Another day, another no Netflix on BlackBerry 10 story

By Bla1ze on 4 Mar 2013 04:14 pm EST

It seems these days, we can't manage to go a day without hearing about some app that may or may not be coming to the BlackBerry 10 platform. It's understandable of course, people want their apps and they want to know if they can get them on BlackBerry 10. If not, they want to know if the apps will ever be available and more importantly if they'll never be available, they want to know why.

Making the headlines once again is Netflix. Over at AllThingsD they've done some digging with their sources and they've proclaimed 'Netflix isn’t developing a version of its app for BlackBerry 10 — native or port.'. Although Netflix gave them no explanation why, AllThingsD's John Paczkowski has concluded what has pretty much been said before, that there is no incentive for Netflix to build the app and that their user base wouldn't grow significantly if there was a Netflix app for BlackBerry 10 so therefore, there is no interest in making one.

It's a reasonable conclusion but it's certainly not a new one either. We've heard similar arguments from app developers, many of which later went on to build for the BlackBerry 10 platform. I'm pretty sure it's a standard explanation handed out along with the 'We have no current plans' line that gets dropped daily when inquiring about things not yet announced officially. Why would any larger company just randomly drop news like that?

Adding a bit to Netflix on BlackBerry 10 conclusion this time around though is a comment received from BlackBerry PR spokesman, Alex Kinsella stating  “We’re committed to bringing top titles from around the globe to BlackBerry 10 customers,”  “At this time, it’s in Netflix’s court to join the excitement around BlackBerry 10 — we hope they choose to bring a BlackBerry 10 experience to their customers. We’d love to have them.”

For me, I was never set on Netflix building for the BlackBerry 10 platform. I honestly wrote them off long ago as ever being available on BlackBerry. They weren't mentioned during the launch, they've said they have 'no current plans' in the past and these sources AllThingsD claims to of have spoken with, have continually said the same thing. If they end up on the platform awesome, if not it's far from surprising.

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Another day, another no Netflix on BlackBerry 10 story


Is it far-fetched to think that Apple has some backroom deal with Netflix to not ever develop for BB?

I don’t see why having it on your phone is so important. Its already on consoles, smart TVs and Bluray players, and on your computer as well. I have it installed on my S3 and rarely use it as I prefer to watching it on my TV. And when I’m out of my home I’m either too busy working, paying attention to the roads and people around me, or partying. Personally I think Netflix on a smartphone is overrated as most people prefer to watch stuff on their TV rather than on a 4-5″ screen.

That's the problem here. It's not about not getting Netflix on your phone, it's about not getting Netflix on the new Blackberry platform. It's about success of the new platform. For me, Netflix is not a big deal but for many people it's a big deal and success of BB10 depends on these critical apps. What about Netflix on Playbook? I think it's time to boycott Netflix. If most blackberry users cancel their membership, I am sure they will hear it loud and clear. The problem is that most users will have it on TV or Blueray player and will keep using it. Bottom line is if you care about BB10 then, not having an app like Netflix should matter to you.

Agreed. Thank you. Getting tired of reading "why does it matter" and "well I don't use it so...". If you care about BBs success then you'd want ALL apps. Especially ones that are so popular on the other platforms. It's really a no-brainer

I agree for the most part, but there are times when I fnd myself idle and a game just isn't gonna cut it. Also on the playbook would be a nice addition to my app line up. When you factor in the hdmi out it would be welcome.
One other thing to consider is netfix is made available on so many different platforms as you mentioned it can only seem personal not to be on blackberry.

When I go camping in the trailer I don't take a laptop. I would rather plug my playbook or bb 10 phone into my tv on a rainy day for the kids. Why do Android and iOS get an app and not blackberry? do we not pay the same monthly fee?

iPhone certainly has the financial clout to have a back door deal with netflix not to develop for Blackberry. You dont get as big as Apple without corruption, but I'm not really worried about Netflix though as they have nothing special you cant get on Hulu or a torrent file.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

i dont think so, there is more to this. The playbook's browser was blocked by netflix a while back. Its not a matter of apps, they just dont want to be associated with BB, period. in their defense, BB is not the coolest brand on the block anymore....

