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Apple Community Responds To BlackBerry Bullet Video!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Mar 2009 08:26 am EDT

This past Friday the maker of the BlackBerry-revenge video above sent me in the link right after he uploaded it to youtube, but I passed it on to Rene at TheiPhoneblog to post first as it seemed only fair that an iPhone fan site get to bask in its 14 seconds of Apple glory.

The video has now made its way around the interwebs, ending back up in the BlackBerry space. I guess it was really only a matter of time before the Apple community responded to the BlackBerry video released by Guava. It's funny...but still not as funny as that College Humor Cell Phone Reunion video. Pooor iPhone :-)

[ TiPb via BlackBerrySync]


cheeky minx

hahah that was funny. Exactly what i expect from people who have the dumbest smartphone on earth. Maybe they can respond to that video by sending there own mms videos..... oh wait still cant send video mms. HMMM can it connect to the internet on a 2g network oh wait that is embarassing. Sorry apple zombies !!! you still suck lol .


I agree mad funny, but they still have alot of work to do if they're going to compete with Berry-Nation.


Yea they are so great, had to wait 2 years to get mms, copy and paste, and still no push email, that is funny cause that is the reason I came back to BlackBerry over a year ago, I got tired of waiting and waiting for this revolutionary new device to become revolutionary, cause u get this plus alot more right out of the box with BlackBerry.

Now they want to give the update only to those who own a 3g model, I guess their sales have fallen, so in order to get a portion of what other SMARTPHONES will do you have to buy the 3g model now, sorry first gen owners Apple gives you the CORE once again.

Once you go BlackBerry, you never go Back.


"Once you go BlackBerry, you never go Back."

that's the shot :)


The blackberry breaking into pieces is symbolic of our ability to multitask. If they had shown the rest of the video, you would have seen the blackberry reform on the other side of the apple and continue on its path.
The apple not moving at all when hit by the blackberry is symbolic of Apple's refusal to add multitasking abilities to the iPhone, even under pressure of competition from BB and from the cries of their users.
The "Simple facts" statement refers to the recent 3.0 feature set announcements for the iPhone, most of which were very "simple" features that BB users have enjoyed for many years.

Any other symbolism I missed?


I still can't understand why someone would want to use a phone that can't run more than 1 program at a time!


haha. That's hilarious


Kinda off topic but another thing that bugs me about the iPhone is you can't use any of your music mp.3's/wma's as your ringtone. You have to buy specific ringtone versions of the song from iTunes to use a a ringtone. what a con. God I love my storm :)


Comparing the iphone to the storm and this commercial is completely accurate. However comparing the iphone to any other blackberry is a joke. I would rather have my old 7130 than an iphone LOL.


how can you say that the storm doesn't stand a chance against the iphone knowing the storm can kick it's a$$ in different aspects. Anyways I think this is funny how they respond..


On Paper I will completely agree with you but in the real world use the storm is useless. My curve runs circles around it in every single aspect with a lot slower processor. The iphone does not multitask but at least it does not slow down to a crawl when typing a message. Hey please realize that I am a HUGE fan of blackberrys and I don't like the iphone at all. However you have to give credit where credit is due and the iphone beats the storm all to pieces.


storm is still the first project,

be patient dude
the day will come soon :)


All you have managed to convey to the group is that you don't own a Storm and have never used one. The Curve? Are you serious? But hey, thanks for drinking the anti Storm kool-aid.


Bottom line: The apple won because it was fat and not movable :)


The Blackberry commercial is so much better. Apple's garbage the only thing they ever made that was good was the ipod touch and iphone and when the Blackberry Storm came out they both went out the window into the garbage and as far as the Apple crap book goes Sony notebooks, well theres no comparison.


If you think that a Sony notebook is better than an Apple notebook you are either 1) a fool 2) don't know how to use computers that well 3)never spent time on a Macbook or all of the above.


