Apple introduces iMessage to take on BlackBerry Messenger - How will it compare?

By Bla1ze on 6 Jun 2011 04:42 pm EDT

Apple today in San Francisco announced their upcoming iOS 5 feature set. Included in the update was a new messaging system they are calling iMessage. The name isn't exactly original -- much like the features it offers. In fact, if someone were to describe it to you without you knowing it was for iOS you'd think they were describing BlackBerry Messenger.

Messages are pushed across all iOS devices and since it’s all cross-device, you can pick up on the conversation right where you left off when switching from your iPhone to your iPad or iPod touch. The system, of course, will use the new notifications system in iOS 5. Tapping on the notification brings you straight to the new messaging interface, letting the recipient see right when you begin typing.

The new service includes sending messages, photos and videos right from the camera roll or albums and works over WiFi or 3G.

That's how our friends over at TiPB described the service. But as BlackBerry users here, what do you all think of Apples iMessage? For years now, people have been trying to come up with something to take the BlackBerry Messenger advantage away from RIM, does iMessage have the power to do so or is it just another we can do what BlackBerry been able to do for years thing? I'm just gonna leave a YouTube link here for you all to check out after you're done reading this.

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Apple introduces iMessage to take on BlackBerry Messenger - How will it compare?


Any OS is going to be hard with coming up something deemed original. Apple announced changes to iOS that shows they get these as "Wish List" items or feedback on why people stay with BB or Android.

As for how it will compare it has the chance to be better. First, unless things have changed it won't have the stupid file size caps. In addition it won't have to rely on BIS or BES services.

As a former BB owner it will be interesting to see how it works. I have an iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

BB has to make some further radical changes to retain customers. They continue to lose people because the OS is not appealing to many. OS 6 is much nicer than 5 or 4 but still has a long way to compete with iOS and Android. Look at the Government move to iOS and Android. This will hurt RIM.

Sorry but this is more of a MSN Messenger than BBM. It requires 3G or WiFi to work. Meaning if you use it during the day it runs up your data plan, if you use it overseas (roaming) you get dinged with data roaming charges, so this is definitely not an option for business users. You will have to find yourself a nearby free-WiFi Starbucks or McDonalds if you plan on using this service while roaming.

Of course having a LED notification light + physical keyboard would be desired by most people use'd use this service seriously.

Uh.. how is that any different then BBM? BBM uses data as well, you roam and use BBM you're gonna get roming data charges as per normal.

To say BBM doesn't use data is just flat out wrong.

"practically" ≠ "actually".

Was it just for that kb... If you DARE enable data roaming, you do get an incredibly big bill.
At least this is what happens in my country.

From within the Europe (EU + Near countries), my carrier bills:
1€ up to 1 MB (in one day)
5€ up to 5 MB (in one day)

You use only 1 kb? You still pay 1€.

And from outside Europe, it's 2€ and 8€.

I navigated for an hour using google maps, i bbmed, used facebook and browsed about 30 web pages, all for under 3mb while roaming to Ireland last week with my 9700.
Doesn't get more data efficient then blackberry.

if im overseas, I'll be charged a billion Gazillion if I don't get a local sim with bb internet.

At least if you went overseas, iMessage would work.

yeah its pretty much a messenger like MSN but msn doesn't have read and receipt icons. But this could certainly give RIM competition especially in the consumer market (which will probably trickle into business) because I have a lot of friends who use an iphone and because of that it will be popular (if it works well)

obviously it misses out on another market that is android but the same can be said for RIM. My list of friends is actually a lot smaller when it comes to BBM but still. this could certainly get people moving over.

The nice thing about BBM is when your out of the country, there is no data costs to message, send pics, etc... iMessage will cost full data.

I don't know about you, but sadly when I'm abroad I pay a lot of €€€ if I try to connect to the Internet using 3G, even for a few KBs!

Thus, when I'm abroad I need to use WiFi: at this point, there's no difference between RIM's BBM and Apple's iMessage

What do you mean there is no data cost? You're still roaming and that will cost you. iMessage also runs on WiFi. I haven't used an iPhone but I'd assume that you can turn off data and just use WiFi for iMessage so in that regard, it's the same as BBM, no?

What you should've posted was how iMessage handles when on WiFi when you're out of country. Where is the connection to the carrier since there is no NOC like BlackBerry's have.

Not any more Jeff! When was the last time you traveled overseas? I was in Greece and Europe in April and Verizon no longer has the global BB plan. You pay data costs.

i know a lot of people that stuck with blackberry just because of bbm. I dont want to sound negative but I would definitely be worried if i was blackberry

It's indeed a sort of "copy"...

But it has two BIG differences with BBM:
1. It works on multiple devices at the same time
2. Doesn't require a SIM card (and doesn't require a data plan with BIS, thus)

Why dont you stfu already and stop lying please? Go dip your head in a toilet, then come back with that lying crap. BBM doesn't work over wifi without a sim card, or without a data plan.

