AP Mobile world edition updates to v3.4.3 bringing BBM integration, push notifications, and more

AP Mobile world edition
By Michelle Haag on 2 Sep 2011 11:51 am EDT

If you keep up on current events around the world, or are interested in breaking news, you should check out the AP Mobile world edition BlackBerry application. Updated today to v3.4.3, the Associated Press app is now compatible with BlackBerry 7 devices. With this update, they have also integrated with BBM, so you can share news and interesting stories with your contacts at the click of a button! AP Mobile also has push alerts, so you can get pop-up messages or emails when there is breaking news.

Other new features include:

  • New navigation
  • Improved offline experience
  • Fixed video bugs
  • Breaking news alert: Get notified of breaking news in the app
  • Video support: Users can view Video stories using the native video player on their BlackBerry® device
  • Globalized: Users can select different editions for their news
  • Multiple language support: The application now supports Spanish and French languages in addition to English
  • Weather: Users can now easily view weather for their chosen location from within the application
  • Share stories and photos via email, SMS, Twitter, and BBM
  • Featured content is highlighted by our editors
As a downloadable application, AP Mobile updates and caches content throughout the day, thus keeping users in the know while on a plane or subway. It includes a complete set of news categories including Sports, Entertainment and Wacky News, plus AP’s award-winning photos. AP Mobile world edition is free in BlackBerry App World at the link below, and compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones.

More information and to download AP Mobile world edition
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Reader comments

AP Mobile world edition updates to v3.4.3 bringing BBM integration, push notifications, and more


Same here:
"The Item is not available for your Device Model, Device OS, Carrier and Country combination."

If it truly IS compatible with OS7, the peeps that coded AP Mobile forgot to add the compatibility tag for OS7 devices.

Other thing is if I do a search for "AP Mobile" (without logging into AppWorld - knowing it won't show up because of "incompatibility"), the app doesn't even show up on a regular search! When I browse through the "News" apps section of AppWorld (again, without being logged in), the AP Mobile app is nowhere to be found.

Is it just me or is it ridiculously difficult to find anything on AppWorld these days??

Downloaded the latest AP app and BBM is not integrated on my 9550(S2). Also noticed the news updates are not updating or being pushed. The way I downloaded the APP from APP World is to scan the bar code from the link below provided by CB. I am not sure why if you search for it on APP World is doesn't show up, only the old versions do.

I scanned the barcode from appworld and it still brings me to the old version. Trying to refresh appworld now

Good suggestion, but scanning the QR code still won't allow download - says "Incompatible with your OS".

Nice. >:(

Something's really fubar-ed at AppWorld.

Ah well...

AppWorld lists it as available in Canada and supporting Bold 9900 and supported by all carriers ...

... but it's still labelled as "incompatible" in that combination. LMAO!

At least the previous users that have commented have been able to even open the app. I installed it on my 9800 and when I try to access it, my Blackberry freezes and then restarts. I was very excited about this updated, excitement that was wasted.

I did a search for "AP Mobile" and installed the one found. The old version was still listed in my account as unavailable and was replaced with the new version. New version works correctly for me on my 9930.

Have read a ton about how good "AP Mobile World Edition" is. Says its compatible with the Torch 9800 on the blackberry website/app world. Except when I scan the QR code on my pone it says it is not compatible with my device.

Anyone else having this problem and know if (or how) this can be fixed? Looks like a solid solid news app