Another new BlackBerry Torch commercial starts airing, RIM marketing still working hard

By Bla1ze on 9 Sep 2010 08:43 am EDT

A new BlackBerry Torch commercial has hit the airwaves. This one focuses on the media capabilities as it features DJ Cassidy. As well, it highlights the newly introduced WebKit browser by showing off how the tabs feature works. Considering this was posted to the BlackBerry Youtube account, I'm taking that as a sure sign that Research In Motion is still going to be hitting hard when it comes to advertising over the next little while. What do you all think of the new commerical? And most importantly, RIMs efforts these days with their marketing?

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Another new BlackBerry Torch commercial starts airing, RIM marketing still working hard


You got that right! I know a lot of people who want an iPhone just because they see all the cool stuff it can do on the commercials. Well, hey, look, BlackBerrys can do cool stuff too, ha!
(Just don't call me a hypocrite because I drool every time I see an iPad long until the BlackPad comes out....? Sigh....)

BlackBerry and RIM have always been like 'crackberry nations' kid brother...WE can pick on him all we want...BUT don't LET me find out ANYONE else is...its great to FINALLY see RIM stepping up...NOW let's get that Torch AWAY from AT&T and to a REAL carrier!!!...LOL...Storm3=Torch2??????????????

JO iphone is iphone, the PalmBerry torch 9800 is not even attractive, as soon you buy it and take it out of the box, is going to become obsolete.

Guys, get a droid htc evo, motorola, or iphone don't waste your money in this junk no offense, but i will never ever buy another blackberry, and i really regret switch my iphone for one of this junk. and i have 9 in less a year..

Don't be blind, there is more options..

The Evo is no doubt an awesome phone and, quite possibly, the best smart phone on the market this week.

But, other than ditching my 4-month-old (to me) refurbished Bold 9700 to buy this Torch, I don't see the point of chasing the latest tech unless you earn money from reviewing them or are independently wealthy.

I love my Torch and it doesn't feel obsolete yet.

Love my nexus one and will not be going back to RIM any time soon. Their new product and OS does nothing for me. After seeing what you can do with an Android phone or iPhone, I just can't go back to blackberry OS. I had the 9700 as well, and it's just all the same now.

Not sure why dickheads like you still come to this site. Lot's can say the same the other way. As i've said a ton on here I had an iPhone and didn't like it.

The difference is I don't bother going to the iPhone websites at all because my iPhone is in the trash can [well actually at the back of same box since i can about the environment :-) ] .

I think you really want your berry back, I don't ever want an iPhone again. Also I love my Torch and don't give a flip about android phones.

is to admit you have a problem.

You had an iPhone and did not like it?
- missed having to do a battery pull daily (or more)?
- missed the 4 minute reboot time when installing an App?
- did not like having 200,000 or more Apps vs like maybe 10,000 Apps?
- did not like having a fast browser that actually can be used to surf the web?
- missed the slow user interface on BB?

yada yada

Come on 3+ years later the Torch is not even close to first iPhone. RIM cannot even get a decent browser in the BlackBerry? After all this time? OK OS6 is an improvement but still falls short of iPhone and Android. Oh and some brilliant Exec / Product Mgrs decided there is no reason to provide a browser update to the installed base? What - that is the stupidest move. Anyone who touches an iPhone or Android and uses the browser will go - why am I paying for a data plan monthly when I cannot even use it on BB?

Torch is a "who cares". Not quite the turd the Storm was/is, but pretty lame.

In my short time with it I had multiple crashes, regular battery pulls and still a less than satisfying browser experience. Email is fine. But the App choices are so limited. It is big, bulky and in slider mode hard to hold.
Of course the joy of looking for "leaked" release crap, hoping it would solve my issues...only discover no.

I just looked in the mirror and said - F-this - I am not going thru this again... RIM needs a major shakeup...

Only reason I am here is looking for 9300 curve 3G update (what a joke for the longest time I could not even install App World???). Oh god at least when it does not freeze it is fairly responsive. But why do I want to pay for a data plan and have a tiny screen with a junk browser (they say 9300 will support OS6 - sometime - forget it.)