Oh yeah, thats right, now i get it, all you have are CDMA blackberry smartphones, thats probably why you say there is no sim card... smart ass.

This is Crackberry so MOST people realized the advantages of BBM.
And what does iMessage doesn't have?
- On BIS, you can still use BBM on roaming with WiFi
- Messages sent are stored on RIM' server. Will be delivered nonetheless.
- Security! Should I mentioned this again?
- The new BBM Social Platform coming to BBM. iMessage won't have this yet.
- Send almost EVERYTHING through BBM

they claim it will be encryted on both ends....If that is true this will be the only secure thing on iOS....I wonder what those middleastern countries will say about this....If they don't care we know that they can easily intercept it

Obviously none of us have had a chance to use iMessage so it's too early to draw far-going conclusions yet. But if it does (even roughly) the same thing as BBM then this sucks for BB fans and shareholders. I for one am very disappointed. See, Apple will sell it like it's the best thing in the world. And nobody will stop to think that it only works on WiFi or 3G and requires you to pay outside of your roaming area. That's the power of Apple - its marketing machine blinds media and customers. RIM needs to brush up on their marketing 101.

Oh well, at least RIM still has the best keyboard.

Unfortunately iMarketing is a powerful thing...the other day I read a "unbiased" review comparing iOS, Android, & BB. I soon realized the guy was on the apple kool- Aid train. What made it even more obvious was when he claimed that the iphone has the best keyboard!
There are many things the iphone toy does better then a blackberry phone, but the keyboard is NOT one of them, alas a lot of people reading this “reporter’s” supposed unbiased review will not realize that :(

iSTEAL because iCAN and iDONTCARE if you like it or not, because iSELL a crapload of whatever iPUMP out to my loyal followers. iDAREYOU to sue me because iOWN this industry and call on the iMEDIA to slam any efforts to stop me.

iAM the great and powerful iJOBS!

Is that the unbiased BGR that now includes Steve Wozniak as an "adviser" (read investor).

Odd that they're so anti-BlackBerry.

Remember when people said RIM can't offer BBM on other platforms because that would just encourage people to stay with their non-RIM device? iMessage should not come as a surprise to anybody.

I will this, as a loyal fan of BB... all of it's competitors are making it hard for me to stick around for the silver lining. BBM was one of those things that I could always throw at my iphone lovers (wife included). Now, I can no longer throw the BBM in their faces.

And for the less tech savy buyers, BBM is no longer a feather in RIMM's cap. iMessage is a virtually indistinguishable offering. Now RIMM has to release a Bold at the same time as the new iphone in the fall? As a fan of BB, and not just a blind loyalist, I can objectively say the RIMM has been doing a lot lately to make life harder for themselves.

i totally agree with all of this. ive been a loyal bb fan too and have gone from the pearl, to the curve, to the bold 9000 and now the torch. but blackberry itself, is making it extremely hard for me to stick around. how can you justify purchasing the new bold when the iphone 5 comes out at the same time? they are just falling to far behind...

I tried writing an email on my wife's iPod touch the other day. By the time I had two sentances down, I was ready to throw the thing out the window, put a bullet through it, and drive over it with my dozer. I hate touch screens. I can type faster on my Blackberry than on a computer, and that is all that matters to me. Plus I can load any media, from any computer, without erasing all my current media, or switching 'home' devices. I will never have an iPhone for those reasons.

Yes that is the one thing I agree with u on that one.. Even tho it will have bbm or not I am still not much of an iphone fan.. Use to have one and jumped right back to blackberry when I got the chance I don't like how u can only sync youyr iphone to one computer or else all current data would be erased.. only plus is clear screen n camera and good apps that's all blackberry needs and video calling but other then that I would stick to bbm

I also hate video calling, and I've been using it as long as Skype has been around. Its good for my parents to see their grandkids, but as a form of communication, its annoying. I prefer to BBM, if not then text, if not then phone. But my 9700 could have a better camera, which my 9900 will, I assume.

this is no longer true, since Apple now allows you to sync your iPhone to up to 5 PCs or Macs. So we can no longer say that this is an excuse not to buy an iPhone.
and as a BB fan since the first time i seen that full Qwerty keyboard on the curve 8320 i fell in love with BB. but like everyone else is saying here iOS is making it hard for some of us to stick with BB specially that now iOS syncs with your business exchange without a BES account. and not only iOS is affecting the game; Android as well, i don't know how many of you guys seen the latest Google I/O keynote; but pretty soon you will be able to control all your house appliances from your Android powered device.

