Max Secure release AntiVirus - a new budget scanner for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 1 Aug 2014 07:01 am EDT

We've featured Max Mobile Security a couple of times here before, and the same developers have now released AntiVirus - a more cost effective application.

While I suspect that many BlackBerry 10 users will currently be more than happy with the awesome level of security their device gives them, this app will give you some extra reassurance when downloading Android apps/games.

With the amount of Android applications now running on BlackBerry 10 and with this set to increase when the Amazon Appstore arrives in BlackBerry World, the level of threat is clearly going to increase. Whether you feel you need an added level of security is up to you of course, but for $3.99 the budget friendly scanner won't break the bank.

Main features:

  • Complement BlackBerry Guardian with file scanning/ Will be available for pre 10.3 devices without BlackBerry Guardian

  • Cloud scanning

  • Based on Smart Scan Engine (Patent Pending)

  • Headless scanning

  • Enterprise ready

  • Available in English, Bahasa, French

Press Release

Pune, India (August 1st, 2014) – Max Secure Software announces the release of an AntiVirus for BlackBerry 10. This release comes following the announcement of BlackBerry Guardian to add extra 3rd party protection from Android apps and to protect pre-10.3 OS devices which don't currently have BlackBerry Guardian. It runs on the Smart Scan (Patent pending) Scanner, which also powers the Mobile Security Suite: Max Mobile Security (It has an additional Safe Browser and Advance APK Scanner).  

Antivirus by Max Secure protects BlackBerry 10 users from:

  1. APK Scanner scans malicious Android run-time apps for BlackBerry 10.

  2. Malware that can harm other devices like devices connected to the same cloud, email attachments or when the device is connected to the PC.

  3. With background (headless) scanning, harmful downloaded apps and files.

Above BlackBerry Guardian, Antivirus by Max Secure ensures the safety of files and the cloud to avoid malware infection on any other device.

"With the increased amount of demand for Android apps on the BlackBerry ecosystem, a reliable 3rd party AntiVirus solution makes sense for enhanced protection for both consumers and enterprises," Sanjay Pradhan the CEO of Max Secure Software. Apart from English, the app has also got localized for Indonesia in Bahasa and in French.

More information/Purchase AntiVirus for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Max Secure release AntiVirus - a new budget scanner for BlackBerry 10


Not only that, but it was said another time an article was written pertaining to this app. Many times...I'm beginning to think someone may be in on a portion of the take received from purchasing it. ;-)

Posted via CB10

What for? Aren't android apps sandboxed? Don't see the point for an antivirus for the most secure phone on the market!

Posted via CB10

Android apps have access to your contacts, internet, files and all other permissions as native apps. eg. A malicious apk can upload your contacts to their server.

And you think an anti virus software is gonna detect the code that does that? If it scans it against its virus definition database and it doesn't match anything then it won't be detected.... waste of time and money

Posted via CB10

Yes, we use a signature matching technique which our research team updates on a weekly basis through the live update feature in the app/

That doesn't detect permission settings.
Did you read what they wrote above or?

Posted via CB from my LE

But still sandboxed right? There are many apps that upload contacts to their servers, I think that's the point of asking permission to access contacts. If it's sandboxed, it can't harm your phone like it does on android devices, and therefore don't see the point of an anti virus app for bb10.

Posted via CB10

Android apps are sandboxed on even Android devices. Malware operate by stealing/deleting/editing: contacts/files/emails and other confidential data.

This can only be prevented by signature matching techniques of AntiVirus software.

Lmao people with your scathing rejection of the app.

 Incurable Q10  Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

It's a cash grab of the most obvious, unashamed nature. They say it themselves, this is more for protection of *other* devices. Why have an anti virus to protect against virus for another OS?

There isn't a single virus on QNX, why would they sell this if not just to grab cash out of my mom's pocket just to cash in on her insecurity?

Z30 Vivo Brasil

'cause on QNX, the gurus at BlackBerry keep thinking that the droids are good to reduce the fart apps gap!?
I'm bored to keep saying that for 10.3 I had expected bb would have made the android runtime completely removable for people like me that just hate the idea of having a time bomb, unreliable platform like that running on top of a masterpiece RTOS such as QNX.
But does this absurd vision make any sense!?
I've been patiently waiting for months, for the z10 to become available, just because it's the only platform running on the mighty QNX.
Now I'm left with a pseudo-droid and I therefore need an anti-virus!?
C' mon BlackBerry! Free up some storage and make my Z10 last forever ... and btw. This could definitely boost your credibility


What he said!

