App Developer 101: Working with bloggers and the media to promote your apps!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Oct 2011 05:43 pm EDT

At this year's BlackBerry Developer Conference I had the opportunity to be one of the Community Speakers and host a session, so I chose to present on a topic that I have a lot of direct experience in - working with bloggers.

All said and done, my session COM32: Working with Bloggers and the Media to Promote Your App turned out to be a pretty solid success. It was the second most attended presentation of the week (after featured speaker Jane McGonigal's session) and the survey responses from those in attendance were overwhelmingly positive!

In general it's a pretty common sense subject, but it's one of those topics where the common sense doesn't necessarily jump out at you until you're made aware of it. If you're a developer, you know apps from the standpoint of a developer. This presentation gives you the perspective of how bloggers and the media will look at apps, which is a perspective you may not have thought too much about previously. 

Even though I approached this presentation based on my experience with and geared it towards BlackBerry Developers, there are a lot of good bits of info in here for app developers on all platforms. Even fans of CrackBerry who are not mobile developers might want to check out it - I kick things off with a bit of CrackBerry history and you'll pick up a bit of a glimpse of my perspective along the way. 

I hope you enjoy the session and find it useful. I had a lot of fun putting it together!! It also shows how far RIM has come on the social media side of things, letting a blogger give a session at DevCon. Kudos to RIM!

Reader comments

App Developer 101: Working with bloggers and the media to promote your apps!


Seriously good information here if you're an app or theme developer looking for information on how to get your product out there. Thanks for this Kevin! :)

Thanks for posting the presentation Kevin!

I'm one of the developers that probably underestimated the value of bloggers and community sites in promoting BlackBerry apps... however after watching the presentation I hope to make use of some of the tips in promoting my next app - and with a little luck, maybe even have a cameo on!

i'm just a fan of blackberry not a dev but it was interesting to watch. if i ever become a developer i would know not call you but send an email. have all the details cut out so you can post the app info quickly. follow up on comments in the blog. advise when the app hits app world. and i also learned from this video is that adam is lazy.

Thank You Kevin, that was very interesting & an engaging presentation, im not a developer but just a BB fan & that was the best video ive seen from Devcon this year. i hope developers take note & do well with information you have given them.

Truly Perfect! I have found the most useful info from your presentation. Kevin, I am also one of mobile app developer and the regarding source unveils the promising way to promote the same applications. I also believe that promotion should be strong for the better popularity and emerged use of applications.