Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak believes BlackBerry will ultimately have to switch to Android

Woz at Google
By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2013 05:01 pm EST

It seems as though Apple's often zany co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has been talking to some media outlets again. This time around, he's offered up some thoughts on the future of BlackBerry. According to an article over at Street Insider, Woz is under the impression that BlackBerry will ultimately have to switch to Android entirely. Now, as much as I love hearing Woz talk about technology, this one is a bit far out there. Then again, that's what we've all come to expect from Woz, him being a little far out there. He's been running with a rather dubious crowd these days anyhow.

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak believes BlackBerry will ultimately have to switch to Android


I think there is room for several OS ecosystems out there and Blackberry has a good shot at staying in the game. But Woz and others seem to think the winners are already determined by the numbers game... How many users and apps and content exists now and where things go are two different things.

I know many people who cycle through phones every few years to try different things, and with more "main stream" apps coming to Z10, along with a fresh user experience, and loyal BB fanbase, we are a long way off to throwing in the towel.

Fortunately the Android player exists to patch the app "deficiency" but in time we will have more natively compiled apps that can run outside the player, and Blackberry is bending over backwards to support developers. In the end, there will be enough "Blackberry People" that as long as Blackberry keeps it company core focused and streamlined, lean and agile, it will produce a product at an affordable price that enough people will want to buy to keep them going.

Im a little confused? I mean from what I can tell bb10 is a more powerful OS than IOS. It's only a matter of time before IOS falls deeply behind android, bb10 and even windows8. Apple's declining stock for a gimmick product. He's surely one to talk.

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God. People these days.

Iphones don't even have NFC capabilities...they are falling into stagnation. How much of a difference really is iphone 5 from 4S besides the $100 price??? BB10 is is more powerful, agile and secure. Time getting the product to market is what hurt BBRY the most and Time is their best medicine post launch. It the ecosystem in the os will continue to evolve as the product continues to grow in the market. The z10 and q10 hardware and software are exceptional. I don't know of any other cell phone that has 2GB of RAM?! Blackberry is right in targeting the developer community they are the pulse of smartphones. But developers like many of us can be slothful in well doing. Some apps on the iphone 5 are still formatted to fit the screen size of an iphone 4(hilarious). Devs don't have an excuse not to port over other apps. They just don't care to. But BB consumers are more willing to pay for apps than any other platform user. Moreover,developers get an opportunity to have their apps exposed to an untapped consumer base with BB10 and less competition competing with other devs who make an app that does the same thing. If they are wise they should get in early at 70,000 rather than waiting until it's flooded with 500,000. I never go past the second Page of apps when I do a search. Time is BBRY's most precious commodity as it is for all of us.


There are several other phones with 2gb of RAM. Including the Nexus 4 I am using to type this. It also includes a moderen day quad-core processor and costs just $300 to $350 brand spanking new and unlocked.

Now if you had said "I can't think of any other mobile operating system that REQUIRES 2gb of RAM just to function" than I would have agreed with you completely.

A bit of a cheap shot there. BB10 runs better with more RAM, sure. That's because apps actually keep RUNNING in the background, unlike in iOS and Android.

It's a subtle distinction, and I'll acknowledge that both iOS and Android simulate multitasking well enough that many users wouldn't know the difference. But it IS an important difference.

...I'm sure OS 10 could run on 1GB, as the PB does, but the extra GB makes it that much more fluid...Now I could say that I can't think of any other OS (Android) that needs a battery guzzling quad core to function as smoothly as OS 10 does on the Z10's dual core...but whatever works for you.....

BlackBerry Z10 Bell OS 10
BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi OS 2.1
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.0

I think you think you made a big point here, but the truth is RAM is as cheap as hell and not worth worrying about.

The question is which operating system is the most powerful, regardless of RAM. I don't know the answer, it would seem to me that BB10 has a shot at that title but I'm willing to admit I'm probably more than a little biased.

