Could the Apple/IBM enterprise mobility deal bring Microsoft or Google closer to BlackBerry?

By Chris Umiastowski on 16 Jul 2014 04:52 pm EDT

Yesterday IBM and Apple announced the start of a significant courtship that stands to forever change the landscape of enterprise mobility. In short, Apple and IBM launched an exclusive deal by which IBM will sell iPhones and iPads to its enterprise customer base, create iOS apps and services, and launch other cloud solutions including mobile device management (MDM).

That last bit … cloud hosted MDM … sounds a lot like it could be a major competitive threat to BlackBerry, right? That's how it's being represented across most of the media thus far. The street has reacted similarly as well, with BBRY shares trading down nearly 12% today. I don't think it's quite so cut and dry.

Yes, it represents a new competitive threat to anyone in the MDM space. But it's also a bit of a weird deal in terms of its effect on other players. For example, IBM owns Fiberlink who is in the MDM market already with a cross platform solution.

The press release about this deal says it is exclusive. But what aspects of it are exclusive? Will IBM totally drop support for any other hardware platforms? Will they be restricted from releasing any apps for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android? Perhaps the exclusive part is Apple agreeing not to let other competitors sell iOS devices into the enterprise? After all, IBM looks to be doing most of the actual work. They're creating new apps and new services, and it is their sales team doing the selling. I assume Apple has to be giving up some of the margin on device sales, and since these devices are easy to sell IBM is getting easy margin dollars in return from their effort.

So what about BlackBerry? They are currently the leader in the MDM market, and this IBM deal isn't likely to change much in the next 12 months. BlackBerry is already working with IBM and others in the MDM arena. All we have here is an announcement of things to come, not the actual results of all the hard work. But I do think that this Apple/IBM deal is a big signal that the two computing giants have picked each other as dance partners, and other deals are likely to happen as a result. Google and Microsoft are the most likely giants, in my opinion, to make a move to compete with the Apple/IBM news.

Several months ago BlackBerry put itself up for sale and, judging from the outcome, there was no known serious interest. But here we are now with big things happening in the MDM market. A giant flashlight is now shining on the space, and it happens to be one where BlackBerry has the #1 market share. If you are Microsoft or Google I have to think your interest in some sort of richer BlackBerry partnership just went up, at least to solidify the MDM and security aspects of the business.

I think the race just heated up, and BlackBerry may end up having to form a deep partnership with another (much larger) company, assuming they're not already working on something like that. Depending on how it works out, the outcome could be very good for shareholders and customers.

Remember - every customer wants to feel that their provider will be around and stay competitive for the long term. The Apple/IBM deal will certainly cause customers to think more carefully about their plans, and I believe this will inevitably lead to a joint venture deal or takeover involving our market share leading friends in Waterloo. But, that's thinking ahead and not in sight yet.

As for how BlackBerry feels about the Apple/IBM deal, an emailed statement to the Financial Post notes it "only underscores the ongoing need for secure end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions like those BlackBerry has delivered for years." Adding that, BlackBerry is the "clear leader" in this market and "enterprises should think twice about relying on any solution built on the foundation of a consumer technology that lacks the proven security benefits that BlackBerry has always delivered,"

One might even be able to get away with saying BlackBerry saw this coming giving the timing of one of their recent #BBFactCheck's - BlackBerry 10 v. Apple iOS 8: Who packs a punch for enterprises?

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Could the Apple/IBM enterprise mobility deal bring Microsoft or Google closer to BlackBerry?



First Apple missed out on the corporate market dominated by IBM and Microsoft. Then they couldn't get on top of the PC market which Wintel still dominates to this day. Then they missed out on the internet and 2.0 (fortunately that were able to save themselves the embarrassment of that by convincing the world they needed thousands of individual apps to look at web content instead of just having a fully-functioning browser). Apple completely missed the first wave of mobile phones as Motorola and Nokia owned that space for a decade (with BlackBerry developing it's own niche) before finally showing up to make an impact in smartphones. And Apple has been very late to the game in the auto market that BlackBerry/QNX dominates.

Now - after how many years? - Apple is trying to compete on BlackBerry's turf of health care and banking mobility? Apple and IBM certainly make a formidable alliance... but IBM's decision is notably to the exclusion of Microsoft and its recent acquisition of Nokia's handset division. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to this threat given that Apple has an exceptional track-record of doing very well even after seemingly always missing the boat. BlackBerry will undoubtedly be viewed as "in play" again, with much, much, much more strategic value to Microsoft this time around. This partnership between IBM and Apple can be either a serious problem for Microsoft if left unattended or simply a cost if they decide to buy the solution (i.e. BlackBerry). I'm seeing this as extremely positive news for BlackBerry's share price, despite any uninformed knee jerk reactions to the contrary, given the war chest Microsoft has at its disposal and the critical importance of this announcement to Microsoft's future. It is interesting to note that just today's one-day increase in Microsoft's share price today added more market value to the company's shares than all of BlackBerry's market cap. Could it be MSFT shareholders see the writing on the wall and are excited by the prospect of locking down BlackBerry's assets.

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Who cares what he typed it on! Most of the CB editors don't even use a BlackBerry as their daily driver. Why do BlackBerry owners make it seem as if their BlackBerry phone is a member of their family get over it already. People choose devices based on their needs and from what their current market share is which is about 0.6%. Most smart phone users want other devices because it meets their needs. If the new line of BlackBerry devices fail like the previous did don't expect Chen to release new devices. He will focus on enterprise and software . He was appointed as CEO to make the company profitable again not to continue to make handsets that don't sell.

They do sell. It's just the carriers that are making them harder to sell by pushing the competition (which aren't made/developed in canada).

