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Neatly For Twitter

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  • Last Updated: 22 May 2013
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Our Thoughts

Neatly is among the first third-party Twitter clients for BlackBerry 10. Though some of the features available on the core Twitter app aren't there, such as Contacts and Hub integration, there are some cool tricks up Neatly's sleeve. For one, it generates ratings between you and other Twitter users based on overlapping interest. This should give you a general sense of compatibility and who to follow. Neatly also uses something called Smart Lists, which attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff in your timeline.

You can privately set tweets as favorites, and also temporarily mute people you'd rather not unfollow, but would like to shut up for just a little bit. Best of all, there's multiple account support - a must have for real social media busybodies.




Love the idea of a smart "timeline" but the app lags sometimes, is slow and needs some bugs to be fix.


Blaq is much better than this.
Its hard to learn, and there are a LOT of bugs that are not solved since Ver.1 , They should work harder to solve the bugs and to get better UI


I've used Blaq and neatly and while Blaq is faster and handles the timeline refresh (I manually refresh) better (starts where you left off) but Blaq is nowhere near as visually appealing as Neatly. To the point where I find myself using it more and more.

I originally purchased neatly quite a while ago and had switched to Blaq shortly afterwards. When it went free I was reminded of it and redownloaded it. To my surprise it had undergone quite a change from what I had recalled. I still have Blaq installed simply for the push dm / mention Notifications but Neatly has certainly gained my respect in the sexy department. If you can call a twitter app sexy.