My advice to BB as a fan, dedicated consumer and addict, to be able to beat iOS you will have to:

      Work on you marketing skills like hard;
      Surprise everybody by placing a front-facing camera on your Bold 9900 and other new generation BBs since only people with playbooks can VideoChat together
      to make it in the consumer market you will have to stop grouping regular consumers and business consumers together, they have to be treated seperatly since they dont share the same interests
      and last, dont come out with half finished products, like you did on with the Playbook (missing BBM , calendar and email,...). even if it has to take a little bit more time, you have to come out with the full product spec at launch because consumers are not stupid anymore. they will know that with the launch of an unfinished product there will be a release of a new one. (eg: iPad and iPad 2: i convinced all my friends not to buy iPad because i knew for a fact that apple will release an iPad2 in a short while to compare it with the 4th gen iPod and iPhone)

    and i wish Blackberry the best of luck and no matter what i will always be a loyal Blackberry fan.

    Oh, a whole 5 computers! My point is why do they have to control that at all? BB's can connect and get media from any computer you walk by, and share media as well. Apple stuff works well, if you have all apple stuff. Otherwise its a headache. If I didn't go BB, it would be android, never, ever apple! And why oh why do people want vidoe chat on their cell phone? Seriously, I don't get that at all.

    ... How many computers do you really need? 5 is a huge step and one that is more than sufficient to satisfy users with complaints.

    I feel that iOS has really stepped up on this one. Granted, they could have had a lot of these things already in place, but they purposely did this to spit on RIM. I'm in agreement that RIM MUST put front-facing cameras on all the new models. There is no question about it in my mind. They're not just competing with Apple. They see competing with every company out there who is willing to be far more innovative than RIM. HTC has made it a point to create some of the best phones out in recent years, while RIM has taken so long to even listen to their loyalists.

    RIM will fall flat on their faces if they don't take these new BlackBerry models and improve them significantly more than where they are now. While they may be better than any BlackBerry to date, they still fall very far from what the competition has already released even a year or two ago. For that, there is no excuse. We need 8mp rear with 5 mp front hd cameras. More expandable memory. Apps stored on cards. Significantly improved processors that can stand the competition for more than 6 months- a year. Exponentially enhanced bbm with video chat integration. Much larger file transfer allowance, and full customizaion of our Phones.

    Without these things, RIM will be ignored despite their impressive security, emailing, keyboards or notifications. Its now or never RIM.

    In the last month and a half, I've had cause to connect to 7 computers. We have 3 at home and 1 at work I regularly connect to. On a recent holiday, my parents had some podcast episodes I grabbed from theirs, my brother had a movie and some music I grabbed, and an uncle had a home vid. Sure I could have another memory device, or even email it, but my BB can do it and view the things I get.

    While I can understand the situation, it's not difficult at all to work around that.

    As for the topic of video chat on the phones, it's a great idea. I for one would LOVE to be on the move and be able to simply see and talk to my family that lives across the states or people I've met who live in other countries. I want to see my nieces and nephews grow up. I want to be able to see facial expressions as to not misinterpret emotions via texting. Skype has been a very positive addition to my live in recent months. I'm sure there are more than thousands of people who feel the same way about video chat.

    The innovation Apple has used in several features have been taken directly from RIM, especially in this upcoming OS. The problem is it was something that was innovated a long time ago and little was done by RIM to improve upon it. Apple consistently wants to make their products better than the rest of the competition- not just better than their last product. RIM needs to keep pace with them if they ever expect to get back to the top.

    First off I'm a Blackberry user and have been for years....I have flirted with iPhone many times but have eventually gone back to BB for BBM alone....

    That being said many of my friends have switched over to iPhone and I can honestly say I will do the same once IOS5 gets released to the public.

    For that reason alone...I can see many other BB users switching over to iPhone cuz once everyone starts doing it all their friends and family and so on will do the same.

    I can see the iPhone5 having an external notification light similar to BB...and if that happens....honestly gives me NO reason at all to stick with BB.

    The 9900 was a 100% buy this summer but seems like i'm gonna hold off until Fall to try out the IOS5...and if it works just as good as BB then I'm gonna jump the slowly sinking RIM ship.

    Apple just uses 3G and Wi-Fi as easier ways to represent cellular and Wi-Fi. You probably wouldn't be doing much of anything on GPRS or EDGE.

    Apple copycat lol well we will just have to see how well they do. I still like my BlackBerry and the 3 other BB I have gone through over the years

    Can't say we didn't see this coming. It's still early and is imessage a true push service? Will it have the large file sharing options that BBM does? We all know how the Apple media machine will spend millions promoting this feature. RIM better not wait to release their new devices or this could be a kick in the already sore ass! LOL

    I usually don't insult people but I must say a lot of you are beyond idiotic if u think bbm doesn't use data or doesn't get billed for roaming. U think it uses magic fairy dust? Like wtf. How dumb can u be. Bbm uses data. There is no Ifs ands or buts about it. There's no special time of day. There is no special network or zone. It uses data. U cannot get around this.