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Your kidding me right LMAO. The carriers are the reason BlackBerry devices don't sell? That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Geez BlackBerry users have become so blind it isn't funny....

Have you ever gone into a carrier store when the Z10 & Q10 came out, non of the retail employees where pushing blackberry, you know why they didn't know nothing about it and they were placed in a conner of the store you had to ask so they pushed other smartphone. Also they sold them to customer by showing them all the apps and how shinning they looked.

I would say that was a chicken or the egg scenario but the customers left steak and pork months, years earlier.

I would be more than happy if Microsoft bought BlackBerry. The technology behind Microsoft, Nokia, and BlackBerry would be amazing. Microsoft and BlackBerry are best known for their softwares putting these two titans together would be amazing.

Actually MS would leave BB10 / QNX alone there will be version of BB devices running Windows but they should leave BB10 in tact and use the OS to improve windows or bring them together in time.
They Have Nokia for Windows Phone
so they will just leave Blackberry to their OS.
we might see Nokia devices with keyboards though and better cameras for BB.

Good point, BB10 is far superior to anything out to date. It would make no sense if MS would abandon it.

Anyway, that would not happen, IF MS was to partner and/or buy BBRY, the terms by John Chen would be the continuation of BB10. Nothing can be more secure than BES10 and BB10 together. Nothing.

Posted on my Q5

Nothing currently available is but unless you have a crystal ball that doesn't mean that another company couldn't come up with something that is more secure then BES and as far as BB 10 being the most secure OS doesn't mean it can't be hacked into because any computer and mobile device has the ability to be hacked.

Instead I think, Google aligning with BBRY has more fire power.
Google is trying Knox, trying enterprise space, has more bucks
BBRY trying IoT, vying consumer space with Android runtime, need more bucks

Why would Google partner with Blackberry they are just doing fine on their own. They won't even allow BlackBerry to have access to their Google Play store

Google has a great partner with Samsung and a mobile OS with Android, I don't think they will look at BlackBerry much.
Same with Microsoft, they have their Windows Phone OS, and their own cloud service, remains to see if they think it's cheaper to go into an alliance with BlackBerry or if they will want to develope other options for MDM.
Very interested to see if there is indeed a positive path ahead for BlackBerry, or if this puts the company into even more peril.

BlackBerry should give us S/MIME and PGP capabilities!

Google has zero credibility in security, if fact Google is the anti-security company, any CEO/CIO looking to Google for security needs his head examined.

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Again just because BlackBerry is more secure doesn't mean it can't be hacked when will people finally realize this. Google is doing just fine the way it is lol and on the other hand BlackBerry is more secure and how has that worked out for them. No need to post articles on how they are losing market share at a alarming rate to a point where WP is now #3.

He,or anyone else wasn't trying to claim it wasn't hacker proof...but more that Android is a security mess...and is not 'just fine' as you like to proclaim. 'just fine' rings along the same lines as 'good enough'...I, and many, many others like me don't want a company that is known for advertising etc. in charge of our personal/work information...however the more people that buy into this 'just fine' mentality the more of a mess will be made if someone decides th exploit the 'good enough' nature (to a larger more expensive scale) aspect of Android...and iOS for that matter...

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If BlackBerry sells itself to Microsoft, I will abandon all my BlackBerry phones!!!! Google would be a better choice if something like that has to happen.

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If BlackBerry sells itself to Google I would sell all my BlackBerry phones immediately. Google offers zero privacy.

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No buyout of BlackBerry, but an alliance between BlackBerry and Microsoft, why not. BES 12 will support Windows Phone 8, and if they work together with Apps, I think that could be a very mighty alliance.

If the focus for BlackBerry is enterprise, a strategic alignment with Microsoft for productivity applications, and with SAP for analytics software makes sense. BlackBerry has a lot of value as a stand-alone entity.

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I want BlackBerry to stay independent. I can easily see what Microsoft would gain, but nothing good for BlackBerry (remember Nokia deal, and wait for news today...)

Moreover, it would signifying BlackBerry would become a part of an US company, which means NSA big nose in all our data...

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Yes, BlackBerry has to stay independent. But I think, strong alliances would help, if BlackBerry could pull their strings in developing BES and other firms support with good software (apps). Some SAP Apps I have seen in the BlackBerry World. So if they could provide more, that would be good.

I agree. Blackberry needs to stay independent and maintain their integrity. 'strategic' alliances or 'partners'? Perhaps, maybe.. Buyout or merger? Na, we have enough 'software' companies and 'advertising' companies (Data Miners) here in the US..

Q10 on T-Mobile

Well, maybe that's the solution for BlackBerry. Because I think the news about IBM/Apple are big problems for BlackBerry. We have to face it. If BlackBerry doesn't do anything new (new for everybody, not just new for BlackBerry) they are going to lose.
BlackBerry haven't show to the world something new, and promote it well. Samsung and Apple always bring something new, stupid things if you ask me, but new things. And that's what customers want. New things to explore.

I would settle for a partnership that would be in BBRY's interest. If it is an outright sale to another company that currently has a mobile OS then it may be bye-bye BB10 OS and that just would not do for me.

I also want to add that this is BBRY's second chance to see Apple making a play for their market share, I hope they learned from 2007!

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

Insightful post! You nailed it when it comes to Apple's historic inability to anticipate where the market is heading. Their recent success in smartphones & tablets is somewhat making up for their prior failures. The fact that there's such a halo effect over Apple at the moment means that they stand a real chance, with the help of a company as well respected in the Enterprise as IBM, of breaking into the Enterprise MDM space in a way that does threaten BlackBerry's #1 position. Apple products are more popular with consumers, but IT experts and the security conscious still put their trust in BlackBerry for MDM. Adding IBM's expertise could change that.

