Another price drop for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Rogers?!?

By Bla1ze on 22 Jun 2010 01:03 pm EDT
Another price drop for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Rogers?!?

It wasn't all that long ago that we let you all know about the recent price drop to $99.99 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Rogers. Seems as though we may be seeing another as well. A few folks have sent us emails and pics, letting us know that some Rogers locations are now showing the device at $0 with a new 3 year contract (Although, it could be individual dealers sale price). I always enjoy a little speculation when devices see price drops so, could this just be an everyday sale? Or are they maybe looking to push some inventory for a soon to be released device? Let us know in the comments what you all think. Thanks Keith for the image.

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Another price drop for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on Rogers?!?


with the iphone4 coming soon, maybe they'll have something to compete with it. and if they do, they've done a very good job keeping it a secret.

I am just waiting for the 9800 to be released. many of my colleagues have been holding off on their upgrades to go straight to the 9800.

I dreamed a dream I dreamed a dream... of a Slider to replace my Curve. I dreamed a dream I dreamed a dream, that I would have a touchscreen and a keyboard on a Blackberry. And Rogers may be on its way to fufilling this dream.

I also dream of a slider...but i really really really want it to come out in white...i can't help it i'm addicted to white bbs now!!!

I think that they are getting rid of the "old 9700" and coming out with a new one. Maybe with 512 MB or a slick new look. They could be making the camera 5 or 6 Megapixels!

The poster in the pic says it's worth $50 more without a contract as compared to . I wonder why they'd be selling it for more without a contract and free on a 3 year one :-/

Its Standard for most providers to give discounted phones when you sign a contract becuse they know you are going to have their service for X amount of time, and if you break the contract then they hit you up with a "early termination fee" to help them subsidise the cost of the phone.

If you buy it on month to month contract, etc, they cant charge you that early termination fee, so you typicly pay more or full price for the phone (what it cost them)

where is this store?

i was just at bb to do a HUP, but they were taking too long.
they had it for 150$, i was gonna PM it for 99$, but now that i see it for 0$, i cant find it anywhere.

called a bunch of locations, all say 99$

It was St. Vital Center in Manitoba. The picture is from a kiosk, I also saw it at the Rogers Store in the mall. So yea, an actual store.

found a store calling around. stores are the ones with the 0$.

its actually: $49.99 minus a $50 mail in rebate from rogers.
their regular price is $149.99 and are offering coupons through their company to drop it to 49.99

Sounds good.. wondering if i should pick one up now or wait lol...let's hope for a new 9700 with 512MB RAM

Gezz i got my Bad berry 12 days ago, for 150$ you gotta be kidding me! If i knew about this 1- Ill wait and 2- never deal with telus -_-"

If I wasn't holding out for a possible 9800, this would definitely interest me, but it's still a good deal for those looking for that upgrade or a newer device. (Barring future releases..obviously).

I guess no one cares as so many new phones are coming out. Blackberry's all look the same to the normal person. Perhaps the new Blackberry's are coming out, so plenty of stock to get rid of.

Actually, this is a sale that Airsource is having. Every single smartphone is $0 on a three year. They have stores in Winnipeg and Saskatoon. I just so happen to work at one of those stores.

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