The only thing I don't like about Android is the shit layout of the UI. Isn't google smart enought to figure out what a proper UI should look like?

iPhones don't have NFC because NFC is pretty much useless this go 'round. Apple is known for waiting until a technology matures before getting involved. That said....Apple is no doubt struggling with the "Innovators Dilemma", they have a phenomenally successful OS that is definitely growing long in the tooth, but they are reluctant to innovate because too much is on the line. Does that sound like any other company you know? I am willing to bet Apple will handle their situation quite differently than RIM
It isn't about power, agility, or security. It is about apps. And right now, Blackberry is not giving anybody much reason to switch from an iPhone or SGS3. Plus, the Galaxy S4 will be appearing shortly. Crappy Gingerbread Android ports are NOT the answer. Time is working against Blackberry, they can't afford to wait several weeks to get their products and apps into consumers hands.

Really? There are a ton of phones with 2GB RAM. The US Spec-Samsung Galaxy S 3, Nexus 4, Optimus G, the new HTC One and many other phones.

Maybe he was paid or brainwashed into saying that. But if BB10 flops due to poor marketing, lack of proper sales rep training, and limited availability he may be right. Should BlackBerry adopt Android it won't be until a couple years from now unless they are bought out next year. BlackBerry is not interested in anything but their new OS for their own handhelds right now.

He thinks "Apple has lost their cool"..interestingly, he's not nice talker of the company he co-founded since Steve passed away.

Yeah, that's what I don't get. You would expect the Woz to understand that BlackBerry already supports Android. Android is just a subset of BlackBerry 10.

Given the context, I can see that he is just shilling for those around him at the time. I'm plenty guilty of doing that myself from time to time.

A cursory look at the Z10 forums will show you that more than half of the Android apps people have tried to convert into working .bar files for the Z10 do not work or have some missing functionality.
ignorance sucks.

A cursory look at the Z10 forums will show you that people are more likely to post apps that they haven't got to work in the forums. Plus the fact there are thousands of Android ported apps already in BlackBerry World. Ignorance sucks indeed.

well said... on ANY tech forum people are more likely to make threads asking for help with problems than for saying "hey this random thing works check it out". People use blogs for the latter.

Nope....eventually licence the software to Huawei and they will produce lots of phones like HTC or Samsung. BlackBerry will make BlackBerry branded devices

Zed10 white + 64gb PlayBook #BB10Believe

Doing any business with Huawei would kill the enterprise base for BlackBerry. Too many questions about their practises and relationship with the Chinese government to make any sensible member of management do any kind of licensing deal with Huawei.

Let's be honest the only reason he is so pro-Android is because they name their operating systems after his favorite foods.

BlackBerry doesn't need advice from an actual ewok.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Not taking away some of the great things he did in the past... But, what have you done lately Steve!

If BlackBerry is going to go with Android, it would have done already. He is pumping for Android. QNX is the most secured software on earth.

It would look pretty cool on that sweet piece of hardware though :) Maybe CyanogenMod will eventually come to the Z10

Why all the hate towards Woz? I think he's wrong, but the guy has been pretty vocal and unbiased in his thoughts on technology (especially considering his roots). its actually refreshing seeing someone with ties so close to a company be so honest across the board.

Because people on this site are one minded and one sided. They have no interest in anyone who doesn't rub one out to Blackberry. People forget it if wasn't for Apple and Droid, Blackberry would still be running OS 5 and Their FAT founder would still be boss.

How's that true? Android was an exact copy of blackberry when it was first being developed. And when they made it iOS like still kept many things google took from blackberry. And iOS didn't even have copy/paste in version 1.0, so if that's the case bbos would stil be more functional then iOS.

i agree the way Crackberry folk think, but do you think the way you think works too, if it wasn't for BlackBerry and their "FAT founder" there would be no Android or iPhone.

BlackBerry mad the smartphone a consumer device, they made the smartphone in general popular. if it was not for BlackBerry, the smartphone market right now would be nothing, if it wasn't for RIM bringing out the first mobile emailing device it would not have forced Microsoft and Palm to compete. Jim and RIM MADE THE SMARTPHONE MARKET. they deserve more respect because without them people would still be walkign around with laptops rather then tablets and smartphones would still be dumbphone sliders

Exactly. While whatshisnuts got all excited about making his "BlackBerry folk" comment, he really must have forgotten that Mike Lazaridis invented the smartphone. Period.

Americans... eeeeeesh.

Opinions aside (from the article) that's a great picture. I for one can't wait to try BB10 (US).

