Apple iOS 6 and BlackBerry 10 to use same maps partner TomTom

iOS 6 Maps
By Adam Zeis on 12 Jun 2012 11:57 am EDT

One of the big inclusions in Apple's iOS 6 software announced yesterday is an entirely revamped Maps application. No longer will Apple be using Google Maps, but instead running their own application that includes plenty of new features including turn-by-turn directions. Digging a little deeper, it appears that Apple has partnered with none other than TomTom who will supply the mapping and traffic data for the application. TomTom seems to be winning out all around - back in May they announced a partnership with RIM and their plans to bring new mapping features to the BlackBerry 10 platform. iOS 6 is only available to developers as a beta until the fall, so it will be interesting to see which mapping application wins out when both officially release later this year. In the past we've really only had Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps to work with -- do you think TomTom will win you over and be awesome on BlackBerry 10? Hit up the forums and let us know your thoughts!

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Apple iOS 6 and BlackBerry 10 to use same maps partner TomTom


Just a note :

Acura, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daewoo, GM, Hynudai, Land Rover, Porsche, Saab and Renault are all customers of QNX.

Doesn't really mean much until BB10 gets to market and RIM start making money through Its QNX chains. Only thing that has me scratching my head why car companies like Aston martin doesn't drop that trash mapping service and fully integrate QNX into they cars...its already in there. "Money in the Shade" RIM.-

Not much of these things are know by me. I seems to like the 3d area view of tom tom. I do hope it will be part of the BB 10.

I just spent an hour checking feedback on imore. They are seriously not happy with updates. Come on RIM. If you get this right, the apple customers are ripe and ready for picking..... I am so excited about BB10....

TomTom ... really ... ugh, Garmin is by far the better product, but then again everything I own is powered by Garmin from my dodge truck to running watch to my handheld gps so I don't see TomTom as the best option at least BB10 is not going to use Magellan.

They won't be using the TomTom software really, just the data. Garmin gets the map data from Navteq, which is owned by Nokia. TomTom/TeleAtlas data makes the most sense for both RIM and Apple because TomTom isn't in the smartphone market, so they have no incentive to restrict features like a Google or Nokia would.

Apple maybe the one buying RIM in the end and access all its business side this way, get all RIM's patents and get the QNX business too (cars, etc.). They have the money to do it.
What do you think Blackberries?

I think less competition is a horrible thing. There is room for multiple phone OS options. We don't want go the route of the PC with phones.

You hit the nail on the head! The question is how many members of the current board (in)directly act in the Apple's interest. None other than Thorsten Heins should answer the question.

Agree on Garmin. But the relationship soured when Garmin decided they could no longer develop for BB. Last Garmin update I think was for BB5.

Google has been retracting service and support for BB OS in the last year, no Google+ app, no Gmail support. I can't imagine that BB10 development is on their roadmap :(

What goes around, comes around

Apple dropped Google Map just like how Google dropped Google apps support on Blackberry. I really love Google Sync :(

I wish it would be Garmin that will support BB10. However, as some pointed out that Garmin and RIM relationship grew sour Garmin stopped developing maps for BB. It also backfires Garmin because Apple also chose Tom Tom to be its iOS map. Too bad for Garmin though, that means they have to sell more GPS units to have more revenues. No?

With TOM TOM also partnering with Apple, we all know that they will be generating most of their revenue from iOS devices and not BB10. Let's just hope RIM signed a contract with them so they don't decide to dump us and focus their efforts on Apple products.

Maybe now Google might reconsider supporting BB10 as they've just lost out with Apple dumping them.

I've got to hand it to you guys, you're loyal. Everyone else has left RIM and Blackberry for dead, but you guys REFUSE to do it. I left the Blackberry world about two years ago - and I've never looked back. The only reason I even still give a give a rat's patootie what happens to RIM is because my job refuses to switch over to Apple or Android.

I must admit that I like your loyalty though. I'll come back in a few months to see if this website is still up.

"I'll come back in a few months to see if this website is still up."

Please don't bother....we're happy without you here.

Please do so. If BB10 turns out the way it seems it will, it will have the apps that people complain are missing, however it will have the functionality/messaging/phone/enterprise usability that people are looking for.

not to mention a fresh UI and new hardware.

can definitely understand why you have "never looked back" but I wonder if you will feel the same way in a few months if/when BB10 outperforms iOS/Android

" and I've never looked back."

Your very presence here and your comments are looking back, which isn't a bad thing, keep coming back, the reasons will be evident soon enough. You should thank your IT department, their covering your back!

