Apple doesn't want to let customers return to BlackBerry easily

iMessage bug causes issues for those looking to switch platforms, here's how to fix it!

By Bla1ze on 14 Jun 2013 08:54 am EDT

Alright. Yes, I was being a bit hyperbolic with that headline but there is a real issue that exists in iMessage that has been causing problems for a lot of users looking to switch away from iOS devices.

With many folks either returning to BlackBerry or picking up a BlackBerry 10 device for the first time, we've seen an increased amount of emails come in to the CrackBerry inbox concerning the problem so we figured we'd help spread the word.

So what is the issue? And what's the fix for it? Well, since it came into us via CrackBerry help line, jump below and check out the email from Matt which outlines it all and how to go about making sure it doesn't affect you.

Hey Kevin, I've been a BB user for the past 10 years and love the platform. Because I was bored with my 9930, I got an iPhone 5 just because. However, when I got my Q10 from Verizon on Monday, I noticed something really weird was happening - I wasn't receiving any texts from people with iPhones. After thinking a ton and researching I finally figured out what was happening. Because iMessages are transferred through Apple's servers, everyone's cell phone numbers are stored there so iPhones can decide whether to send a texts as an SMS or iMessage.

Because my number used to be registered as an iMessage number, the servers hadn't cleared me out yet and as of today, four days later, it still hasn't been removed. I called an Apple store and they said they can't remove me from the servers and Verizon didn't even know that this was what was causing the issue but the tech support rep said they've been inundated with people who've bought BB10 devices, among others, who are experiencing the issue.

Anyway, I wanted to shoot this over to you because I hadn't seen anything in the forums and wanted to bring it to your attention. I could see this being HUGE lawsuit material, especially for people like me who just returned a Q10 (I still have my Z10 as a backup) because of the issue...especially in the middle of a BB comeback.

Having had this issue myself and knowing Kevin also dealt with this, I can assure you there is a fix for it. It's actually quite a simple one in fact. Over at iMore they highlighted it and wrote up a good tutorial on it, so if you or anyone else is experiencing it, here's a fix.

Follow these steps

That's it! A fairly easy fix but a bit bothersome that one still has to worry about it. Now unlike Matt, we wouldn't go so far as to say it's a huge lawsuit issue but it is indeed a bit concerning that folks who are supposed to know how to address this, seemingly don't and because of that, it's causing some returns on BlackBerry devices. That's not really cool at all. Have you or anyone you know been hit by this bug? 

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Apple doesn't want to let customers return to BlackBerry easily


happens on android too. Been happening since beginning of imessage....
I figured out how to fix it at some point, but I can't remember what I did.

no they don't, don't be a dumb ass

"Alright. Yes, I was being a bit hyperbolic with that headline but there is a real issue that exists in iMessage that has been causing problems for a lot of users looking to switch away from iOS devices."

this is a BlackBerry forum so obviously they are goign to put BlackBerry in the heading. i told my sister before this article ever came out when she went from an iPhone to Note 2 that she might have issues gettign texts from her iPhone friends since it'll be trying to send an iMessage rather then and actual text

I work for Telus Mobility tech support and see this issue EVERY DAY and IMHO it's completely retarded. I'm surprised Apple hasn't pissed off more ppl with this cumbersome iMessage issue yet...

This ALWAYS happens to my iPhone 5 friends. They constantly never receive text msgs or have them go through to their friends on both bb and android. iMessage uber fail if you ask me thats why I stick to bbm or whatsapp or sometimes even fb msgs.

This is an issue with any device when you make a switch from an iPhone. Even if your contacts were to SMS you and it went through as an imessage, the servers should realize the imessage never made it and it'll resend it as a SMS. Thats atleast what it did for me :/

The problem is that the person from which the SMS is being sent is still trying to contact the server. It makes perfect sense that they take their sweet time because what if someone has their phone off or just doesn't have service?

The problem is that the timeout for iMessage is insanely HIGH, so it tries for 5 minutes before even attempting SMS. It's silly.

The fault is entirely with APPLE. If you wipe a phone, it SHOULD remove you from iMessage. It is not a bug; it is probably an oversight or worse, a feature...

I would agree that it's a feature. Apple isn't stupid. As the article and a couple of comments suggests, people are returning devices because they think the issue is with the device.

I see why they are doing it, though I wonder if it could be considered anticompetitive since they are disrupting an "open" service?

