Another ride in the BlackBerry Limo

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jan 2012 09:06 pm EST

While our good friends Isaac and Joseph were busy shuttling off without us (just kidding guys, we still love you) in the BlackBerry #BeBold limo, we were hard at work making this amusing video of our experience with the #BeBold limo. Full disclosure here - we had a bit of trouble finding the limo pickup so we had to run around a bit and wait for the limo to make its return trip. In the end we found the limo, made some new friends and had a great trip back to the hotel. Thanks RIM!

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Another ride in the BlackBerry Limo


Come on, Crackberry and RIM, no more kiding, please.

Is this BlackBerry Limo, and Cut The Rope, Plants vs Zombies, Golla Zip Folders will save RIM? I don't know.

As a PBers, I only see the native email, calendar and contacts, and few powerful business apps, like BlackBerry Remote, OnStar RemoteLink app, Print To Go, Remote Desktop HD, that really make me happy, user need more business level applications.

This is second day of CES 2012, is that all for Playbook OS 2? Or RIM don't want us to know those are only things can show us?

Can we have more detail information? I really want to know:
1. How's the browser performance? Is it stable version with Flash?
2. How's the Android Player? how many apps it supported right now? Are they available in App World after the OS 2 release in Feb?
3. Is the Camera, GPS, Compass hardware available in Android Player?
4. How's the Multi-Lang support in OS 2? I mean the IMEs, like Chinese, Japanese, Korea, Arabic etc.
5. Will Skype, Netflex, IM apps available in the future?


It is all good question, I'm wondering as well. I watched the video from the email and it did not wow me. I have all three platforms. Ipad,Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the PB since May. I have tried to sell it, but at this point is like giving it free as there is so many on the market for sell. So my only hope is to have the OS 2.0 that I have been waiting for a very long time. Here is why people don't like the PB, I was over seas for 7 months hence why I bought it back in May, well I was very desapointed because I only brought with me the PB has it was small and taught it would be the best over there. I was not able to Skype with my family as everyone else could with their Ipad. Second, I had a 9810 with me, again I was not able to get any app because I was in a third country however my friend could get their App on Apple. Here some suggestion.

1. Have gift card, why is simple more people can use it, without using a CD all the times.
2. Have all your App being able to be download any where in the world.
3. I don't really care that it is skype, get around it with your own app to have max exposure for people to buy it.
4. Next phone have front camera.

As for the majority of people here, there most be lots of sarcasm with your wow and kid comments like it is the greatest thing it has ever been build. If it was, it would be flooding the market, and the price for selling them would be high like the Ipad on Kijiji as example. Not 150 for a 16GB

Don't make me wrong, I want Blackberry to succeed, but they will not going to with just their update we have seen, without the rest for the Android Market. People buy gadget for Apps. Read their news, play during brake time ect. In order to get all this, all their Apps should be working on all their phone, with my 9810, I can't have 100% of the app, on my PB I can't have 100 % of the app, however the Iphone and Ipad are 100% compatible. Anyway good job still over there.

I don't understand what you mean by "having 100% of the app" on your phone or on your PB.

Strangely, didn't they talk about App World is in more countries than the iTunes app store is in?

The reason is simple, my wife sent me the 9810 as my BD gift, because the phone was never register on the network then it was not working. However with an Apple product, you only need your user name and pw. So if BB would have the same system I would of been able to access the App World, as for the the same type of App, I would like with my PB to have the same apps as my 9810, but I can't because they are not compatible, I understand why because it's two different OS, I want this to be soon resolve because it's annoying, to pay for an app and not have it work on both.

"however the Iphone and Ipad are 100% compatible."

That is not true. There are plenty of apps that are iPad or iPhone only (iPhone apps you can run on an iPad, but they look like crap).

Either way, compatibility is completely up to the developers, not RIM. When a new device comes out (especially if it has a unique screen resolution) or a new OS (eg: OS6 vs OS7) the developer has to re-build their app and submit. You can't blame RIM should someone not want to spend their time doing that.

Because RIM/Blackberry doesn't develop the apps. That's what people need to do. RIM DOESN'T MAKE SKYPE OR NETFLIX.

That's right, no one should ever have fun, or share that fun with others. We should constantly be rehashing all the stuff that we don't know, and complaining about it.


Why my post has been deleted. You don't like that I say the true about RIM?

My original post about the limo was something like:

It is amazing that RIM is more worried about driving reporters in a limo than fixing bugs like the bricking issue in the bold 9900.

Dude, marketing and customer relationship building at a trade show is completely separate from bug fixing. You're acting like RIM has only 10 employees and they have the engineers driving Kevin and the other folks around in a limo all day instead of working on the bricking issue. I can see why your post was deleted because it was and still is an asinine comment.

This is the main reason that shares of RIM are so low, their investors see that they are only worried to give a good image instead of fixing or releasing better products.