Based on the direction that BlackBerry took, by supporting Android apps, I think the natural fit is for BlackBerry and Google to forge a much stronger partnership. It seems like trying to forge a partnership between Microsoft and BlackBerry at this stage would require starting from square one! Seems like the path of least resistance is a Google/BlackBerry marriage. Having BlackBerry behind Google could certainly help them to get past some of their perceived security flaws (if they even want to).

I'm thinking about Samsung having an interest in BlackBerry. TV's, washers, microwaves, All of their products+IOT domination, using QNX as the established base, enterprise and even the handsets. License Knox to Google, provide a Knockout punch to Microsoft and make Apple cringe. Health, automotive, secure payment etc.
Heck, who saw Apple and IBM partnering up.
I'm definitely no intellectual on this stuff but.... just sayin.

As far as Apple's inability to truly create new markets, I keep an idiom in mind: "Pioneers get slaughtered. Settlers prosper.". Apple has proven time and time again that it is a very effective settler. BlackBerry is still yet to provide wit van be more than a pioneer.

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In somewhat full agreement...
Or maybe, and perhaps more likely because our (the Canadian, I'm from/in Canada - most of the time) government has previously stated it would block deals for foreign acquisition, BlackBerry could do something similar to IBM, perhaps deploying Microsoft phones at additional charge perhaps with some additional security layers or something covered by some random patent or something or another to do with applications - blah.

It could be as simple as making BlackBerry phones and windows phone devices cost the same in a BES managed environment? IOS and Android cost more per license no?

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Your post is bang on. But I will go a step further. I think Microsoft is already in some sort of talks with blackberry for a joint venture. One can't help but notice that Microsoft is in the process of laying off 2,000-4,000 people in the Nokia division. Hmmm, is this just coincidence? This is positive news for Blackberry and itsimply verifies what Chen has been saying all along.

Is there any source for this sort of talk? What is happening with Apple+IBM shows Blackberry had been right all along. Canadian government must wake up and not allow Blackberry to be swallowed up by American giants.

It was reported in the NYT as the new CEOs first big move. Go back about 4 days in the news cycle.

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Totally agree the government better not allow another Canadian company get swallowed up by an American company.

But knowing how the conservative party is kissing ass to the American government they allow it. Should this happen

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Speaking of the NYT, they are reporting today that Microsoft is going to initiate it's largest series of layoffs in its history. Sounds like it will be north of 10,000 and will extend beyond Nokia. The justification for the layoffs is that Microsoft can't effectively compete with smaller, more nibble companies. Hmm an interesting take on company size.

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It is people like you who give all of us Blackberry longs a bad name and make others call us Rimtards. Do you even know how Apple destroyed Blackberry while Mike and Jim were doing the tango. The way you look down on Apple is ridiculous. This same arrogance from Jim and Mike destroyed Blackberry.

Apple has nothing but fancy colourful marketing. That's it, they have no innovation, there iPhones lack greatly in hardware quality and it's iOS is laughable. Worst OS ever created. And iPhone users keep getting fished into buying more iPhone junk. North America being the culprit.

Posted on my Q5

Agreed! iOS sucks! It's boring. Even bb7 is cooler than that. But I have to say I prefer iOS over WP! That thing sucks even more!

Posted with my Awesome Z10 via CB10

So iPhone quality sucks but you're using a Q5? I've used both and if you think the Q5 is anywhere near the quality of an iPhone you're completely oblivious.

Posted via CB10

Yes I thought that was laughable as well and yes he is as many other BlackBerry users are. They will buy anything with a BlackBerry logo on it. Many have already made the choice to buy the Classic and Passport without seeing it in person or holding it in their hands. BTW does anyone even know what the specs are on those devices. If they don't then that proves my point even further.

Actually specs have been leaked for passport. And how many people already know that they will be buying the iPhone 6? Maybe not you, but many people I talk to already know they will.

Posted via CB10

He drop his Q5, you drop your iPhone.

See who'll laugh then.

Apart from apps, the Q5 is the Q10's "smaller brother", and the Q10 just annihilates the iPhone in usability. You may disagree.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

BlackBerry can survive an IBM-assisted Apple assault. IBM and Apple still cannot match the security level of BlackBerry enterprise solutions. IBM may win new iPhone and iPad sales for Apple, but the enterprise market will remain a stronghold of BlackBerry.

Corporations of today are now paranoid about industrial espionage. BlackBerry was the first mobile solutions company to receive the U.S. Department of Defense's "Full Operational Capability" (NASDAQ:FOC) seal of approval. The U.S. Department of Defense may have allowed the iPhone and the iPad for use of its employees, but only if under BlackBerry software.

That is from Seeking Alpha of all people , this move by IBM and Apple was done in reaction to the perceived recovery by BlackBerry as I posted in the forums, IOS isn't secure as a stand alone device. Adding IBM applications isn't enough, as Aviva found out they had to return to BES. The stock tumble means nothing, just a knee jerk reaction, this is an opportunity to get in on the BlackBerry Stock.

Posted via CB10

You hit the nail on the head.
Companies like Apple, MobileIron, Good, Airwatch for example were all salivating for BBRY to file for Chapter 11. So they all may reap some rewards.

Quite delusional, because BBRY is not only growing, they are succeeding. MobileIron already got hacked. Good is not good enough, and KNOX is a joke.

Nothing can beat BBRY's security and it's experience. Nothing, not even Apple/IBM. The only thing they beat BBRY on is marketing.

