Any devs up for a 36 hour BlackBerry Got Game-Port-a-Thon?

By James Richardson on 9 Nov 2012 10:12 am EST

In true RIM developer fashion the above title may sound a little bonkers, but RIM is all about helping prepare developers with getting their games ready for BlackBerry 10. But fear not as you won't have to travel to this Port-A-Thon as it is 100% virtual.

All you need to do is register and log in from wherever suits you best and bring your existing or new games to the website where a RIM expert will be on hand to assist you with porting the game over to the new and awesome BlackBerry 10.

And getting your apps in early with also bring you rewards:

  • You will receive $100 for each gaming app approved (up to a maximum of 20)
  • Submit more than two games and get a free BlackBerry PlayBook!
  • Be one of the first 100 qualified participants to submit more than 5 or more (but less than 10) games and receive a free BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. 
  • Submit 10-20 approved games and as well as getting the Dev Alpha device RIM will also take you to the 2013 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Sounds alright to me!

Aaron Ardiri who is one of the BlackBerry Developer Evangelists gave me some info on the event earlier. He and his Crack team will be on hand over the 36 hour session to make the porting as seamless as possible. Can the RIM Dev Team do anything wrong these days?

So in preparation for the event you will need to ensure you have completed a few tasks.

  • Register for BlackBerry App World if you have not already done so.
  • Request signature keys - Make sure you select BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 and higher. Downloading in advance will save a bunch of time. 
  • Make sure you have your images and icons ready to go.

Interested in porting to BlackBerry 10? This looks like the easiest way to do so. What are you waiting for? Go register now!

Reader comments

Any devs up for a 36 hour BlackBerry Got Game-Port-a-Thon?


That's exactly my first tought! RIM is being pretty much aggressive here! Too many giveaways!

Well It's nice to see that!

Wow that's pretty awesome!!! I'm loving the perks RIM are offering to attract as many devs as possible to Blackberry 10.


Well one thing can be said... if BlackBerry 10 fails it won't be for lack of RIM trying!

It's great to see them trying to woo developers over every where. Hopefully it pays off in droves and BB10 will have the "core" apps. I know some don't care about things like Skype or Netflix, but they are nice to have and are deal breakers for a lot of people.

i agree
RIM really tries and does everything they can, and i think it'll pay off!
at least i hope so

gogo RIM!

This is great. C'mon devs. Grab this golden opportunity. Free playbook + USD 100/game. If you already have android platform games, then you just need to port it to Blackberry 10. It just take for couple minutes to port it.

Hopefully c++ games will come more than we expected.

And this is why I #BB10Believe! RIM is focused on getting content into the BB10 eco system and at the end of the day that is what is going to make it or break it..

Better, it is a device that runs beta versions of? BB10 and won't be available for purchase. The best part is that RIM will later let you exchange it for a limited edition BB10 device.

My first impression when I read this was; is RIM trying to beat the competition in games?! My second impression was-oh no, maybe they don't have nearly as many apps as they want/need and this is their way to get a bump.

Whatever the reason my be, they sure are putting a lot of effort forward, I mean you can't call yourself a developer if you don't jump on something like this. It's sure money in the bank (won't make you rich, but some devs have worked for less) and you get help to do it? Not to mention the other perks. As a developer, you really have to have an unhealthy hatred towards RIM not to try. That or an unhealthy love for some other platform(s).

Hey Netflix-word is you're struggling, if you haven't already, do yourself a favor ~Sarcasm. I would say the same to Skype, by Microsoft has more than enough money (or they did last I checked- I don't think Win8 is going to be enough to put them down to the level where Netflix is at.