Another look at BBM on BlackBerry 10

BBM BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jul 2012 09:56 am EDT

We've seen plenty of leaked slides and images showing off BlackBerry 10 in the last few weeks and today we have another round -- this time with BBM. While we've seen bits and pieces of the UI and some apps on BlackBerry 10, we've yet to see a live and in color demo of BBM. N4BB has posted up some photos of what could very well be the layout we'll see in the new OS. The look is an improved version of what we know and love as BBM that has been updated for BlackBerry 10. Included in the app looks to be plenty of touch gestures as well. 

So what do you think. Is that what BBM will look like on BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments. 

Source: N4BB

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Another look at BBM on BlackBerry 10


I see green and blue dots but will I see my ")))" and "v" (checkmark)? What about "D" and "R"???

I do like having people and groups together, not under a different tab I have to scroll down to get to.

I'll reserve my thoughts about anything BB10 related until I see a fully functioning demo. None of these bits and pieces that they throw at us.

RIM isn't throwing anything at us, or is this an official press release? N4BB has its inside sources, where they get that stuff from, it's nothing RIM is officially communicating.

I understand. But all the same, I'll just wait for a video of a full demonstration of BB10 as it will be at release before I get excited. All this "what it may potentially look like" stuff is a waste of time.

For the both of you two, I get the it all. My point is (follow me now, I'm moving slow here), why post about something that's not even fact? Why not wait for the an actual demonstration showing off what BB10 will do (BBM and all)? Why let these "leaked" pics be placed when they are not even close to where the finshed product would be?

IMO, when they decided to push back BB10 until next year, people should've just held their "leaked" images, concpet phones, etc. until like October or somewhere around there. Because with that announcement, the last thing any of us BB lovers want to hear about (once again, this is my opinion here) is what anything on BB10 might look like at this point in the game.

I get they want to keep as much of the buzz as possible going for it, but there will be time to regenerate it once there is actual hardware (whether it will be the official released product or not) showing off ALL the functions included in BB10 and not just images and video of the flow and keyboard that has been out for months now.

"why post about something that's not even fact?"

Here's why -- we want to know what's coming. We need to see progress in BB10 and to see if it fits the bill. I think there are definite benefits to "leaks" as it gives feedback to RIM to see if they're on the right track.

Some users like yourself may not care, and that's okay, but you don't have to read the post or comment on it if you don't care.

Some users like myself do care to see what is coming. Everyone has different needs.

And almost every tech blog is doing this, if not, there will be a lot of empty space on tech blogs

"we want to know what's coming. We need to see progress in BB10 and to see if it fits the bill."

Let me ask you something...has there been any new "progress" reported lately? We've seen leaks about BBM etc, so to me that's not "progress". I'm sure, and I think other users out there, believe that RIM is much further down the trail of progress than they tell us.

You want to see "progress", how about they show us BB10 running on a device showing all the features up to date working on it. Or, how about some images of potential hardware format factors that they may be considering. That, my friend, would be "progress" in my book.

Oh, and one more thing...please don't say I don't care. I've been a loyal BB user for almost a decade. If I didn't care about what they're doing, I wouldn't have posted my comment in the first place.

Have a nice day.

If we saw all of that now people like you would be bitching about "what's new? We've already seen it all" in 2013.


Ok, first, we won't see it all right now that's why I said show us what they have up to date working on actual hardware be it the Dev Alpha or what ever.

Look, if you're happy with seeing just screen shots, and cheesy ones at that...have at it. I'm just saying that with some users confidence worn down by the constant delays, they may want to show a little more than what they are.

I agree with you. I'm pissed every time I see a BB10 post and get excited only to read it and see that it's just another blasted mock up!!!!! Stop posting BB10 info unless its official news!!!!!!! Please!!!!

P.S I do not need anyone's anti-thesis on this matter, its my opinion and I'm not changing it.

Yea, I get upset about that too. But like I was saying, at this point, if they're not going to show off anything working on actual hardware, why even mention it?

BBM and the media player have probably went the longest without an overhaul so anything new is good for me. Keep it up RIM

Living Bold-ly!

True, my major concern is if that's how the keyboard BB10 is going to look they can forget it and push the all touch. That thing is hideous.

I love the "conversation" screen shot in the N4BB article that says "Say Something". I'm hoping it is a reference to voice to text functionality ... How sweet would that be on BBM?

For me it looks "too Android".

I love BBM as it looks now.
Only videochat is missing

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It's part of a larger presentation that was leaked to N4BB. They are slowly dropping articles on slides from the presentation bit by bit. At the end of the day, these sites are a business and they want repeat customer click throughs.

Is videochat under the "..." (more) menu? Maybe show us some UI for videochat. BBM on BB10 would be fantastic!

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If these leaked slides hold true, rim's come a long way since back in the day when the BBM contact's icons were all the tan dude with the blond flatop.

I'm hoping they will create a BBM experience to be able to add more people/friends. Kinda like finding people near your area or what not. Like a Skout app on BBM, obviously for people who only have a Blackberry of course. I find it difficult sometimes to find others to add on BBM because most of my friends have other phones. It would be cool to interact with others who may be close to your location and become friends and add them onto your BBM.

I wouldn't want that, I think the way they have it is nice.
This would kind of ruin the thought about your BBM account being private...

but why would it ruin it privacy? Your only adding people who YOU want. Im not looking for an "auto-add" because someone pins me. Everything stays the same BBM wise however implementing a system to find "others" with BBM/pins to add them. If BBM is strictly for Blackberry, why would you mention it not being private?

And all honesty if the feds wanted your info...they can get it. Trust me.

Why does RIM keep on showing this ugly staff,
when there is much more attractive design from Jon Anastasiadis (white one, for example, and the last slider)?

I'm not a fan of the BB10 layouts/design as we've seen them so far. What is this, Android? Dammit BlackBerry

yeah the interface for the Bbm looks large. I like small icons...not this HUGE icon "marketing" layouts most phones use now. like i cant "see" my buddy lets make it BIGGER. kinda annoying...i hope they dont imitate iphone layouts to attract new customers or ex customers.