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WhatsApp Messenger

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  • Initial Release: 10 Apr 2013
  • Vendor: WhatsApp Inc.
  • Version: 2.11.900
  • Last Updated: 6 Jun 2014
  • Price: Free
  • Android Port: Yes

Our Thoughts

The essential cross-platform messaging app

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging client that has quickly found a fanbase among those that wanted the joy of certain BBM features elsewhere. WhatsApp has activity indicators so users can tell when others have been active, if they’ve received messages, and when they’re typing replies. There’s full support for emoticons and organizing users into groups.

The favorites section is automatically populated by contacts identified on your device by phone number to be WhatsApp users. You can set your own user status to anything you like (though there are plenty of helpful presets immediately available). You can share pictures, videos,voice notes, contacts, and locations, to boot. If Google Talk and the other official instant messaging clients don’t do it for you, WhatsApp is a good second stop.




This is great! Except my phone says "Unavailable for this device" How come??


i have a problem that it say :your phone date is inaccurate : what should i do ?


Click the button that says 'Get it at Blackberry World', this is the black button underneath the Whats App Logo. Or click here:



a good instant messenger, but has plenty of room to catch up with BBM

Sexy body Maleah

how i must download watsapp


Same Problem with me ... to aawl of eww Guyss.."


hello everyone u can add me on whatspp +5926719884

Akash Kubde

how to adjust date while starting whatsapp aplication in playbook??? as whatsapp is not starting on playbook showing that date is incorrect, while the date is already correct......plz give me solution......


Hi guys I have a BlackBerry z10 but in my country we don't have a blackberry Internet service so each time I want to download whatsapp it keeps on directing me to App world. I want to download whatsapp for BlackBerry not whatsapp for android. Pliz help