Idiots at RIM should have focused on updating installed base with a browser that works, stop the crashes/reboots/battery pulls and cut the boot time by 10x. Why the heck they cannot do that is beyond me. No build the pig Torch with the crap OS6. Brilliant. Bloody smart thinking!!!

Missed doing the battery pull? Nope, but hated it when my apps crashed ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! Apple set it up so when apps fail you got back to the home screen. To some that's convenient to me super frustrating. It's like apple saying f-you back to home sucker :).

Your apple never froze? Mine did. Reboot fast? can't recall probably seemed like it but I'm not sure given that you had to hold the top button for about 20 sec alone to make it reboot.

A million apps?? Nope didn't like when I typed in radio and got about 250 radio apps, hey APPLE JUST GIVE ME ONE THAT WORKS A-HOLES!!! And weed out all the ones that F-ing crash or shut off ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple browser was better, absolutely, but when I'm at work I have a 24inch screen when I'm at home I have something called a lap top, it also has a bigger screen. I soon found I didn't want to browse on i-Phone more than 20 min per week, not enough reason to give up my bb, and now with Torch no tradeoff at all.

BB interface isn't slow compared to iPhone. Yes iPhone seems more fluid but you have to keep bouncing back to the home screen to get anything done. Recall no multi-tasking with the old i-Phone.

In addition a few important factors, that really made me dump my iPhone
(1) iPhone doesn't work as a phone. Lousy call quality, will not connect to foreign networks reliably...
I sent CRUCIAL emails after landing at several airport and they didn't go through, even though my phone said they did. Come on apple that stuff is super important!!!
(2) Too f-ing expensive to operate if you travel internationally, open an attachment and pay your carrier $200!!! Yes, it happened to me.

The longer I have my Torch the more I like it in all respects. I first thought what most did, it's kinda crappy looking compared iPhone 4, but the more time I have I think, not really. Phone 4 is a slab of glass after a bit who gives a fig looking at it. Torch is more interesting.

Agree should have been faster, maybe better screen, but see 3 above. RIM did make tradeoffs and went for a phone that lasts (battery wise).

Am I disappointed it doesn't have a sexy screen? Yes a bit, but then I recall Apple: Nights out with friends, hey call so an so, pull out the iPhone Dough! F-ing dead again!!!!!

No thank you Mr. Jobs......

i bought the samsung epic and was happy for about 8 hours. then reality set in... it just didn't fit my lifestyle. I literally took it back the next day.



the android phones are fun to play with but, that's about it. BB does what it does and does it well.. it's just tired. RIM is in a death spiral but it's a very long and slow one. i happily went back to my old 8830. it does what it does.. and does it well, there is no substitute.

yeah compared to Android - please - it is not even close.
Works good as a phone though.
And receiving email is pretty good...sending is sucky.
But so does Android.
And everything else on Android a heck of lot better.

Still won't buy one. The "yoodling" at the the end is annoying. A DJ who uses this for music over something else? Really? Oh please, I don't believe it.

The commercials are not bad for RIM but it's all the same old same old just like Apple.

It's been playing for at least a week in the US, but at least the new commercials seem more informative.

As far as DJ-ing goes, I remember a DJ was using a Bold 9000 with the stereo gateway at a RIM party - wasn't that like two years ago (when either the gateway or the 9000 was announced)? There may be better options available for DJs and such, but it is interesting that so much can be done from such devices.

I don't get why everyones hating on RIM saying "switch to droid, switch to droid"

What is droid? It's an OPERATING SYSTEM - NOT A PHONE!!!

Does that mean we should go and buy the Sony Ericsson X10 mini just cos it's Android? At least be specific, and if ur gonna say "htc evo", then 1) You don't belong on this site and 2) There is a reason the 9800 is in a different price range to that of the Evo, so I'm sure it would be appreciated by a lot of crackberry addicts as well as me if you would stop comparing them because it makes no sense!

Rant over


Yeah, you're right. Funny to see people trolling that aren't informed. Android is the OS that phones run. DROID is a line of phones by Verizon (note...Verizon... not Motorola, not HTC). Recent Android-based phones on Verizon have been branded "Droid" phones. i.e. Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2 and on and on....

yes, i like the direction RIM is taking with marketing. i wish they just bombard the airwaves with BlackBerry commercials and ads. RIM needs the exposure that it can do just as much as what the android devices and iphone 4 (minus facetime) out of the box. FYI, i don't think it's fair to compare the devices after use and downloading apps. :P

oh right, what's up with the trolls in this blog? i mean if you're such fanboy/fangirl, why bother coming to such a blog that is solely talking about RIM/BlackBerry?

