Protect your 'precious' with AntiTheft Alarm for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 3 Sep 2013 03:59 pm EDT

This one won't be for everybody, but it will be perfect for many. AntiTheft Alarm is a great little application to have on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone if you tend to leave your device unattended. I'm never without my BlackBerry but this one may be right up your street if you work in an office and leave your handset at your desk while popping away to grab a drink. 

The concept of the app is real simple - just enable it and leave your BlackBerry. If anyone touches it in the slightest a loud alarm will sound hopefully putting the potential thief or joker to think twice about messing with your BlackBerry. 

Once you use the app for the first time you'll need to set a passcode which will be needed in future to enable the app. You can then jump into the settings where you can change the alarm tone. I like the default one as seen in the above video but there is a nice selection including some cool police sirens. In addition there is also a sensitivity setting that can be tweaked and you can enable vibration too. 

As an extra bonus the app even has a nice Active Frame which shows that the app is live but also has a battery indictor on it which is a nice touch. 

For £0.75/$0.99 AntiTheft Alarm is a steal (no pun intended) if you feel it will come in handy. 

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Protect your 'precious' with AntiTheft Alarm for BlackBerry 10


My phone rarely leaves my side so this is one app I won't be using. Nice for a gag on someone but unless you have a habit of leaving your phone laying around and you want to freak someone out, can't see the use for it.

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This is an alright app but it would be better if you had to enter your passcode again to turn off the alarm. Without that feature the person touching your phone is able to just hit the stop button and run off with your phone if they so choose. Without that feature it's useless. If they add that, I'd probably get it.

Anti touch has this feature that's the app I use. If anyone moves or touches your phone the alarm comes on and they have to put the password in to shut it off.

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Yes, but if you slide the application in active frame, when the alarm songs, you can stop it.....
I have write to the developer and i'm waiting...

Maybe I shouldn't have been quick to judge. It just occurred to me that it may be because devs currently don't have the ability to let apps run in the background. I can see this being awesome if it weren't in an active frame. I guess you could password lock your phone. The app still runs and without your phone password, the "thief" or whatever can't turn off the alarm.

BlackBerry Protect. You can disable the phone and track it, all without an annoying alarm going off.

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...after the phone is stolen and moved?

I can see this being useful when charging your phone in an airport. Charger Alert is similar but the alarm sounds when the device is unplugged. Charger alert is free.

It would be great if this app would have a feature that would allow us to start the alarm, if we'd move too far away with bracelet, that would be synced with Bluetooth.

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Doesn't work on my q10, I turn it on and the alarm just goes off everytime and it says no movement detected, yet the alarm still sounds.

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I prefer to use the "Mind my Phone App" has more features and options, does the same thing. Maybe a bit more tricky I dunno.

Pfffy it anyone touched my phone I'd ensure they get pure line voltage run thru them and fry the brain! Besides my phone locks in 30 seconds of non use age. And I run protect. I find u and chop u to bits!

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You guys should to talk to insurance providers to cover purchase price since they have dog in the fight. Granted it's only. 99US.

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Come to think of it, you can hear if the girl your dating tries to sneak a peek at your phone while you are out of the room! Haha

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