Posted on my Q5

The Anti Trust Laws are there and are in play, the necessary bodies will have to look at it, especially seeing it's two American Giants teaming up, I think this is why the emphasis is placed on the development of" 100 applications".
To ensure domestic competition, the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 and the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 prohibit the monopolization of an industry by one firm. there have been cases like , United States v. Aluminum Company of America (148 F.2d 416 (3rd Cir. 1945).) (Alcoa), an appeals court decision penalized the firm for being too competitive. The Judge wrote in his opinion:
[Alcoa] insists that it never excluded competitors; but we can think of no more effective exclusion than progressively to embrace each new opportunity as it opened and to face every newcomer with new capacity already geared into a great organization, having the advantage of experience, trade connections and elite of personnel.
Thus Alcoa was punished not because it used illegal means to attempt to "monopolize" its industry, but because it used experience and aggressive business strategies to take advantage of market opportunities. This landmark decision has been the basis of many other court decisions . Its interesting to see if anyone uses this as grounds for a revision of the JV.

Posted via CB10

Anti-trust laws aren't really enforced in the current US economic model. They stifle the ability to maximize profit. Don't count on anybody so much as flinching at this deal.

Posted via CrackBerry App

Let's see, both entities have been under scrutiny before and have been fined. Is it a monopolistic move? I am sure that there are individuals looking on closely from the respective Departments. Especially with a monitor already assigned to Apple,on another unrelated issue, whose tenure there was extended from two to five years by the Justices.

Posted via CB10

This is a solid comment!!! Loved how you pre-wrote this also so the first post was more and not a 1st!

Posted via CB10

Jake....that is the best first ever! I'm impressed.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

I think that there's another part to this story between Apple and IBM. A recent Bloomberg Business week article put forth the argument that IBM is struggling mightily in the corporate world. They are not getting the contracts they used to and while certain metrics look good, scratching beneath the surface, it's not a rosy scene. I see this JV as two companies who want to do better in the corporate world leaning on each other. Apple want to be there, IBM wants to get back there. Apple is hoping IBM has the ties and the connections to deepen Apple's reach into the corporate sphere. IBM is looking for some easy cash through selling Apple products and perhaps some halo effect on them for carrying it. That's my view at this moment, subject to change without notice! For those who want, here's the link to the Bloomberg article:

This post almost reminds me of that one I wrote back on July 4th, 2011.... 10 Reasons Why Google Will Buy BlackBerry.

What was interesting was that ultimately GOOG did buy somebody, but they bought Motorola instead. Which they've now sold. I don't get the sense that Google or Microsoft are that interested in BBRY... they've had plenty of time to get in closer already if they would have wanted to.

That said, I do think the post makes a valid point - things are further heating up in this enterprise mobility space. BBRY will have to keep pushing hard, and as the article suggests, could make sense that they come in tighter with some bigger players.

Though personally, if BBRY is going to partner or sell, I still think it's to SAP. I mean, John Chen sold them Sybase. I think his follow up could/would be to sell the Enterprise/MDM division of BBRY to Sybase too (then Dan Dodge takes QNX back under his control somehow, BBM spins off to its own thing and I'm not sure what happens on Handsets...). Anyways, random thoughts... and I'd much rather see BBRY keep pushing as a whole. So keep pushing BBRY!!

I think the deal with Amazon with the app store could lead to a stronger partnership among the two of them. If Google and Microsoft had any interest in BlackBerry we would have had a sign last autumn.

Interesting point. Amazon isn't really in the space but they sure are one hell of a giant. So maybe something unexpected could stem from there.

Posted via CB10

They are in the enterprise space through their AWS cloud offerings, of which they're currently dominating. If BB could leverage Amazon to enhance their cloud offerings and IoT, that could be the ideal partnership.

BlackBerry has network infrastructure in 95 countries. Most people forget about that. Perhaps Amazon could leverage that to extend their reach.

What Amazon needs to do is stop relying on Android and start developing BB10 based devices, that's if they partner with BlackBerry. Most if not all on CrackBerry, N4BB etc., know by now that BB10 is far superior.

What happens to handsets? It gets shutdown or patents sold off.
The device market space is too finicky. However I love BB10 over the rest of the OSs.

Good point, but this would never happen under John Chen's watch. Just look what happened when BBRY's previous management decided to put the company up for sale? The company got killed in the process, both in device sales and share price.
BB10 has been gaining slow but steady WW market share. Everything about the company seems to be pointing upwards, in the right direction.

I disagree, for Blackberry to keep pushing alone, they need some deep partnerships with deep pocketed companies like SAP, Amazon, Oracle... this go it alone strategy from Heins and before that Jim and Mike, destroyed so many people and so many lives, arrogance, unless backed by reality, is almost criminal.

I think deep pocketed is not enough as a big name. The greatest options are Google in the first place then follows Microsoft then Amazon. It will help on the consumer side a lot as on enterprise as well

Posted via CB10

Breaking up the company already? Lol.this. Partnership means nothing 100 apps on Apple by IBM and everyone is in panic mode. Wait to see what BlackBerry is doing. I think that many are afraid of the ship righting itself now and want to lunge for the jugular.

Posted via CB10

Whatever apps come up with won't make iPads productivity tools. I doubt that enterprise IT departments hold iPads in high regard.

Posted via CB10

I'd much rather see BB push on as a whole too. I've got great trust in Chen, which is amazing, because I was previously under the impression that no CEO could fix BB's image.

I'd love to see BB become king again... and under its own banner. I think it is possible, but it will require some quick action! No more lagging behind and playing catch-up!

Was looking in this thread for a post that I would find common grounds.

This is it.
I also prefer that BlackBerry stays on its course and also believe that SAP would be best suited.

On another note, yes Microsoft and Google are huge and are full of money but they're SO's kind of suck.
It would kill me seeing BlackBerry being bought by companies that would ruin the slick, SO that is BB10.
That certainly would make me jump ship.

Posted via CB10

When I read this, I thought for sure it would be subject to anti-competitive laws. It's not a merger, but something just doesn't feel right.

