Another politician gets impressed with BlackBerry 10

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By James Richardson on 8 May 2013 04:31 am EDT

This ones come out of South Africa. Helen Zille who is a member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, leader of South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance political party, and a former Mayor of Cape Town recently got hands on with the BlackBerry Q10 and as you can see from her response on Twitter it seems she was rather impressed.


Wow! just been one of the first ppl in SA to skype with the new BBQ10. I am so glad I waited for this phone. Learnt so much tonight.
07/05/2013 19:04

We've now seen a few government agencies around the world give BlackBerry 10 the thumbs up. The German government passed BlackBerry 10 fit for security a while back and I'm sure the UK will follow - if you missed the almost comical story we had on that one you can catch it here.

Could South Africa be next? Looking at the Twitter profile of @helenzille she certainly has a ton of followers and must be very influential.

More great publicity for BlackBerry 10 - that's what we like to see.


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glad she like it. wish i can get my hands on one!

Brandon Mc Kechnie

Her surname is Zille, not Ville #JustSaying She's pretty hardcore and doesn't take BS from anyone so her approval is pretty cool... BB10 for the win...!

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You really don't need to use hash tags outside of Twitter. Just saying.

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Ok guys, this really sounds great, but i am still missing policies to disable camera in BES10 without disabling the private Part of the Phone.

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That's because it's either all or nothing approach with the camera? Oh, I can't take a picture of this super secret prototype while using my work perimeter... Switch to personal, snap away.


Ok, yes this is all good.....the more good press the better for BlackBerry.......just burns my britches every time I read about someone using Skype and I can't.

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Yeaah awesome stuff Empress Zille! Your fellow Capetonians are proud of you!

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jojo beaconsfield

More good stuff! Take the time ,and smell the roses.


The perfect summer phone. The Barbecue 10 (BBQ 10) by BlackBerry. Enjoy your summer in style :p

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nick canada

Any word on the Canadian government? I know they help BlackBerry in other ways but it would be nice to see an announcement that they are switching to BlackBerry 10

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Learnt how to spell learned after using it

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Lol she learnt gud

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BBQ 10
Actually correct, but just sounded funny

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Learnt lmao

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I caught that one also. Funny

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It's British spelling, I think, because I have a tendency to write it that way too, or at least I used to.

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Tomas Carrillo

As burnt :P

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Good deal. I see every where in the world. People are loving BB10. Now if we could get a little more love in the US that would be great.

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Where I work there is already rumblings of replacing ageing Bold's with new Q10 devices. And given the IT departments fondness in BlackBerry devices then they will more than likely follow through with it.

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All fake no one liking BlackBerry. 10 no skype.nothng

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They need Obama to say some praise about this phone.


President Obama has been a big supporter of BlackBerry in the past, so hopefully he gets on the BB10 bandwagon, and gets the rest if his staff in on it as well. I would love to add Barack to my BBM contacts!

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I'm sure Mr. Obama has more important things to do. "Let's see...Try to end the war in Syria or learn an entirely new smartphone operating system?"

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Well solving Syria is impossible so he may as well be productive and learn the latest and the greatest!

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Yeah, the latest line of lying bs straight from the horses mouth would be a thrill. NOT!


welcome to the team #blackberry



I have Skype on my Z10 just sayin

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That's great news, might have to start following her :-)


Oh yeah Q10 will be loved by the business sectors, is great to know Helen Zille of South African love her new Q10. BlackBerry is blessed with the Q10. Thanks James, keep writing those fine articles.:)

Tomas Carrillo

Most of politics like BlackBerry devices they all have things to keep in secret. :P

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Pinpin Loa

she has skype on BB Q10? why in my bb z10's bb world it still say "skype coming soon"? anyone can explain for me?

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I comes with the launch of the Q10. If you want it on your Z10 wait until BB World releases it OR side load it. The sideloaded leak works excellently.


Who cares what politicians think. What matters is what the everyday customer thinks.

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Prince Radebe

I wonder if Jacob Zuma (South African President) will or has a BlackBerry Device...

Jim Wolfson

Did she buy it with her own money, or that taken from taxpayers by force?