Come on man, I know you are a BB fan and all, but Netflix is the best at what they do. Can their content improve, sure, but Amazon Instant or Hulu or none of the other services can hold a candle to Netflix when it comes to online streaming.

I dumped Netflix for Amazon Prime and I have NEVER looked back. Hold a candle? That's subjective. I'd say Amazon surpasses Netlix.

Netflix is OK but I despise them for shunning BB10 like an orphaned child. Screw Netflix, never going to get it again.

HBO Go and only HBO Go streams Game of Thrones, therefore HBO Go not only holds a candle to Netflix, it holds Wild Fire to it and burns it relentlessly until it is reduced to a pile of twisted, melted DVD plastic.

Are you sure I won it, or was it Game of Thrones? Anyway everyone thinks the hate on the Netflix streaming service around here is just sour grapes, and I'm sure some of it is, but really, since the premium cable channels pulled their programming, it's gone way downhill.

It's like an app cuz it costs money, but unlike an app, you don't forget about it 5 minutes after you use it and regret the lost cash.

I said what I did because the programming on NetFlix Canada is extremely limited. I'd rather have HULU than NetFlix for Z10..

Yeah they do. Theres never anything good to watch on the streaming. I only have it for the dvd and I'm thinking of switching to amazon.

Do we think these things like Netflix, Instagram and Skype will change at all when it becomes available to the US?

So can somebody explain to me then...if you obviously have a working port for Netflix (as shown in the video above) then why do you not release it to the wider public? Yes it may not be optimal, but it is something.

Because they also have to support it; tech support, emails, software upgrades, etc.

What I find surprising is that Netflix releases a Windows Phone app although it clearly has not taken off. Goes to show how intelligent they are.

The other thing I find odd is why the heck do they block the web browser from access the site???

The Windows Phone app and the browser block aren't terribly surprising. Here's why: is THE flagship Silverlight site. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Netflix had a contractual obligation to port to Silverlight on Microsoft's mobile platform, and certainly the fact that it uses Silverlight would make it easier to port to WP7 than it would be to port to PlayBook, BB10, or even Android and iOS. (Though the Android port may have been made easier by the fact that Android and BluRay players both use Java as a programming language.)

This would also be why they block the web browser. Their streaming uses Silverlight, so it wouldn't work on the PlayBook or BB10 browser anyway.

Netflix also hasn't ported to Linux.

Me, I'm watching netflix as I write this, streaming from my BluRay player, composing this on a Linux laptop with a Z10 beside me. One out of three platforms is good enough for me.

Well, if they made a Windows Phone 8 app, we know what the magic number is:. About 8 confirmed users in the Continental United States. We can expect one by May! :D

If you seriously have time to watch Netflix on your PHONE, you are probably not a BlackBerry person anyway.

^^^ This

I have never seen the appeal to watch tv or movies on a phone. the screens are tiny. Now I have watched some videos/youtube on my playbook. but still prefer my TV.

I personally don't care if they make it into BB10. But they'd be a welcome addition to the PlayBook. That much I can say.

It makes perfect sense to me to watch a movie on the PlayBook (7' in bed or 42' HDMI), but I really don't see why I'd bother with a 90min movie on a 4.2' screen.

Now, PB+NetFlix+Bridge...

One would most likely use the app to add movies to one's queue. And even order the DVDs from one's mobile device if you had that service. It would be nice to have rather than logging in to the web site.

Sorry, but that is a STUPID generalist comment to make. As stupid as that whole tools not toys moniker concerning iPhone and BB.

If you and @Umedon are dense enough to make such generalizing statements, you're probably not smart enough to be Blackberry people.

