Another video look at the BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard in action!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2012 04:50 pm EDT

The BlackBerry 10 Jam sessions continue to tour across the Mobile Nations. Last week CrackBerry's James Richardson brought back some great BlackBerry 10 photos and first impressions from the event in London. 

And coming today out of the Jam event in NYC, the Verge posted a video hands-on and their initial thoughts on the new BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard. We got our first look at the keyboard at BlackBerry World last month and we liked what we saw and can't wait to spend some real time with it. Hit the video above!

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Another video look at the BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard in action!


The caps lock gesture is quite unique and new. I am not sure how much I would use that feature, but it is something to do when showing of the phone to friends

I really liked that feature when I saw it. When using caps lock now, I never really know how long to hold the caps key before it's active. This new way will be much quicker.

Im a big fan of blackberry, but if they show this an that ...before the device is comming out android and iOS have this keyboard also and the phone is old...RIM watch please the asus padfone design and put the material from bold 9900 and the back style from porsche design phone...the speed of minimum galaxy 3.... And one with keyboard and one touch and mybe go to wm 8 .... I stay to rim but if somthing happen i change to WM8 Microsoft...

I think blackberry needs the same chance that apple get ....a second life...

Bye and sorry for my english

Why the heck are posting videos that require Flash Player? Are you aware of a single BlackBerry phone that has Flash Player? I'm not. This is stoopid.

so its sorta like the playbook in that theres those open windows but its spaced out in this way.

its okay. I wonder if we could push that screen aside so were not always looking at our open windows...

at least its not bloody widgets.

At the moment, the dev unit we played with didn't have haptic feedback enabled for this next-gen touch type experience and when we pressed RIM for comment, they weren't able to assure us as to its eventual inclusion in final production hardware.

hmm I can see the don't want haptic feedback on your swipes....BUT I know I want/need it for my touch typing...I REALLY hope they include it

Who's telling the truth?

Engadget "The layout is clear and unfettered, with each letter taking up an appropriate amount of screen real estate to accommodate even the chunkiest of fingers".

The Verge "Comparing it to leaders like the keyboard in iOS or Android 4.0, it's not quite up to par yet — the keys seemed a bit too cramped — though we suspect that it will improve as the OS gets closer to launch".

Apparently the brainiacs over at The Verge don't understand what DEV ALPHA means. Seems they were looking for a completed phone. People who don't understand what they're talking about really shouldn't write blogs. Seems anyone with a website and a following can write crap and people listen without questioning. Too bad they're not like Crackberry, where people can actually sound off on the blogs right away.

So here's my question;
what I love about the current BB keyboard, the physical keys allow me to physically press the Shift or Alt key and use the secondary characters available for those keys.

Can we get that for BB10?
Can I please press the Alt on the screen, turn the "B" into a "?" and keep typing really really fast?

Now go over to the verge and see what the retards commenting there are saying. They make it sound like they have seen the entire OS and its garbage.

He's got a point at the end. I tried swiftkey smart keyboard etc. all the ones with the predictive text, but the issue for me was that I spend more time at looking what they had predicted rather than just typing it out myself.

Rather than focussing on predictive text, they should focus on making sure that input is as fast and accurate as it can be. I'm sure more people would love to spit out a message and look back and see no errors than typing in the first letter and checking to see if the next predicted word is the right word.

Just my $.02

Make the world a better place. Recycle your apples.

I think this is something your brain will get used to quickly especially as it learns what you usually type and also the word is just above the key not at the top. You won't need to look up as much.

to a point. most predictive text keyboard try to learn what you want to say next I think this way of countering the next letter is far better proposition so that the word isn't already presented or being found on a top row.

My problem with predictive text sentences like swiftkey is that I don't naturally want everything to be learnt. I might spell something short hand but for formal meeting I might prefer the long hand way or the proper way of spelling it.

It'll be interesting how blackberry allows stuff like that. Could it be that there will be a dictionary just like in the current blackberry phones where you can forcefully subsitute words? which i think would be a better way of doing things.

For the most part, everyone on a touch screen will be looking down at the screen so you can't help but look at it. Wonder if there's an option to turn of the predictive words on the bb.

The point is that if your finger is going to the key anyway and you're looking at which key you will be hitting next, this method is much faster than normal typing.

ps. I don't recycle used apples. I throw them in the garbage ;)

The only thing I really want is the ability to move an app to the background. I like that I can see my open apps on one homescreen but there are some i want open yet not have to see in there.

I'm sorry, but this guy seemed decent until he gave his "verdict" on the new predictive text keyboard system. Such a stupid comment. It's not complicated, it's called a form of assisted keyboard entry.

Perhaps had he been reviewing an Apple or Android device he'd be singing praises of how fast this will speed up word entry once the device learns your input patterns.

What a tool.

I'm so over these demos, I don't want to type on a touch screen, I want a physical keyboard : ( RIM will break my heart for the last time if they failed to deliver a blackberry 10 device with a physical keyboard before Christmas.

Don't agree with his comment that the phone is thinking *for* you; it's more like the phone is thinking *with* you. If you choose to use the words it suggests, then fine. If not, just keep on typing as you normally would. It's not like autocorrect, where it chooses the word for you unless you intervene. Anyway, I'm sure all these features can be customized to your liking. He did miss the swipe-down gesture to toggle symbols, though holding the shift key and dragging up is a new one for me. Still looks very promising! Can't wait! xD

The caps lock toggle is nice as I've found long pressing and double-tapping he shift key to be a hit or miss affair. Though, I guess this also means that you won't be able to capitalize a character by dragging from the shift key. For instance, if you wanted to capitalize "A", you would press shift and drag up, but that would activate caps lock. I could be mistaken, though.

Does the Dev Alpha device have an led notification light on it, or are the plans to keep it on the released hardware? I rely heavily on my holster and BeBuzz to know what kind of notification I have waiting before I take the phone out. I would be very dissapointed if they move away from the led.

When the Bold factor BB10 device comes out, I expect it to include a trackpad. I can't have my 'full browsing experience' without a cursor. Dropdown menus? Full interaction with websites? Cannot be done with my PlayBook or iPod Touch at the moment.

I belive this keyboard is too complicated for ordinary people. Fan boys will love it !
Ordinary people want simplicity !

No..No.Noo! If they don't come out with a phyzical keyboard Berry then they'll lose a big Berry fan. Yes, I'm talking about myself.. Idont need a larger screen to host 1001 fart apps, I have an apple device for that.

Hey Guys!

Check...Ive been reading alot of blogs and forums on the new BB10 Keyboard, and all the videos and clips have the Dev Alpha Unit being used in Portrait mode. The wife has a Droid Bionic, and with a full touch screen, i always find myself turning the phone to landscape mode to text/type because of the extra real estate under my thumbs.

Does anyone know/heard/(inside secret) if the keyboard will be accessible via landscape mode? Im sorry, if the new phone cant be used in landscape, ill be waiting for the 9900 replacement.

I agree! It was just bothering me that all I ever saw was it being used in Portrait. Id like to see a demo in Landscape mode. I understand if it hasnt been worked out yet, but since most BBs are used in Portrait fashion, and the attempt at Landscape went horribly wrong (Storms), I wanted to see what will be brought to the table.

Bless your heart. If you're still asking whether or not there will be a keyboard version of a BB10 OS device you need to read these blogs more than once per month... Just saying.

to tell you the truth i don't care about predictive text.. maybe it matters to some people, but for me i type WAY faster then anyone using predictive text by just typing like i do on a computer.. i turn off ALLLLL predictive text in any phone i use whether it be an android or BB.. i don't use iphones sorry, but i used to and i turned it off then too cause we all know how funny the predictive text on an iphone can be..

the reason i think most people like BB physical keyboards is that it can keep up with however fast you can type!! and the no look typing is KEY ; >

when i got my android (SGS2 LTE, i still have my 9900) no matter how fast i wanted to type i made way too many errors, and i spent money on other keyboards which just could not keep up.. swift key definitely cannot keep up.. and if swift key is developing the BB10 keyboard they better make sure that it can keep up with us crazy fast typers on a physical keyboard..

the iphone (yes i will make a positive statement about it) has a pretty good touch screen keyboard when it comes to speed and accuracy (when predictive text is turned OFF).. the only thing it's missing is the heptic feedback..

when i type on my 9900 or even my old 9700 i, along with many many others, have learned to roll my thumb to the next letter if it's right beside the previous key i pressed.. this speeds up typing quite a bit...

i think that is why no matter how good a touch screen keyboard is it will NEVER replace the qwerty.. and i'm glad Thorsten mentioned the qwerty at the press conference at BB world..

Looks terrible...a complicated keyboard he said. No one want complicated. The reason why Apple is at the top is because everything is simple and just works WELL.....RIP RIM for not understanding what consumers want. Finally making something in 2012 that looks like android/windows will not save you now.

have u used it? no? ok then shut up..

the flow looks nothing like android or apple..

apple is too simple.. too simple for 90 year olds and 10 year olds to use.. that's why it's good..

as a tech person that loves mucking around and customizing things apple is just too locked down..

i hate the apple ecosystem.. if u are not apart of it then ur SOL..

so don't shooting your mouth off like you know ANYTHING!

your just someone who follows the crowd and wants to be apart of the majority!