    +1 to this!!

    You are all idiots to think BBM doesn't use data. How the did you all think your msgs were getting delivered????

    All I can say is...can't wait to check out on a more frequent basis. I don't remember if they said there were any improvements to the corrective text on iOS. lol.

    I think the key for RIM to remain active is to develop a bbm app for android and let the chips fall where they may. I am currently an android user, however I will be going back to Blackberry for the 9900. (I got beyond tired of the touch screen...) There is nothing like the blackberry keyboard. If this Imessage app is anything even close to bbm then I think it could spell doom unless RIM can get its foot in the door on other devices. Just my opinion... Thoughts?

    I would guess that after the announcement of iMessage, that Google will probably toss some resources into their already fully functional messaging system with gTalk. The service already supports everything BBM does, it's just the app that is absolutely horrendous.

    Another thing iMessage will have is optional read receipts. I know a lot of BB users who don't like BBM, because they don't like the fact people can tell if they've read their message or not.

    This iOS is very interesting. I sure hope RIM has some better offerings come Fall.

    Where did you get this information from? all that was said at WWDC was read receipts...nothing about optional.

    As a fan of both RIM and Apple, I think this whole merging of the market is bad for us the end user. BBs, iThings, and Droids are beginning to look more and more alike. That is not a good thing. It's better if each camp sticks at doing something particularly well, instead of mushing everything together into a bunch of vanilla devices.

    To me the three camps stand for:
    BB - best communications and task/time-management device
    iPhone - best artistic and entertainment device
    Android - best DIY/hacking/Making device

    I would rather be able to buy one of each of three devices that focus on each of their respective areas in a masterful way, than to go to the store to find three devices that try to cover all the areas and do none of them spectacularly well.

    What are you people talking about? BBM uses DATA as well...If I am overseas and I uses BBM I get nailed with extreme roaming charges.

    iMessage has the advantage lets you BBM over Wifi if there is no coverage for 3g. If theres no BIS coverage, you can't BBM, even if you have wifi.

    Honestly, iMessage seems to be the same, if not better than BBM. Looks like ill be dropping my torch and switched to iPhone this fall.

    This new iOS offers so much compared to RIM's OS7...poor RIM. iOS5 will murder its already dwindling market share.

    But you need BIS in order for it to work.

    With imessage you could remove the sim card and still use it.

    That's the MAJOR difference you all seem to be forgetting!


    It's a mobile phone, who carries one around just to use on wifi? That's not very "mobile" is it? And believe it or not somebody pays for the WIFI too.

    Alot of people do actually....

    and if your not paying for WIFI who cares? Do you know how many airports offer free WIFI? If your travelling abroad and you want to use imessage without having roaming fees then you don't have to. With BB you do.

    You lost me, how would you use imessage without roaming fee? Wifi? You can do the same with a Blackberry, you always have been, and you can also get free calls if your carrier supports UMA calling. No roaming fees.

    Thousands of us do, actually! Anyone who works on ships, oil rigs, etc. plus lots of people in the armed forces as well as other walks of life, have to rely on wi-fi only for a lot of the time. I certainly do until someone puts some mobile masts up in the Indian Ocean.

    This, of course, brings me to another (slightly OT) point where RIM are losing out. Appworld no longer works on wi-fi only. God, and RIM, only knows why. But it means I can't update my apps or download new ones while I'm stuck out here in an oilfield for 8 weeks. Why? I had an iPhone for 6 months before coming back to BlackBerry (hated the touch screen and other things) and downloading new apps or upgrades was no problem.

    RIM will lose even more ground unless they make Apps downloadable by wi-fi only again.

    And if you have UMA, like Tmobile USA or Orange UK does, you can turn mobile network off and still call as if you were back in your country.

    It won't though and well all know that it won't.

    RIM probably was all stoked on the 9900 thinking they got plenty of time to win the customer back...but this Fall it seems like they'll be losing more customers than they had anticipated.

    +100000000000000000 for you my friend.

    That is exactly what I was thinking. RIM was all like ,lets just sit back and wait again ,we have bbm.......

    And now aplle smacked them i nthe face with imessaging ,and you can be sure that google will follow.

    Rim should have had the 9900 out already but hey they liek to play the research in slow motion game... Go ahead.

    Dont be suprised if ios 5 and the iphone 5 will be out earlier then the 9900, Atleast in europe. And then it will certainly be an Iphone 5 for me. Especially since I already have a ipod 4th gen ,with alot of paid apps / games on it.

    The ROCK MODE: "RIM can take there QNX, 9900, Slow motion, curves ,bold ,torch rehashes, shine them up real nice, put them sideways , and shove them straight up their CANDY ASSES!"

