Another look at purported BlackBerry 10 homescreen and UI images

BlackBerry 10 images
By Bla1ze on 1 Sep 2012 02:53 am EDT

Coming from the same person who took the previous images, there are a few more to show off. Pretty clearly, there has been some photoshopping going on here in the above one but the user on BlackBerryItalia states it was only for privacy purposes that it was done and the OS is as it was, though it may change by time of release. e.g: Device serial numbers, barcodes were removed.

Now, before you all go jumping into a whole slew of conclusions, we don't have an explanation for the Skype icon being there and we're certainly not ruling out that it may just be the Android app icon. That said, the other stuff you see here is explainable. Like the AT&T icons, they came on the PlayBook beta as well and given RIM is working with carriers, them being there makes sense. Some other notable items include a page number indicator at the bottom and of course those lovely 'quick launch' buttons. 

Needless to say, take them all with a grain of salt but there is certainly something familiar about the design and we're not talking about the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha here. One other final note, there is no telling which OS this is so things could have changed overall since these were taken on 2012:06:17 (according to the EXIF data). There is a message showing and if that's the case, RIM is well ahead of that now.

If you're looking for more, you'll find two shots below in all their grainy glory. If you're looking to yell at someone about the photos, yell at Canon cause the images were taken with a Canon DIGITAL IXUS i zoom. 

BlackBerry 10 UI
BlackBerry 10

Source: BlackBerry Italia

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Another look at purported BlackBerry 10 homescreen and UI images


Rectangles with rounded corners? ...LOL
And honstely i dont see why i would require skype when there is Video chat on BBM. 72 contaccts and growing strong....

-RIMPIRE Strikes back.

Thank God the Italians wont shit their pants scared of leaking stuff like the leading blackberry fan site.

"And honstely i dont see why i would require skype when there is Video chat on BBM."

And how much use is that when you are trying to talk to someone not on BBM?

Skype is multi platform as well as on computers and tv's now. It would be killer to have it on blackberry's and not just the propriotary bbm chat like we have on the playbook or facetime with all apple products.

I don't use Skype either, but BlackBerry is all about choice. I hope they have this option at launch.

BlackBerry by choice!


I'm new to Playbook but think its the best thing since the laptop, and there's some pretty great screen shots here. Looking forward to this upgrade.

Will we all be getting the new BB10 upgrade when it comes out?

It would be fantastic to have skype for my non Playbook contacts but right now I use ReelPortal and Instant Messenger for them till Skype comes our way.

Tablets are incredible

Bla1ze your killing me!!!!! Damn im so excited i cant contain myself. Theres gonna be a Skype celebration when the masses are up.

Like I said, don't get too excited. Just because there is an icon there doesn't mean, well.. much of anything really.

Excited not at all for skype i couldnt care less for the app. BB10 is getting more tangible..i can almost feel it.

It's plain bullshit that the biggest fan website about blackberry NEVER EVER have a fresh news or leaks. Dont sign shit an and build a network of contacts to leak stuff.

There is no difference to check out and nowdays.

Are you kidding? First off we saw BB10 phones under NDA, so as stated before, we can talk specifics. 

As far as leaks, I think you're nuts. 

What about the first BB10 photo that was leaked?

What about the BB10 home screen?

Maybe you need to ease up on your morning coffee. Not sure what you;re after but we still post whatever we come across - just like always.  

Yeah, get fired up Adam!
It's great to see the CrackBerry team with a little more pep in their step these days.

The more leaks and info we get about BB10, the less BB users and fans need to be sad apologetics. I'm telling you now, this is setting up to be the turnaround/comeback story of the decade in the tech sector.

BlackBerry FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy probably works for Apple and wants to know what BB10 is bringing so they can copy it. And then sue others for using it.

Exactly, 100% right on. RIM showed off the predictive text on the all touch keyboard, next thing you know Apple is demoing a cheap knock-off copy, although it looked really crappy and was no where as good as RIM's - typical Crapple stuff. Things have to be kept secret or the Apples and the Androids of the world will claim they invented it. Lying scumbags that they are.

