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IM+ Pro

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  • Initial Release: 20 Feb 2013
  • Vendor: SHAPE
  • Version: 6.5
  • Last Updated: 18 Apr 2013
  • Price: $4.99
  • Android Port: Yes

Our Thoughts

Stay in touch with all of your friends, no matter what they're chatting on

IM+ Pro for BlackBerry 10 is an Android port of the popular instant messaging client with hooks into just about every social network, big and small.

When available, you're notified of when your buddy is typing, plus all of your chats are archived for future reference. You can have multiple accounts per service, which is a necessity for some social butterflies out there. There’s some overlap with IM+ services that already exist on BlackBerry 10, like Google Talk and Facebook, but others like AIM and ICQ are new and welcome additions.


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IM+ Pro

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