Awesome game alert - Ant Raid for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 26 Jun 2013 08:13 am EDT

Now this is my type of game. Ant Raid is a strategy style game but unlike, or as good, as any I've played before on BlackBerry 10. The concept is real simple - you control ants and you must protect the colony from invading bugs.

Once you start the game you will see a creature pop up on the screen who will guide you through what you must do and how to control the ants. The main objective is that when a bug wanders onto the screen you need to send some ants out to destroy it. This is achieved by holding down on a group of ants (which will then have a circle around them) and then you tap the bug you need to kill and off your ants go. The longer you hold on the ants the bigger the circle which is required for bigger bugs.

Some enemies - such as snails will explode and damage your ants so you will need to send more ants out to rescue them. And it doesn't stop there. There are some levels which are totally different and instead of sending out your ants you just need to tap on the bugs to make them explode. Small ones will just require a single tap but bigger ones will need a double to destroy them.

The graphics and sound effects are fantastic with Ant Raid and the game play is awesome. It's challenging and sometimes extremely manic - just what I like. Currently only the BlackBerry Z10 is supported and I can see why. You really do need the extra screen real estate for this one.

The game will set you back £0.75/$0.99 and if you ask me that's a real bargain. This game rocks!

Download Ant Raid for BlackBerry 10



Everything blackberry rocks #1

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Sounds cool. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the review.

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Looks ok.. don't know if the price is right though. Would love to see a trial version

Cracked it out with the amazing Z


Send me your address, I'll send you the dollar to buy. Everybody wins!!

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That offer apply to me as well? Free money is always worth it. Lol

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Is a dime more your speed? Really, if you can't spare a buck for people's hard work you probably shouldn't own a smartphone. Just for that I'm buying it.

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I actually agree with crackbb on this. A buck is nothing, you're right. But consider how many reviews for games are posted on cb that are only a buck. That amount of money starts to become a waste. I'd try it if it were free, then get the paid version if i like it. This, I won't bother, I'll give a sour grapes response like "I'm sure it's like any tower defense game"


Lol. Well their hard work must result in a quality product, otherwise why should I spare the buck?

Nathan Bael

I bought it and tried it out, not really digging it. I like that people are coming up with new approaches to strategy games, but it wasn't for me. I'm sure a lot of people will like it though.


By the way you don't have to pay a second time if you have this on your Playbook.
Pay once for both the Z10 and Playbook.
I have it on both now.
Take care.


Nice, I wish Devs would list this.


If you bought it for the PlayBook already there is no charge to get it on your bb10 device!

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Craig Perkel

BlackBerry should force all developers to do this!

In fact I believe governments should step in and in force a rule where once an app is bought on any platform it should be available to you no matter what platform you use afterwards. #fairtrade #opentheecosystems

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I rarely agree when people call for government interference but in this case I say let's go for it. While at it the government can also impose some additional requirements. Such as
1 adding a mandatory download fee for games
2 a mandatory fee for using the smartphone as a game machine
3 a mandatory fee for those who want government intervention
4 a mandatory fee for the mandatory fee
5. Mandating game taxes for smartphones at the rate of .0001 cents per minute of game time as well as download time
6. Using these fees to pay developers for the non gaming apps that are created thus making them free.
7 mandating any taxes I have missed


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Jaysent Garcia

I want to buy apps on BlackBerry World but integrated carrier billing is not working for z10 here in the Philippines prepaid or post paid globe telecommunications. Is there any way to buy apps without using credit card? And the currency symbol is $ which it should be Php because I'm here in Philippines.

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Me too! I'm in egypt and I'm too young for have a credit card (still in college) i would spend at least 20$ a month if they support carrier billing in here...

Now i have to stick to free stuff :( makes me miss out on all the good games and apps

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I pay with PayPal. Setup to my checking account or funds that I may have there from selling things online.

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Jaysent Garcia

Region Philippines (English)

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Not a big fan of this game. I wouldn't call it a strategy game. Have it on the PlayBook.

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It strategy in a very limited sense.

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Just downloaded it...

Anthon CB10


Ha haha Lmao !! "Awesome Game Alert"

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Nice graphics. Interesting game play as well. Go BB 10!

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It is becoming really disappointing that a lot of games are only supported on the Z10.
I understand the landscape mode on the Z10 makes games a lot more enjoyable/user friendly. However, that doesn't mean that games can't be fun on the Q10 as well.
Take this game for example, yeah, you will be able to see a lot more of the map on a Z compared to a Q, does that mean you can't enjoy it on a Q?
Hopefully soon, developers will start realizing that people that own a Q10 would like games as well!

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Wicked video and awesome looking game, love the diversity of the levels and tasks. Downloading it now, just hope ill be able to get some work done now lol


Funny game. But i fail in level 8. ^^


Okay, level 10 is so hard, omg^^


Looks like a fun game.

Bw, what case is that ?


Thought it would be more like a Real time strategy game, but it's not. Not my kind of game.

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A very fun game. I nearly missed my stop on the subway playing it this morning . Level 9 is a challenge. Also, having it both my PlayBook and Z10 is a plus. The graphics are great, the voices crack me up and trying to figure out how to get to the level makes this a good recommend. Definitely worth the buck.

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Bob Aron

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