Another round of BlackBerry Torch 2 photos turns up

BlackBerry Torch 2
By Bla1ze on 27 May 2011 06:13 pm EDT

Although it was only just the other day we saw some new images of the BlackBerry Torch 2 turn up, it has now once again appeared in some new images. This time around we get some better lighting to go ahead and shine on the device to help show it off. We also get a look at the OS running on the device which is now showing as BlackBerry 7 as opposed to the previous leaks which showed off BlackBerry 6.1.

New images to look at but sadly, it's still rocking that battery door we also saw from previous leaks. I for one, hope they decide to swap that out before an actual release. Not really fond of all that shine that is going on there, anyone else? Few more images can be found after the break, you can also hit up the source link for their full gallery.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

BlackBerry Torch 2
BlackBerry Torch 2

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Another round of BlackBerry Torch 2 photos turns up


On the bright side, this is the first device I wouldn't feel bad about covering with a case...

I don't mind it either. Not really understanding why so many are picking a fight with it, lol. It's just a more..."lively" design.

Who to tell, there will probably even be other colour options forthcoming too.

If they made this phone white and silver it would look sick.. But honestly they should of made the torch 2 have a different look from the torch 1 beside a different battery door

Has anyone else noticed the lack of a front facing camera on any of the new (unannounced) phones? You would think with video chat on the playbook, they would want this available on the OS 7 phones.

Its not I don't think any of the new blackberrys is gonna get a front facing camera.. And it does look like a front facing camera

That's not a camera. It is the proximity sensor to turn off the screen when you hold the device up to your face. No front facing camera and no wifi hot spot router=FAIL!

The proximity sensor is on the top right of the device, where the LED is. The above post is talking about the top left which does look like a camera, unless it's an air bubble that looks like a camera.

Thats what Ive been saying too! makes no sense, someone told me RIM hasnt put a front camera yet so to avoid the FCC. not sure what that means really

d-bag special from the design department - mike this is an old design let's make it shine by makin it silver...and with the new modern look maybe no one will notice we are still an entire year behind the phones that are eating our lunch

How hard is it to say the following,

"Hey Mike, remember when we copied the 9700 overall look for the Torch, well the new 9900 looks outta sight so lets just do that again with the Torch 2."

"You got it Jim."

Is it really that difficult? The news 9900 looks outstanding with it's metal bezel, flat and wide stance. Imagine if they did it with the Torch 2, we would get a thin slider with a large screen and a large keyboard. Win Win Win.

Instead they....................................................................................................keep it the same. Jeeeeez.

For the ones claiming that this wasn't going to be the finale product, and the design could change...hate to say it but, I TOLD YOU SO. It is still early but i still think this soon to release and considered lack luster compared to other devices out there, will stay absolutely the same as it has been shown.

Can't wait for this to come out. I have the torch1 and have had minimal problems. With the new OS and and faster processor - this phone should run sweet. I only hope they get rid of the "girly" battery cover.

I'll be damned that does look like a camera on the front. That would be cool, especially since the playbook has video chat.
Is this fone coming to Tmo?
Is it supposed to have hotspot also?
I would get it for sure, always thought the torch had the best of both worlds e.g. keyboard and touch screen.

First of all, the battery cover really doesn't look that bad. Second, what people are thinking looks like a front facing camera is in fact only an air bubble.

Besides, don't you think that if the device did have a front facing camera, they would make a HUGE deal about it. It would make a lot of nay sayers about Blackberry shut the hell up. Hell, we all know that all those people who say, " Blackberry sucks, Android is sooo much better, it can even wipe my ass after I shit myself." They all need to STFU ! ! !

I've got to agree with you less the cussin, HA! How difficult would it be to add a front facing camera and really how hard would it be to add a hot spot router? Give PlayBooks someone else to video chat with (huge selling bonus for both PlayBook and new OS7 devices) and then add it all to BBM? Am I missing something here? New hardware should easily be able to handle this stuff. Instant catch up to the pack, so why not?

The editors are just toying with you !!!

Search Rim on the net, and you get bad news. Search for Nokia on the net, and this is what you get:

Research in Motion is an Ontario, Canada, based telecommunications and wireless device company. RIMM’s best known product is the BlackBerry smart phone. BlackBerry has a market share of 16.5% in the worldwide smart phone sector. That makes RIMM the third biggest smart phone producer worldwide. However, in the U.S. market, RIMM is the leading smart phone supplier with a market share of more than 30%. In 2009, soon after the financial crisis, Fortune named RIM fastest growing company in the world, with an EPS growth of 84%. Research in Motion has the smallest market cap among these three companies with a market cap of $22.5 billion. However, its P/E ratio is the lowest of all. Its trailing P/E ratio is 6.79, and forward P/E ratio is estimated to be 6.25. RIM experienced an EPS growth of 58.34% in the past five years. Furthermore, in the next five years, EPS growth is expected to be 10.25%. RIMM’s beta of 1.88 is the highest among others. Insiders own 10.62% of shares, which is incredibly high compared to Apple.

Analysts estimate 20% EPS growth for Apple, 5.63% for Nokia, and 10.25% for RIMM. Based on the parameters listed, Apple has a T-Metrix score of 7.3, Nokia has a score of 5.6, and RIMM has a score of 8. For comparison, S&P 500 (SPY) has a score between 4 and 5. I expect all mobility titans to beat the market returns with a large margin. However, RIMM seems like the best contrarian play.

Editors are EVIL!

It looks fake because of how they have "Blackberry" written twice on the front about a centimeter away from each other unless thats what they do on all prototypes

Any idea of the release date ?? I was just about to pick up a Torch as my first blackberry , coming from an Iphone, and just saw this.

i never liked the torch i think is the worst blackberry design, can wait until the new 9930 comes out. plse tmobile carry the sh_t lol

wow, a lot of people are really ungrateful and complain about a lot of things. if you want an android OS, buy an android phone. if you want an iphone OS, but an iphone. this is a blackberry! it was traditionally a business based phone, but they wanted to enter the consumer market. i think they are doing great. i don't see anything wrong with the chrome/silver look. APPLE uses it with their computers, nobody complains. people are only complaining because the critics are bashing them about their numbers, and they are jumping on the bashing bandwagon. the blackberry is a super reliable work horse that barely gives problems, last for years and has great battery life. i would not trust my business with any other smartphone. if you want all the consumer gadgety' stuff, get another phone. personally i would not want a phone that i can not replace the battery myself if it dies. Nor do i want a phone based off of an open source OS. that's my rant for the day. i'm not hating on anyone, just tired of the whining. make it a good one :-)

no offense, but that was spoken like a true dinosaur. Times are changing. I'm a huge blackberry supporter, used one for years and will begrudgingly continue to use one, HOWEVER, they must play some catch up. A front facing cam would go a long way, because some of us who are away on business trips would like to video chat with our kids for a bit before they go to bed at night. Just because you have no use for some of these items and consider them to be "consumer gadgety stuff" doesn't mean that the rest of us have no use for them. There is no excuse for Blackberry to not be able to keep up with the competition.

Looks good, any info on size yet? Will current Torch cases and holsters work on this model? Not a huge fan of the"bling" look but I would assume more colors to come as with the current Torch. But I will most likely not be updating. Not enough drastic changes for me. Will be waiting for the QNX os before I stray away from my 9800.

hey all, i'm not so sure about the silver back but it will match the aluminum trim in my audi. it would look sweet if they gave a polished walnut option like audi does. it would be the ultimate sexy high end business phone.

What's with the 90's aesthetic? I reminds me of the silver Curve (original Curve). just looks old, even compared to the current 9800. That design after 9900? What happened RIM?