I was thinking that exact same thing. How is this legal? When companies start doing exclusivity deals, they are stifling competition, like it looks like here....

I know Apple is not above questionable corporate behavior, but IBM?

Posted via CB10

Amazon/blackberry, would do it for me, with their cloud services in enterprise and their consumers focused phone and tablet which blackberry doesn't compete in. They could provide the customer support and point and click purchase to enterprises and a corporate solution to mobile and put the screws to everyone else.

Posted via CB10

This made me think of where these companies are, and where they want to be. Apple, a huge consumer electronics company, wants to get into enterprise, so they team up with the poster child of enterprise, IBM. Blackberry, the ruler if mobile enterprise, needed. Help in the consumer space, so they team up with the consumer poster child, Amazon. Blackberry doesn't have to beat apple or android or IBM. They just have to be very good at what they do, and have partners to help with the rest. That was the mentality of apple when Steve Jobs had become ceo of apple again...

Posted via CB10

This is brilliant. If Amazon handled BlackBerry warranty and everything it could really improve the whole issue they currently have. The only reason I bought my phone through my carrier was to make sure my warranty would be okay.

Posted via CB10

MaaS360 is a solid product and cloud based which makes ITs job easier. I love BlackBerry but we have BES 5 and BES 10 and have had many issues and outages while MaaS360 has never been an issue so it's hard to justify even though they're giving it away for free now with EZPass.

Posted via CB10

"Under testing" isn't good enough for enterprises, especially when MaaS360 has been doing it for years. You try it and let me know how it goes :)

Agreed but Rome wasn't built in a day, when you have Cook saying that Enterprise isn't in Apples "DNA"however one should pay attention. They are hoping that IBM carries them. As I have also said 100 Apps for Apple built by IBM doesn't make Apple secure and vice versa.

Posted via CB10

That shows your BES5 and BES10 is not installed/designed properly. I designed, installed and configured BES5 and BES10 in my company and never had any issue with it. It is a solid product. Unless some hardware issues since running them in Virtual Machine.
It is about how you guys deploy it in your environment. Don't blame it on the product..

Posted via CB10

So you 'designed' BES? Haha. Not to bash it but they are many known bugs, requiring patches or updates and they're 3rd world support since laying off everyone in Canada is brutal. Not sure how you 'design' around that? And how do you have hardware issues with a VM? Don't you have HA or DRS enabled?

Posted via CB10

During a recent interview with the two tech journalist, (the she male and the bald guy), asked Chen if he was going to go android, which he nervously and quickly replied, " I can't talk about that", Chen adds, " it depends on how much money is on the table". Shortly thereafter blackberry announced the use of Amazon app store, the morning of Amazon's phone release? However small, and insignificant it may be, I found it odd that Amazon allowed Chen to make that announcement that day. Furthermore did Amazon pay BlackBerry as Chen had suggested in the interview?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry would never go Android as a mobile OS. Android's image has been tarnished by Malware, Viruses, Hacking etc., Not happening, BlackBerry is all about Security. Any announcement like this and nobody would take BBRY serious anymore.

First, BlackBerry and Amazon announced the partnership the day before the Fire Phone. Not the day of. It got more play the next day when the news cycle was all about Amazon.

Second, stop with the she-male stuff. Ina is a woman. Stop being a hateful asshole. tell! I don't know how IBM, a technology company, teaming up with Apple, a very successful consumer electronics company, is a bad move.

Google may end up partnering BlackBerry because their Knox is not doing well. I would like to see them in bed together. Interesting times ahead

Posted via CB10

It's a little confusing, but I could be mistaken. I was under the impression that only "parts" of Knox was "given" to Google. Here's Samsung's statement...

Samsung is committed to the long term evolution of mobile security and the ongoing development of Samsung KNOX. While Samsung is contributing a part of KNOX technology for the benefit of the entire Android community and enterprise customers, Samsung KNOX remains the most secure Android platform from the hardware to the application level. Samsung will continue to work with our partners to enable KNOX for all of our valued customers. Our list of enterprise and government clients continues to grow rapidly, and is a testament to our commitment to providing highly-desirable, secure mobile devices across all industries. Furthermore, Samsung continues to offer differentiated and highly valuable mobile enterprise services such as KNOX EMM and KNOX Marketplace to provide customers with the most secure and scalable mobility management solution.

Posted via CB10

When was this written. We have been hearing that KNOX has been suffering a lot of knocks.

Also, I would like to see some numbers for Samsung claims.


I don't see why it wouldn't. It a huge piece of a pie...

I say Google....

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

This just goes to show how corrupt and misleading the Apple Media Machine is....

If you listen to them, you would have thought that Apple has a tremendous footprint in the enterprise - Cook admitted, yesterday, that this wasn't the case.

BlackBerry still has advantages in MDM, low cost phones for emerging markets, innovative phones coming this year, QNX and enterprise messaging....not to mention security which prohibits our President from using an iPhone.....

This is Wall Street piling on BlackBerry on a non story....what is my proof?

How did Apple stock fair today?

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Supported. Apple and IBM strange bedfellows. Surely BlackBerry has been right all along on Secure Enterprise Mobility.

Down. Half a percent. Makes sense as they will burn through cash in the short term chasing this rabbit. May actually be disastrous if not executed well.

The new BlackBerry. Ahead of the curve.

Canuck....great tag line but you should capitalize the c in curve.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

And yet they are still very successful. I'm not in any way an Apple supporter, but whining about the company morals doesn't change the fact that they are industry leaders. If you bring a gun to a knife fight and shoot your opponent, in your mind you still win, and if you can get away with it, well, you're still alive.