Spent the ad dollars on snapdragon processors and AMOLED screens for the torch. they would via word of mouth

I second this 200%. If it weren't for those two factors (well, the UI is fugly but maybe themes could fix that) there would be no question which phone I'm getting next.

Unfortunately since the screen sucks big time and the processor will be 1/2 the speed of new phones by the time my contract is up in Jan, I'm probably gonna have to look elsewhere.

RIM, the money you spent on commercials (and the ads in the Boston subway, no way those were cheap) was a total and complete waste, when you could have put those resources into making a better phone.

You'll never be able to target the same market as Apple and Android if you keep worrying about battery life more than performance. Leave the shitty spec phones with 10 day battery life to those who need it, don't make it into your flagship phone.

It's pointless advertising for the Torch since it's only available on a crappy network that already has nice phones like the iphone. No one's going to drop their carrier just to get a Torch and the "all servers/circuits are busy, try your call again later" message.

The ads would have to be geared toward current AT&T customers. With that in mind, the Torch's ad for its media capabilities won't do much when the iphone is basically a media device with phone capabilities (ipod with a phone slapped on).

I would have upgraded to the Torch if it was on the Sprint network. Instead, I am going to drop my blackberry and get an android phone this weekend (probably the Samsung Epic). I'm tired of trying to surf on my blackberry and constantly waiting for the clock icon to go away (the one that basically says the phone is thinking...just like how Windows has the hourglass). I need to upgrade my phone, but it seems like Android is the only way to go. :(

Weird that the Torch is exclusive to AT&T in the US, since in Canada, it will be carried by all the major carriers and even some of the smaller ones...

With the new release of the beta OS (.214), the phone OS great and works as advertised. This phone should have been released with this.
I guess I'm not like most, but I don't have time to play games and deal with thousands of apps. This is why I stay with BB. It gets me my email and information in a professional manner. The BB is all about getting things Still has features to satisfy the in-between times and after hours enjoyment.

One more thing...why are people who have jumped ship and found other devices here posting replies? Guess they secretly wish they still had a BB.

hell, no, after 9 months with the bb storm 1 and 2 with verizon. before this junk i had the iphone 2g and 3g. man i regret always switch my fine phone for that bb. just for the bb messenger.. because i need just to be in touch with friends thru that service, but, i finally make people use whatsapp their are happy with their piece of S. blackberry i'm happy with my iphone. a least i don't have i don't have to pull the battery 6 times or more a day, or any time that blackberry frezze up. i will never gonna get another blackberry. iphone is iphone, no offense. BUT the droids are getting there, but still never will be. no offense.

it shows how out of touch they are at RIM.

Yeah Waterloo is cool - NOT
OK RIM has Redwood City office filled with a bunch of x-Sun Java boobs..

Google has nuked them in no time which shows Silicon Valley is light years ahead on anything from Canada. Well maybe the beer and dancers are better in Waterloo.

Now if RIM would just step up to the plate and acknowledge the severe wi-fi issue present on the new torch devices...

Are any of you people talking smack actually using the Torch? If so, please give some constructive comments/criticism in the correct section. If not, go play on your own device's website so we can read something on a blackberry site without having to wade through a bunch of BS. The entire 9800 forum is filled with comments like these. I like blackberry, I'm extremely happy with my 9800, and you are not going to change my mind by talking s**t (and yes, I have tried iPhone and Android models so I'm not just blindly staying with BB, thanks very much). Please quit wasting everyone's time!

Back to topic: I'm very glad to see RIM putting more effort into advertising. I think BBs are a very good fit for a lot of people that may not realize it without seeing advertising to attract their attention.

Kevin et. al. I'm not sure if you read these forums, but if you do, can't you upgrade them so that we can upgrade or downgrade comments. Specifically so we can down-grade HTC Driod-EVO and his ilk into oblivion??? Such as on BGR

I understand that you might want dregs like him so as to increase the number of eyeballs on this website and therefore probably your revenues, but it clearly pisses off a lot of BB owners. We are sick of hearing how iPhone and Droids are better. For most of us they are not better, we've tried, but these morons don't seem to get this.