Yes I have both the iPhone 3G and the Bold. I had a curve, loved it but then went to the iPhone because it was suppose to be the ultimate multimedia/smartphone. Where am I now? Use the Bold 99.9% of the time and the iPhone as an expensive IPOD because the iPhone does not compare to a Blackberry. No MMS (oh wait 3.0 will offer that 2 years later), no video recording, no tethering, no push email, no running programs in the background, no push notifications (lack of when 3.0 comes). Can’t wait until 3.0 comes out and it still lacks major smartphone features. But look on the bright side, you can buy the iPhone for the IPOD aspect of it. In my opinion the iPhone has wore out the “cool” factor and blackberry’s are still holding strong and getting stronger while Apple falls behind.


Yes I have both the iPhone 3G and the Bold. I had a curve, loved it but then went to the iPhone because it was suppose to be the ultimate multimedia/smartphone. Where am I now? Use the Bold 99.9% of the time and the iPhone as an expensive IPOD because the iPhone does not compare to a Blackberry. No MMS (oh wait 3.0 will offer that 2 years later), no video recording, no tethering, no push email, no running programs in the background, no push notifications (lack of when 3.0 comes). Can’t wait until 3.0 comes out and it still lacks major smartphone features. But look on the bright side, you can buy the iPhone for the IPOD aspect of it. In my opinion the iPhone has wore out the “cool” factor and blackberry’s are still holding strong and getting stronger while Apple falls behind.


haha, thats pretty funny


They used the same sounds, which happen to come from the Blackberry.

BTW, does anyone know the name of the song that starts to play in the original? I know it from somewhere else but cannot put my finger on it...


way to come up with an original video there apple people :D


Agree.. oohh look.. the apple is bulletproof.. Woah! That was so creative. I like some apple products but that comeback reminded me of something the PC guy would say for the MAC commercials.


I think the video is more reflective of a BB user who has ran to Apple's "Jesus" phone, only to find how much like a brick wall Apple is for flexibility, and how inadequate the phone is for professional use.

Unless you like one of the 30-some fart apps... then you're good to go with Apple.



Couple of things
1) still trying to copy off of BlackBerry, still nothing "in itself" of their own.

2) true and simple facts? Why is the BlackBerry used by more people in the "WORK" force than any other phone. and more KIDS wanting to listen to MUSIC have iBones.


I totally agree. I give your response 5 stars.


As far as I'm concerned, the only thing an Iphone is good for is a hockey puck.


Now that's Funny.... Hockey puck.... =^D


must admit that was hot but f@&k that wack as iPhone


This video gets 5 stars? To respond to such a cleaver and original video with something as lacking as this one above just proves the point. All I can say is the people rating it with 5 stars are of course iPhone users that need to be let out of the Apple cave.


i have never owned an iphone, but take all the "smartphone" shortcomings out of the equation and the choice is still very simple - removable memory. i treat my bb like a cd player, simply change out the sdhc card to fit my music mood. at least that was before i got my 16g card, which i have yet to fill to capacity.


Well "duh?"...
This video is a no brainer.
If you launch a real "Black Berry" at a real "apple", what do you expect is going to happen?
Way to go Apple... I'm sure you guys put a lot thought into this video (not)... how original.(rolls-eyes)


That was a gay, and lame video. They should have came with a better response than that.

Sorry folks, I am not impressed at all.

Back to the drawing board guys.


Its so funny how the iphone users could not make an original vieo. they had to copy guavas video and just have the berry blow up. they suck. make an original funny commercial and ill give credit where credit is due.


I can't lie, that's a pretty clever comeback.


that sucked balls,

my 2 cents,


I thought it was good, though the original was more exciting with the music and all. I enjoy the friendly banter between Apple and BlackBerry though. Too many people on both sides get so bent out of shape and take it all so seriously. We're an Apple and BlackBerry family here, so maybe that's why I don't get my panties all in a bunch.


I don't think it was all that because the Berry one already destroyed the apple. Just making a new video and making the apple bullet proof is lame.


They should of came out with something totally different, that video is lame.




