An app that Kevin needs now more than ever - HairTips

By Adam Zeis on 16 Nov 2012 10:37 am EST

Kevin's Hair 

If you haven't seen the giant mop on Kevin's head, well, you're lucky. Kevin has been growing his hair out for months now in support of BlackBerry 10 (maybe you've been following along on Twitter). He swore he wouldn't cut it until BlackBerry 10 is in his hands and he's stuck to it. As it inches its way to unmanagable, I've found an app that just might make things better for all of us. HairTips is a simple app that does just what it says - gives you tips on how to style your hair. Since he's bounced between random hair ties, clips and just letting it fly, I figured this one may come in handy since we'll all have to look at it for another two months.

HairTips gives stlying advice for all types of hair and even fills you in on hair growth and loss. The app features tips for growing hair faster, styling all types of hair, tips for getting "magazine cover hair" and much more. While it's not for everyone, I really hope that Kevin picks it up so that he doesn't look much creepier over the next few weeks. BlackBerry 10 will be here soon - fear not. Heck, I may just gift it to him and save us all.

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Check out all of Kevin's hair action on Twitter

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Reader comments

An app that Kevin needs now more than ever - HairTips


lol oh boy kevin... get the app and get that hair cut soon! lol

BTW... FIRST... Bwahhaha (look how stupid it is to see someone say first...)

Come on!! The last thing we needed right now is another person jumping on that "First" comment ship!!

Anyways, Kevin you must post on Crackberry the video of you shaving your head, and take the video using your BB10 phone!
(Not my idea, I give credit to Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes as he posted it on another article!)

lol i'm just doing it once... to make a point lol

But I agree... I like the idea of Kevin doing a vid of his haircut

That sounds like a great idea, Kevin. =0)

Also, I commend you for keeping your word on the hair. That says a lot about your character. Too bad you and ham sandwitch did not win the election although Mr. T is doing an great Job with BB10 and the compamy overall. Keep up the good work Kevin!

Yup, you are rockin' the long hair, facial hair, and those aviators. Think you better keep it all, and the BB10! of my favorite movies of all time! Good call, too...Kevin is....."el duderino" know, if you're not into the whole brevity thing

I haven't cut mine since september. I like it long for the winter. Short for the summer. Heck, even the band mates love it.

Kevin, I had my hair just as long or longer than yours a few years ago. I really like long hair and the look of it, but managing it can be a pain in the a$$. Keep the hair, brother, it looks awesome and why not? It's not like you have to conform to some office dress code.

I believe to encourage more growth he needs to eat a RED ONION this time. Oh, and please peel it first and cut off the root end, too.

Not until BB10 is for sale!!!! Enormous respect for the dedication.

Not to mention BlackBerry 10 is all about the 'flow'.

And Kevin's flow is getting unreal.

Hahahahahahahaha! I haven't laughed this hard all day! Thank you friend!

Kevin you look bad ass with the long hair, my girlfriend agreed!

"BlackBerry by choice"

Kevin, I say you keep the do. New look along with the new phone equals you looking like a total BAD-A$$!! In with the new, out with the old, Kev!!

Kevin, I say keep the hair, with maybe just a trim after BB10 debuts to give it some shape/style. You wear it well and I definitely like the 'Now' pic better.

* BlackBerry by choice *
The hair is getting to the point that I think it's kinda cool lol. Though fine short, and I'm sure that Kevin will cut it before the wedding more than likely, he pulls it off nicely. Kudos to you CBK for hanging in there this long. That in between stage is hell when it's too long or too short to manage. You made it thought that part so now onto BB10!

kevin dude, you technically have a bb10 ph in your hand, you've had it for almost a year, is the dev alpha bb not a bb10 prototype. in anycase cut yo damn hair you hippie

HA, The whole lot of you have been punked by Adam.
For those of you who have forgotten, Kevin is a fully engagued male with wedding bells on his horizon. So that means no matter how much HE denies it or has pulled this hair stunt off until now. There is only one person that has any real say on Kevin's hair, Miss Crackberry!!!!!!!! For reasons known only to her, SHE has permitted Kevin to grow his hair out. However as soon as either the wedding gets close or Miss Crackberry tires of Kev's flowing locks, Kevin's hair will be trimmed. Up until now Kevin has been fortunate that BB10's announcement date has steadily remained in Q1 2013. But if any unspeakable delay happens, kiss Kevin's hair adios.
Finally as to Adam, great job posting this one while Kevin is either on some trans-oceananic flight and unable to respond or else ALL of Kevin's devices have failed at the same time.

Then: Lookin' like a goob ... no offense. ;)
Now: Lookin' like a frikkin' rock star.

Just sayin'.

Oh ... also. Growing your hair out takes time. Don't just go straight back to
the old look without trying some experiments in between.

No homo here ..... but you look better with the long hair.

reminds me of Brad Pitt in Troy.

Keep it growin!

i agree, you look like no offense but like a pansy with short hair, with long hair its like "Don't fu/k with that dude he looks like he can round house your ass."

kevin's a total cowboy. dayum. lookin good though. i mean, like, manly-good not, like pretty or anything. anyway, BB10!!!!!

Lol....funny posts, but I think I, too, align with the look WAAAAYYY better than that nerd in the "before" pic....and that's saying a lot coming from a science teacher who says, "nerds rule!".....BB10!

Woman's point of view, if I weren't already attached that would definately be a face I'd want to kiss, beard and all! I think the short haired version looks like a educational scientist engineer type of a look in a strict white color type job. The long hair version looks more like a movie star, rebel, sexy modern look, in my opinion, which is worth nothing except to me. When it's hair cut time, please just get a trim to tidy things up and come up with something manageable. Thanks for your posts Kevin, We love you !

The best style for hair that long is a leather jacket and Harley Davidson. I wonder what the odds are that Kevin will keep the look after BB10 drops?

Didn't read all the comments, but technically, because he has a Dev device, he already has BB 10.....Kevin go cut your hair without any guilt!