Another Unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9550 Preview

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Oct 2009 03:43 pm EDT

This time around it's the guys at phonearena that have their hands on a pre-release BlackBerry Storm 9550 and have given it a first look/preview. It's a little less glowing than some of the other 9550 first looks to date, but overall they come away with the viewpoint that it's a much improved BlackBerry Storm compared to the first generation device, but that the improved SurePress still isn't something that they're likely to "enjoy" using on a regular basis. They never stated what exact OS version the device was running nor what the CPR/hardware manufacture date was, but judging from the video I think both the hardware and OS are fairly old builds. The end key issue they talk about and bottom screen buttons sometimes not wanting to click is something I have yet to experience with the Storm 9550/9520s I have handled, so I don't think this will be an issue to worry about at all.

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Another Unofficial BlackBerry Storm 9550 Preview


What a tool. Get excited or something??

Nevertheless I want this phone. I updated to on the S1 and its like a new phone. It almost makes me reconsider getting the S2. But I know I will get this the first day it comes out.

Plus I need WiFi.

ouch. yeah. if that's the case, that means both the hardware and software are already ancient.  not really something to give a review review on yet.

Agreed. The guy sounded like a total dumb***. No expression. I mean if you are going to hate the phone at least sound like you are hating it.

I definitely want an S2. With every OS update it just keeps on getting better.

I find it funny that he spent two thirds of the review going on about the screen, and never touched on things like the inclusion of wifi and how that works.

This video's just an attention getter for these guys. The Storm 2 is picking up momentum as release approaches, so I think they just wanted to get on the map and get some traffic out of it too.

Besides, how can you do any sort of review on a pre-production model? That's asinine. In fact, I hope RIM somehow gets this taken down. Not because I'm a fanboy or anything, but just because the video is in poor taste.

EDIT: OK, it's a "preview", but still..

The reviewer is brain dead, plain and simple. He can't even pronounce "Piezo" correctly, it's Pee-a-zoh, not pie-zoh.

This guy made me cringe my teeth whenever I heard him say a word. He tried sounding more important then he really is while slurring big words that didn't even fit into what he was saying.

I agree with people saying he's using an old OS and how could he not be excited about the technology? I don't get it?.. He doesn't like a phone that goes touch screen and clicks when on and doesn't click when off? lol

Yea, that technology sucks...

needless to say, I'm pumped for this phone and we have to watch of for people who might bash on the phone in it's early stages to sway customers from it.

Yeah, this dude definitely sounds like a 6th grader giving a book report with the mandatory pause to make eye contact that the teacher yelled at him about previously.

That was a terrible review. The only thing I learned from it was that the demo version he was testing has some glitches with the buttons on the bottom and that he actually has no idea what piezoelectric technology is or how to pronounce it.

I'll except a review from this guy after he graduates from Toast Masters'. Damn his voice was annoying. He fumbled words to much. His lack of confidence with the unit tells me he didnt spend confident time with it in a way Kevin would.

The dude was monotone, like he was reading from a script, but still, just because it's not a glowing review, you guys jump all over him? Please. I welcome negative reviews, because I want to know if this is going to be another pos like the S1.

Oh cut the poor guy some slack. He was just reading from a typed out script and botched it a little. At least he wasn't sniffing his nose like so many others we see! :)

Lets hope he decides to touch on a few things he left out next time.

I use my storm rather well. This tool bag need to buy a personality. I hate haters. I love how they hate on the storm BUT will sure use it to get traffic.

Has it been confirmed that the Verizon Storm 2 will have wifi? My company's Verizon rep said that it wouldn't, and it seems like there is a dearth of firm information on that score.

I enjoyed watching the S2 in action.
I hated hearing that guy's voice.
So after about 15 seconds, I muted the sound and just watched the storm in action.

Watching that and Sal's latest videos today made me a happy man.

I can't wait to get this phone!

I don't care about the guy's voice. What I care about is seeing that the Storm 2 that he has is buggy in both hardware and software. That scares me because it feels like the same trend that we went through with the Storm 1. Buggy on release. I would wait for 6 months before I bought it.

That's good you'd wait six months, because the OS he has is from about that long ago. That's one of the main gripes informed people have of this "review", because many of the problems that are brought up are just not relevant any longer.

This guy need to be fired, plain and simple. IMHO has just lost a lot of credibility thanks to this idiot. Keep up the awesome work Salomondrin!

Dude, at least pay someone who's excited to review the fricken phone, this guy makes me depressed and not want to buy the phone... LIGHTEN UP!!!

BUT, I know that because of the 5.0 OS leaks coming out now are meant for the Storm 2, that right out of the box the only thing you'd have to be aware of is hardware problems, because I know for a FACT that the Storm 2's operating system will be BAD ASS by the time it comes out, if the Storm 1 feels like a new phone with on it I can't even IMAGINE how smooth the storm 2 would be with the same OS or even better one on it... now its just the wait.

