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  • Initial Release: 25 Apr 2014
  • Vendor: PYOPYO studio
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  • Last Updated: 18 Nov 2016
  • Price: $2.99
  • Cascades: Yes
  • Native: Yes

Our Thoughts

Best stargazing application for BlackBerry 10

For those who love to gaze up at the stars or those interested in astronomy this application offers quite a unique experience. All users have to do is hold their BlackBerry up to the sky and it does the rest. 

Using augmented reality it translates the stars into a 3D map giving you a full impression of the solar system. As you move the view rotates so that you can see where each constellation, planet, star, and object is located in real-time. What sets it apart is the quality of the graphics, it's efficiency, and, of course, it's accuracy.

Entertaining as well as educational, it is sure to impress.



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