Thanks for reading this.

Ditto to that! Whenever I see a comment posted by this jerk I just quit reading, because its always the same old crap! HTC Driod-EVO: you are just full of it!

Because once again its just exclusive to AT&T. Not everyone is going to be on an already cluttered network with unreliable service sometimes compared to Verizon. I like the phone and want it but not bad enough to switch networks. They should of thought about making it for the masses (GSM & CDMA). The sales would have been stronger if it was offered on Verizon or Sprint.

the music is very safe and generic and I feel this advert doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. the comparison between the multiple cases and the browser tabs is weak at best and the playlist option is really nothing new and doesn't really highlight how much better the media player really is and it doesn't make me really believe what this DJ is saying with his stupid arse hat.

I dont mind lame jokes or statements (i do them all the time :P) but futurephone and that fake laugh to the point of it sounding almost insecure really shouldn't have been the end for that advert.

More advertising is great but they've done better.

loving the commercial... remembers me when I went to school in SF, were the best time I've had ever.... also one of the greatest places to live....

I still have to wait until next month to get me torch!! :)

I'm not sure why people knock rim so much or blackberrys, I remember before any iphone came out I seen nothing but blackberrys everwhere then somthing new and innovative comes along and draws a crowd of people to it and that's awsome I'm glad for apples success but I don't like steve jobs at all lol, and then andriod OS rolls out and people goto that cause its very blazing fast! But all in all rim didn't need a better screen or a snapdragon processor, if they used it then battery life would be as crappy as any iphone or andriod os phone, fancy stuff takes battery life, as for lag guess I got one of the perfect phones and as for att coverage I guess I live in most covered state (OK)in the us lol , what's a dropped call?

That doesn't change the fact that RIM still has not addressed the fundamental issue that it's flagship phones remain behind those of its competitors in many, if not all, key areas. Including many areas which pertain to business-related applications.
It's this fact that is reflected by the trend of many people posting about how much they hate BlackBerry and how much they [claim to] love Droids.
It might well be inappropriate to go to a forum expressly for BlackBerry users, largely just to say how crap BlackBerrys are [according to some points of view]. But the notion that it's [sort of] inappropriate doesn't obviate the fact that RIM faces serious competitive issues in terms of quality control, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Good ad overall. The random African screaming at the end was a tad annoying. But, did anyone else notice the REALLY laggy shot of google maps or whatever map client that was... sad.

It's just marketing. If RIM had a good product they would not have to spend money marketing. Word of mouth work just as effectively. But really the Torch is two years too late.

If word of mouth was good enough then why does Apple continue to run iphone and ipad ads constantly on television? The Torch isn't late, it is the natural progression of BlackBerry...

This is a good one. Most people buy stuff from word of mouth. BB is outdated and commercials will not help sell the Torch. If this took 2 years to make RIM is gonna crash. Google and Apple has passed RIM and their shitty phones. Their phones as of now are nothing bug something to talk on. Nothing about them is saying 2011.

I share my thoughts, and no one can ban me cause of it. I provide links to back up my info. I don't spam, and if RIM does do something worth talking about in a +1 way I will +1 alllll the way. I am one of many who aren't blind loyalist. Plus I had a storm and a tour so I speak fact to go along with what I think.


This past weekend I went to the AT&T store to get my first look at a working torch. If I get one it would have to be $500 off contract price. While I was there he salesman got me to look at a Captivate Galaxy S phone. OMG the super AMOLED screen blew me away. It was sooooooo much quicker than the Torch to. I love BBM and rim in general. I'm not here to hate on RIM. I gave the torch the benefit of the doubt. It was a demo and could have just been fudged with a lot. But it would be hard to drop 500 on it when the galaxy s phones are so much more badass. The IP4 was pretty sweet to. But an extra hundred bucks and no sd card slot.

Did you guys notice the dj had an port plugged into the right side of the phone? Was the pic mirrored or did they really just stick wire on the right side to make it seem real? loool!

And the last image when the bicyclist holds the torch, did you notice the bezel is WAY more chrome than it actually really is?! I wish it really was chromed instead of dark metal. boo!