As an aside, I often have my Z10 and PlayBook asking for I Cloud passwords. Also suspect this is an Apple thing to discourage non-Apple devices from using
ICloud but not anticompetitive since it is Apple's service...

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I used to have an iPhone (4) before switching to the Z10. I put the old SIM from the iPhone into the Z10 and have been receiving all texts; or at least I have not had anyone tell me that they have sent me a text which I have not then received. However, I kept the iPhone and gave it to my daughter - she obviously has her own SIM in there. Again, seemingly no problems. Is this perhaps an intermittent issue or is my situation different from the one outlined above? I presume that since I am not experiencing any issues I do not need to do the above as otherwise un-registering it may cause problems for my daughter?

I came from an iPhone 4 as well. I just switched the SIM.

Been getting text message from people with iPhones all the time.

I have my doubts about the person's claim.

Check out my "What Were They Thinking?" channel: C000BB092

I just turned off iMessage on my iPhone before registering my Z10 and I had no issues at all... much faster and easier then the blog post steps but the more ways to get this done the better!

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I did this too, worked for me when I was experiencing that issue.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

This is a perfect example of why I will never buy any apple product. Once they sink their teeth into you in any way they make it as difficult as they can for you to leave. Having said that I must give credit where credit is due, this is a brilliant strategy on their part.

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A lot of iphone users have it set to imessage only, so texts to non-iphones won't go through. I had to tell several people to change their setting to imessage and sms (instead of just imessage) when I switched back to BB.

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Is that what I have to do? I have a friend with an iPhone sending out group texts about a Spartan Race we're all running in and they don't come to me as texts, they show up in my email from her phone number. It's really weird. Hers is the only iPhone that does this to me.

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Yes, it happened to my cousin Iphone too. When he text me from his Iphone to my Z10 BlackBerry it goes into my email instead. So far this last week or so, it seems to deliver the text message correctly.

I switched the iphone5 over to my wifes line and she was receiving my all of my texts from iPhone users. Huge security issue

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Seriously? Yes that is a huge issue, did you wipe the device, and put in her sim card? But that particular iPhone was still registered to your account so everything still was sent to that device regardless of the current active apple ID? Scary... :s

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Please, it's no different than giving/selling your BB device to somebody and your friends sending to the same PIN and not your new one.

BlackBerry fixed this with the updates to how the BlackBerry ID is used. Unless the device has a really old version of BBM, this won't happen anymore.

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Pin to Pin is different, its no different if your friend changes phone numbers....

But if all your accounts are still tied to the phone, and your emails, imessages, etc are still being sent... THAT'S the issue

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Please read before you comment..... his TEXT messages NOT his iMessages are going to his old iPhone . How do you compare this to BBM messages sent to an old PIN...
I smell a rat!

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A hyperbolic title truly... but with the competition these days and apples ethics, you never know...

This happened to me when I bought my Z10... huge pain in the ass. I would only get texts a few minutes after they were sent.

I've experienced this in the past when jumping around phones.

I guess it's both one of the good thing and bad things about iMessage. Tying SMS/iMessage into one app experience and trying to make it transparent to the user can be viewed as a good thing... there's a simplicity to it. But that transparency can also be a bad thing, per this example. Personally, I like having my instant messaging client (aka BBM), separate from SMS. 

My guess, as stated above, is that Apple contacts their server first, but instead of making three attempts to send through iMessage, it'll spend nearly five minutes trying to do that before -failing- to send as SMS. Sadly, Apple chooses not to deregister iMessage on a device wipe. Is that an oversight or a way to confuse the costumers and to train them into thinking that your fancy new Android just sucks at texting? That's *grasping at straws*, but the fact that Apple's mechanism for sending iMessages/SMS is clearly a client-side issue/server-side issue, and not with, let's say VZW or AT&T, is shady.

What makes BB10 so great is the hub: you can have SMS, BBM, e-mails, and more in one spot, so you can have separate apps for everything yet have a single app to integrate them all for your convenience, and it eliminates any shady business tactics (that I'm aware of).

Well, the truth is that what 'sucks at texting' is the iphone and people are starting to figure it out. You have to disable imessage for an Iphone to text correctly.