Oh man. After watching the video I came in to comment and see exactly what I was going to say about this clown.

His voice makes me want to punch babies. Like seriously go find the sweetest cutest baby in the entire world and ask her mother "How old is this precious child?" and the mother would respond "Oh, she's six mo-"*WHAM* KNUCKLE SANDWICH RIGHT IN THE KISSER. And then when the mother would start screaming and try to attack me I would bust out my Storm, open up YouTube and show her this video. 10 seconds in she'd get in a quick jab at the kid too.

Oh, and Storm 2 will have double the first Storm's memory, daveglenn13.

I had to stop half way through to end the torture of this person and their monotone and scathing voice lol. What an idiot!!! Totally an apple person or something because from the word go he is bashing it and cant even speak clearly and fumbles as if he reading a speech to a stadium of people!!! NEVER DO A REVIEW AGAIN PLEASE!!!!

Please crackhead tell me that you do not even consider this review in your decision. If so than you are as immature as the reviewer and narrow-minded.

As pitiful a preview as it still can't discount the fact the S2 just *might* not be all we hope it will be. I used to be sure I was going to get it the minute it came out, but recently I'm looking at other options in case it's not that great. The problem with VZW is there are no other options :-(

I can agree with you saying vzw has no other comparable options to the bb storm or the storm 2 however that will be changing in January when they come out with the Palm Pre with their new OS 1.2. I know i probably deserve to be shot mentioning that phone on a blackberry site, lol, but after I heard vzw is getting it ive read reviews about the new OS and its without a doubt going to be worth taking a look at.

Well in a nutshell no matter what, this guys review is irrelevant to me, until I am in the Verizon Store and playing with it in my hand and taking it home with me to give my 90 day review, these "scare" tactics wont work! S1 had issues just like all smartphones are quirky but I personally like my S1( ver) and will be buying the S2 for my own opinion

Dude gave a review like RIM pissed him off and he's just trying to get back at him. I played with the S2 yesterday and I gotta say I'm going to get it. There was no service to it but the screen is very quick and responsive. Sal was right...The screen is brighter and clearer. I too can't explain it but it's a lot better than the S1.

I'm going to get this phone when it comes out. With the TP2, Shole, Omnia2 and S2 it's was a very hard decision. Me personally I heard about the S2 before the S1 was released. So I'm sure there's an S3 already in the works. I give all these devices respect but I'm a Blackberry man.

Good grief! I know I'm not the first to comment on this, but it was like listening to a bored 13 year old. Do any of these supposed tech sites have anyone who can write or speak? Or know WTF they are talking about?

I'm tired of RIM pulling these videos before everyone can see the reviews on them. That just tells me one thing...that the device is gonna SUCK. If RIM would focus on just one or two devices and making sure those work properly instead of pushing out a new device every month then maybe they wouldn't have such a crappy touchscreen phone. I'm switching to HTC Touch Pro 2 because i'm tired of the horrible devices and issues blackberry's are having lately.

Have you ever used an HTC device? They get horrible reception (and no its not the area that im in because I get great reception on my storm and always have) and top of that they run off Windows Mobile which if you think RIMs OS is bad your in for a real treat with WMs. Dont get me wrong Im kinda tired of RIM just pushing out devices one after another to but if your looking to get away from blackberry i would suggest maybe the Palm Pre which if your with verizon its scheduled to launch in January with OS 1.2 and stay away from any HTC phone.

thanks for the advice...i guess i needed to vent cuz i'm getting a little tired of Verizon's lack of decent phones and RIM's lack of producing a decent OS.

Ummm I have an HTC device. The ozone to be precise and it gets great reception. And WM is not all that bad compared to the Blackberry OS. At least with WM I can install apps on my memory card without the use of another app.

ok i just want to make this clear, the guy at phone arena has agruably the most annoying voice on the plnet! i think his video reviews are terrrible and i am not a bb fanboy. but i a. starting to think they just dislike the storm.

I couldnt watch the video, but I read the preview on the site. I personally didnt take his view as hating, it was probably the most unbiased review I've read of the Storm 2.

I prefer to hear the bad points talked up a bit more than people going on about all the minor good stuff i.e the Piezo screen... If the bad points are drawn to RIMs attention early they may actually do something about it before its released... and therefor you end up with the awesome phone you all so desperately want.... Why can't you guys see the logic here?

Ok, I get it.. a better review would have been him busting a nut over the S2, saying how brilliant everything was and not touching on ANYTHING negative *roll eyes* absolute fanboyism.

as someone that has used (or actually used to use) Phonearena for years I can tell you that EVERY reviewer there has an iPhone for his personal use.....

the guys there are the EPITOME of iPhone snobs.....any review of any touchscreen smartphone will have a ton of references to why it isn't like an iPhone

they HATED the S1 so there was no way they were going to have a positive review of the S2

That site simply can not be taken seriously when it comes to a Blackberry

maybe they should just forward us a link from their iPhon........oh wait......nevermind ; )