Errrrrr....Apple never copied it, a 3rd party app on a jailbroken phone did

I dislike apple as much as most people here, but at least get facts right

I didn't say they copied it, I said they were "demoing a cheap knock-off copy," right. Try to read what I actually say right.

You don't like it here.
You can leave.
Give back my dogs name.
He's a much better person than you.

You're a freaking idiot. Which part of NDA do you need explained to you? Answer your critics or close your trolling account, moron.

You're hilarious Dave79. Ftr, I never signed any NDA. When BlackBerry 10 launches, you'll see. You won't acknowledge it of course because you're obtuse but you'll see. And I'll take 100% satisfaction in knowing that you know.

The thing is that crackberry is the biggest blackberry fan website and you guys have built an extend network of contacts within rim and I still think that you never have an exclusive leak news, photos or the like, you keep reporting stuff that has already been published by other sites.

I have no agenda other than not wanting to waste lots of time to check out numerous website.

I find strange that with all the network of contacts you guys have, you still not able to have fresh news.

If you guys signed an NDA, you were better off dont sign anything dont get an official preview and be the first ones to have a hand on report after you were able to bribe someone and get hold of a BB10 device.

Even if there's no NDA what good do you think it'll do to CB's credibility with regards to its readers and RIM. How many interviews do you think RIM will grant CB if they leaked information? There's something called trust dude. If you want leaked info call WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

Oh and blah blah blah. Stop bitching dude. Close your account and go to one site for your BB news if CB disappoints you so much.

A patient needs a fix for something so he visits his doctor..
-Patient: doc, it hurts when I do "this"
-Doctor: well, stop doing it

In all seriousness though Dave79, you have no clue what you're talking about and you look rather silly so you should just stop and move on.

Remember, you're the one coming here. Pretty easy to sit on the sidelines, piss and moan -- yet, do nothing about it yourself.

Lemme know when gets up and running, maybe I'll visit since you'll have tremoundous coverage.

Crickets. One second. Let me visit the morgue and grab a spine from a cadaver for you, since yours is non existent.

"...and of course those lovely 'quick launch' buttons."

Sorry Bla1ze, I'm gonna have to disagree about those 'quick launch' buttons. I think they look awful, but the fact that you had a name for them in quotes kind of tells me they are still present in the build you guys got your hands on. Give me a programmable convenience key on each side that I can make search and/or camera or whatever I want. I think that black bar on the bottom is the single worst part of the home screen. Or at least I hope they do like MeeGo and make it hidden by default and a swipe gesture to show it. That would be ok but I really don't want to look at it all the time.

It's no deal breaker of course, and I am still gonna be buying it day one, but I hope that if it's there at first in later iterations of the OS they hide it or do away with it and bring back convenience keys in second or third generation hardware.

Looking at the Home Screen, its clear this is far from the current builds. I just cannot imagine anyone being as excited by an OS with this home screen as they have been. The icons are unsightly with them semi transparent panes and RIM would be out of their minds (which they are not) to leave them like that.
There is even no folders.
Now for the BBM-looking bottom shots, that is not bad.

this is the first time I looked at BB10 and my first thought was "meh". As others have said the semi-transparent panes can go and on a screen that size I surely hope for more than 4x4 as BB10 will have so many quality apps I don't want 19 pages of icons :-).

My guess is you who have already seen and played with BB10 would not have posted this if you didn't feel it resembles what you already got to play with, so my fear is this is it.
Bring on the theme builders?

I think it looks alright. Nothing to write home about. Its your typical icon layout - but the transparent darkened background will probably avoid any lawsuits from apple.

What I am excited to find out more about is the overall ux. I've been playing with windows phone, which a lot of people think is ugly, but its great to use.

I am really disappointed...This homescreen is ugly as shit....I truly hope this is a early build of BB 10...

No one should assume Skype is coming. We were shown picks from RIM of Skype in Playbook's Appworld in January of 2011 with a price and we know how that turned out. I'm definitely glad someone finally has the........ to leak stuff. RIM people need to know you have a new phone coming. No one outside of BlackBerry fans knows these phones are coming. Time to start some Marketing of some sort. How about some vague ads about how BlackBerry is about to change things.

