Apple has iTunes, Google now has Google Play - Are we going to see BlackBerry App World go beyond apps with BlackBerry 10?

By Adam Zeis on 6 Mar 2012 03:30 pm EST
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Google Play has been unveiled and is the new home for apps, games, books and movies for all Android devices. Google Play is taking the place of the Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore, and it now leaves Android users with one central location where everything will be available and eliminating the need for separately branded stores. This follows Apple's iTunes approach in which everything can be purchased under one Apple ID.

RIM has BlackBerry App World for apps/games and partner stores (7Digital, Kobo, Rovi) for media and content, but no central store to house it all. So while the pieces are there, it's the user experience is a bit messy at the moment with multiple apps under different brands with multiple accounts to manage. Ideally it should be one store called "BlackBerry World" that holds apps, games and media under one roof. As it is now, you have to use your BlackBerry ID for apps/games in App World and separate accounts for movies, books and videos - not fun at all.

This is something we think RIM is definitely working toward for BlackBerry 10 and the introduction of BlackBerry ID was a starting point for this process. The next step is getting media/content partners to integrate into BlackBerry ID so purchases for music, movies, books, magazines and more could also be made via the payment method tied to a user's BlackBerry ID - whether credit card, paypal or carrier billing. Even if it's a third party app like the 7 Digital Music store, if it comes preloaded on the device it *should* integrate with BlackBerry ID. The utopia arguably would be get rid of the partner branding and provide a single BlackBerry World store - one in which you'll be able to purchase games, apps, books, videos and music -- all in one place.

What we want to know is just how much having a unified store for games, apps and media matters to you. Are you okay having separate stores and managing separate accounts for everything? Or would you prefer a one-stop "BlackBerry World" store with games, apps, books, videos and music that all falls under your BlackBerry ID? Let us know in the poll above the answer that best fits you, then sound off in the comments below.

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Apple has iTunes, Google now has Google Play - Are we going to see BlackBerry App World go beyond apps with BlackBerry 10?


Although 1 unified store would "look" better and offer a stronger competition, having music, videos, etc... offered in separate stores offers the possibility of dealing with a wider range of vendors. Although, that wouldn't be impossible with a unified store if its coded and presented well enough.

Apple actually has multiple stores from the device perspective but only 1 store from the PC perspective. iBooks, iTunes, App Store, Newsstand etc are all on the devices. Separate stores is fine with me but one account will be a must.

All these stores and the "interconnectedness" with the BBM connected apps is great but still pretty useless when I'm the only guy with a Blackberry. . .

So true. Everyone in my family uses iphones. However, all of my collegues use blackberries. What to do? How about getting BBM on iphone & iMessage on Blackberry, all inified to one text message app?
would be nice, but will probably never happen.

Having a single store (as in, being a single app on device) is not really essential. What is essential is getting everything integrated into BlackBerry ID. BBID allows seamless purchasing: only entering your credit card details once or better yet, using Carrier Billing.

I am fine getting this content from third-parties (actually I prefer it, because then it is easily portable to non-BlackBerry devices eg Kobo, Zinio, etc) but the hassle of creating separate accounts and billing information is a major barrier for users.

This BBID integrate should be made available to all apps, make it your whole BlackBerry identity (BBM, purchasing, ScoreLoop).

I maybe alone here, but the main reason I have never been remotely interested in ipod, iphone, ipad is itunes. That is the main reason I would never consider it. Now I do enjoy Blackberries and would like to see them expand their media offerings, if that comes with me limiting my choices it would turn me off. One account may make it exceptable but one store........might not work for me.

You are definitely not alone. I utterly detest iTunes and its dictatorial ways. You could not pay me to have that software installed on any of my computers; it is one of the reasons why I will never use an Apple product.

What I want is 3rd party program that searches all of the digital markets and gives you the best price on a book/song etc.
Make them compete for their billions of dollars of profit.

Unify with alternates. Keeping closed is utimately leading to closed doors. Time for change has been arrived.

An important part of a free market is price discovery. Having several vendors compete for services is something I find more valuable than using one app to reach everything.

If you have a Kindle Fire plus the $79.00 annual Amazon Prime deal. You are going to be inclined to use Amazon, even if there are several great e-book options or paper options that are better. It kills price discovery.

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iMac, iTV and Apple does something like change your access on Kindle, Kobo,, storefronts, etc. (which they have) in favor of their proprietary iBooks you will find it very difficult to leave Apple because you have sunk a ton of money into hardware even if you, like many reviewers on iTunes and the AppStore, hate this change.

I think the answer to keep up free market competition with vendors is to have several access points but to standardize the user interphase or payment method so all of them can draw on the one user ID. This would make it both easier and allow smaller, sometimes better, firms to compete for our business.

They should. It's a trademarked name, and it's in the same field. Why should RIM be the only one to lose out on the good names?

They should focus on getting the new product out on the shelves like the new BB and fix issues with the PB os 2.0 before jumping into stuff like this.

From a security point of view, I think it's a great idea. From having freedom of choice not so much. I like the idea, but I'm not sure, the way it is now leaves competitive pricing. If it's all in one place RIM could set prices to their advantage.

It doesn't matter to me personally since I don't and won't be buying media that way, but I can see the sense in having a unified storefront of sorts...

Especially when you consider the folks who may be want to leave other platforms for BB/PB who may find it a sticking point that RIM is seemingly so disorganized whereas other companies are not. That's what it would look like anyway.

For the %65 that voted 'yes': Why yould you want to be restricted to one eco system, because that's what will happen and thats why I don't use Apple. Pretty soon we won't be able to side load. Your PC at home has many different ways of buying media apps and programs. Would you want your pc to be restricted to one store? No you wouldn't, so why would you on your phone?

Why not include a "universal search" among vendors of your choosing? For example: you want to find a song/album? tic the boxes for amazon, iTunes etc., and presto! You've broken away from the closed eco-system, retained the fun of price discovery, yet remained inside one app., and still using your BBID so you don't have multiple accounts going for multiple vendors.

How about calling the it BlackBerry Vine? No? A little too on the nose huh? That's ok. I'll keep trying...

One secure ID and choice of vendors within that ecosystem works best to me.

The point of Google Play is not to have a unified store across Android devices...its to decouple it from Android devices. You'll now see Play on the PC/Android/Chrome OS/Google TV makes no sense to have a Chrome Store/Google TV Store/Android Market.

For those worrying about walls...this does no such're still free to buy from Amazon/7 Digital (my fave as it works across BB and Android and PC) etc. is a single access can still multitask your music and books and video etc...

BlackBerry Cyclone kind of fell off the radar with the stock price. Oh well.


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Cyclone doesn't have as much to do with a web store with content - more than it is an answer to "crapple teevee" or something... ____________________________________________________________

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere