Another World: 20th Anniversary now available on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

By Bla1ze on 13 Feb 2013 03:12 pm EST
Another World

For those of you out there who dig retro gaming, BlackBerry is proving to be great grounds to be on. Aside from the many great Amiga classics already available in BlackBerry World, DotEmu has now unleashed the classic Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition for BlackBerry 10 as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook. Given it is the special edition, this isn't just a straight up untouched port, it's just the opposite really with plenty of improvements.

  • 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Switch from the original graphics to HD graphics by sliding two fingers on the screen at any time in the game
  • New Touch controls specially redesigned or classic D-pad (directional arrows and original action buttons)
  • 3 difficulty modes: Normal (easier than the original), Hard (similar to the original) and Hardcore (harder than the original)
  • Sound and sound effects are 100% remastered 

In speaking of the release, Xavier Liard, DotEmu CEO noted early sales in BlackBerry World have been very promising, leaving the door open for his company to bring more of their games catalogue to the platform, which would be totally awesome. If you're wanting to check Another World out, it'll set you back $4.99 and is available now.

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Reader comments

Another World: 20th Anniversary now available on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook


love this game.

The controls are solid, too.

Unfortunately, it has crashed on me a couple times, and I can't find a save function, so you have to play it all the way through in one sitting it would seem...

Hey feldmen01. DotEmu there. We are uploading at the moment an update that fix saving issue and that will add 20+ saving points. It should be live in one day or 2. Hope you will like it!

Sweet! Thanks for the update!

Is it possible to play this on both my PlayBook and my z10 without paying for it twice?

I purchased it on my z10 and went to download it on my PlayBook but it required another purchase.

Kudos to you guys at dotemu for this great game and for making the effort to improve it with updates, I got the game just a few hours after it was released on blackberry world and it really annoyed me that I could not save and that it crashed.

Im so glad to hear that you guys are working on those improvements, im so looking forward to it, and for any future games from you guys.


This is one of the best Super Nintendo games ever!

It was "Another World", but it was "Out of this world" in North America!

So baddass!

You might have missed it, but DotEmu answered this above. They are not sure at this time but looking into it. Since there are two builds then at this time each device will have to download its own version and pay for each. I dont have a z10 myself to test though.

One of my favorites from back in the day. Here's hoping that Another World 2 (Flashback) is next!!

I discovered this game a while back on an SNES emulator and couldn't believe how it passed my by when I was younger. Definitely just bought it for my PB.

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Keep your fingers crossed~! I live in Canada by the way but im very happy to hear the news. Those who are angry that Z10 hasn't been launched in the US yet should be patient as its arrival will hopefully sort out all the bugs! I still haven't gotten my Z10 yet for that very reason~!!Please spread out the good news so the other carriers will pull their a**** together and release the Z10 sooner!!

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Cheers ;)

Awesome game loved it when I was younger still love it now. Saw that it was available for PlayBook and straight away knew I was going to buy it. Also great the development is releasing updates. Does anyone else have the issue with achievements not disappearing once you have got them therefore covering the ground making it hard to see what you are doing?

Keep up the great work.