Posted via CB10

Seeing as how Microsoft and BlackBerry both dominate in the enterprise arena in their relative fields...that would be an interesting partnership to say the least. Since I work for IBM I was a little disappointed to see this headline..feel like i'm cheating on BlackBerry lool.

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I totally agree with you on this point. Microsoft and BlackBerry are just a match made in heaven. They definitely compliment each other very well due to their experience within the corporate and enterprise realms.

Question becomes, who has the bigger balls and who will be in the driver's seat? Microsoft or BlackBerry? QNX or Windows 8? Lol

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You're kidding right? Why would a company with a market cap of $350 billion buy a company with a market cap of $6 billion for some spare change then let them take the drivers seat? haha

Have to say that this makes more sense to me.

Microsoft dominates with Wintel systems which are used by the majority of businesses, as far as I can see. Joining with BlackBerry would act to protect Microsoft's position in enterprise while boosting thier profile in the device market.

In contrast, IBM walked away from business microcomputers after starting the PC market. Apple isn't even a meaningful player.

I agree with Chris, this may be easy money for IBM. Yet, I see it as a more desperate move for Apple. Diminishing returns in their consumer space is forcing them to look elsewhere.

(I'd guess that unfortunately Microsoft would buy BlackBerry outright rather than having any sort of "exclusive" arrangement.)

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Either this is awful news for BlackBerry... or it will drive them to make acquisition or sell pieces that will benefit the company. Amazon or Microsoft would both be appealing to me. It's hard to say for sure, but it would take huge things from Passport/Classic for BlackBerry to continue on its own. Just the feeling I have.

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MSFT is dabling in non-Windows handsets lately, maybe they would be open to doing something with BBRY... that would get my vote. a nice match, both focused on and well entrenched in the Enterprise... hmm.

I was really looking forward to the next BlackBerry acquisition rumour since is been like 9 months without one now. Thanks for lighting the match

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Hopefully Chen is one the phone making calls. I think it would be great if they could spin their security to those two larger companies. What many don't realize or remember is probably a better word, is Apple and IBM have been doing business for years.

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BB + Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, no need for Google or Microsoft. As I have posted before, look at BB recent alliances an think globally. Chen is beyond conventional thinking and forging alliances that will stand 5,10,20 years down the road. Apple and IBM is great media fodder, but probably wont hold water a year from now.

It appears this is the most likely route. You have some form of BlackBerry and Amazon agreement as it stands. BlackBerry doesn't seem to be aggressive or even interested in carrier relations. I see them focusing on enterprise with an Amazon distribution. I see BlackBerry pushing updates themselves world wide with Amazon Store/apps/music built right in. The carriers will simply be service providers. I can switch from Rogers to Bell an example. I believe this has been in the works a lot longer than we were made of a BlackBerry -Amazon alliance. In fact, I believe it was the deal that took BlackBerry off the sale market, and secured Prem's massive investment. As long as some of the world has free markets, no one company will rule. As companies get larger, they become less nimble. If investors get worried, they pull the money. Ask BlackBerry.

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Chris, what about Amazon? Amazon seems to be getting hard into cloud services and business services and I guess sometime in the near future Amazon will compete with Google for number one in mobile.

My perception is that nobody wants BlackBerry. If they did, they would have purchased the company when it was for sale. I think most companies that might have an interest in BlackBerry are fearful of any stigmas that might come from owning or affiliating with them. That is what happens when a company does not take care if their brand image. It's all about perception.

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Mike, Jim, Heins, Boulben, Tear, and the biggest loser, Roger Martin, played havoc with this company. BBRY should get rid of all the old directors as well... Stymiest, Kotchka...

Nope, it's just another sales channel to push Apple hardware...of those enterprises will already have Apple gear.

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Totally right.

IBM will practically be doing most of the work and maybe make dollars with support, so Apple can simply keep selling gadgets.

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This comment is very unfair! You obviously know some insider info and are not at liberty to reveal it, but don't tease us like this!!

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another opportunity to refocus the direction. Enterprise with a strategic partner (there are some definite options) will build the ability to compete head to head

For the last 4 years, I have repeatedly asked Blackberry (and RIMM) to form such partnerships. Jim, Mike and Heins were stupid (and arrogant) not to do it. Chen will do it.

Personally I want to see BlackBerry stay whole and standing on their own. If they were to get "consumed" in one way shape or form I could find a way to sleep at night. As long as Suckerburg has nothing to do w/ it.

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I feel that Google will stand alone. If there's any consolidation involving BlackBerry, it would be either Microsoft trying to get any possible market share with anything, or Apple - hear me out.

There is probably a good chance that despite best efforts, only Android and iOS will survive for smart phones. If there is any chance for a 3rd player, every possible resource and opportunity must be realized. That's why Microsoft makes sense.

For Apple, despite their unfathomable market cap and cash hoard, shareholders always want more, more, more. Apple does have small market share compared to Google, but they have the resources to try and change that. According to that article, Cook admits Apple is not strong in corporate, thus the partnership with IBM. But IBM is more a dinosaur than BlackBerry by far, so it is definitely weird. But Apple + BlackBerry Enterprise (and IBM) is a force strong enough to take on Google. Apple could even keep the BlackBerry hardware as their "Business line. ". The funny thing is that Apple could offer a huge premium for BlackBerry that shareholders couldn't refuse, and it would basically be pocket change.

I dunno. I'm sure the billionaires are all sitting around drinking a good brandy talking about all the different scenarios. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when people are talking about billion dollar moves. Has Chen been to Cupertino lately?

One more thing to note: fickle consumers who want a ton of unique choices are one thing, but multinational companies spending millions to manage IT and phones generally want consistency and standards. I think the big players will/should push for a standard and given how much experience BlackBerry has in the space, it really makes sense to go with that.

