Antennagate - Monitor your signal strength - 50 free copies up for grabs!

By Michael Hepples on 4 Aug 2010 09:07 am EDT

Seems like every few days since the iPhone 4 launch we have heard something new about the "Death-Grip" signal issue, and Steve's pot-shot at BlackBerry has ruffled a few feathers, prompting developers to bring out apps like Antenna Meter to help BlackBerry users refute his claims. Newest on the scene is Antennagate, but instead of focusing purely on your current signal strength based on how you're holding your device, this app actually tracks your signal and maps it over time. Very useful if you are looking to see where the best signal is in your home or office, or even around the area you live. You can even use the application to map the Wifi signal in your home, a real bonus for those data-concious people that prefer to run on Wifi. Available in the CB store for $4.99, you may want to check it out if you are interested in how your signal strength compares during your daily routine.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Antennagate to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

Reader comments

Antennagate - Monitor your signal strength - 50 free copies up for grabs!



I'm always having trouble with knowing where to stand to receive a good signal. This program will solve that issue.

Have terrible reception in one half of the building at work and Rogers refuses to acknowledge it. I would love to be able to prove it!

I'd love nothing better than to have a free copy so I can show that Iphone actually has a problem and not just with the way you hold the phone, while Blackberry just keeps trucking alone. :)

I am a 24 hour blackberry user and this app would help me out greatly when I'm on vacation doing business. Antennagate was the app that I dreamed for please choose me to win thanks.

I would like to get one, I would play with it each time a move somewhere, like school, house, friends house and determine which place has best recepction :D

It has been interesting to follow the flap around the 'antennagate'. I am finding it as interesting to see programs and a new or resurgence in the app world of a 'need' for programs that measure the signal strength.
I have been on the lookout for one for many reasons but mostly just to see how good and where my signal is good or bad.

thank you for the opportunity to get this one free.

This would come in handy, coverage in my home area is lacking...and would like to test the actual strength.

Verizon service is pretty good all over Denver except at my house, which is located in a low point relative the surrounding neighborhoods. I would like to know the signal strength at my house and talk to Verizon about it - maybe talk them into boosting the local cell tower signal strength a bit (if that's even possible). I would like a copy of your app. Thanks.

Since no one at RIM or Sprint can give me an answer to my inquiries about the reception problems with the Bold 9650, this app can may supply some addition to being pretty cool.

Since no one at RIM or Sprint can give me an answer to my inquiries about the reception problems with the Bold 9650, this app may supply some addition to being pretty cool.

I'm getting a new Bold 9650 to replace my current Tour 9630, in part due to the horrible and fluctuating signal on the Tour. I would LOVE this app to monitor my signal on the new Bold over time, which is a great feature.

Since getting the Tour I've become OCD about watching my signal and this app sounds like it will help control my constant signal-watching. I think I'm starting to make my friends crazy as I constantly check my Tour's signal, so this new app could save my pitiful social life! :-)

I could use a copy of this, started to buy, but I'll wait and see if I can win a copy. My signal goes in and out at work, sometimes it just goes into SOS mode, it would be nice to be able to map out my signal. I even have 1 room at home that signal seems a bit bad. I need to know where the best signal is, especially since I use my phone for work and business.

It is goin to be a great and awesome way to prove those Apple lifers that Steve Jobs was full of it.

I need this app. I have trouble with signal strength at home and in my office at work. sucks the 2 places i use my device the most is where i have trouble with signal strength. So i would love to have this so i can figure out where to sit when I am on an important call.

There are times that you find a program and say maaaaaan this should have been made a while back. ATT should be handing these to all their customers for FREEEEEEEE! Hopefully I can score one from you guys, keep these great apps coming.

Hi, I am living in Ecuador for the time being and reception isn't that great at work or at home. This app would be so useful please let me get one!

tonight my antenna started acting up wpuld be nice to see what is going on with the reception where I stay. Goodluck to everyone this week, thanks to all the companies giving away prize's.

let me win a copy to get apple the proof and they r the only only who don't know how to design antennas

I would like a copy I think it would be nice to where the best signals are I've tried griping my phone I lose a signal inside but it doesn't seem make a difference outside looks pretty cool app.

Should be great to help me map out the strong points in my soon-to-be-new environment when the Torch drops at Rogers.

Well, got to say that Steve Jobs brings antenna engineering to new level. Now ordinary people are talking and learning the importance of antenna to signal receiving. Death-grip is another trade-mark of iphone 4. Being able to track signal level is excellent. I would love a copy for my Storm 2.
A nice to have application!

Yup, helps to determine if it is a blind spot for the drop call or failure is due to hardware.

Nice, would love to have this. I lose connection a lot in my home, and would like to know where.

i don't understand why i need this- this is iphone 4 problem, keep my berry out of your signal issues steve. anyway, go ahead send 'em my way

Seems like a really good app that I wouldn't mind having. I like the convenience, and knowledge of my signal.

Good luck everyone! Thank again for another opportunity CB!


I want to win! The Sprint signal in my home is not great, so I'd love to find the "hotspots."