Not a fan of the icons, looks like a lot of wasted space. Big buttons would be good for driving but not for daily use. I have 16 icons on my torch, a bigger screen should have more icons or at least a new layout. I expect better from RIM and hope they include a theme builder so we can get some unique themes and layouts. Anyone heard if bb10 will have themes?

That being said I'm excited for BB10 and the flow experience looks promising.

Purported? That's a big word for a guy who can't write a concise, grammatically correct sentence. To wit, "there has been some photoshopping going on here in the above one but the user on BlackBerryItalia states it was only for privacy purposes that it was done and the OS is as it was, though it may change by time of release." Oh my! What will you think of next?

You still humping my leg Mummy? lol. On a serious note, I love you Mummy. You're one of my most loyal readers. You meticulosly read each and everyone of my posts. Thanks, Mummy! :D

The homepage photo reminds me of the knockoff iPhone that has dual-sims. Now, for the rest of the pics. that is more like it!

Thank you Bla1ze!
Like many others here, I can't wait for the release -so I'll take any information that I can get my hands on.

Last Message from John Titor (flying over Italy):"I've seen things You people wouldn't believe... What you see in the first picture with watermark is an old OS BB10 interface dated July 2012. What is the device is running on... who knows".
No one blame CB for not leaking info before the others. Leaked information is something hard to get. Sometimes comes from US, other times from Canada, other times from Mars... USA sent over the Curiosity rover on that planet nowadays. For sure is gonna leak further info.

I love the BB7 UI because its their own brand and its original. I like how you can hide icons and show thee background. I hate the standard smartphone look now - which just looks like an iphone UI. Be original RIM.

Dev Alpha device running an Alpha OS and Alpha Software, it will NOT be final. RIM is being original. They aren't copying fApple or Natdroid.

The app tiles shown have nothing in common with any other BlackBerry style to date, they're just plain ugly and RIM can and hopefully will do much better.

I'd rather just dim the screen, and if that is to save battery life it's a bad move, don't sacrifice and the overall look for a little battery life, I can have a dark background and a dim screen AND good looking tiles and still be better off.

Super/AMOLED screens conserve more energy when a DARK, transparent theme is used. Stop premaaturely judging shit. It makes you look like you can't appreciate anything.

BFD. Who cares what it looks like. They took away the trackpad. Now it has nothing to distinguish it from the other hardware, and another ecosystem crippled OS is just going to do the Palm death spiral. OK, I'm not saying keeping the trackpad would have made a difference, or that with one the brand would still be around in a year or two, but really, that was the ONLY thing they had over the competition, and to get rid of it seems a bit silly to me.

RIM is NOT to be compared to Palm. They ARE NOT palm. Haven't you read the crackberry blogs OR the other tech news sites lately? Who cares if they're getting rid of the trackpad. There are other better forms of technology and ways to select text than a trackpad.

I don't have high expectations AND I know research in motion is going to be around for a very long long time. Get over it already.

EXIF data?!? Why bother with a canon? Ya know the device takes screen shots just like the playbook...

I don't understand why people reply to blog posts without obviously reading the entire post. Nimrods are responding as if what is being shown is the final product. Y'all need to bloody well chill out.

I for one am excited to see some pictures. Ok they may not be super clear and may not be what BB10 is going to look like on release. I am just happy to get a little more information and add it to what I have seen before. Everyone take a chill pill and look at it and say Cool. Cant wait for final release of BB10 and wish everyone would stop whining and complaining. If you dont like what you have seen its like the weather wait and it will probably change!

That looks like apps screen and not "homescreen" and just to refresh some minds, look back at BBOS 5.0 and down and you will find that semitransparent background on icons, who knows maybe RIM is taking inspiration from the past.

I'm still not a fan of the contacts app. Trying to analyze my reactions I guess it's because of the colors (the green is a bit ... weak) and the lack of chrome around the list items. It just looks too plain, too functional. There's no beauty to it.

FWIW, the WebOS UI elements looked a lot nicer: made you feel like you wanted to use the OS.

could the semi-transparent rectangles be touch sensitive hotspots?.. still testing this stuff out, right? that's what i would do if i was building an gui

It's got colorful icons, a flat screen, it's black and it is rectangular with rounded corners... Apple is going to have it banned by daybreak