Another week, another Samsung rumor

By Adam Zeis on 8 Aug 2012 11:27 am EDT

*UPDATE* - Stop us if you've heard this before. Samsung has now confirmed with All Things D: “Samsung Electronics has not considered the acquisition of Research in Motion or licensing BB10,”

More rumors are circulating today of a RIM and Samsung partnership. Analyst Peter Misek of Jeffries said in The Globe and Mail that he believes licensing BlackBerry 10 is the way RIM needs to go at this point, and that Samsung may be the best bet for that.

"We believe Samsung is considering ramping up its internal OS [operating system] development efforts, licensing BB10, or buying RIM," the analyst wrote. "We think any acquisition is unlikely until after BB10 launches." 

It's not the first time we've heard rumors involving Samsung and you can rest assured it won't be the last. RIM still needs to get BlackBerry 10 out the door come January and it's unlikely that anything regarding licensing will happen before then. 

Misek also compares BB10 to both iOS and Android saying that it's not as good as either. This doesn't mean much however since the super-early BB10 software on the Dev Alpha can't really be used for a comparison and still has a way to go before it hits the release stage. 

Thorsten Heins has said all along that licensing the software could be a viable option for RIM, but at this point the main concern is still getting BB10 done in time for the expected Q1 2013 launch

Source: The Globe and Mail

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Another week, another Samsung rumor


Misek has rarely ever been right so that's not much going for him. We all know that Samsung needs their own OS system that's not much of a guess there. In all, this is a non-event. He certainly didn't generate the volume of trade we are seeing today. With 93 million shares short, they have to cover some time. Giving that clown credit for todays move is just plain silly.

People keep saying that but why does Samsung need their own OS?

The thing is, they don't. They are doing extremely well with android, and they are the biggest android handset seller. A lot of their exclusive apps and functionalities are android based. What could they possibly gain by investing in manufacturing BB handsets?

Samsung does manufacture business handsets and tablets. Galaxy Note and the upcoming Note 10.1 being examples, their popularity is quite obvious.

It's really just wishful thinking for the BB fans to imagine that Samsung would be remotely interested in manufacturing BB handsets

Google STILL has not made their plans with Motorola known, in case you forgot. That cannot be ignored by anyone who has been running with Android. So Samsung are not in a bad place right now but tbey need a safeguard strategy going forward, they definitely do not need RIM but they need an able platform hence why they are looking into RIM to see what they have came up with. They can even afford a hostile take over if they so wanted. These are rumours (founded or not) so there is no need to go into a flap about it. What is clear is BB10 is not very attractive until it ships AND still that does not prevent Samsung having a look.

Google has repeatedly made their plans for Motorola clear. They're keeping it as an arms length manufacturer. Google has nothing to gain by trying to edge Samsung out of the market. Samsung has an economy of scale and popularity that Motorola can't even touch. And when Samsung wins, Google wins because they get more Gmail users, play store customers, chrome browser installs, etc.

Samsung make money off selling hardware. I'm sure that they are looking at Apple who makes money off everything they touch. Samsung might like to have "a piece of the action" like Apple does, and soon Amazon will - Apps, in App Advertising, and Media purchases and possible anytime a customer uses their smartphone to make any NFC purchases.

But they would want their own Ecosystem not licenses another Ecosystem from a company that doesn't even have an Ecosystem.

Absolutely not,I for one would never want them. Even imagine what could happen to my berry if samsung bought rim, it would be the end of the world!!

Define "need." Samsung Mobile is doing fine right now with Android. But if everyone agrees that QNX was valuable to RIM, couldn't it be even more valuable to Samsung, which makes a lot more than just phones?

I say screw samsung, screw iOS and android aswell, blackberry and rim are what can't wait to be supporting With blackberry 10 ... I got a torch n will sell both it my ip4s and unused android for there new phone. Blackberry by choice! @SDTRMG

I say screw samsung, screw iOS and android aswell, blackberry and rim are what can't wait to be supporting blackberry 10 ... I got a torch n will see both it my ip4s and unused android for there new phone. Blackberry by choice!

Crackberry should write an open letter to this guy asking him to give details about what he has seen of BB10. Just to point out how dumb his comments are. He should be taken to task. or perhaps he'll revela that he has seen more than we think - doubt it but if he's making public statements he should be asked to back them up with proof.

talk is cheap. RIM needs to bring quality hardware running quality software to the marketplace.

Anything else is a waste of everybody's time, and especially RIM's cash reserve.

BB7 phones were criticized from the start of being long-in-the-tooth. It has been a year since BB7 has been introduced. Talk about poor product planning when it comes to BB10...

...just because something is criticized, doesn't mean it was justly so...there are only a few (fron facing camera, an overly large screen, and maybe 1080p recording) that my 9860 lacks over the competition...My Mrs. has an iPhone 4, and you would be hard pressed in finding something it does better, other than running it's battery down a lot faster...and the same goes for the Android my sister in law has (4 Samsung Galaxy's, and 1 HTC, by the way she went through these in lesser time that I have owned my 9860). Just because on paper their specs are better...doesn't mean they will perform better in the real world. The multi core Samsung may do things a hair faster, but I mean what is it you are going to do in the say 2 seconds it takes between them?...Besides..there a lot of things that my BB will do better than the others, like last all day on a single charge, cheaply upgrade the memory card, build quality (screen won't shatter on a funny bounce), and the OS layout, may be 'long in tooth' but it still allows me to one handedly fire off any sort of communication with ease and speed (part in thanks to some of that 'oldness' like the trackpad). Sorry I disagree with people that say (based on paper specs) that the BB is automatically slow...Yes a hardware refresh is order, but not because the current is slow...but it should be done to complete the platform transformation..

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

if BB7 came out with competitive specs, at least one of them would run BB10.....even a year after their introduction, none of them will run BB10, and instead RIM announced low-end Curves, just to bring a new bottom to the low-end market.

So the same can be said about Windows Phone 7 hardware as well, right? They won't be getting WP8 when it comes out, they need new HW as well. Specs are BS when it comes to actually performing day-to-day tasks. BB7 devices & WP7 devices had very competitive specs when they were launched last year. Both will have new HW because they changed the SW, not becuase they weren't competitive specs. Just sayin'

and how is WP doing on the market place at the moment? not great, huh...

Rim's only business in mobile device, and top-notch specs should be offered to their customers. RIM has no other cash cows, unlike MS.

If specs were BS, BB7 phones would run QNX. Period.

The same thing IS said about WP7 hardware. WIndows Phone 7 devices are not competitive hardware wise, hence the need for new hardware. Change in software doesn't mean they have to change the hardware too (Android's ICS runs fine on the Galaxy S II and other older devices). What makes them have to change the hardware, and not release the new SW on the old HW, is when the old hardware is too weak to handle the changes.

Single core processing, no front-facing camera, lack of autofocus and less than one gb of RAM were not competitive specs even back in 2011, they're even less acceptable in 2012.

Specs aren't bs, they do impact everyday tasks. i'm sure every bb7 user can attest to the fact that the hardware makes it more pleasant to use than bb6 devices.

camera isnt high end with the lack of autofocus. No video chat camera. No dual core for QNX. Limited RAM for apps, not shared with SD card (terrible memory management on Java)

Old software aside, its the champ of messaging.

Wrong, nothing of RIM's Blackberry OS 7/7.1 devices is poor. You must be coming from a 4.x or 5.x device. Much has changed since then.

will be very interesting if they go the way of android and license out the software but all i really hope is they stay a canadain company got tons of faith in them supporting the community and love this company to bits.

I don't know how people compare BB10 with iOS6 or Android when BB10 is not released and no one has seen it (outside of a small circle of people at RIM )...
This reminds me to a review of the Playbook last year that ended with a disclaimer that the author has never used one...

You hit it right on the head. Writers and blogger are just making up headlines with no viable facts. Heins never said "we are looking to samsung" or that they WILL license BB10 for that matter. Simply weighing their options.

LOL I wonder if we read the same review. I remember reading a review last year where the author went on & On about how bad the PlayBook was, & then almost as a footnote added a small disclaimer that he had never used one.

..neither am I...of anything they make really...I own one of their TV's and my old CRT HD Panny is light years better...but as far as the phones go...a family member went through 4 of them in about 6 months, before giving HTC a she's on her second one of those...and it's only been 8 monthsish since she started with the Galaxy she 9860 (which I have had longer) just keeps on going..:)

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Just another "journalist" trying to fill his article quota. I ignored this on Reddit and I'm ignoring it here as well...except to say this :P


And Metallica said "You lie so much you believe yourself". Saying something over and over again still doesn't change facts, and the only fact we have now is that we don't have any facts yet lol

How about if I start a rumour with a dozen other people, let it go for a year. Will you still say there's truth to it? Constantly believing the main stream media and speculators who have no proof of anything is not a very bright thing to do.

I've seen this guy speak a few times, he has been saying this all for a while now. He is ALWAYS negetive on RIM.

How he/they are able to determine the new iOS is superior to BB10 I don't know but I suspect a Samsung - RIM tie-up of some kind will be announced in the next 6 months.

If licencing BB10 to other means my beloved BlackBerry is around for another decade, so be it. But not my first choice.

As to Peter Misek, the man is clueless. Hasn't seen the platform and knows little about it.

As to licening, I think it is a good choice for RIM, given they control who they licence to and what sort of devices will be supported. Some breath to the hardware line will make the overall BB10 pie bigger which in turn means better 3rd party App support. RIM needs to be careful in regards to the fragmentation issue.

Licencing to Samsung is quite possible. They currently support 3 OS on their devices and I'm sure they are looking to ditch atleast one if not two of them. My impression is that they maintain the lesser OSs to keep Google off balance. By hooking up with RIM, they have a new operating platform equal to or better than Android and more importantly a stick to club Google. Sound business strategy. If RIM were to Licence to Samsung, they would gain immediate credibility. Sort of a win-win. The next 6 months will be quite interesting.

Forget Samsung and FB. Who would you license a mobile platform without a vibrant ecosystem, and if you had a vibrant ecosystem why would you license your platform. AMZN is the only tech gorilla without a propriety mobile platform and their current technology partner Google is competing directly against them with their own Google branded products. AMZN partnered with Rim gives them a vibrant ecosystem and control of their destiny. They would be a force to be reckoned with in enterprise and give AAPL, GOOG and MSFT a run for the money with consumers.

The only reason I can see Sammy go for RIM is to pick up a patent portfolio to fend off Apple's current lawsuits.

It makes no sense to abandon the strong Android ecosystem for BB10. Currently, BB10 is less mature than WebOS was 3 three years ago. If Sammy wanted their own OS, they would have bought WebOS.

"RIM still needs to get BlackBerry 10 out the door come January..."

According to Heins the BB10 will be ready January or February. Since RIM has never met a release date yet, lets give them the benefit of the doubt and pick the latest possible day in that window.. Thursday February 28, 2013. That's 203 days from now. Unless we get some official news to the contrary I will expect an announcement in 203 days.

Anything Blackberry is long in the tooth! Smartphones are not televisions that you update every couple of years or more. The screen size is dated (resolution), the software is dated, functionality is dated, and availability of apps is non-existent. Also the claims of having a rugged screen will get lost when the newer BB10 phones that are lighter w/ thinner bezels rolls out.

BB10 is going to fall into the me too category, like me too Iphone, me too Android, me too WP8; same features more or less w/ subtle hardware/software differences. People will buy one versus the other for personal preference, crackberry users will buy one because we love the company and their unique enough products.

There’s a reason we’re all screaming for BB10, everything in the current RIMM library is old. By the time BB10 comes out, both Apple, Google & Microsoft will have added updates to their software.

BB10 is going to have to poop golden rainbows, massage your feet and cook you dinner in order meet/exceed all the hype.

iOS basically hasn't changed since it's introduction, and Apple's announcement for iOS6 indicates that it still won't for at least another year. Apple has only one screen size in the last 5 years. People already buy phones based on personal preference ---> BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE. We're all screaming for BB10 because who WOULDN'T want something better? Every platform in Mobile Nations ran informal polls on what people want added to their phones and guess what: Everybody wants something better! It's the same reason we all replace perfectly good phones the moment we qualify for subsidy. Haven't you noticed how people on here speak like they absolutely HAVE to pick up an different phone when their contract is up and that they can't POSSIBLY wait until what they really want is released or until their current handset fails? Why the rush? Because the longer you wait to upgrade, the longer it will be until your NEXT upgrade! Chillax people. Your phone doesn't stop functioning when your contract expires...