Simple facts...BlackBerry for work / iPhone for play.
Nuff said!


This man speaks the truth, listen to him.....

::Runs of screaming::


I actually thought this commercial was better than the pro Blackberry one. To be honest, the Storm(in it's current not so great OS form) can't compare to how smooth the iPhone runs. I'm a Storm owner and have a sort of love/hate relationship with it. I have hope for it, but almost at the 5 month mark it's has yet to get to the acceptably functional stage. I REALLY hope RIM works on fixing the Storm's lag and other issues before it goes "adding great new features". It took Apple this long to add cut and paste(which is a complete joke), but at least that had a pretty functional product out the door. Even with the beta upgrades, etc, I have yet to be above to hold my Storm in my hand and tilt and twist my wrist different ways to get it to show in the viewing mode it needs to be in quickly.


I have the Storm on .109 and I'd definitely argue that it *is* in an acceptable functional state. I've heard of MMS issues with forwarding messages or something, but even with that, it is much more functional that the iPhone. Phone calls, email, SMS, video, camera, music, internet... it all works. Is it as slick as the iPhone interface? Maybe not, but it does more than the iPhone and it works.

I'm also a bit surprised that you'd say the iPhone shipped a "pretty functional product". Do you not remember all the problems AT&T had when the 3G version shipped just last year? That was a 2nd generation model and it didnt even work right! Sure, the music worked, but thats just the iPod part. There was still no video recording, MMS, etc... But in the end its called an iPHONE and the *PHONE* part doesn't work well!


The OS falls to pieces like the berry in the video all to often. Once RIM fixes that it will be a much better comparison. Apple fixed the problem with the iphone quicker than RIM has. I have been waiting for an acceptable (non beta) update for for five months. The first one helped some but not nearly enough.


This is a great response to the false Blckberry video. I have a Storm and it is nowhere near as stable or solid as an iphone. It does do better in some areas and overall it is a really "good" phone. The reunion video was great.


Wow, very creative, and nice comeback, well coming from Apple. lol


Great video. I love it when less is more. Nothing needed to be said.


I personally didn't find it funny at all. But "simple facts" should have been "simpleton" as a reference to all itards.


Is it me or did they use that pinging noise from the beginning of Pink Floyd's Echoes?

Apple only wishes they could do email half as well as BlackBerry. What a joke. Good luck pairing your iPhone with any Bluetooth device either. Buy an iTouch, and keep your Berry for real things like talking on the phone and sending email.


Just goes to show that the apple was picked to early, not ripe enough yet. Kinda like the first iPhone!


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




if only iphone users had a clue what they were missing. i guess they are just happy thinking they are "cool" by having the "it" phone instead of having a great phone.


no, not really, at least in my country, about 80% people using iphone were owners of Winmo/Symbian/Blackberry phones
and its not about being cool, its about having device thats 100% user friendly and having all functions the user needs
sure, MMS, tethering and such are nice features for some, but noone using those would buy an iPhone right? simple as that

Andrew Peron

are you all retarded? you're missing the point.
completely missing the point.
i'm a blackberry owner, and even I have enough respect and enough mental capacity to realize this.
they are ragging on the embellishment of the other video.
they didn't make the apple "bulletproof", they made the apple a fucking apple! in real world application, if you fire a squishy, soft blackberry at a very hard and very dense apple, guess what's gonna happen? the squishy goddamn fruit is going to pop and explode.

they're simply making the allusion that they don't need special effects, the simple fact is, if you throw a blackberry at an apple, the blackberry will lose.

before you get your flame on, realize what i just said was "THEY'RE simply making the allusion", as in not my opinion. I think they're both great phones, for different things. The blackberry just happens to cater to my needs more.

Trying to compare them is like apples and oranges.

or apples and blackberries.


Why would you put this on a blackberry site. It is degrading!


How true is that video? I have a storm and iPhone beats the pants off the storm.


This one made me laugh. I love my Macbook Pro AND my Curve 8900.