Could care less what Apple does at this point. I love tech and innovation and was unbearably underwhelmed yesterday with the iOS updates. There is no innovation. its the same old OS and just upgraded some of the features that are already there. Yes new maps, but its actually less functional than what was already on there. Upgrading siri, sure the few things they showed seemed cool, but siri barely worked before so is it going to be that much better(needs to be)

passbook - blackberry travel
photo sharing - bbm groups
facebook integration - BBOS5(I think, maybe 6)
apple maps - Blackberry travel(both adding tomtom)
lost mode is a joke, likely work 1% of the time but either wya - BlackBerry protect
iMessage - BBM
apple ID and phone number - Blackberry ID
Eyes Free - interesting there was no demo and is coming after BlackBerry talks about QNX integration with vehicles a month ago. All car manufacturers they mentioned are QNX enabled vehicles.
Guided tour is cool however the bezel swipes and flow negate that anyway

was really disappointed, thought Apple was going to show more innovation with iOS with new UI etc. There is still time so maybe its coming. new hardware rumoured looks like it will be nice but its still typically the same ol thing and moving the headphone jack to the bottom is annoying, not to mention changing the connection to the mini size(making all docks and connections in market now completely useless)

I guess I was just expecting more. They have clearly put more focus on the upcoming Apple TV and see no need to worry about the mobile market space because they are doing so well. now is the time for BlackBerry and Windows Phone to make an impact. how big of an impact... who knows, but by the comments on the apple stories, I am not the only one that feels this way. The iPhone 5 and iOS6 will do well, but ifanboys will get annoyed eventually, just like BBfanboys did.

I am BB supporter obviously, but I am a tech supporter first and was just expecting so much more from iOS6

"Could care less what Apple does at this point"

If you could care less, that means that you actually care some.

I think the expression that you are looking for is " I couldn't care less". Because if you don't care at all, you can't care any less.

BTW I couldn't care less what Apple does either.

This website will be going strong by then, thank you very much.

This is still annoying that we have to talk about Apple stuff to have something to talk about, so yes, back to RIM.

I am hoping BB10 not only has things like offline maps and GPs use (for instance if you want to go to Toronto and can't use data) and Skype, or I might be sliding over to that SGS3 come fall.

This can actually be a good thing for RIM, Apple and TomTom. With TomTom collecting usage data from Millions of RIM and Apple devices, TomTom would be able to offer an extremely accurate Live Traffic Data.

TomTom also can focus on their software and leave the hardware to RIM and Apple via their phones and tablet devices.

As long as RIM dont charge me to use BB Traffic, im good.... :)

Everybody wins....

The charges are the thing....I just picked up a brand new TomTom 5" VIA model for $100 with lifetime map updates. Now I'm good till the hardware dies and never have to pay another cent.

The other thing is the maps take up nearly 4 GB of space! To be honest, that's a lot of room to give up on my Blackberry phone. Unless of course it can run off of a microSD card.

Apple iOS 6 and BlackBerry 10 to use same maps partner TomTom apparently they don't share the same stock price shares ( Apple 574 to Rimm10.53 ) lol

^^^ You're thinking of BlackBerry Phones of the past. The BBX phones won't have the space limitations of the the old phones.

We'll just get a chance to see which OS rocks it with a TomTom partnership. This is at least one head-to-head comparison that can be made to see which is better.

Depends on who is doing the coding. Take the Kobo app for instance. The Kobo app on iOS is often considered to be superior to the one on their own Android device. The Kobo app on the Playbook is barely adequate.

Unfortunately if TomTom spends more effort coding the iOS app it will probably be better than the PB/BB10 App. Unless of course - the people coding it decide to take full advantage of what BB10 has to offer simply to show what they can do.

Yea I'm looking forward to that....I HOPE BB wins....guess it all depends on how long they have been working in this....Tomtom is something Thorsien did so we know it can't be B4 Jan, prob more like march....Apple has probably been working on this for a year or more....

I just checked BB Traffic and it is already using data from TomTom. If you go into options and select About BlackBerry Traffic, you will see the TomTom disclaimer there which means they are already using TomTom and not waiting for BB10.

It was in the press release that Tom Tom data would be used for current software and for BB 10. So Apple is late to the game on this one.

I DON'T KNOW, BUT IT WILL BE INTERESTING, BB10(QNX) vs. iOS6 hhhmmmmmm..... Let's Rock n Roll this...

Tom Tom maps from previous experience are garbage. I always found Garmin to be far superior. So when Apple says "from the ground up" and in the next headline we learn Tom Tom is behind it, it isn't really from the ground up is it? Kudos to Tom Tom for selling its soul to Apple now whatever happened to the Garbage preloaded Bing maps on the playbook. I always loved waiting 15 minutes for bing to find my current location if Tom Tom is garbage then bing is absolute used toilet paper.

The problem with RIMM is that other companies like Apple and Android have entered the marketplace and were able to better meet constantly increasing customer expectations. RIMM is trying to leverage blackberry 10, but its known fail to connect with consumers on a regular basis and constant basis at any significant level of engagement a little to late ahead of competition, better yet it's not even competition, it's more holding on by a few threads way in the back. Just look at the p,aybook itself "QNX" it was worthless at released hasn't gotten better either