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The Sims FreePlay

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  • Initial Release: 31 Jul 2013
  • Vendor: Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • Version: 9.0
  • Last Updated: 4 Dec 2013
  • Price: Free

Our Thoughts

Play god and rake in the Simoleons!

The classic inhabitants of SimCity have come to mobile by way of The Sims FreePlay.

Users create a home for a little virtual human, and try to make sure their various needs are taken care of while progressing their professional and personal lives.

Characters are full of personality, with their own preferred topics of conversation, reactions to certain social situations, and passtimes. Players are able to expand the home of their Sims by earning Simoleons through the career path, or you can cave to in-app purchases and fast track your way to the good stuff. 


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The Sims FreePlay

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