Apollo serves up Pandora's streaming music to your BlackBerry PlayBook

Apollo serves up Pandoras streaming music to your BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 31 Oct 2012 02:26 am EDT

Dig using Pandora but kinda bummed about their not being a Pandora client for your BlackBerry PlayBook? No matter. Apollo is available for download in BlackBerry App World for free and with it, you'll be enjoying your Pandora music right from within the app. If the name sounds familiar, it's because the app is also on webOS. Have a look at the features:

  • Creation of new Pandora accounts
  • Sign in with existing Pandora accounts
  • Creation/Deletion of stations
  • Bookmark management (bookmark current/recent song/artist, view/delete bookmarks)
  • Like/Dislike of songs
  • Skip current song (6 skips/hr/station)
  • Viewing of recent tracks for each station
  • Create station from current song/artist, recent song/artist, bookmark song/artist
  • Put song to sleep for one month
  • Links to browse music on Amazon.com
  • Sorting of stations by name or date of creation
  • Viewing of current song artist biography
  • Explanation of why current song is playing
  • Settings: audio quality, selectable backgrounds, application timeout, toggle auto-play station on app startup, statistics 

Apollo is built using the Enyo JS framework and is current being tested on BlackBerry 10. So go ahead and give it a look if you're a Pandora user. Also, don't be afraid to send the developer feedback as well, this is a nice app but it can always get better. Sadly, it's only available in the U.S., so keep that in mind.

Download Apollo Pandora Radio client

Reader comments

Apollo serves up Pandora's streaming music to your BlackBerry PlayBook


I tried clicking on the download link. But App World tells me "This item is not supported by your current profile."


Have you seen this before?

That 2-disc set is probably one of the greatest works in the entire genre. That man, love him or hate him, was a genius. Without him, Rap does not exist. To anyone who disagrees, it's okay: I ain't mad at cha. I got nothin but love for ya

I've been using this app for a few weeks now (accidentally stumbled upon it one day) and absolutely love it! On start up, you're asked if you have a Pandora account and, if so, are asked to sign into it. Works flawlessly. I must admit, I like it better than Pandora as there are no annoying ads popping up and it gives a history of the artist and a reason why Apollo picked a particular artist to play in any given station. All in all, I really like it and am well pleased with this app.

You are lucky. For me everytime there is a new song the volume gets reset to a level that is too low! Otherwise it would be great. I anyone knows a solution please let me know.


The "reason a particular song was chosen" is actually present in Pandora. If you have Pandora on your BB device hit the BlackBerry/Menu button while in Pandora on the currently playing song scree and it will appear in the menu options. I don't think it was present in the Android version of the app for the Playbook though.

I like the Apollo app better than the side loaded Pandora app on my Playbook and will be keeping it and deleting the Android side load. It is visually more appealing, loads faster, and seems to have a better feature set.

I was reading and getting excited until I got to US only... OH well Slacker has served me well and I have no complaints.

I've been using an Android port for months now, no issues at all. And thanks to my VPN, I get to enjoy it in the Great White North!
Pandora wins over Slacker, Google Play and Spotify, i f you ask me.

+1 on the Android port, has worked like a champ. But I don't understand why I hear spanish commercials? I will trying Apollo when I get home tho.

I am very pleased with this app. They did a great job on providing this to the BBPB- Users (and Abusers); Question, why don't the app just say Pandora? It works just like it (I was just wondering). I gaved it 5-stars in app-world. Thank you, CB for sharing this information!

BlackBerry By Choice!!

I have same issue with volume, but App is cool. Cant take a long shower. Will continue to use my old curve on WiFi for bathroom music. Great thats its free!

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I can't seem to make a new playlist, or delete an old playlist, is there something I'm missing I'm new to smartphones in general any help would be great.