The fact that I would have to go make the correction myself is the issue IMO. I'm glad to see there is a fix but I for one didn’t even know about the iMessaging, ha ha! :)

Show's you how much experience I have with Apple products!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Had this problem but would have loved to see this (I had to wait 30 days till it unregistered on its own - very annoying)

I've never had an iPhone but I've been having problems sending messages to an iPhone from BlackBerry since last year. Is this the same issue? I notice it mostly when trying to send pictures.

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Very helpful! Can't believe that's how it works. Lots of people switch from iPhone to something else and its sad they don't make this information more well known.

that's what everyone in the States says about everything..."it's a huge lawsuit issue" It's culturally ingrained from birth

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Making generalizations now requires speaking to everyone your generalizing? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Not to mention the litigious nature of American society is well documented, could Google you up a link if you want

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This explains so much! My friend switched from iphone to galaxy S3 and said he wasn't getting all his text messages! I thought it might be only imessage users but couldn't confirm that..... Nice to know the cause!

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FWIW: I came from an iPhone 5 and had the same issue. I needed to disable iMessage before wiping the iPhone. And I also had to punch *133# (call button) on the Q to enable SMS/MMS.

BTW: My iP5 was never registered although iMessage worked a charm across my devices.

This can probably be avoided if the former iPhone owner turns off iMessage in the settings before deactivating the device.

I'm a bit disappointed CrackBerry would run a story like this, complete with a headline to incite Apple hate. It belongs in the forums

The problem is that there is an easy fix for it, but Apple willfully ignores deactivating a device during a wipe. If someone is wiping their device, it is probably because they don't intend to use it anymore. At this point, deactivation of iMessages should occur so that your friends that also use iMessage won't see that your number is still registered with iMessage and spend days trying to send a message to a phone that isn't on anymore.

Its shady. Apple clearly wants people to use their devices, so I wouldn't put it past them that they make it a headache so that confused customers return to the iPhone because their new phone can't text properly.

Why would a BlackBerry fan site use a misleading headline hmm almost like it's in there best interest...
It's funny how people on this site are surprised/angry when they detect a BlackBerry bias. It's a BlackBerry fan site, what do you expect?

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What about if the user only has an iPod? I have a friend who had a Blackberry Curve, upgraded to a Z10 and cannot receive SMS messages from iPhone users. She never had an iPhone, but has an iPod Touch with her email address and phone number associated with her AppleID. I have logged her out of iMessage and FaceTime, but her phone number still appears blue in my iPod Touch as if to say I can still iMessage her. Sorry, not totally familiar with iOS and iMessage shenanigans and what the blue is supposed to represent.

So far as I am aware you MUST use an iPhone to register a phone number with iMessage (only then can it be used on other devices such as iPod, iPad, or Mac) so I'm baffled how the phone number even got there in the first place.

If it's still an issue go into Messages in the settings, receive at, and uncheck the phone number.

--- Verizon Z10-4, VZW (lbfe), r2355's that for transparency! The average user would just conclude that BB10 is crap and doesn't work, especially since support in both Apple and the carrier can't (or won't) help!

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It is a known fact that you must dissociate your number with your Apple ID if you are not going to use an IPhone again.

Was an iPhone guy but I gave that up in 2011 wow that's only 2 years ago but I've had 9 Blackberry's by choice not by fault


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Same thing happened to me after switching form my iPhone 5 to my Z10. After about two text messages that didn't come through I immediatley thought of iMessage. So my workaround was to simply go to settings---> messages and turn OFF iMessage. Once I did that I started receiving all of my texts to my Z10.

All you have to do is turn off iMessaging on the iPhone. Threatening a lawsuit like some people are doing is a tad overkill

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Like when Apple sued for round corners? And won (pending appeals :p of course).

People like to mention lawsuits against Apple because that's what Apple would do to others. They created an environment or mentality of litigation.

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This is ridiculous and should be brought up to a regulatory compliance committee or whatever enforcement agencies there are. Why? Because of the unfair practice or competition it creates, and because it restricts your options asa consumer.

What I mean by that is that a manufacturer shouldn't have control over your phone number anymore than the carriers do. Does anyone remember the days when if you tried to switch carriers you would lose your phone number?

Your phone number is not proprietary, and if Apple can't make it easy for people to switch, then they shouldn't be using it to power their services. Carriers don't because they are enforced not to, and this is something that needs to be fixed or enforced.

