Another New Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Commercial!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Oct 2008 11:44 pm EDT

Seriously?! Another Frak'n BlackBerry Storm Commercial?! I mean, I LOVE them and all, but I don't know how much longer I can last looking at these videos without being able to actually hold one in my hands. This is TORTURE.    via BBNews



so im watching smallville tonight (good episode btw) and there was a verizon wireless commerical with the storm!

it was some guy talking to himself i think and was like oh look a blackberry lets take a look, at this point its on its face and all you see is the back, then he lifts it up and barely barely! shows the screen then cuts saying all new verizon wireless storm blah blah blah!

so sick!!!!!!!!


They need to hurry up and release this thing before we all lose everything we have in the market and have no money left to buy a phone!


i love their commercials and its make soooo jealous of the phones.. I just wish I can have them too.


Kevin.... the all mighty kevin still doesn't have one in your hands?!?!?!?!? am I at the right place??

Kevin Michaluk

Thanks for rubbing it in. I'm only human! I'm pricked, do I not bleed?? :)

Pete Sake

did anybody else notice that the hotel sign said HOE to begin with LOL.....(sigh)


I know how much more can we all take. Just release the darn thing.

Murphy tha dog

Well, I really like this phone, but with the state of the world economy, how many chickens will I need to trade to get this phone? What is the chicken to storm ratio? I need to start breeding some chickens. BBL


If I didn't live in a 3G area this would be the tool of choice hands down. Excellent job on the video Kevin. I am envious that you get to play with all of the new toys before we even get to see them. I'm thinking why not own both BOLD and JAVELIN.


This commercial is AWESOME!!!

But it is torture, I agree Kevin...

Marco R

this should get apple to make better products with a fierce competitor!

It was the only one until now and people now have CHOICE.