Another AT&T Bold Update: Dealers to Order on the 24th?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Sep 2008 12:56 am EDT

AT&T Bold Release DateOur last AT&T Bold update pitted two release dates against each other, September 12th and October 2nd, with October 2nd winning the majority vote of confidence. Today the BG updated his Oct. 2nd date with further word that jives with what we've been hearing all week...  that September 24th will be the initial date when dealers (not end consumers) can start ordering the device.

A few AT&T dealers this week sent us in the emails that contained the word from head office...

We have very important liquidation opportunities, please read the entire message and post for your employees. This has been sent to the stores, SM's, DM's, and GM's... AT&T is pleased to announce the launch of the new Blackberry Bold. It will be available to order on September 24, 2008. 

Sweet. If dealer ordering begins on the 24th as is currently planned (I know many of you at this point won't believe it till you see it!), the AT&T Bold could likely be in your hands a day or two after... so it should be available everywhere on or hopefully a few days sooner than the rumored October 2nd release date. The wait is almost over folks!

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Another AT&T Bold Update: Dealers to Order on the 24th?!


Again , Verizon you guys are weak. I might quit your stupid carrier and go over to AT&T if the Bold comes out Sept. 24'th or sooner than Verizon's date of getting any new BB's.

VERIZON, eat shit.

Calm down there. Verizon will be getting the Bold and probably the Javelin. The Javelin looks pretty sweet.

They're also going to get the Thunder/Storm, so calm down. No need to tell someone to go eat poo.

Well, for those who use CB or BBCool etc, the addicted, we kinda konw about some issues the Canada Rogers release unveiled. That whole 3G JS thing? So... Unless they have fixed it, and state such, the only people who would currently buy it are either addicts that just figure it'll get fixed later, I'll get it now. Or the un-addicted who are innocent bystanders until they try to use 3G with JS and run into the slow down and stop browser issue. Which wouldn't give BB a very good name. So are they releasing a fixed version? Are they just hoping no one will care? Don't get me wrong, I'm excited... just, well, hesitant. I have conisdered leaving TMO for *sigh* at&t and the Bold... but there's that thing called THE JAVELIN. hmm.... Well, I'll just have to stroll down to my local at&t dealer on the 24th and see what's up I guess.

just an FYI....

RIM Tech Support called me back earlier this week following up on my JS support enabled browser issues.

They duplicated my test results and confirmed the JS issues I was encountering with my browser tests, and escalated up the organization to be addressed. So at least I wasn't crazy. Just need to wait for it to be addressed.

when I see it. I'm not going to jump for joy until I have it in my hands.

At this point, I'm no longer that excited for the Bold. I'm excited for the Javelin though. But that will soon subside because it will probably come out 6 months from now....and when I say that, I mean it will come out for everyone in a month or two and AT&T in 6 months.

I am happy to say that I am free from this ridiculous cycle of excitement and disappointment... The Bold has jumped the shark in my mind, it is simply not that impressive of a device to justify the incompetency displayed in getting it out and available for purchase in a timely fashion. Even when it was released on Rogers, many of the same issues plagued it as did the iPhone, which was released months earlier and for $100 less, that's just simply absurd. My heart is now set on the HTC Touch Pro, or Fuze, which will hopefully, and probably it seems, be more impressive and maybe even released sooner. I am happy to be free, and I am sorry for those of you with fierce loyalty; good luck.

So much for the summer release date. To all Windows Mobile adpoters, WinMo sucks compared to BB OS. You talk about problems with an OS... WinMo is plagued more than the iPhone. But, go ahead and get your fancy 640x480 Touch Pro that you have to slide out your keyboard AND is 50% thicker... I'll be waiting for my much-delayed Bold.

I work for AT&T and I can't give anymore information than was already given but I'm so excited for this phone to drop. Like I said I can't say more but I'm personally adding a line when this beast comes out. Woooohooooo!!!

I just stopped in to my AT&T store today. My rep tells me they had a meeting just this morning and they're being told it will be available on the 15th.

i may just start putting my money back in to RIMM stock. i feel like i've been waiting for a child to be born. its obvious that the wait has been due to the JS issues. it wouldn't be smart for RIM to release this highly anticipated product in its largest market and it not work properly. look at what happened with the iPhone apple rushed it out and there were all the issues it had. but all in all i'm happy and am patiently waiting to sign up for another 2 years of AT&T.

I tried to hold out but since my piece of sh*^ I Phone broke 3 times and on the last break while trying to back it up it erased all my info and downloads. I was forced to get back into my blackberry in which I bought a new curve with a new 2 year agreement. Love it... Very easy to use and plenty of downloads... But I want a bold. I sure hope that At&t is nice enough to let me start that 2 year agreement when the Bold comes out later on in September/October. After all I have been with them for years and really don't want to change my cell phone provider so Lets work something out!!!!

It's good to know that all of the prophetic dates and speculation will be over soon and the BOLD will be released. Still thinking about waiting for the Javelin.

Thank God that the BOLD is FINALLY coming to AT& current phone (Razor) is on its last leg. The Thunder looks great, but AT&T won't have that one and AT&T gives our company 18 percent discounts. So....the Bold it is. I certainly hope that they have worked out all the problems you experienced earlier. You do great work and I love your website. Thanks so much!

Can you believe its finally going to come out on AT&T? it seems like its for real this time since some have already been sold pre-release. I am with you on the October 2nd release.. it seems like its the projected date as of now at least.

anyways thanks for the info.. and check out my site for some cool Blackberry goodies..


I'm wondering if this date is for the AT&T Dealer Stores and not the AT&T Corporate Store. It makes sense that the dealer stores would have to order units. It does not make sense that the corporate stores would as they all carry all the AT&T phones in varying allotments.

Also, don't the corporate store get new phones 1 - 2 weeks before the dealer stores?

So, if my analysis is accurate, it would suggest that both dates are accurate. The 12th/15th for corporate stores and the 24th/2nd for dealer stores.

i want one of these phones because they are hotttttttttttttt. it can do so much more then the blackberry pearl.

feel like Charlie Brown? Just when you think you're going to kick the football, Lucy takes it away from him.

That's how I feel. Maybe it's just me.

Ok so I'm hoping this isn't true...but I called my local AT&T store in WA and the lady said it got pushed back til after halloween...but hopefully she's wrong!

I was at our local at&t store. I spoke to the manager of the store and she was informed that company recieves the bold on September 16.

Friday Aug 29th I went to the local AT&T store and they told me... "wait two weeks and the Bold will be here"... I just called the Rep at the store and his answer now is the first or second week in OCT...... so much for 2 weeks!

The catering manager had a slip with this info. ATT is having a "product launching" party in the hotel where I work. I am trying to find out when because, like EVERYONE, I am desperatelly waiting for the BBB.