Sorry Woz. You are a hardware genius by all measures. BBRY just went to the wall to make sure that no one anywhere ever has to run android on a device. Also by definition this also means no device ever needs to run iOS. I expect to be running BB10 for a long time. Somebody get this man a Z10 STAT!
/Device agnosticism or bust!

I made the same remark almost oh so slightly different. I suggested QNX architecture with Android UI. At this point there are quite a far bit that BlackBerry can learn on the UI front from Jelly Bean. Swipe down settings interaction, top menu bar and notification alert in menu bar via drop down swipe. 5 page control over where and how you want to place apps rather than treating it like iOS's icon layout. Widgets would be a great welcome. Imagine a battery percentage and stock ticker or weather indicator. BlackBerry 10 still has a lot of growing up to do and Android might just speed that growth up.
I do see Woz's remark made in regards to the overflow of ported apps versus native.

+1. I think the mash up you described could be cool. The one thing I really like in Android is the widgets. BB10 lock screen widgets would be a welcome addition in my opinion. There us tons of room for growth in the OS, we'll just have to sit tight and see what happens! :D

I hated all those things about Android, except widgets (which is what we have Active Frames for). Swiping down from the top is simply not ergonomic for one-handed use, especially when OEMs keep making phones with giant 4.7"+ screens. I also prefer not having to swipe across multiple "panes".

Active Frames are minimised running apps. Widgets are static in place and continue to pull information. Swiping down is a great way to reveal more. On ergonomics, the larger the screen the less on should be using one hand. The Nexus 4 is actually 4.7" and works well using one hand. Very comfortable.

Most people here won't understand that, but of course you are right. Apple sues everybody else over trivial design patents, but their biggest borrowing was from Palm.
I just hope my Pre 3 keeps working till the Q10 comes out.

As for Android, it will last until Samsung's engineers come up with a better replacement. Currently they are getting cheap development from Google, but at some point that will stop and they will do their own thing, perhaps based on Tizen and, like BB10, with the ability to run Android applications.

Android is not like Windows. It is, basically, another Linux distribution.

Whats this guy been doing since he founded apple? I wonder what his net worth is and if he had any stock before apple went way up.

I think this idea has long since been put to rest. Its a dumb one which looks even worse in comparison to what RIM ended up with in QNX.

They've gone android, they can run it on top of BB10 as an app.

Lol Id love to have a few beers with the guy...maybe even some narcotics ;) hes obviously smoking something!

I never understand the argument for Blackberry to move to Android. I do, however, understand the argument for BB10 to be licensed out to other Hardware. Even though I love the Z10 Specs and the performance on it.. I'd love to see BB10 on the Samsung ATIV.

The way I see it, mobile hardware is going the way of the PC in the 90's - A million manufacturers, but only a few OS's to choose from. I see in the near future, the ability for mobile devices to even change OS's if one wants to!

Just a thought,....

In case Mr Wozniak hasn't already noticed, BlackBerry devices run Android. He's clearly not an idiot so his dumb comments must have some other motivation.

Maybe he has part of his not unsubstantial fortune invested in shorting BBRY.

BlackBerry only sort of runs android. The apps lose a lot of integration and fluidity running through BlackBerry. It should impress people that a tech guru who should be bias toward IOS realizes the future of mobile is leaning toward open source. The rate of development outpaces all other OS's, because the business model is completely different, not because one is better than the other.

integration and fluidity only has to do with the android runtime (currently 2.3.5 gingerbread) in the coming months the upgrade to android runtime 4.1 we will see some VERY nice improvements in ported app quality

Seeing as how most of the requested Android apps don't work properly or work at all when converted to .bar files for BB10, i'd say your comment IS the dumb one.

Skype doesn't work. Neither does Netflix. Or Whatsapp (properly). Or Sygic. Or Temple Run 2. Or Real Racing. Or many many more apps. Yet it 'runs Android'.

Whether you like it or not, BB10 runs the Android OS in one or more sandboxes on the device.

Some of the features are blocked and the Android version is an earlier one, but it still runs on BlackBerry 10.

Wozniak didn't specify particular apps.

If BlackBerry ran Android only BlackBerry would cease to exist. They'd be unable to compete with Samsung, would have zero credibility and their key value proposition to enterprise (security) would disappear. His comments were therefore silly.

And if Android is truly open source how come you can't download the Samsung extensions?