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This is actually a counter scenario I never thought about. If one titan works with another to produce mobile security, why wouldn't another titan do the same?

Blackberry would actually seem like an easy target for something like this.

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Apple can die and go to hell. Hmmmm, they really REALLY must be afraid of BlackBerry if they are making moves like these. Long live BlackBerry and go to hell and die Crapple.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

Why on earth ANY other phone company hasn't made a new "1984" commercial showung Apple as Big Brother, is beyond me.

Yes! Or as I picture it, the Apple logo as the Eye of Sauron Love to see that meme go viral!

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I'm thinking BlackBerry should team up with Kentucky Fried Chicken, To deliver the ultimate user experience.

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I think it is simply to early to jump to conclusions BlackBerry is in a good place financially right now. It's going to give them time to discuss with their partners a possible solution of the Apple/IBM deal if they feel it's essential to merge or get bought out I'm sure Chen will do the research before anything becomes solid. Their is another option though what if they acquired yet another business to further strengthen their hand.

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I just want to state that I really don't want BlackBerry to be bought out. I would be interested in seeing potential joint ventures though. Think Microsoft and blackberry could benefit from that kind of deal. Google is Google and has too much size at this point and has never really gone after the enterprise directly.

The thing I don't understand, ios is the least secure platform currently available, do companies actually want it?

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100% agree! There is so much exciting stuff on the horizon for Blackberry - I would hate to see them start talking about selling, again.

In the short time that Chen has been in charge, it sure does seem like he (a) knows what he's doing and (b) can identify threats in the market. I would imagine (and hope) that he's already planning how to deal with this. I would love to hear that Blackberry is partnering with a company like Microsoft or SAP - companies that are synonymous with enterprise, reliability, and most of all, staying power. I don't think anyone doubts Microsoft will be around in years to come.

If Chen decides that partnering isn't what they need to do, then all I would hope is that he does whatever he has to, to maintain the faith that he's been working hard to restore, with investors and media. It's clear that we can already see a slight shift in the perception of Blackberry, which needs to continue. I'm sure we're in for a slew of idiots preaching that Blackberry is done now because of the IBM and Apple partnership, for whatever ignorant reasons they can conjure up, but if Chen and his team can get on top of this, it hopefully won't catch much steam.

r u kidding?
Every one and their mother want a slice in the enterprise slice. After fighting tooth and nail in consumer space and almost peaked on specs and apps, GOOG and AAPL are now very much after enterprise.
And I am sure that they will market their consumer side strengths (AAPL - Best devices, Best App eco system, multiple farm factors and GOOG - variety of devices, Big App eco system, BYOD, tons of user data) to win the boarder line enterprises while BBRY will keep security minded enterprises and probable some privacy minded consumers.
Yes, it is heating up and doing nothing will kill BBRY

I don't think microsoft or Google will team up with Blackberry.
Google is Android based.
Microsoft has its very own OS and smartphone.
IBM doesn't really have itself in the smartphone side, apart from creating chips.

I think Blackberry will stay alone without Microsoft or Google.

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If BlackBerry wants to be a niche player and offer security first and foremost, then they need to go it alone.

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IBM is only creating software and servers.... They also deal with the repair of hardware for other manufacturers. As it stands, IBM will just focus on high end servers, software and services going forward....

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Google services in blackberry Microsoft and Google team up with BlackBerry and leverage with what you've got blackberry is the best platform despite the market share! And above all despite criticism from the media.

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Correct, Cook has stated this, he admits Enterprise isn't in Apples DNA. He us relying on IBM to fix that. It doesn't work that way. 100 IBM Apps on an insecure device does not make that device Secure.

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First and foremost, no one was able to buy BlackBerry due to the fact that the Canadian Government said MS, Apple, and Google along with others didn't bother. by this time BlackBerry was to be done anyhow. So the Enterprise space was to fall to them. However, BlackBerry is mounting a turn around, they are not in for sale and Apple had to make some sort of move. However, the world is not trusting Apple, Google and the NSA so much as of late. Every time the story dies down, Snowden leaks more and it comes to the surface again. BlackBerry, although not publicly advertising, is securing more BES10 contracts by the day. You will see a profit sooner than Chen stated I believe. On a side note, I do think MS could become closer and hit it out of the park. MS is still huge in the Enterprise sector. I just wish Windows was as stable and clean as BB10 is based on QNX. Scrap Skype, keep BBM, BlackBerry runs the mobile space, MS the Server and desktop. Base Windows over QNX if possible. Do ask for main Apps. Buy them!

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I think that One Rich Asshole Called Larry Ellison needs a play, and BlackBerry is there to help.

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Have to chuckle everytime someone talks about BB either being sold in parts or bought as a whole... unless you are a Canadian company the Canadian Governement will not aprove any sale and have said so... after the Nexen deal the government does not want the PR of "selling off the country" it is an election year next year and selling the leading tech company will not go well with the voters. Good example of how most American seem think the shareholders run the show.... not the case....

This is great news for BlackBerry. It just proves where the industry is going in the future. And everyone knows blackberry is leading the way. Apple/ibm deal is an eye opener for all the competition. I wonder how many suitors will be knocking on john chens door

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Hmm good article. Lots to think about. Never Google! BlackBerry has to get people to listen to facts instead of perceptions. Take away Siri's false eyelashes and what have you got?

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IBM stock closed up. Apple closed down....Regardless of the settlement agreement that was announced against Apple today, their stock should have not been down as $400 million to Apple is a large coffee for us peeons....

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-Ms office on BB10
-Blend with windows integrated
-BES with Office suite integration
-MS project integrated in BB10
- Apps, games etc etc

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Uhhh there was serious interest to buy blackberry. Lenovo had a deal in place that was blocked by the Canadian gov.... and we all know about Prem Watsa's prodding.