    This is definitely a blow to RIM regardless of how capable iMessage really is. RIM will need to come out with QNX phones sooner than they predicted to impress the media. When the 9900 comes out its going to be tagged as a refreshed phone with an outdated OS.

    What it comes down to me in my mind: it's an Apple product, so it is automatically cooler than a BlackBerry product for the majority of American consumers. The actual feature advantages of BBM might matter to businesses, but not that much to the average consumer who cares more about having the Apple logo on their device than the best product for their money. So my answer is that it doesn't deserve to be a BBM killer but it probably will be outside of businesses.

    That's just GAY...

    First they are copying the notification bar and now BBM . Blow Jobs said a couple of months ago that everyone was copying apple. Hello GAY head , your doing the same .

    QNX needs to come out this summer , period.

    It won't though and well all know that it won't.

    RIM probably was all stoked on the 9900 thinking they got plenty of time to win the customer back...but this Fall it seems like they'll be losing more customers than they had anticipated.

    It's a good move by Apple and it shows that mobile is becoming like any other consumer product where the features will be equal and it will be a matter of brand loyallty that drives purchases.

    Of course, RIM would have liked to have had a unified OS by now, and hopefully this announcement makes them rethink some of their choices. Apple has a big edge and many will think this will 'kill' RIM, but it's important to remember that there are people who actually like RIM and aren't interested in other products. It's not The Highlander.

    RIP RIM. With IOS5 I will not have to Jailbreak my iphone4, have awesome notifications and I message to chat with ALL of my friends that have left Blackberry. i still have a 9780 but I am telling you that RIM looks like fools for such long delays on handsets and by this time next year with Iphone5 and IOS5, GOODNIGHT RIM.

    Snowball is rolling far to fast downhill for them. Apple is making them look silly. The amount of cash RIM has had for years and they sat bck and waited this long for QNX...Can't even push out a new BOLD till Sept? Buh bye RIM and your two annoying Co-CEO's...

    I'm sorry, I've never gotten the attraction of BBM. It just seems uber geeky and the benefit is lost on me. I'm on an unlimited texting plan, so what exactly is it that I get that I can't get from regular SMS, but only if the recipient has a BB? Who cares? If I didn't need BBM to make AppWorld fully functional it'd be deleted from my phone permanently. Platform-dependent messaging that's just like regular messaging. Hugely innovative!

    Instant picture , video , file sharing , notifications telling if your sent messages have been read or not , and the most important one : groups .

    Usually, such data has better performance than SMS, meaning that they get there earlier and there is less chance that the message didn't get there, usually of course, not always.

    I can send pics via regular SMS. File sharing, read receipts, I can do with anybody - not just others who happen to have BB's - using email; so why do I need this app to do it for a subsegment of the population? Groups, yeah, but only with other people who have BB's. Not really practical since I actually don't parse my friends that way - BB yes, other phones, no. I can count the number of "gone missing" texts I've experienced on one hand, and that's the one missing four fingers. And the speed of transmission vs regular SMS - come on, really? Milliseconds mean that much to you? Sorry, I still don't get it.

    The scary part is that Apple may be the first to integrate video chat into the iMessage, cos they already have the video chat app on the iOS...something RIM should have done for BBM.
    Not really looking good. *shakes head*

    ofcourse they will do that , they already have face time . Will be a piece of cake to integrate it in their messenger. I dont mean to hype apple because they are also somewhat lagging behind their competition (Android). But atleast they play catchup every once in a while. And when they do , you can be assure that what they have inplemented ,works.

    Rim on the other hand tries to play catch up. Tries to launch a Tablet. They cant get a proper release date out, and then when the thing launches it's incomplete and a PR nightmare to market it. I mean like wtf?

    After they brought out the 9700 , the 9900 should have been the next imidiate phoen to be released. Istead of that dumb torch wic his just a waste of time. That time they could have used to spend on the bb touch/ storm 3. Also they should have skipped that weak 9780 wich is just a wast of tiem and resources as the torch 2.

    Why is rim wasting time and money bringing out these inferiour pieces of crap. It seems like on the software side they dont have their things together and wit hthese devices are just buying time or something. QNX shoudl have been this years big blow to their competition by first releasing the playbook and then the phones. The phones should have been out i nthe summer with then the plabook 2 10.1 inch following suite. A 1,2 knock out stategy. Also they just need to have 3 lines: Curve-curve touch , Bold touch and FULL touch.

    That's it and then the full touc hneeds to be the big competitor with the iphones/htc's/moterola's and sony's of this world. The bold touch should be the trick card for buisness , and the curve could be the cool slick teenage ,girly communication phoen in all different colors etc. with low ass specs and girly apps and themes pre installed.

    But hey, what do I know. If I would tell their ceo's this they would probably respond just they way they did when they saw this apple keynote: " IT'S NOT FAIR!" boehoehoehoehoehoehoehoe am cry........