Samsung is not Android. They have layered their own proprietary software on top of the open source Android OS. But they all but encourage you to root the phone and run whatever you want for an OS.

I gotta say that IS quite funny. I was gonna say I'd get a home phone again but I couldn't touch your comment. As the first gen of a new platform BB is not doing too badly. There's room for improvement surely.

Well if Mayans got the whole apocalypse thing wrong...who's to say good ol Stevey is anymore prophetic? There's absolutely no accountability on his part, so why now put yourself out there? Nothing to lose, nothing to gain.

What I love the most about these comments made by industry experts, about a so called dying company, is the fact that they have anything at all to say. If they believed they were dead, then rest in peace, but no, they can't leave well enough alone. Who's asking these questions and why, if blackberry doesn't have a shot then let it go, unless you have some inferiority complex. I don't mean that about Woz, but about the people stirring up shite.

I cannot believe what a Garbage Disposal he has turned into.

When is this BBRY bashing gonna go out of style?
I think all this crap talk is because of fear...

Actually, it's the hype thingy. Android is the hype now, with lots of different brands and devices people see daily on tv. Most people believe what they see on tv and what their friends use. Those can be described as the hype imo.

Alicia keys have huge homework. How to create the blackberry hype and keep it moving. My coworkers made a harlem shake videoat office yesterday. Blackberry need-no,must come up with something that can create short or long term hype. Continuous hype. Gangnam style, harlem shake, anything. The product has been launched. Don't stop there, keep moving! Create the hype, keep it moving!

Alicia keys, stop using your other phone. Start showing ur Z10!

This is funny lol, and to think Android is the most UN-Secure and bloated OS in the mobile industry. What Apple should be doing right now is either trash it's useless iOS or talk to BlackBerry for a possible BB10 licencing deal.

Both BlackBerry and Apple running BB10 would help take out Android and it's un-innovation, malware infested OS.

I've been running a SG3 for 4 months now and haven't experienced any security issues. In fact if you root the phone, you can choose which security software to install and run integral to the OS. For instance, avast can be installed so it can not be simply uninstalled by a potential thief.

I've always admired Steve Wozniak for his achievements as an engineer and respect his views on a number of technological issues. However, his belief that Android's momentum will force companies like BB to adopt it are misguided. Android is a flawed and insecure mobile OS that is being developed and pushed by a corporation that is totally incompetent when it comes to OS design and implementation. Even Microsoft has done a better job at implementing a stable mobile OS (WP8) even though its installed base is small.

BB has the advantage of using a solid foundation with QNX which will see BB10 and newer OS releases scale beyond the competition in performance and functionality.

Sorry Woz - you're wrong on this one.

Ah, this takes me back. That's what everyone was saying about Windows fifteen years ago, that it was a crufty insecure pile of backwards-compatible hacks and would surely die off and be replaced by Linux/Beos/whatever. Never underestimate the power of incumbency.

I've noticed something as of late, people will do anything to get media coverage. This explains why he would say such a thing. In other words, by not recommending BB to go iOS (lol, right) he himself has no confidence in iOS.

Nice one, keep talking nonesense, while BlackBerry 10 continues to eat away at iOS market share.

Damn i wish I could be a ceo and be able so say really supid shit and have a whole workforce agree with me. That must be something special !

IMOH, .....this is not a Krazy ....thought. Sideloading, and other Android karma involved with Blackberry is not something thats unheard of.......i can see this in 2014......easy.

So much for Blackberry's image as a tool for serious people to get things done. I guess the new Blackberry is for surly teens with poor impulse control? Yeesh.

Lol. It's easily becoming that. Maybe BlackBerry secretly wants that. This can't be a tool for serious people...I'll need more than delayed emailed, Docs2Go and Reminder. If BlackBerry could just sort the PowerPoint licence issue I'd say it may help...

I think it is great to have a 3rd or 4th ecosystem for smartphones not just iOS and Android .... That's like humans vs aliens ... LOL ... Lovin my Z10 : )

It's healthy for the smartphone market to have multiple OS, so I do hope that the BB10 QNX does does well in the Android/IOS dominated market. If you look at the many companies using Android, apart from Samsung, very few are really making money.

All that needs to happen is to have BB get more standard Apps. What ever happened to cross OS development toolkits? What about HTML5?