I imagine you've never traveled for business then and never had downtime in the evening. PlayBook and now the Z10 make it simple to connect to any flat screen in most business hotels and a little diversion like Netflix comes in handy.

Or commuted to a bigger city on a bus or train, where a little diversion might be a nice thing to have.

I thought we finally understood that we could have tools AND toys

Maybe if Canadians could get decent content from Netflix there might be some market here for them. But somehow Canadian content available on is not nearly as complete as on (U.S.)

Just a thought.

Jim Courtney
Editor and Publisher
Voice On The Web

Netflix on a TV is awesome!

On a phone: not so much.

Got Netflix on my iPhone and use it twice a year.

It's not a big deal.

Another day and another no release date for MTS.... I gave up on netflix when no app was made for the PlayBook.

That will change in the future.... ;)

Netflix can kiss my a$$ anyways! I don't use it and never will. Do they even have HD now? You can watch practically everything from netflix on youtube anyway and for free.

Lazy ass programmers! Same as Facebook not programming their own app. A few million users are not worth it??

Netflix may not believe they will gain any clients but they could certainly lose a bunch.

I'm willing to cancel my subscription and if a few 10s of thousands do so as well they might wise up.

Smells like huge corporate backroom play here...
Ok... they decide to go that way and official just before the launch on US market... and yes they can argue that "they do that before the launch so as to not mislead and protect their customer base before these clients make a decision to go bb10" but I personally see it as a poke to BB from them.

Well, if someone would be so attached to netflix so as to not get a bb10 then, well... I certainly think that the platform could benefit from it being present but I would not put a newly built os in the same basket as a retail online phone app for watching media...

(personally I do not use netflix as I am in Europe, but hey... that is in no way nice... )

I just hope bb10 gets enough market share so as to see them come back "begging" ....
Stream online, no netflix needed... ;-P

"AllThingsD's John Paczkowski has concluded what has pretty much been said before, that there is no incentive for Netflix to build the app and that their user base wouldn't grow significantly if there was a Netflix app for BlackBerry 10 so therefore, there is no interest in making one."

Here's the way I see it, Netflix's user base isn't going to grow significantly by NOT developing a BlackBerry10 App.

And I have NO problem buying or renting top titles from BlackBerry World. Afterall, BlackBerry gets a slice of that money and I'm more happy to spend 10$ per movie than 10$ per month on movies and shows ten years old.

I Bleed Black & Berry

Good point.

the 8 dollars I spend on a Netflix account generally goes to waste each month as I barely ever find anything worth watching (Piranha 3DD just isn't Oscar worthy).

If it wasn't for Arrested Development exclusive Netflix deal, I would cancel today... but... Arrested Development!

They make an native app for Windows Phone 8 but not for BlackBerry 10? I'm not a NetFlix user, but this stance is illogical.

Netflix already has contracts that allow them to show Netflix on Microsoft devices. It cost Netflix next to nothing to build the App and show it. If they do a Blackberry App they have to get new contracts and pay more. Simply the bottom line to them.

Tiz a funny thing. I recently cancelled my subscription, in part because their Canadian selection (without a sneaky code work around) was seriously lacking and because of their lack of BlackBerry support.
I told them this when I cancelled and I just called them again after having received a come home to Netflix email.

The rep I got said he was sending off a remarks email to his higher ups and tied my complaint to my (now cancelled) account.

I stated very clearly, BlackBerry Z10 is here and it would be a terrible thing for Netflix to waste an opportunity but if they continue to squander it, then my business won't be coming home to Netflix.

................(There may have been, but I cannot confirm nor deny that a being silly like Yahoo comment made it into the conversation) mouth tends to run a muck now and then.

whats the big effin deal about getting netflix or instagram for that matter on the bb? I sure as heck don't want to watch a movie on a tiny screen, give me my 50" HDTV for that.