    Sorry, RIM, but with today's announcement of iOS 5, I'm jumping ship to the iPhone as soon as I'm financially able to. I'm writing this from my iPad 2, as a matter of fact. I'll miss some things about the blackberry but not many. There are just so many things you can do with iOS devices that you just can't with bberrys. It's time a tech geek such as myself caught up with the times.

    The different between iMessage and BBM I can see is iMessage doesn't require specific data plan to run on. I mean BIS/BES for BB. Do you know how many BB users use BB without a BIS/BES?

    There are many reasons that user can buy a BB but doesn't have BIS: expensive price, carrier doesn't provide BIS... I'm in those situations. I love my BB and mostly can do everything on it but simply can't use BBM (don't want to mention AppWorld is not available in my country as well). Sometimes it's just difficult to explain to my friends why they saw the BBM but can't use it. With the number of iOS devices available (the number is greater than BB devices) and the way iMessage operate, I believe that iMessage will be a threat to BBM. I hope RIM can set the BBM free and allow every BB devices to use without BIS.

    Apple likes to sue anybody and everyone who they think remotely copied them...Time for Rim and Google to call their lawyers for some payback lol

    really dont know how this iMessage thing will pan out, but all I can say is that if they manage to replicate ALL of the functions of BBM, even sending and receiving of files (which I doubt given the restrictive nature of iOS), and perhaps make it look prettier with a more snazzy UI or something, RIM has a serious problem on their hands. One of the things that is attractive about BBM is that you can send and receive messages to people all over the world, as long as they have a Blackberry device and BIS, if Apple can somehow pull this off too...well anyway we'll see. I used to think that when it comes to notifications and emails, that Blackberry phones were the only "true push" mobile devices while devices from other brands like Apple and Android used "polling", but with recent developments, i'm not even too sure of that.

    i have no clue how it will work or if it will be a smash. the only think i know is the news media is going to smash rim and the stocks going to go down again.

    I've been an anti-Apple guy since the beginning (late 70's) I don't give a rat's a** what Jobs & Apple brings out!

    im sorry but this was the final call for blackberry for me. i kept putting down the iphone solely because bbm and push e-mails. ios5 has so much to offer and now that everyone is already switching to iphone, i can see imessage becoming the new bbm. cant wait for the fall

    To send and receive text is approximately 1KB on BBM... But you are ignoring status updates from contacts and constant display picture changes that will sometimes creep into 5MB depending on the number of contacts on your BBM. So please it's not free.

    Status updates can be turned off prior to roaming and it would take a lot to get up to 5mb, even pictures get sent in 43kb format as standard with the option to request a higher quality version anytime later, so you could send 23 photos for 1mb.

    It also looks like iOS 5 will have LED notifications. It will use the flash as well as different vibration patterns to notify users when calls or alerts come in. That's something that many crackberry users love about their BBs

    RIM has a technology called Relay, which is what enables a device to be provisioned on BIS. And is what allows RIM to push email, BBM etc. Definitely the primary value added service for BlackBerry.

    So unless Apple has copied Relay (which will no doubt be patented), their service will be the same old "pull" service they currently have - rather than push. And "pull" is a battery life killer. Its the reason Kik and other similar apps drain iPhone battery life so quickly.

    If Apple has copied Relay, then RIM's lawyers will have fun in court as they apply their patents.

    Of course Apple may be hoping to kill RIM off somehow before the court case is finailised.

    I doubt they'll do that because Relay is the result of a decade or so of software development. And no matter how good Apple may be, they're not going to be able to handle the kinds of data volume RIM handles without a lot of pain.

    Most commentators who are negative about RIM have absolutely no clue of the amazing technology behind BlackBerry. And RIMs great weakness is their inability to articulate their superiority.

    If Apple handled the marketing for RIM, BlackBerry would already be the only smartphone you could buy.

    I have no doubt that if RIM's price ever falls to the right level, Apple will buy the company - even if only to acquire the patents.

    On the other hand, if Apple targets this technology at LTE devices only, they could take advantage of the new technology to circumvent the need for Relay or similar. But full LTE will take some time to be globally useful.

    Thx for the informative post :)

    ........That being said, since when do fanbois care about battery life? :(

    iPhones do not have great battery life (especially the older models) & don't get me started on some Android phones.....Still here's hoping :)

    most important feature of bbm is to stalk people and see if they received and or read the message you sent. if it doesnt do that then it isnt bbm. instant sharing of pics and voice notes is nice too

    Honestly if anyone here thinks blackberry is going to make it in this game your clearly fooling yourself and down right IGNORANT.

    Now don't get me wrong I am a loyal fan, will always be as well, and thats the only way rim will survive, because of their loyal fans. I don't have the paper like others to afford a iPhone or any idevices, and this is only one of my reasons why I will stay with RIM, the afford-ability. Everyone in the Caribbean I know owns a Blackberry Device, why? Because it doesn't break pockets nor does it break that easily.