I have thought about BB skinning Android and adding in their special sauce so that we get the best of both (Blackberry usability on core needs, and Andoird Apps for breadth). The problem is that Android still has issues, and BB Android devices would not have a strong enough value prop.

BB has to continue to push the BB10 envelop. I really like my Z10, and it will just get better over time.

I think a real test to the Z10 will come in the next few months when the next wave of Android devices are released. Specs can sometimes pull people away, even though they often mean nothing of real world performance. I think it will be relatively easy for BB to pull back some of the "lost flock" who gave up on the tired platform. The challenge will be pulling in those already very comfortable with Android, plus seeing the new lines of higher spec'd Androids coming.

Even for me, a long time BB user through work (and happy PlayBook owner), I'm having a hard time deciding. My archaic personal phone - Palm Pre - has been sitting on the shelf for years as my job offered me a BB 9900. Now I'm off to a new job where I won't be assigned a phone and I'm trying to figure out my best bet. The Z10 is very attractive, but so is waiting to see what the newest Androids will offer.

No other device will allow you to separate work and personal on the same device. Your IT department has complete control over the company's stuff. You have complete control over your personal stuff. No device is as secure as a BB device. It's a no-brainer.

You are correct with Balance and security with BlackBerry, but also being a personal device one has to find what their needs are personally. Right now app development on BlackBerry isn't rich when compared so going Android may meet personal satisfaction. It will come to BlackBerry eventually, but even I have grown tired porting and testing Android apps just to justify beyond work usage.

The place I'm going to work is a small non-profit where the IT needs are small at best. They will not have an enterprise server at all and in that way are quite archaic. The reality is this will be my personal device that I will attach my work email to, which I assume is easy to do as I used to do this with my antique Palm Pre.

The balance option is quite useless to me for the most part as they would never have an enterprise server to setup the work side. If BB opened that up someday so that me as the end user could separately select what is work vs. personal and set parameters for when each is functioning, I'd be very happy.

I've been out of the loop with cell phones for so long I have very little knowledge about what kind of user I'll end up being. My contract is up in a few months and I can upgrade at any time. I don't have a ton of money to spend on multiple phones so hoping to get it right the first time.

Blah blah blah. We've heard this all before. The minute BB 10 was launched it put apple into the same situation BB was. All the complaints BB was getting have now just landed on Stevie's and apples doorstep. The apple slide has already begun. Let's hope apple has a new innovative operating system in the bag, or are they going to try and pull the wool over the apple consumers eyes with some new type of display again. Lol. Yeah you go Stevie boy. Good luck

The problem with Blackberry is, where is the device that will wow people back or wow them fro leaving. The z10 isn't even close. it is a great phone don't get me wrong but there is now wow factor. Where is a Large screen slider to replace the torch. Thats the device that grab people eye when it was released. Or a Large screen phone like a note blending the playbook in to a phone a 5+ inches. If Blackberry releases a slider phone that has only a 4 inch screen eventually, they wont have to switch to Android because every will have already.

They need a device that is like wow, not ok seen it before and just looks like everything else.

You must be one of those people still stuck at viewing the Z10 through your monitor because being an actual owner it is indeed a beautiful device with great considerations. A 4.2" screen wasn't just picked because Apple was reported to go 4" on the iPhone 5. The rubberised backing sure beats the shit out of glass and glossy plastic. The virtual keyboard is amazing beyond belief. You are clearly stuck on older BlackBerry's. There really isn't a need to do a Slider BlackBerry because it wouldn't fit in their portfolio as well as it would introduce another screen size for devs and it could be costly to do a device with more moving parts. Also, there are only so many design variations. If it looks like an iPhone, kudos to the design team for coming up with the design well before Apple. Great minds think alike...even if it's competition.

@dgolf You may very well be right. But putting Blackberry hardware around Android will do what to wow anyone? The Blackberry logo?

People are getting worried what's next for apple since when asked all they say is 5S...what's 5S? BB10 will have made an impact by the end of this year by taking away some market from android. Blackberry is winning over customers from all over, even here in Uganda, during the BB10 launch everyone wanted a piece of the cake...problem is when it will be available.

And anyway you can’t hate on Steve Wozniak, he looks okay for someone who walked back to the limelight all the way from the Old Testament. GO BACK ALREADY!