How about worry about the apps that we need to make our day more productive like Pageonce actually effin working properly

Only iPhone users buy their smartphones for the brand (how many iPhones have you seen that are protected in a case?), the rest of us do so for the features/apps. Developers will always prioritize their efforts for dominant platforms and right now there seems to be a tie between BlackBerry and Microsoft in terms of position in the Top 3 mobile OSes. The fastest and easiest way for BlackBerry to increase the number of BB10 users is to release BB10 for the PlayBook, not to mention dropping the price of unlocked, contract free devices..

Too I am reading the comments on this thread I get to the bottom and what do I see? An ad for Netflix. Why would they waste their time and money advertising on a Site like Crackberry if they have no interest in developing an app for BlackBerry?

haha, also Home Depot. Just clicked on the Ad, good way to support Crackberry. Home depot just recetly dumped Blackberry for iPhone.

I'm pretty sure the ad generation here is from Google. Because there is Netflix, the name of the company, makes it likely a Netflix ad will appear. Netflix pays for those ads, I'm sure it's pretty cheap for them but it costs them money, well, it costs them money if you click the link. Further, if you google netflix, the top choice will be a paid ad but it only costs them money if you click the link. Now, I'm not suggesting you cost netflix any money...

First and foremost think about it what is the customer base in the US for BB10? How many BB10 devices are for sale to the US market? So why would the commit to something that there is no market for?

I just dumped Netflix for Amazon Instant Video a few weeks ago, and the streaming content is a lot better.

Now can we start complaining about there not being an Amazon Instant Video app?!

Why won't Bla1ze identify or share the APK file that he used to get Netflix going on the Z10. We don't need his signed bar file, just the APK. Please!

BlackBerry has the tools at their disposal to beat Netflix at their own game, just open up Video Store to a low monthly all you can eat rate and BOOM!!! BerryFlix! Besides Netflix's management are an absolutely mess, they deserve the Hammer of Thor smashing their tiny app to smithereens!

Hey, it cost $ 30.00 for the software to use my Slingbox on my BB. I didn't watch $ 30.00 worth of Slingbox despite how well it worked. I don't need a "B" movie player now.

I tried sideloading my Android tablet app to the Z10 and it didn't work. Need to find someone with an Android phone and purchase the app and extract the APK.

FWIW, Sling has apparently abandoned the BB platform and is actively discouraging users from using any BlackBerry device. No new software since the build for the 9700. They refuse to say yes or no as to whether they are building for the BB10. And the PlayBook used to work fine through FaceBook but then Sling decided to block the PlayBook's Flash Player's user agent string so you can't do that anymore. It is unclear why they don't want you using your PlayBook to access your Slingbox. I would understand if they had a paid app, but they don't so all they are doing is shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing you to use the Slingbox. And yes, I tried sideloading the Android tablet app to the PlayBook (which I paid for and purchased for my Android tablet) - doesn't work on the PlayBook.

Net what? With so many choices for streaming today only a fool doesn't develop for an existing user base....BlackBerry devices are not going away...

In other news: Netflix states that they have no current plans for BB. The same thing that they stated the last time we asked them. But it's okay, because we can turn it into a headline every time we ask.

I have NEVER seen someone watching a streaming movie from Netflix in an airport or other public setting. When I ask, they are watching ripped versions locally stored. Maybe lazy people at home are streaming off wifi, but people who get things done, busness people, frequently BlackBerry users, are not streaming movies.

Netflix is a big juicy red herring used by the haters. That's all, like those stupid angry birds till they came to BB. Who plays AB?

I might have cared if I was even able to get a Z10, all I see anymore on crackberry is this app is comming, this app isn't, seems like they don't even care that the USA cell companys havnt even relesed it yet, and all we get is comming soon. Feels like the important people got there BB10, and they don't care if the rest of us get one. Why can't we at least get a date when it will be releaed. That's right, the writers already have one, so there is no reason for them to digg and find out when the rest of us can get one.

