App World, App World, Party Time, Excellent!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 11:51 pm EST
App World, App World, Party Time, Excellent!

I got bored waiting for that 10pm BlackBerry App World announcement to roll around and couldn't help myself. And besides, after reading some of the comments to that $2.99 Minimum Price for Paid Apps post we needed to lighten the mood here on the blogs just a little :-)

And if you do happen to want a 99 cent fart app for your BlackBerry, you can pick up iBee Farting by visiting on your device browser and checking out with coupon code CBFARTDISC. That'll save you 50% off its $1.99 price. 

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App World, App World, Party Time, Excellent!!

Probably a couple of weeks - no exact date yet. I put the update into the Birthday Week Contest Winners Announcement blog post... but here it is again:

iBee Farting Giveaway Update:

So we TRIED to give away 5,000 Free Copies of iBee Farting, but the demand of everybody (literally thousands upon thousands of you!!) trying to check out at the exact same time with the exact same free app was enough to overwhelm Mobihand's servers that power our mobile app store, so we had to temporarily suspend the giveaway.

Big server upgrades are coming to the software store which should come online mid-March. Once these are in place we're going to do up the iBee Farting giveaway again, but this time for 10,000 copies! It'll make a great stress test on the upgrades.

In the meantime, if you just can't wait and have to have your fart app NOW, you can save 50% on iBee Farting when you buy it through on your BlackBerry and use coupon code CBFARTDISC at checkout. Click Here for a tutorial on using coupons in the mobile app store.

plllease kevin.. im a huge crackberry fan and i read almost everything here.. i was just hoping we'd get a specific date. but thanx for da repost!

The crackberry store and, I'm not worried.

RIM seems to have their head somewhere dark right now, but us crackberry members know all is not lost as long as we have the best place to hang out and buy apps if we want.

Thanks Kevin for Crackberry. :)

I am sure I WILL use the RIM app store, but I also feel I will use this store for most of my needs. I love this website.

Hey Kevin, with your obvious photoshop skills you should be working for The National


It is time bro. You need to go full force and expand the crackberry app store and create a store front app just like RIM did. We can make it go viral and make it how it should be and screw RIM over.. i mean when will they EVER learn? The ball is in your court and I have some excellent ideas if you are interested in ever pursuing this idea or at least talk about it!

What happened to the 10,000 copies of iBee Farting that were to be given away for free and then put "on hold" ???