Lets have our BlackBerry's back, give us the option to install (@ your own risk) this Android layer.


Whoever buys this, should get a refund. There's no need for this bullshit app. Maybe an app for Trend Micro lol

Posted via CB10

Wasn't there an "antivirus" not long ago which turned out to be an app just showing a logo, literally just that for a couple of dollars? XD

Posted via CB10

I had Bitdefender on my z30 and deleted it... because it makes my phone acting more slowly in Android Apps... + making the z30 unstable I think :(

I've always contended that this is not for the BlackBerry itself, but for the possibility of virus/malware transfer to a PC before connection. The same way tons of people say "my device wiped, I lost all my information, and I did not make a current back up", this would be for those who do not have an anti virus application or don't keep their definitions updated. It's just a pre-screen so to speak before something happens. It's just a "peace of mind" app since you can always scour your drives (including sd card) with a PC app. BlackBerry10 is ok without it.

Posted via CB10

Why is this crap always being put on the front page? It seems like there is a weekly "showcase" of this junk. How much are they giving you guys?

Posted via CB10

And BAM! The truth drops. +10 on this.

Those articles are flat out misdirecting readers. Why is this junk software regularly promoted???? At least you could indicate this is a comercial.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

i'm totally agree..
do u want an antivirus on ur phone? it's ok.. but this app is probably written by an amateur florist, not a software developer

Question: Everyone seems to agree that there is no need for this. Why then does Crackberry market this app all the time?

Posted via CB10

James Richardson/Crackberry is getting kickbacks, that's why this crapware are is always being promoted.. Sorry, but between BlackBerry Guardian (BlackBerry static code analysis and other analysis-based detection, not just comparing signatures) and Trend Micro (large company with really big signature database), you are already far ahead of the game. Do you honestly believe that some tiny company in India can do better?

Posted via CB10

Not sure about this offering.

Got Max Mobile Security, and it takes ages to scan. Also I'm not sure what kind of AV engine they use or whether it's a product developed in-house. Do they have the resources to maintain and update their own engine ?

Any information or other input welcome.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

If your Max Security take forever to scan you have a problem. Mine takes about 15 seconds or less.

Posted via my Z10 on CB

Talked to them about some of these things, and they "couldn't reveal any information", but they said something around the lines of cooperation with BlackBerry directly... who knows... :(

Posted via CB10

I've been really keen to try these products to check up on any Android apps I install but the price is just a little high for me to bite.

I would be very interested in trying the Max Secure products if they had the usual limited time trial period that many AV products offer. If the app does what it says on the box and doesn't negatively affect my phones performance I would likely make the purchase despite my feelings on the price.

Posted via CB10

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Have passed on the timed trial request to the team. You can get the app now and get a no questions asked refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

As mentioned in the PR Max Mobile Security also has a Safe Browser and Advance APK Scanner(To inform about privacy risks of Android apps)

Security?????? Umm I own a BlackBerry. That's enough for me

Posted Via This Thing They Call The BlackBerry Z30

Maybe this article should be redirected to iPhone or Samsung Forums. BlackBerry doesn't need extra security.

 Z30 Rocks 

Yeah exactly, it doesn't need AV. If you were writing malware, would you want to target the 4 million BB10 users or over a billion android? Same reason Windows is targeted.

Yes. Download it. And if you're scared it's a trap, download it again and scan the previous copy you downloaded.

Posted via CB10

My favorite part of the article is when James warns us not to be bothered buying this crap as it's totally unnecessary on our phones.

Posted via CB10

It's not about your phone/OS. You get a scanner like this on BB10 only to make sure you don't carry around infected files that may harm other computers/files/attachments you interact with.

I still feel Max claims to do more than it actually can deliver, unfortunately there is not really a way to test that.

Channel: C0007CC89 | CB10 signed.

Scam fake company. Doesn't actually scan a thing nor does it have a database. All it does is fool naive users into a false sense of security. App isn't needed.

Posted via CB10

I'll stick with what comes with my blackberry 10 device. I don't even use windows on my pc, only to sync my blackberry and keep a backup, nothing more. 100% of the time it's running Linux. So why bother? I see it as a cash grab, and one for naive people. That won't be me.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Can I just pay in Monopoly money since that's about what it's really worth for me to pay for it

I want a Z50

This dev release so many anti virus but none of this work.