Excellent point. Netflix is hardly an app a blackberry user will use anyway and so much focus on it. The more important thing is when will the Z10 be ready for use in countries where it has not even been released? Blackberry users are "get things done" people. They want hub and flow. I for one have zero interest in watching a streaming movie, while I am trying to "get things done". Please everyone. Get a grip.

With a super hyper 5 year old boy Netflix is a life saver at a restaurant, Dr office appointment, etc.

I have two playbooks and a Z10 but I can't use either while out with him. I am forced to bring the Tab 10.1 :(

Sure I can load either with some movies but netflix is so much easier for him. I can just him him tablet and off he goes.

And you can't just hand him off the tablet with locally stored videos?

The PB is loaded with Tom&Jerry for my kid to enjoy. I don't see how it's much different.


Release the working bar file then like you did with instagram! you posted a working netflix bar a few weeks ago, dont be a hypocrite, you dont have any excuses now that you released the instagram bar in the main page.

If BlackBerry developed a successful 10" BB10 tablet, they would probably take a look at developing an app for the platform. Outside of that, it's a fact that they will not grow their subscription base enough to offset the cost of development at this time...a majority of BB10 users either already have another tablet on another platform, and/or are already subscribers for their TV.

The problem with this issue is that other developers take pause to see who is and who isn't developing for the platform. When they are in this state of catharsis, the media picks up on it and trashes the product because of the limited app ecosystem. BB needs to get developers to build the mainstream apps and also make sure the official apps are available. It is so important to have the most popular apps on launch day in the US or this boat won't float. I'm a Palm Pre 2 user and I see it happening all over again, despite how good this BB10 OS appears to be.

^^ This is what people should understand! Whether you use or not, them not supporting BlackBerry prevents current and new consumers who want these apps (NetFlix, Instagram, etc) from purchasing the Z10.

For me, I won't purchase a Z10 (or Q10) without all my banking, news, social, mapping, etc apps...

I just cancelled my two Netflix accounts. This company really pi$$es me off! I honestly could care less about watching Netflix on my phone but its the principle that counts. Netflix is installed on just about every device under the sun except for some reason (political no doubt) they have decided to blackball Blackberry. Well I may be chump change to them but if there are even 100,000 others like me then cancelling their account will start to hurt them. Chesses me off completely!

I doubt I'd ever watch netflix on my phone. And have never even heard of somebody doing it. The content also sucks anyways. Why groups of 10 friends all share one account and Canadians scam the American content.

Plus if I ever really need to watch something I can remote desktop it to my phone. Works perfectly with my dell i3 laptop

Had a Netflix account, even though I only found it to be mediocre when it comes to selection. However, I canceled my account with them and then proceeded to send them an email (had to do some digging to find an email Addy) explaining why I canceled, as the exit survey gave no real option to adequately explain my reasons.
I explained very nicely that I had canceled my subscription due to the fact that Netflix was ignoring me as a BlackBerry user and that I would not subscribe again until they released a fully functional BlackBerry App to address me as a customer. I also proceeded to advise them I would encourage all other BlackBerry users I know to consider doing the same.

As well, I reminded them that it is a competitive market and it would be in their best interests to address all possible clients across all mobile platforms.

It's a consumer driven market people and companies only pay attention when you affect their bottom line.

Vote with your wallet!

Really liked one of the comments. Not in these words. If you have time to watch a movie on a phone you shouldn't be buying a blackberry.
How true is that. Netflix should really be an app only on a toy phone such as Iphone and Samsung.
Come on People grow up and get rid of the Toy phones and get to the next level. Get with it people.
Blackberry 10 the next step up in smartphones.

Sorry, but that is a STUPID generalist comment to make. As stupid as that whole tools not toys moniker concerning iPhone and BB.