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You don't even have to disassociate the number most of the time, though. it's a switch in settings. Going to a regulatory board instead of turning off a switch? I've gone back and forth I don't know how many times between my BB, iPhone and Android phones and never had to disassociate a number, I turned off I message on my iPhone. I think the title was a bit unnecessary because all nuts done is start the pitchforks.

Seriously how much more uncomplicated can you get than a switch in settings?

If you want to talk about not making it easy for users to switch, go after Google and Gmail server changes for non android phones so contacts and calendars don't always sync

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A lot of Blackberry posters now tend toward drama queen behaviour. Everything is taken to such an extreme. I don´t know what happened to Crackberry and its fans.

But toggling the switch on and off does NOT always work. I did the experiment when I got the Z10 in February. There is a lag before the switch is made and SMS sent during that time seem to be lost.

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It really shouldn't... The user has to TURN ON iMessage and they should turn it OFF before getting rid of the iPhone. Users do need to wipe their iPhones on occasion and any time they upgrade the iPhone via iTunes it gets wiped just prior to upgrade and restore. If iMessage were automatically turned off then it's very possible that messages could get lost while the phone is experiencing down time. I'd rather have them safely stored on the server than disrupt a valid service.

Turning on my iPhone and switching off iMessage in thé settings fixed it for me. Even simpler. However, if you no longer have your iPhone, this wouldn't be possible.

Bit of a pain in the ass really and whilst it works well for apple, I shouldn't think they intended it. For the non tech-savvy, it's certainly something that staff in stores or at tech support should be telling customers when they are switching!

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What about the Icloud syncing issue?

BBM Channels; Tech C0008DDD1, TV -C0006E22D

I think the issue is not whether or not there is an easy fix, its the fact that Apple doesn't just switch it off for customers...I am pretty sure that they all know pretty much the instant we stop using a phone and start using another should just be automatic.

People would have a real issue if they switched from AT&T to VERIZON and AT&T tied up the transfer by making the customer log in somewhere and manually switch today's technologically advanced world there is no excuse for this...

Fucking apple POS. No wonder I got this one girl who dropped apple Like the outdated POS it is and she was having thus exact same problem. Of course she would not go back to her outdated icrap but it was annoying for her.

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Guys you can fix the issue simply by going into your iPhone settings > messages > imessages and turn it off.
imessage is essentially a wifi chat therefore if you don't turn it off and your iPhone has wifi or Internet somehow it's going to try and send it to imessage because the phone identification is the same.

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The point is that if you perform a device wipe, it should deregister for you. It does not, and thus you can go up to 30 days with friends not able to send texts to you without a fuss.

And my point is let's solve the problem instead of presenting more reasons why people shouldn't bother with a blackberry cause of all the complaints about how it's a hassle to turn off imessage. If you want people to try a product, solve their problems and present them with the advantages, not make it seem like a hassle.

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When I had an android, I dabbled with imessage and the same thing happened to me. My dad (who uses iPhone) texted me and my droid never received it. It went to my old iphone's imessage. I just went into the settings and turned imessage off and all has been fine. It was all on the same number, if that wasn't understood right away lol

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The only reason this hasn't been so exposed, is because of lack of people leaving the iPhone and just upgrading to the next version of the iPhone.

Posted with my AT&T BlackBerry Z10

Best way to avoid the delay is to simply turn off iMessage on the iPhone before switching devices (and thus de-registering your number from the service). Otherwise how is it supposed to know?

I think they have the large timeout to avoid sending sms as a lot of people don't have unlimited texting (globally) or to avoid international charges...I had that happen a few times messaging a friend overseas when he didn't have data coverage for a while and it eventually sent as sms costing me $0.25 a pop. I turned that off lol as there's an option to send as sms manually should the need arise.

If you forgot to unsubscribe your number from the service, as described above, and no longer have access to the device the system will automatically remove your number after a certain amount of time or number of undeliverable messages...or using the website as described in the article (I didn't know about that one!)

--- Verizon Z10-4, VZW (lbfe), r2355

Another reason why I HATE Apple.

I will never give this company 1 penny of mine (well a nickel now in Canada)

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We all know this falls right in line with Apple's business practices. Speaking of, remember how we had to wait for the bold from ATT until after the new iPhone came out? Anyone else think we won't see the 10.1 update until after we see the newest iPhone? I wonder how much Apple pays ATT for that?

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I just turned iMessage OFF on my phone. Problem solved.

