Appcelerator Titanium SDK reaches v3.1.1 - Includes integrated support for the BlackBerry 10 Beta SDK

By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2013 01:27 am EDT

Although Appcelerator has supported the BlackBerry 10 SDK for quite some time now, it's always been an additional download to get things up and running. With the release of the Appcelerator Titanium SDK v3.1.1 though, support for the BlackBerry 10 SDK has finally been integrated and Titanium developers can opt to install the BlackBerry 10 support just as they would with any other supported platform SDK. 

Titanium developers are encouraged to grab the latest update and check their apps BlackBerry 10 support as the current offering covers about 90 percent of the Titanium API's. If you're interested in learning more or trying out the Titanium SDK with BlackBerry 10 support, you can visit the link below to learn more about the offerings and what's new in the latest v3.1.1 release.

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Appcelerator Titanium SDK reaches v3.1.1 - Includes integrated support for the BlackBerry 10 Beta SDK


So why don't blackberry fix the Damn sound alert notification for email and text while on a call. Every other phone in the world has this feature. The Z10 and Q10 do not have this feature which is totally unexceptable. If I complain enough, and more and more Z10 and Q10 owners realize that this feature is missing from there device, and miss important text or email, and stop encouraging potential customers to try the phones then it might get fixed.

Posted via CB10

No one will ever take you seriously if you keep posting it as " unexceptable." though. Sorry, not making fun of you.. I make enough typos to kill spelling teacher but I'm just saying.

And if you continue to copy/paste your post it in the comments section where it has zero relation to the topic being discussed, the system will eventually stop allowing you to comment.

And why the hell would I want that sound in my ear over a call anyway? Every phone has it and it's one of the most annoying features ever!

Moreover, I can check if there is any new SMS of any notification just right away after I finished my call...

But to make everyone happy, they can add this option in the sittings.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't that be distracting? If I was in the middle of a call and I heard someone's text or whatever, it would break my train of thought or I'd think they weren't paying attention.

Wouldn't you just see that you received an email and/or text after the call? I think most people consider phone calls to take priority over text and email. Some people may curse getting interrupted while on a call.

If you really want to see what texts and emails you are getting during your calls, I would suggest using one of these 3 simple solutions. Solution 1: use the headphones that came with your BlackBerry during calls (yes they have a mic in them). Solution 2: speakerphone. This may not be desirable since everyone around you will hear the entire phone call. Solution 3: buy a blue tooth headset.

The easiest and cheapest solution to use the headphones which were included with your BlackBerry. This way you can see if your LED is blinking, and reply to those emails and texts while still talking.

It won't make a sound when you get new messages, but honestly I don't understand why anyone would want that. When I'm on a call with someone I don't want to hear notification sounds as I'm talking. This is not a missing feature on BlackBerry's end.

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You're right, but don't care about the wrong spelling, it's after 1am. I'll clean it up and continue another day. But if it gets fixed then it's worth it. Btw, it's annoying if u don't have a business. I do and this is a business phone not a toy. Customers are important. Besides, why give blackberry a pass when they clearly dropped the ball on this?

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The worst thing on other platforms is the fact that you get notified of every message you receive during calls.. I can't stand it! However, BlackBerry should have allowed a setting for this as there are a lot of people who like this..

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Have to agree. BlackBerry need to adopt a new strategy going forward; rather than making a choice of on or off for a given feature making EVERYTHING an on/off/dropdown where feasible.

It's not that hard to code in and complaints and issues would probably take a 20% hit since so many of them are about switching something new off or wishing something legacy could be switched on.

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Not been in position yet with z10, but does this mean when landing at airport after a month in airplane mode, I'm not going to get deafened by useless alerts going off down my ear as I try to arrange transport home? Disgraceful

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