They should update currently app

Posted via CB10

That is why I NEVER PUT Android on my BlackBerry and to me this is a waste of hard earned cash. Thanks but no thank you. Go play somewhere

Posted via CB10

The difference is to have their hand in your pocket or wallet. This is unnecessary. They should move it to Samsung, Apple, etc

Posted via CB10

I'm open to giving an AV scanner a try. I'm not one of those steeple that's says "oh, my Xyz OS has no need for an AV app because there are no threats to my OS in the wild."

I like to give Android apps a try every now and then but since I tried an Android app that did some funny stuff I decided to keep away from droid apps for now.

Posted via CB10

The only antivirus you need is your brain. Don't install shady apps. Don't open attachments from people you don't know or trust.

Just don't use Android apps. QNX is protected by BlackBerry and the threat vector is next to nil.

Q10 and Z30 user

There's no virus' on BlackBerry 10. There hasn't been more than maybe 4 or 5 semi worthy apps from android that I care to use. There's no point to about 90% + of the available apps. They are simply conduits to and from the Web feeding data to an interface requiring an account of some kind. So wack.

Posted via CB10

10.3 will include BlackBerry Guardian scanner as standard for all android apps, i don't need to scan native BlackBerry 10 apps as they are built for BlackBerry certified and pass those tests, so this app will be not required in a couple months time, just a quick attempt for a quick buck by the development team.

Posted via CB10

A couple of months ago I fell for the bs and bought the app. I deleted it and I got the feeling it's just wothless.

Every time when there is a serious question on the forums or at one of James Richardson's advertisements of this app a representative of the firm will mention you can send an e-mail.

Just answer the questions in the topic so everyone can read and learn from you.

Maybe it's an idea regarding your special relationship with James Richardson to;
- Open a topic with some Q and A's for your app based on the questions of the CB Members.


- Develop a automatic james-richardson-topic remover for the CB app and website.

I really do not understand why this guy is still allowed making contributions to this community. The rest of CB editors do produce good editorial stuff by the way. Therefore it's a pity I will always be confronted by the James Richardson advertisements or useless polls and selfmade conclusions.

Excuses for my poor English btw.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, maybe james is supporting this developer for some personal benifits! James puts post from MaxSecure and Emberify which is the same developer Shashwat Pradhan. This is the last post which james published, Inspite of getting negative feedback James seems to be supporting the developer. The current app from emberify called Instant is also crap, just money grabbing tricks. I would prefer donating money in charity instead of giving the developer money just for the sake of supporting developers on blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Has anybody ever found a problem using the app? It seems like a complete waste of time and money.

Yes, why is Crackberry always pushing this our way?

I think there is a misunderstanding on Hey to expect from such an app.

This app can check if Android apps have common malware, for example a fart app that will also access your contacts database. For this, until BlackBerry Guardian is available on my Z30 I have nothing apart from not installing the app.
So yes it can be useful for some people who like to download Android apps.

Secondly, your bb10 phone may not be subject to virus, but the company never said you were. But you can have infected files on your device. For example a JPEG image that contains a virus tailored for Windows. For example a picture you download on the Internet, or that some contact sends you. This app is supposed to be able to detect such virus.
Currently the BlackBerry 10 OS also offers no such feature. So there are some uses too.


All in all. This app has some useful features. Besides, it is a native app so why would people support yet another native flashlight app, as opposed to this app?

Posted via CB10

Don't install fart app. Even if you did I bet that budget virus app wouldn't make a difference. Windows has nothing to to with bb10 OS. Valid Jpg extension can’t have virus. If an executable or batch file were renamed to .Jpg it wouldn't open. Regardless you're talking about windows and this app is for BlackBerry. You gave that guy your money for nothing and that's fine by me! Think about it. Right after blackberry made that trend Micro announcement this guy comes out with a cheaper budget scanner. Yeah right.

Posted via CB10

Based on my experience I owned previous three BlackBerry OS 7 like Bold and Torch, I never had any problems because of viruses. Currently I'm having Z10 and Z30 with OS 10, I feel more confident because, as I know, BlackBerry was made with a high precision in terms of security to make safe in any operation for the user. So, I don't think it's needed additional of anti virus, beside the Trend Micro is always guarding me every time I download an application.

Posted via CB10