Not sure if Texts are still being received on my iPad though. Haven't checked.

have iPhone contacts delete and re- add me. I still lose some messages if I leave my macbook open since it grabs the ms through I message there as well.

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If you turn off imessages on your phone before resetting it, the sms will come through as they should. I always turned off imessage on my ipad and mac also.

Posted via CB10 using the awesome Q10

I had this same problem when I switched from iPhone 5 to the Incredible Z10, now I have the Q10. It was frustrating at first but after a quick wipe on the iPhone and updating my contact info on my phone book app on my Mac it was fixed. I will follow these steps just to be safe. Thanks Blaze.

Posted from Q10 via CB10

It's called the walled garden for a reason and not because it kept things out. You were never meant to get out that easily. The entire Apple ecosystem is built to integrate/assimilate you into an Apple existence, like the Borg. It's the main reason I never wanted an iPhone or Apple anything - too many proprietary shackles. I'm surprised iMessage is the only problem. Lucky for those who only have a charging cable; it'd be the only useless thing you have when upgrading to BB10. At least, if you're coming from Android, WP8, or even older BB, you can still use your USB cord.

But, that's just an example of how proprietary technology can keep people chained to some products. Apple knows what they are doing. And, I always knew what they were doing. I haven't had much respect for Apple for this kind of business practice. It's sad that people automatically blame Blackberry for something that's not even in their control.

This same thing happened to my wife. We handed down her iPhone 4 to my son, and someone had texted to my wife but it came through to iMessage on her old phone (which has no service, just wifi now). She actually blocks regular text messages normally anyway, so it's not a major deal for her because she wouldn't normally get the message anyway.

I own a Z10 on the Rogers network and I have this issue with my wife's iPhone 4

The messages are sometimes out of order or the number she sees on her phone is not mine when she receives my message.

I despise Apple with a passion

That's odd.
I routinely change between my iPhone and my SGIII and my messages don't get lost.

Posted from my amazing Z10 via CB10

this issue happens a lot a solution to this issue would be to put back the sim in the Iphone go into the settings under messages and have the service switched from the phone number to an email address or completely turn off imessage service it might take some time but eventually it will work.

It seems to me the NSA could take the date given to them by apple (phone numbers matched with accounts and phones) cross reference it with the "anonymous" phone records they got from Verizon and now it is no longer anonymous. I recall Google kept asking me to associate my phone number with my account also.

Is this an issue in the US only, my wife switches back and forth on a regular basis, and has never had an issue. She loves her Z10, but refuses to use it on a consistent basis until she finds a case she likes lol.

Posted via CB10

I switched from iphone4s to z10 and didn't experience any of this. Maybe it had something to do with being in Canada or with virgin mobile.

Funny cause I am also having problems sending images in good quality only to iPhone numbers. The pictures come out distorted.

Posted via CB10

That is super annoying, but yeah glad there is a fix. All mobile carrier representatives should be aware of what's going on to inform their customers promptly.

I've been hearing a lot in theses comments ppl who have switched from the iphone5 to the BB z10 or q10 which is awesome. Just curious to know if these ppl are from Canada, U.S or both and if they were previous BlackBerry users before or completely new users and what was the reason that made them interested in switching.

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I'm turned off imessages before wiping my iPhone 5, as well as registering on apples website as described above. When people with iPhones try to message me, it is still sending as an imessage and I am not receiving it.

Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Q10

So that maybe the cause of my problem too! I'm using the sim that I used for my iMassage on an iPhone device and now using it on my BlackBerry. Do I have to return my sim card to my iPhone device before unregistering?

Posted via CB10

Well the problem is most iphone(non tec savvy)users won't know this and return their devices. A subtle way to frustrate people like my grandmother, from trying something far superior.

Posted via CB10

Man, what an interesting issue. I popped my BB SIM into a 3GS a long time ago and then had issues with SMSs from iPhone friends when I put it back in my BB. They also said their phone was trying to send me an iMessage. The issue eventually went away, but good to know about this "fix". Very interesting.

Hmmm, isn't Apple one of those companies collecting and sharing your private data? Why are folks agreeing to route their SMS messages through Apple iMessage servers?

Switched from an iPhone 4 to the Q10 and havent had any problems switching over. However I also have an iPad and when i turn on iMessage, I have a tendency of forgetting to turn it off when I'm done using it. This is where the problem lies I'm assuming.