I won't even go for netflix when I have rogers on-demand. Screw it. They neglect 78 million users, they just messed with the wrong people, now they'll lose them. Lol

Hmm, well I guess that's one less app to speculate after Michael Clewley tweeted this this a few hours ago: "This week? Update for Z10 for more carriers, 2 app updates coming later in week and 1 highly asked for Blackberry app #tease #nomoreinfo"

Get ready for the "Skype" news lol :)

I get the feeling the Netflex and Skype are both waiting for BBRY to bring Jellybean to BB10 before releasing their apps. If that's case then I wonder how many other vendors are holding out?

What should Blackberry do? Beg these morouns to build an app for their 80 million subscribers? You cant tell me that there not some kinda back room politics behind this or to be quite blunt "bribes/pay offs) involvled.
Why would they build a native app for winows phones with prictically ZERO users and exclude or ignore an established OS with many users.
I personally could care less as I would never watch netflix on my phone but unfortunately there are some who do care and it will keep them from coming to this platform.

To those who say they don't use Netflix on the phone, it's not about you using it on phone or not. It's about the general perception of the platform. Unfortunately, many people will not buy BB10 if it doesn't have apps like Netflix. I may not like a house with a view but doesn't mean it doesn't add to the value of a house.
Also, it's not about not getting Netflix on your phone, it's about not getting Netflix on the new Blackberry platform. It's about success of the new platform. For me, Netflix is not a big deal but for many people it's a big deal and success of BB10 depends on these critical apps. What about Netflix on Playbook? I think it's time to boycott Netflix. If most blackberry users cancel their membership, I am sure they will hear it loud and clear. The problem is that most users will have it on TV or Blueray player and will keep using it. Bottom line is if you care about BB10 then, not having an app like Netflix should matter to you.

I don't subscribe to Netflix, and probably never will. But if it was released for BB10 I might consider it at some point down the road. Though it would be nice to have on the Z10, it isn't a must-have app, not for me anyway.

I really don't get the whole BB10 needs netflix craze. I have it on everything else in my home ,TV, gaming console and PC, I still can't find anything worth watching on their streaming service. Some folks say they need it on their commute to work on public transportation. I remember there was a time a WALKMAN did the job. Even on a commute on public transportation I could not see myself hunched over holding my phone in my hand squinting to watch a movie on a 4 inch screen. By the time I got to work I would already be exhausted. Just give me some music and I will sit back and relax until I get to work. I guess I'm old school.

and guys release it anonymously, the one I had working suddenly stopped working, its as if they caught on to me.... Build a site or send it to someone to release, heck send it to me and I will, I dont care about legal ramifications as I own a few shares in netflix so by that It gives me rights to hold any intellectual property of theirs as I am a shareholder and that gives certain rights to own a bit of their tech. whether they want me to or not. sick of companies being total dickwads about their apps. This reekes of an anti trust lawsuit against them.

I got Netflix since launched in Canada (mostly to support their platform so they could get enough subscribers to justify a Canadian outlet), but I cancelled it a year ago since there was no PlayBook app. I tweeted Netflix to say that I would consider re-subscribing once they had a PlayBook app.

Their response: "Our goal is to be on every screen that’s relevant to our members and we add more devices all the time." @netflixhelps

I guess we are not relevant....

In any case, my $8/month can be better spent at BB World.

What exactly is the magic number of units sold before Netflix would port an android app and how many to build a native?

I've stated this before, we need to stop bugging companies/apps like Netflix, Instagram, Skype, etc for not making apps for BB10 when RIM/BlackBerry cannot make apps for their own devices. I am yet to see the great QNX at work.

Netflix is going to go bankrupt. Who in the world wants to see a show on their phone. Do you think that Netfix would look good on an iwatch?
Wake up everyone. I want to see a show ..... I go to the IMAX. ( An no .... the iMAX is NOT owned by Apple )

You just might be correct about Netflix going bankrupt but I believe BlackBerry will go first. Also, you do not account for the hundreds of thousands and possible millions of BB users who would like to watch a show/movie via netflix on their device. It's unfortunate though that Netflix is not in the business of satisfying its customers regardless of what device they are using.