Interesting twist. So Blackberry should stay in the hardware business and sell off its software biz then?

That means they become just another hardware housing to Android just like the Galaxy S3, The LG Nexus, Motorola, Acer and a myriad of other hardware products using Android.
And they get back the market share they lost how exactly? I guess the Blackberry hardware is that much better than Samsung's? How come no technical reviews pointed this out?

I guess they just move to China where they would build and release new Blackberry Droid and file for bankruptcy 3 days later when surprisingly no one buys a single unit.

So no more software development? May as well just sell it off then to Salivating Lenovo or Sony or even Samsung. Smart thinking.

Well I have a better take on where Blackberry should go. Well at least I back up my crazy ideas. I also spent more that 3 seconds actually thinking about them.

Few year back I remember him saying that WindowsPhone OS is most important OS after iOS, I guess his condition is getting worse. No wonder soon he can claim that PeePaaaPooo OS will be the only hope to save the world after iOS, provided he get enough press and media coverage.

Steve, you should know that you dont need this kind of media or publicity stunts.

Be a Man . . .Ahhh i miss my friend Russel Peters:)

You'll have to forgive Woz,he's been hanging around the Hollywood crowd for the past few years. And everyone knows going to Hollywood lowers a person's IQ by 40%.

I kind of view the old Woz like that eccentric engineering uncle you invite over at thanksgiving. He is likable enough and he seems smart enough because 40 years ago he was part of something that turned out successful. But as the night wears on you realize that the only things he talks about are his one actual achievement and his latest project to make biodegradable toilet seats. The latter makes you elevate your trips to the punch bowl.

To a small crowd of people, the Woz is a phophet. However, the truth is that he got lucky and was in the right place at the right time. I don't degrudge him his one success but after 40 years, I think we can say that lightening isn't going to strike twice. He is no Steve Jobs.

Woz was on top of his game at one time, sadly no more. Those that know him closely are well aware he is no longer functioning on all cylinders in a mental capacity. Watching Ali decline was sad, now Woz declining also, very sad.

Uh Wozniak is a good guy, but he is so flip flop he can't be an Apple fan right, he has to carry multiple phones. Good guy, but he is full of it LOL :-)

Old Woz should stop worrying about other companies futures and focus on his own crumbling user base and aging, stagnant devices.

I don't think BlackBerry necessarily needs to switch to Android to be a success, especially if they can perfect the ability to run Android apps. Ultimately If developers have to do little to no work at all, then I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate to submit their apps & games to BlackBerry World.

But I suspect the sales are most likely going to be poor. And it's not because the Platform isn't awesome, It's just that RIM is so late to the game. It's hard to win people over when theres Android & iOS. Both iOS & Android have a huge ecosystem, so that will inevitably be the major deciding factor for most people.

BlackBerry 10 in my opinion provides the best experience so far in terms of intuitiveness & multi-tasking. No other phone in the market has the mulit-tasking capabilities of BB10. But again who knows If it's enough to win over consumers..

I'm being conservative here, but BB10 will own 70% of the market share a year from now. Android will have 25% and WP8 will have 5%. The iPhone is so 2007, and will be dead and buried in 2013. You can take that to the bank!

This may be the most myopic fanboi statement I've read in a long time. No chance at 70% this year. I hope they come back strong, I really do, but it just doesn't work that way.

BTW, I'm writing this from my PlayBook, a great device, and I am a fan of BB, just not a blind one.

I own a Blackberry PlayBook and a Blackberry Bold 9930 and i will be leaving BlackBerry for sure in a few weeks. My Bold has been a true nightmare from weak Rf, buggy Os that freezes up and eats up battery life, bad batteries, and decade old OS. I am on my third Bold already and I regret so much leaving my htc Evo for this. Android, im coming back home baby!

"He's been running with a rather dubious crowd these days anyhow. "

Laugh at this XD as a Galaxy Nexus owner, I like him though :D

*don't shoot me*

He is dating Kathy Griffin so clearly he knows what he thinks is a good idea. /sarcasm.

Just don't see the value in Android. Granted I tried it 2 years ago but I didn't like it then.

Never. Going. To. Happen.
Android Runtime - Check.
BlackBerry 10 theme over QNX - Check.
Portability for iOS and Android Apps... Check.
That's all we need.