impressed with 512 MB of RAM and praised it's memory capabilities. Can't wait to use the PlayBook which offers double the computing power. A pretty solid honest review, though.
Kevin, I think you should do YOUR take on the iPad 2 and make every possible comparison to the PlayBook. Would love to see that video get a ton of views on YouTube, maybe people will realize Apple really does have them brainwashed and that there are more capable devices out there that don't start with "i".

I say do it. But do a head to head comparison of the crapPad and PlayBook. We all know you have one already. lol

"Staying on top of the tablet competition..."

1.- Blackberry doesn't have a tablet out there yet!
2.- What competition????

Things aren't looking good for RIM

Unboxing would be cool! Your next contest should be who gets the ipad1. I should win since I suggested it!

I would have bought a playbook. Since Rimm kept delaying it; I bought a Motorola Xoom tablet and I love it. I will be getting the Motorola Bionic phone when it comes out around June. It will have 2 processors and have 4G on it. My BlackBerry 9650 is lagging real slow and is dropping calls. Rimm is behind on there technology and is always promising good things too late.