You're out of your mind! Netflix is slowing changing how TV is produced and consumed. What they did with House of Cards was amazing! It's an indicator of the future they will herald in. As far as IMAX, unless you are talking about TRUE IMAX (not most of the BS IMAX screens at theaters) and movies created for the format then your comment holds no true worth.

The value proposition for Netflix for me is my kids. They like Netflix and do not mind viewing it on a small screen because they can move around with it. I have 3 large screen flat panels and the only one used is mine (when I'm using it) because the kids are all piled up on an iPod watching Netflix.

I really wish I could say no to Netflix, but when I checked out Amazon and Hulu, I couldn't find the shows they like.

This is obviously my #1 reason to want it, my #2 for me is to level the app playing field. No one likes to say, no that's not available on x device.

Let Netflix and all other companies that do not respect us know about it!!!!!!!! I just did with Netflix and i will continue to do so. WE ARE BACK IN BLACK!!!!!!

I just cancelled my Netflix account. My kids are upset but it will only be a matter of time before they find something else to fill their void.

hi this is now my second post on crackberry. this is a copy of a conversation i had with a netflix rep just the other day, i know it doesnt mean much but its a start. lets keep the pressure on them.

Hi Crackberry, this is my first time posting but im a long time reader.
just got some good news. (i think) i know its not worth too much but its a start.


any news on an app for us blackberry users

You are now chatting with: Ricardo

19 minutes agoNetflixRicardo

Hi there my name is Ricardo, how may I assist you?

18 minutes agoNetflixRicardo

Its funny you say that!

18 minutes agoNetflixRicardo

We are actually working on developing one now with BB!

11 minutes agoYou

sorry about that. that is the best news i heard in a while

11 minutes agoNetflixRicardo

Yes, I guess we are working on some deal to make this happen.

10 minutes agoNetflixRicardo

I was a blackberry for a 6 years

this was from march 02 2013 at about 9pm est

also want to thank all you guys for keeping bb alive and defending it from the anti bb media. thank you

Why all the fascination with Netflix? I have a subscription on my PS3 which I barely use. It's good for some stuff, but I'm not into watching stuff on cell phones anyway.

At this point I could care less about what apps aren't available for BB. What I really want for BB to do is go through their current apps available on PB and BB10 with a fine tooth comb and trash all of the useless ones that are far below quality. I've read/watched many reviews of the Z10 where BB was exposed for letting unusable apps through the door. What exactly was the point of getting 70,000 apps if a majority of them can't even be used properly.

This is really what we should be mad about.

Look we can all get emotional about Netflix but facts are facts. Netflix only works as a profit generating entity in the US. Outside the US, there context sucks big time and they can't compete with the big cable providers. Until BB sells millions of units in the US, there is no reason for Netflix's to support the platform.

FWIW, for those who asked, Amazon Prime video works fine on the Z10. Just have to select Full Site from the Amazon page and then start the video. Can maximize to full screen. Looks great.

I started a petetion on called "Netflix: put an app on blackberry 10" . Go sign my petetion and i also found another one by a guy in the US that is doing the same thing. get them both signed and lets see if Netflix will listen. I am giving netflix 2 months and then i'm going to get rid of my account. I deserve the same respect as someone with iOS or Android.

Now that's it's been reestablished that Netflix currently isn't planning to build an app for BB10, I'd like to see more discussion of alternatives we can turn to instead. I read further up in the comments that Amazon Prime and HBO GO seem to work on people's Z10's (not sure about PlayBooks). Are there any other alternatives that people are using on their Z10's and Playbooks?

BlackBerry has X amount of cash on hand. Can they not just pay Microsoft, Netflix, etc like a million or even 10 milllion dollars each and get them to make native apps. Surely, they would do anything for money! Heck with that, BlackBerry even said their willing to have people at their doorsteps within 24hours or something.