Since most people seem to be diehard bbry the only exposure to apple they get is from crackberry. The articles need to be written factually because all it does is rile these people up under false pretenses. This isn't bbry vs apple.

Posted via CB10

Where is the article on the hard hitting CB interview with Verizon rep, regarding delayed release of 10.1? Enough with the ihate. How about some bblove?

I've had an iphone for 2 years (now on Q10) I haven't experienced this issue. At least I don't think I have lol.

Posted via CB10

The non technical general population will be oblivious to Apple meddling with their SMS messages.

Makes migrating to any other phone an issue. Is there any warning when signing up for imessage? All your text messages are about to be redirected permanently.....

Posted via CB10

That's why I shut imessaging off and unregistered my iphone a week before my q10 arrived. No problems here

Posted via CB10

Truth be told before BBIDs we used to have issues with BB devices when people would forget, or neglect to clear their PIN from the RIm BIS, and it would result in a problem for the new owner of their old BB.   Fortunately BB went to a new system of BBIDs which alleviated the problem.  :)

This is bad... maybe Apple's intention is to ensure user got a backup somewhere for text messages they received on their iphone but certainly, the whole thing should have been put upfront and some in the device should have warn users of such cases. Really left a bad taste in the mouth. Thanks for highlighting as well.

What other information does Crapple happen to hang on to longer than they should. I'll trust the folks at BlackBerry.

Posted via my two thumbs.

Apple shmapple. They can take a flying leap of a very steep cliff for all I care. I adore my Z10. I watch my colleagues typing on their iPhones and chuckle to myself because it looks SO tedious.

If you have any other apple devices go to settings and turn off imessage. An ipod touch with wifi turned on will intercept your texts and your new phone won't get them.

I didn't need to go into apple support to complete this but will check it out later.

Posted via CB10

Sucks to be a guy who bought an apple iphone "just because", only to get screwed over because apple SUCKS.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.

So it's an Apple issue and most people that experience this problem will be quick to blame BlackBerry, WP8 or Android. This is one more example to them that their iphones were better and just worked. Apple knows what's going on, why would they want to fix this on their own?

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I use bumper case to my Z10 so I dont have to worry about any scratches if I put it anywhere I want.

Posted via CB10

Ya i had to turn imessage off on iPhone and then change sim cards. Fixes it every time. Found that out the hard way though.

Posted via CB10

Awesome! Thanks for this a lot of people have been asking about this in stores and I have seen A LOT of people switching from iPhone to BlackBerry the last few months. Hate to say it but this is so typically Apple. BlackBerry is winning a lot of people back and I love to see it!

Posted via CB10

I love you guys, I've been having a problem sending my wife pictures from my Z10 for some time now and I couldn't figure out why. I tried this tip and WALA, it's working now. The number on my Z10 was once on my 3G Verizon iPad. I can't believe that it was that simple...

Anthon CB10

CB should add this step to the iphone to BlackBerry 10 switching guide and have a link perhaps permanently on the CB front page for users to see easily

Posted via CB10

Another solution:

Turn I message OFF before you swap devices.

So turn I message off. Then go into an Imessage convo and send something. Like "test" it'll show as green.

Done and done.

Then swap devices.

Ya'll know what...? I am so sick of Apple and Apple products that at this point You couldn't melt one down and pour it on me. I have never understood why Apple has to monopolize the Smartphone market. I, however, do understand that there are a lot of people out there who simply buy into the hype. Or they get an iPhone "just because" it's the most hyped up thing out there and even though they have no plans to do anything with it - when someone asks them what kind of phone they have - they can say "I have an iPhone". Whatever...!

I fell out with Apple back when they began removing things like disc drives from their computers and then requiring you to buy one - if you wanted to use one. Their headphones and power cords are extremely poorly constructed - requiring you to keep buying these items over and over again. I do own an iPod
Touch and an iPad, but I only use them for storing music and playing games. The iPhone I own - I got for my 7 year old granddaughter so she could play games on it - and it only cost me a a penny.

I have noticed that Apple is doing its' perpetual "over-kill" with the introduction of its new OS. I have given this some thought. And this is my take on that. You mean to tell me that after NO real innovations after the introduction of the iPhone - now - here they come with what's supposed to be BETTER LOOKING SCREEN ICONS and several other things that nobody is really gonna notice without them pointing those things out to us over and over and over again. Please - give me a break!