    For me personally I love the iDevices, but for a poor man like me I will not get one plus calling the Caribbean is pretty expensive so BBM works just fine and as i said this is just one of my reasons. By the way how many countries are these idevices sold in? What is the cost especially in a third world country? Do you know ppl kill ppl in Jamaica just for blackberries?

    Actually, i would like to know, what is Kevin and Bla1ze opinions on this! What is gonna happen with RIM? Should they change their strategy? Should we be worried as Blackberry users and fans? What is to expect from RIM now? Do u think they actually realise their mistake and will correct it like NOW?

    First, I voted "Let's just wait and see before we get all crazy here!"

    But then.. I thought, wait... Apple's iMessage will never be like BBM. So, this time, I voted for "No, BBM is the best. You can immitate but you'll never duplicate!"

    BlackBerry FOREVER!!!

    Imessage will not make me give up my BlackBerry. My friends and family are split between iPhone and BlackBerry users. My iPhone contacts are the only ones who seem to have dropped calls when I talk to them. Also, you can't beat the keyboard and efficient data usage of BlackBerrys. I'm sticking w/my Torch.

    I personally hope RIM sues the pants off of Apple and forces them to not be able to use it in iOS 5... I know everyone copies but come on... this pissed me off bad... #itakeblackberrytooseriously...

    I love the fact I can BBM my family and friends anywhere in the world and NOT get ANY international charges or charged against my texts- this is what makes Blackberry truly special! Unless ANYONE can match this, iMessage will fail. Another thing I wish Blackberry would have done with their video call app on the Playbook is integrate it into BBM rather than make a dedicated app to video call. BBM does need data to work but we don't get charged international charges like texting nor does it use alot of data. There seems to be alot of RIM haters but this is the thing that keeps Blackberry users coming back.

    Why does everyone use "we don't get charged international charges like texting" as an argument? In terms of network connections, iMessage functions the same as BBM. If anything, network dependancy favours iMessage because it doesn't even need to be connected to the carriers network, it can be used over WiFi since it uses an AppleID. If you're roaming with a BlackBerry, you have connect to the local carrier to get your phone provisioned THEN turn it off and run off WiFI.

    BBM is still better and will continue to be so for the following reason; It requires a BIS or BES plan thus being an always on messenger on the phone. BBM would not be as successful if it would follow the logic of all other messenger where you can login from phone/tab/pc wifi. When you BBM someone you know there is a 99% chance that they will get it and answer quickly. Once you introduce WIFI and non smartphones it basically back to ICQ and MSN, people "Online" that are no where near their device. BBM is as direct as a mobile phone call with the convenience of chat.

    How is this different than iMessage? From what I can tell from early hands-on from Engadget, iMessage is always on as well (with the option of turning off) but still always on. Adding iPad's and iPod's is just an extension of the app and shouldn't be a factor determining whether or not if it will or will not be better than BBM.

    It's not an always on if there is an off option. Not to mention if you can use it on Wifi, as soon as you leave the limited wifi coverage its off as well. I ask you how is Imessage different that using MSN messenger, AOL, Gtalk.

    Hey, I hate texting and emailing on my iPod Touch. It's impossible. I can do 80 words-per-minute on my Blackberry 9700. Half the time you try and type quickly on an iPhone or touch, it goes to another screen.

    I love my touch, but not for texting. It's awful. iOS and Android devices take three steps for every one on the Blackberry. I'm getting the 9900. I would have gotten the new Torch 2, but they didn't widen the keyboard. It's all about the keyboard. Also, ever try and put the cursor in the middle of a word on an iOS device?

    As for BBM vs the new Apple copy...who cares? To me it's all about the keyboard. I'm typing this now on the iPad and it's total torture.

    Now all Blackberry needs to do is get their OS together, eliminate torturous battery pulls...and 15 minute reboots. I don't give a damn about games on my phone, or watching videos or movies. Also, the phone quality and speakerphone on the Blackberry blows out other iOS and Android devices.

    The world record for fastest typing on a mobile device is held on a touch screen, so have the last 8 holders. Typewriters / keyboards have been replaced, they're slow and bad and take up half your phone... even when you're not typing on them. Get used to typing on a touch screen and you'll realize you are not only being foolish, but that soon you will not even have the option to purchase a phone with a built-in typewriter on it.

