It's shoot-em-up time as we go hands on with AlphaWave

By James Richardson on 22 Apr 2013 12:38 pm EDT

We told you a short while ago that the super shoot-em-up game AlphaWave was now available for BlackBerry 10. It looked my kind of game so I went for the download straight away. There is a free demo version which is what I initially grabbed but the game is so awesome I shall be spending out £0.75/$0.99 for the full version as it rocks.

The game is action packed - you control your craft at the bottom of the screen and using the two tabs on the left and right you have to shoot down asteroids and a selection of bad dudes. You can pick up extra weapons which can be activated by a tab on the right of the screen and likewise on the left there is one for a bomb which will destroy everything in the game.

If you are looking for GREAT action packed game then grab the free version from BlackBerry World. Chances are you will purchase the full version too - it's a cracker.

Full features of the game include:

  • A new black hole level complete with a slew of new enemies
  • Two new final bosses
  • 3 new weapons with power-ups
  • New control scheme that makes it far better to play
  • All new special sound and visual effects
  • Full score tracking
  • A bunch of bug fixes and optimizations

More information/Download AlphaWave (free) for BlackBerry 10



I missed this one for the PlayBook. Having tried the free demo on the Z10, I have to say I'm very pleased.


Aphawave! I like alphawave better ;)

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or perhaps Alpha Wave?

Aloha Wave in Hawaii.....



Just bought it for my Z10.
When I got home I put it on my Playbook as well. Pay once and you can install it on both your devices. Love it when developers do that.


That's really cool! Thanks for the heads up.


Good game for 99 cents.

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already purchased it last night LOVE ITTTT :D Probably the best game of all :D


Awesome game. can't beat the price either. I've reached out to developer and there's plans for new updates as well ;)

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love these kind of games!!!!!!!!! what do you guys think of the game in portrait orientation?

EDIT: went to bb world and the screenshots are in portrait mode so i guess you can play in portrait mode teeheehee mabadd..


Actually it was meant to play only in landscape mode! There was a bug where it would go to portrait and the last update was supposed to fix that! :S

Is it still happening?


not sure i launched game in landscape as the descr said checked in game options for portrait mode or something alike but nothing. During game play rotated screen but stayed in landscape.


Ah ok good. It should only play in landscape mode as that's what it was designed for! :)


Thanks for a great review James!


hook this up with micro hdmi and it was CRAZYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
5 stars just for the demo


Watching this demo makes me want the game for sure!!!


Try Sector Strike, been a top grosser for a while and deserves it

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That is indeed another great space-esque shooter.

That team is from Toronto too! (We are in Ottawa).

Louis Belshaw

My BlackBerry App World us randomly not working just black and forever saying loading till the screen locks.. tff..

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After just one demo game I got hooked and purchased the full game. Haven't stopped playing it since.

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Just wanted to thank everyone for their support! Means the world to us!

Next update will bring lots of new content too!