I am amazed that the iPhone finally has a Microsoft Office app. After all these years. BlackBerry has had that forever. So - to that one thing - to Apple - I say "Here-Here!" I can also point out that you didn't have to steal it like you did most things you decided to put on your phone after everybody else already had it.

I am so glad that the USA is not the only place where BlackBerry is promoted and sold. I have to admit - I love BlackBerry with all my heart. And I plan to have a BlackBerry as long as BlackBerry exists. Should BlackBerry ever cease to exist (heaven forbid it). I will have to go on over to the dark side via the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones. I will never own an Apple anything for any purposes other than to play games and listen to music - oh - and give it to the children to throw around.

And, by the way - doing something to interfere with text messaging between the iPhone and BlackBerry - I wouldn't put it past Apple to do this. It's what they do best.


the more easy way is to do the following steps BEFORE you remove your sim-card from your iphone (I did it a couple of days before I purchased my Q10).
On your iPhone:
- go to settings
- go to text messages (the little green icon with a speech bubble in it)
- deactivate iMessage
After I did this, all other iPhone users had to send me regular text messages, the option for iMessages were gone.

First Apple sued Samsung, now Blackberry is probably gonna sue Apple. Only difference between these companies and a ghetto gang are rooms full of cash. Sounds like a bunch of tech thugs to me.

It does not happen on My Q10, but what happens to me is even worse, I think... my Q10 is sending normal short text messages (SMS) as MMS and I'm being billed for it as MMS by T Mobile... :(

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My way I find a big easier. So when you go on your iPhone you have a imessage setting in settings. What I did is take my phone number off the imessage list and that's all.

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In the settings of your iphone/ipod you can physically turn off imessage. I can't remember the exact location, but it's as simple as finding the setting and flipping the little switch from 'on' to 'off' fixed the problem for me in seconds!

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Before I got my Z10 I could not send or receive text from my wife who has an iPhone but now everything works fine. Weird

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This is old news. Essentially if you do not turn off iMessage on the device before transferring to a non-iPhone device, or unregister the device from the account, other iPhones will continually try to send iMessage. However, I do not know why this is brought up as a huge deal because the majority of iPhone users have the "Send as SMS" option on, which means that if the iMessage fails to send it will automatically send as a text message.

If you do not do any of the two things above, it takes about two weeks to one month for it to clear out of Apple's servers. The reason it clears from Apple's servers because it detects a long period of inactivity from the phone's iMessage.

The gf is selling her 5 for a white Q10. Good to know, i'll disable her iMessage so she doesn't have this problem :). #teamblackberry

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I can see how a company would make it difficult for customers to basically end there ties with them, however it can make people even angrier with them. On that note, It's hard to see that anyone who bought their BlackBerry devices and experienced this issue would go back to Apple. That being said I don't think this would have any effect on BlackBerry returns.

New BlackBerry user and loving it!!!

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Turn off iMessage and FaceTime before you lay down your iPhone. You can always connect to Wi-Fi and do the same if you forgot to before moving over. That will automatically deregister it from the glorified SMS servers.

Also for some folks with the message issues it depends on how the numbers were saved. For whatever reason I had to go remove the () for those people in my contacts that have iPhones to receive messages from my Z10. Simple enough fix...

Honestly, I didn't have this issue when I switched from icraPhone 4 to Z10, but when I wanted to delete my apple account, I discovered that you can't in no way online and even worse, the genius boy told me that MY apple ID doesn't belong to me, it's Apple own property... so the question is: do I own an iPhone or do they own me??? sadly, the latter applies...! never again crApple never ever ever!!!

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This issue is not platform specific. I experienced it when I switched from iPhone to Windows Phone 8 as well. (That was before I fell in love with BlackBerry. It was a torrid yet brief affair that my Z10 doesn't hold against me).

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I will never ever buy any of their products. (its not that i can't afford)... half of your iPhone is being controled by apple. my mom was complaining about the iPhone. Lol... she now wants to have a my z10 hahhaahahahhaha

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Lol very easy to leave ios... from many years ago..but quite difficult to leave android due to Google apps

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I've switched off iMessage...but still not getting group SMS from iPhone users after a week. When I complained to Apple they said it takes up to 45 days to expunge your records from the Apple system. When I asked what was I supposed to do for 45 days without getting group messages, Apple said to notify everyone in my contacts to delete my contact and create a new one and that might do the trick... Not acceptable!