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Asphalt 7: Heat

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  • Initial Release: 21 Feb 2013
  • Vendor: Gameloft inc.
  • Version: 18.0
  • Last Updated: 9 Jan 2014
  • Price: $0.99

Our Thoughts

Buckle up for this top notch arcade-style racing game

Asphalt 7: Heat is a white-knuckled racing game where players have to work their way through a variety of courses, upgrade their ride, and compete against others online.

The graphics are really sharp, and the multiplayer competition is bound to keep you working for first place. There are about 150 races taking place in a variety of international locales, and six difference race modes. Racetracks are peppered with various power-ups, including speed boosts and cash bonuses, which can be spent on pimping out your ride. There's a full achievement and stats system in place, so you can be sure to one-up your buddies on the track.