Any Sprint customer, even those with old phones, can enroll in insurance this month

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By Derek Kessler on 3 Jun 2014 01:11 pm EDT

Normally the offer is off the table the instant you walk out the door with your new phone, but for the month of June any customer on Sprint will be able walk back in that door of no return and purchase insurance for their device. The offer doesn't change the price or service at all — it's still $11-a-month for the Ausurion-provided loss/theft/damage replacement, or $13/month for Total Equipment Protection Plus which adds in data protection as well. Prepaid customers on Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile can get coverage for $8 each month.

The offer is only good through the end of the month, though, so any Sprint customer that's regretting having not purchased a Total Equipment Protection plan when they bought the phone will be able to reverse that decision. Well, so long as that regret isn't from having already lost or broken the phone — you'll have to physically bring the device into a Sprint store for inspection before they'll issue insurance.

Who's game for adding insurance they didn't before to their Sprint phone?

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Any Sprint customer, even those with old phones, can enroll in insurance this month


Might be worth checking out. They just increased the insurance cost this year. A way to make money without actually selling a product

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another way to make up for hemorrhaging customers. my dad just upgraded his device and they AUTOMATICALLY charged insurance EVEN AFTER we had explicitly told the rep none was needed. took about 3 weeks of dealing with csr to get the charge removed and re-credited back to the account.

this move is not really anything great except for a select few who might go on a vacation and have accidents happen or who might have new kids come into the picture. aside from that, those who dont already have insurance probably dont really need it.

The vast majority of people will never lose their phone or damage them to the point that a claim is worthwhile. Even if my phone is destroyed by someone after it being stolen, statistically speaking it's still far cheaper for me to replace it myself even taking into account the initial capital outlay. In fact, even if I had my phone stolen or written off and replaced every three years it's still cheaper for me to go out and buy a new one outright each time than it is to buy the insurance (based on the current BlackBerry retail price for a Z30).

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The odds are even more in your favour with a Z10 at $300, you could destroy or lose your phone, or have it stolen every 2 years and pay for it to be replaced out of your own pocket and it's still cheaper than insuring it. If you kept your phone for 3 years you would have saved $170 after paying to replace it.

The rule of thumb is quite simple; if it's replaceable and you can afford to replace it then you don't need to insure it and it'll be much cheaper for you in the long run.

No I don't, I was just using the Z30 and Z10 as examples of how it's probably not worth your while to get damage or loss insurance on them. I used them because I know the current selling price of both of them via BlackBerry's store. I didn't take into account the $100 coupon discount that I think has ended.

Using a Q10 as an example, if you kept the phone for 3 years you'd save $78 by not getting the insurance and paying for the phone outright.

Good point. The value to the phone is dropping but the insurance isn't. Plus, you'd be getting a refurbished phone from them instead of a new one if buying it again.

New phone, fresh hardware with full lifespan. Full warranty.

No thanks, don't know what the previous owner's been abusing it for. My phone has no porn on it, and I don't want one that had.... yuck! :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This means the quarter was a bad one for Sprint..... most of the deals come to save the figures at the next earnings call.....

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Insurance rip-off! Like in UK they sell us 'extended' warranties and PPI (UK banking scandal) and make millions separating us innocent punters from our hard-earned cash.


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Insurance is just a way for them to make money. Same for any tech insurance. All companies offer them these days. It is not because they are kind.

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Sprint sucks and apple sucks and insurance plans on phones suck. And kia and beats and starbucks and obama

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Sprint can go to hell. They are literally the worst carrier. Do any Sprint customers (current or former) remember how they passed on the Z10 for "something much bigger and better?" (most likely the Z30) then lied to me (and kthers) that they were going to get BlackBerry smartphones on their network, Q10 Aside, then lied saying they were coming out Black Friday? Because that totally happened. I hope Sprint loses all their customers and dies a slow painful death. In much happier with Verizon, and the fact that they didn't make fun of me when I said I wanted a BlackBerry.

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I been with Sprint for several years now, and throughout that time I have been without insurance. I feel that it's a waste of money because when you need it, the carrier will give you some excuse and claiming the insurance will not cover the damages.

Thank you for the Info., some people will benefit by it.
Can't believe all the "Negativity" that is going around; it must be contagious.

Skip the insurance. I "Assure" you that it is a total scam. You will still end up paying out the bank , usually more than you need to for a replacement. And they are always refurbished.....Just sign a new contract or go to ebay and purchase another phone. WAY CHEAPER! And like our health insurance......a scam for the folks that get our money for either...........YOU WILL ALWAYS PAY! Either way. I prefer to keep my monthly money. DO THE MATH.........

Yeah, agreed. I choose to not have insurance a long time ago and just buy used on eBay or Amazon. A money saver for sure in the long run.

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Too bad Sprint doesn't offer insurance for when they killed my connection at my house when they combined WiMax and 4G. They charged me full price on the ETF too. They'll never get another penny from me or anyone I know...We all left to Verizon.

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Look at it this way $13/mo is $156 a year. Plus the $200 deductible. They give you two claims a year. So in reality that's $556 for two phones. I'm not for sprint insurance but think about people who don't have say $550 today, but can afford $200 for the deductible. That's why they do it because most people don't manage their funds to be able to replace it twice each year.

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Is there money in making a virtually unbreakable and un- stealable phone? Gorilla glass didn't work, but surely durability could be a lot better. The down side is that so far almost all phones have a tech life of less than three years so how much do you invest. In durability? Likely phones are made with this in mind to regenerate sales.

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Insurance for what? Blackberry Smartphones are so cheap,even their "flagship" (is there even one?) and when the very unlikely thing happens and it's broke I buy new one.

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Let's not forget that Sprint only carries the Q10 and most likely will only will not carry any other BB10 device. The insurance might a good investment during the first year of owning a Q10, to see whether it suffers from the sensitive keyboard/double typing issue. Sprint does not - repeat, does not - honor Blackberry's 1 year warranty. I jumped through burning hoops to get a free replacement for my Q10. Having the insurance would have saved me a headache but I also fear that Sprint will eventually drop BlackBerry altogether. So what quality of insurance coverage can one expect for their Blackberry device when it seems that Sprint is reluctant to carry Blackberry?

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