It's Friday - time for CrackBerry app bargains of the week

By James Richardson on 23 Aug 2013 03:00 pm EDT

The end of the working week (for most) is upon us once again so it's time to point you in the direction of a few of the BlackBerry 10 apps that we like that have had a price reduction this week. Although the selection isn't huge - there's a nice mix of apps and games, so hopefully you'll find something of interest. 

If you are into scuba diving you'll be pleased to see that The Dive Plan has been discounted. If you missed our full review of that one you can catch it here

The Dive Plan: $1.99 $3.99

CarLocator: $0.99 $1.99

TapyHold: Scrapbook: $0.99 $1.99

Battery Lover Pro: $2.99 $4.99

Enigmatis: $2.99 $3.99

Nightmares from the Deep: $2.99 $3.99

And if you need more information and our opinions on apps, don't forget to check out our CrackBerry App Gallery where you'll find out what's good app/game wise for BlackBerry 10, including our editors choices!

Reader comments

It's Friday - time for CrackBerry app bargains of the week


How am I to buy from CrackBerry ever again since you were hacked & my credit card compromised? I am still waiting to get the charges put back onto my card the some thief put on. Only a few mths prior, I had bought BB apps with my new BB cell & guess what? Yup... compromised. That was my second credit card in less than four mths. No more online purchases. Learned the hard way... there is no trust in this world.

These are apps being sold be BlackBerry directly via BlackBerry World.
At this time, you can only officially purchase apps for BlackBerry 10 from BB World directly.

Has nothing to do with the CrackBerry store.

And aside from that, credit card fraud runs rampant in today's world. It's unfortunate but true.
You always get your money back, but usually you didn't lose it in the first place unless it was bad timing and you pay your cc bills without a glance. It's more the inconvenience of replacing your cc, waiting for it, remembering to update any automatic transactions, etc.

This is how you CB10, son!

I guess you missed .... I said ..... I purchased from CrackBerry (compromised) ............... I purchased BB (app world - compromised). Both things. So yes, CrackBerry store has everything to do with CrackBerry store. And I received confirmation in an e-mail from the Company that owns CrackBerry..

I too was in that group. The thieves managed to buy an airline ticket and something else with my card. Still waiting for the cc company to reverse the charges. :'(

I was also compromised. They made a very small transaction (to test it I assume) then tried a very large purchase. Thankfully the large transaction was declined and my card put in limbo till I was able to verify the charges. All was made well with a 5 min call to fraud dept.

Posted from my incredible Z10

The fraud department noticed the actions on my card and notified me. I even submitted to them the email we received stating that our cards have been compromised. The charges still remain.

Enigmatis is pretty cool. Played the free version until it asked for payment. Might actually buy it now that I can save a dollar. =)

They bought Airline tickets with my card too! American Express fully refunded me! Matter if fact they were the ones that notified me when they were attempting to make another purchase! I don't blame BlackBerry because I was on my laptop! Shit happens! But PayPal it is from now on!

Posted via CB10

The Crackberry store is part of Smartphone Experts. It is an entirely separate, different entity from BlackBerry World. The 2 are not connected in any way. It is coincidence that your credit card was compromised using both. I've used the same cc for BB World for years with no problems. I used a different cc at the CB store, and it was compromised. There are many ways a credit card can be stolen including clerks in stores writing down your info or hacked payment systems in stores.

Posted via CB10

Compromised here also. Sucks when you go to use your card and Visa doesn't let you know it was compromised and they had it shut off basically. I had to get two new card since April. Nothing from Smartphone Experts until July. A little late i think. Done buying anything from Crackberry.