    I work for a wireless company, and I have had the privilege of trying all OS's out there. However every time I tried a new OS I always came back to a BB because of the keyboard. For quite some time now, I have been using two phones, BB as my personal and an android as my business phone, and I have to say that I ALWAYS found myself using the android phone for almost everything other than emails and messaging. Last week my android phone was replaced with an iphone and I have to say I do not miss android at all. From watching netflix to the user friendliness, to the smooth screen and OS the phone has been a pleasure. I liked the phone so much that after 7 years of using a BB I finally gave it up and it was for all the reasons that most of us like BB but I kept it for so long but watching the clock rotate while using Pandora, Opera MIni, texting and don't get me started about updating my apps, that I decided that it was time to jump ship.

    BB is secure, it has a great keyboard, and it is great for emails but the outdated OS,underpowered devices, the clunky apps, and horrible games make it so frustrating to use them and sometimes I feel like I am still using my 8703. I used to love my BB and bragged about all of the features and I always highlighted what it did well to mask the flaws but it is no longer possible. Until BB creates a new OS, and stays up to date with hardware, I can not say that I will ever go back to one. Yes, the iphone is not perfect but overall it functions better than a BB. Oh and Android is ok, it allows you to customize your phone but it is very buggy (the numerous 'force close' get annoying), and after trying the Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Incredible and the Samsung Fascinate, the only thing I am going to miss is google navigation, but I will definitely not miss the short battery life.

    BB you have lost another loyal customer because you failed to acknowledge that your product WAS the best smartphone, yes, it has the best keyboard, it is awesome to BBM, and your email system is the most secure but it is no longer sufficient in today's market. In order to stop apple and android from gaining market share you have to realize that it is time for an upgrade, and I can guarantee you that if you do what we ask a lot of customers like myself will return!

    I currently have a Droid Incredible however for years I was a BB enthusiast. I still am and was planning to get one of the new BB devices this year. However they still seem to be 2 years behind everyone else. This year we should have been seeing BB's with front facing cameras, 4G (LTE, WiMax, and HSPA+), HD screens, QNX OS, etc.

    All of that stuff would have put RIM back on the map but alas they are behind once again.

    They also need some work in their software department as far as apps go.

    I agree, BBM should have opened doors instead of forcing other vendor's to make their own proprietary crap. Either way, RIM fails.

    This Literally gives me no reason to stay with bb. Love the keyboard it is hands down the best out there, but it lacks everywhere else, i personally dont think it should be called a smartphone.
    Horrible mutlimedia no decent apps, u cant even watch yotube properly! Rim ur falling way behing and soon ur gonna be something stuck on the bottom of apple/google's shoe.

    UNLESS u guys get busy and start targeting more of the market.

    Very very wrong!!!! You cannot turn off BBM status updates! And they will keep coming as frequent as your contacts change them. And I wasn't talking about sending pictures... I was talking about display picture changes from your contacts aswell... That's all part of data downloads that you don't even have control over and you cannot log out of BBM unless you uninstall it. No other choice than to bear those costs.

    I think every tech blog in the world just blew up saying RIP RIM.

    Great move on Apple's behalf to kick RIM when they're down... would be very surprised if RIM is ever taken seriously again the smartphone market.

    I voted the third option.

    As a former BB user, I have to say that this is a big blow to RIM. I think that most of the people who say they don't use BBM are more business-oriented users, but those who have been hanging on to it for BBM have people around them that have jumped to iPhone. That was the case with me. With iMessage out, I think people who are less interested in doing "business" with their phones will go to iPhone because it's just more of a "fun" device (some might say "cooler").

    Well I just watched the video about the new ios5 and all the new features they gonna be putting on iphones and all seems similar to what the blackberry already have with their imessaging and notification thing and all that.. If iphone can take some blackberry ideas and put it on their product.. Why don't rim do the same with their blackberrys like for example front facing camera so can video chat and better games.. Well only have to wait n see what these 2 companies gonna do about it

    how generic is the acronym though.. iM

    Pfft, I'd like to see apple try and copyright that. iMessage just doesn't roll off the tongue like BBM.

    except IM better not become synonymous to apple.

    let me iM you.. UGH!

    I think they should have just went with iChat as the name.

    Rolls off the tongue a lot better than iMessage.

    Imessage will not hurt bbm remember the app integration with bbm music etc imessage havent showed nun of this yet and ppl are screaming IM JUMPING SHIP trust me you wont be missed your the same ones who say that just to see if the whole website is going to follow you when you go into a store by yourself looking like a a** then get on twitter & scream im done with #teamblackberry #teamiphone is on fire and really think one app imessage is going to bring a billion dollar company to its knees yall sound crazy better yet drop yall blackberries if yall even have a blackberry & leave now we wont miss you

    I like taking other people's Ideas and declaring them as my own. I want to get the best the competition has to offer and repackage it as my own. I want people to use what I want them to use. I get to give the choices. No one else. And now, presenting: THE ICLONE 5!

    The main reason iWant a blackberry is for bbm because my girlfriend has it. I think she have a blackberry because her friends and family have one. So.... yeah.

    Not sure what iMessage will mean for bbm.