By the time BB10 comes out, both Apple, Google & Microsoft will have added updates to their software.?!

...have you seen ios6 that are still running on beta, if indeed they officially release it with the launch on iphone 5, most of their current apps will not even be compatible. They will release additional apps and features, as a gimmick to cover their 1/2 baked OS.

Google & Microsoft creeps around, however im sure updates are minimal and small changes and will not hurt bb10. These 2 are still not as solid and robust against RIM. hates on 3 Companies, but if this Partnership would come to close the deal. The result wouldn't be bad as you claimed.

Imagine a new fresh new UI right from the core. I believe it will revolutionize our new way of communication...

Partnership with Samsung is an A+. If indeed that Blackberry 10 OS is open and easy, then this should make sense. RIM with Blings, are good... really good.!

If there's no news, create news. The more outrageous it is, the more people will pay attention. Create a lie so elaborate that it has to be true. If you don't do your own research and stop paying attention to suspect speculators and main stream media, you deserve to be fooled.

As long as RIM still has an in-house handset I can purchase, I really don't care who else builds other handsets for them

BB 10 will make or break RIM, so here's hoping they deliver. I can't wait to see what they do come January.

To say that iOS hasn’t basically changed since introduction is like saying Blackberry is the new black. You’re right; people are buying blackberries by choice... except not as many people are choosing Blackberries anymore. Cheap/free androids and Iphone 3Gs are going after RIMM’s international market share since even those old phones offer more than RIMM.

BB10 should have been out yesterday, not tomm or next year.

Windows 8 phone – Sept 5th (rumour)
Iphone 5 – Sept sam
Android Jelly Bean 4.1 – this fall

BB10 – hopefully January... ugh!

It would be crazy to see what would happen if Samsung had their hands on the patents RIM hold. RIM doesn't really sue other companies but Samsung sure does.

Oh my, it looks like we are to expect a lot of silly stuff from anyone who thinks they have something to say regarding BB/RIM till BB10 actually launches. It´s gonna be a long time filled with all the possible and impossible confabulations ever.

"Misek also compares BB10 to both iOS and Android saying that it's not as good as either."

Misek manages to pronounce on two operating systems he probably hasn't seen (BB10 he definitely won't have seen).

The man's a genius. Either that or he's an idiot.

And Samsung already has it's own operating system.

i hate when people reference stock price incorrectly. the stock price is not THAT bad at the historical price. people just dont acknowledge that RIM has had two stock splits: their first at 2 for 1 and their second at 3 for 1. when you take thoes into account, the price bumps way high up (the historical)

I may very well abandon BB altogether if they were to be acquired/partnered with Samsung. Customer service related/ shady business practices..leavin' it at that

I'm definitely BlackBerry by choice. In fact, it's the only choice! I have tried the competition, and they just don't stack up. The iphone is better suited as a paper weight, and most androids feel like a lousy unstable knockoff. The Bold 9930 is without a doubt the best and most stable Berry to date. This classy little beast does everything I need it to do and still has juice left at the end of the day to enjoy it. My phone is my business lifeline...and nothing helps separate business and pleasure better than a BlackBerry. And that best thing since sliced bread little LED notification...worth its weight in gold. This busy business owner is looking forward to RIM launching BlackBerry 10...til then, my always reliable workhorse 9930 and playbook are keeping me happy!

Samsung is #1 flooding the market with Android devices. But let's not forget that Google bought out Motorola's mobility division. It seems counter intuitive for different manufacturers to push the same operating system, but some how it works. At this point in the game I can't say I would be disappointed if BlackBerry licensed QNX to other manufacturers to compete. At the end of the day, RIMM is a business that needs severe renovations. It just takes one buyer to "flip the property" and get it back on the market.