I expect better from a Crackberry higher-up

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The real real answer to today's announcement is the upcoming BES-12, if it live up to its promises than BlackBerry will have one more reason to deserve to survive !
I guess we should have some updates before the November launch.

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Please correct me if I'm wrong. But didn't BlackBerry open up its mdm secure net work to IBM and others not to long ago? Doesn't this mean apple can now complete with BlackBerry on security in enterprise?

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No, BB opened up their phones to be managed by other competing MDM providers.

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As long as BlackBerry remains an independent company and returns to profitability, I'm all for it. Partnerships such as the Amazon deal is interesting, but I'd hate to see the company acquired by another company as many Canadian companies have been in the past.

Just a few of my comments regarding the article and the various comments:

1. Last year I read that Microsoft and IBM were interested in buying BB’s network & services (a.k.a. Enterprise) division, but BB declined because they didn’t want to break up the company.

2. I agree that IBM will do all the lifting in this deal. Apple is just hitching a ride. Kind of like a boothbabe. :-) I’m sure I’ll get my butt kicked for that line. LOL.

3. the only thing Apple brings to this deal is their consumer popularity which has shrunk considerably over the years. That makes me further question how much Apple can actually bring to this deal.

4. Microsoft-BB deal would be better than a Google-BB deal because of Google’s data-mining business model and MS’s backend inroads in the enterprise. I just hope they don’t kill BB10. Last year I was hoping to see a Nokia BB10 phone. Maybe that will come true.

Fudge that!

Can you imagine typing dozens of business emails on an iPhone all day long? There will be a whole new section for customer service: "client irate due to iphome auto correct"!!

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And one more thing.

I wish I could cause the markets to move millions just by announcing an agreement to start developing vaporware that is yet to be fully defined.

Hey investors, I'm working on software that will eventually run on iPhone!! Invest in MY company!


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Personally, I'm a little afraid. Not saying it's all doom and gloom. Just have a hunch on what's going to happen.

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It will be interesting to see how it really plays out. US tech companies have been taking a real beating in the EU and Asia because of the NSA and US courts. Chinese government has mandated no more IBM or Apple for any Government, Banking or Insurance sectors just to name a few. Not only are they forbidding IBM they are removing existing IBM hardware. France, Germany, Russia, India and Brazil just to name a few are also taking steps to rid themselves of reliance on American technology. It will only get worse, not better for the likes of IBM, Apple, Google and Microsoft et al.

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Not to worry IBM has a habit of screwing up any merger deal. I think if anything this could be a good time for blackberry to go after IBM business customers. They aren't professionals in the mdm space. Their specialty is big computing legacy customers. I can see them messing up both companies. They did such a great job with lotus after all?. Software and IBM equals a big mess.

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Chris, once again... nailed it! love reading your stuff!!!

Thank you.

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Agree 100%. Excellent article, replete with a number of facts I haven't seen anyone else talk about in the past 24 hours in any medium. E.g., IBM's purchase of Fiberlink, showing it already has an MDM solution in play, and BB's deal to open up its phones so that IBM, Citrix, & AirWatch can deploy BlackBerrys as part of their cross-platform management.

Good article. The real unfortunate thing is we are now at an oligopoly and heading for worse. IBM - Apple partnership should be struck down. Worse for Google- Microsoft collaboration. Is such industry concentration bad. Yes very much. As for BlackBerry, it's too small to worry about. I think once apple- IBM move in this space it needs to merge or die. Question is who? I would wish for Apple, but likely Samsung.

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That article is so fake, it isn't even funny. Who would even consider the graphs in a fraudulent blog post?

Are you retarded, or do you think we are?

This partnership may not mean very much in the rest of the world, but it will mean everything in the US market. IBM has the know-how and the reputation with enterprise customers, Apple has the brand recognition. This could be a very uphill battle for Blackberry, and I wonder if they wouldn't even consider exiting the US market altogether to focus their energies in other markets where they still have a chance.

I can see Apple inneficient and unsecure hardware beating down IBM. Bad move for IBM, and simple manipulation by Apple.

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trwallace had it right...anything I've seen IBM do outside of its core competencies usually turns to dirt. This, as the original commenter beautifully stated, is an attempt, using the tools available, to cut into BlackBerry's core competency. No, I know it's not a given, but I don't see the IBM/Apple union succeeding. Now if I could only convince my brokerage account that that 10+% drop was nothing to fuss over.

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Man, I love random comments that add nothing or mean nothing. How does that comment relate to the topic at hand? If you're going to troll, please do a better job.

I could be wrong but rather than trolling, perhaps an observation was merely being made in an entertaining fashion. BlackBerry is getting beat on like Apollo in rocky 4. I'd like to see them make a rocky style comeback though. Cut me mick.

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Perhaps, but when you see the profile only lists an Android phone, it's a pretty good shot the commenter is just trolling.

So basically IBM staff are now just (un)glorified iPad salespeople helping IBM to skim device margins? Kool...

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No, they can never beat BlackBerry in Enterprise especially. My prayers and best wishes with BlackBerry always. May GOD Bless BlackBerry.

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I don't see this going anywhere honestly.

I fully agree that if you want a secure platform, it has to be THE defining philosophy that is used to create that solution. Add-ons or patchwork won't do jack to a system that isn't built from those very same ideals.

Too bad IBM didn't team up with BlackBerry as I personally love both companies and in my opinion, define the corporate world.

An IBM and BBRY partnership would have been a much better business decision by IBM versus this Apple/IBM nonsense.

Apple under Steve would have never made this move, unless they were desperate. Apple buying beats is another example of Apple diluting it's brand. It's only beginning.

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