After reading this article and comments, I called netflix to cancel my service. I'll find a service that supports Blackberry.

Screw them. I'm cancelling my Netflix account until they make an App for Blackberry 10. I can download all their crap and better off the web anyway. Who needs them.

Long time Blackberry user here. Sadly Netflix does NOT have a good reason to jump on board with Blackberry 10. Once Netflix started looking at their model of allowing Netflix to be used on mobile apps they saw it brings very very little to the bottom line for them. Frankly, if they came to the same conclusions they have reached now they would not have done an Android app. It is not a matter of writing the Blackberry App, that part is easy. It is a matter of dealing with all the Copyright materials and licenses agreements they would have to enter into. The way that Streaming has become of late, it is very unlikely that Netflix will be able to afford to continue with the mobile app for free, once current contracts come up for renewal. Netflix will have to pass the cost onto the mobile consumer. I have 8 Netflix enabled devices in my home among 4 users. This past month I have started getting the “To Many Devices In Use” message when I go to use my Netflix. In 4 years that has never happened before. So you already see Netflix starting to reign in on users. It will only get tighter in the foreseeable future as the Entertainment industry looks to cash in on Netflix’s success.

Well Netflix is in trouble. You can do a search for "Netflix financial News". They are not liked by film and television show studios that make over 10 times the royalties elsewhere, because Netflix canibalizes the market.

They now have one fifth of their market cap and a flat subscriber base.

So it makes sense that adding BB10 support is not a focus.

Like many others here, I too cancelled my Netflix subscription because there was no PlayBook app.

I did not buy a phone to watch movies or tv shows.

while the concept is nice, I still would not download it even if it does become available.

i don't buy a phone based on apps i can download

...Netflix has a load of horsepoo streaming...where's the hulu app?

I barely use it on my phone, would be nice to have..ya know...whenever I can get a Z10

When they refused to make an app for the Playbook I wrote them off. I signed the petition that was going around requesting it for the PB. So this article is nothing new to me. What I think everyone should be doing is writing BB and requesting that BB world have an option for streaming movies on the phone and PB beside the opportunity to purchase a move. There are not that many movies I would want to purchase and keep on my phone or PB, but having the ability to stream for a monthly fee would be something I would be interested in. On the phone it is something I could use when traveling or entertaining one of the grand kids.

They may not grow their user base by having one but what I read in the forums they are losing user base.

This discussion is so crazy. Everyone here says: (1) no one uses Netflix (2) the service stinks, especially in Canada, (3) No one cares about Netflix, (4) It's not Blackberry's fault, (5) It's Microsofts fault, (6) It's Netflix's fault.

As a Netflix subscriber none of this matters to me. I want Netflix on my Z10.
There is no question that this will hurt BB in the US. This is one of those Apps that people look for here.

Yes. Windows Phone 8 has Netflix and it is not doing particularly well. Netflix does not guaranty success. But, its absence will hurt.

80 million users and growing? Not enough? Bullshit! Apple and Google don't want BlackBerry to succeed and are likely applying pressure or giving incentives.

And the question is: What the hell is Netflix? Sorry, but I really didnt heard about it before this discussions about a blackberry 10 app

Fortunately my contract isn't up until late April. If I had to upgrade now, I'd feel like I was jumping on a ship that is off to an uncharted destination. Hopefully after another two months, the fog of uncertainty created by the media will clear, developers will see the value of the platform and the user base will be strong and growing. Chin up BB.

What we should do in Canada is cancelling NETFlix account. they don't realize a lot of people has a Blackberry account ( millions) with a netlix account ( in milliions)
i have personallly no problem i use Netlifx on the playbook browser, no need for app but the developpler should think about everyone not just ios and android.

No, it does not work from the browser. It requires a browser 'plug-in' (Silverlight or whatever) and does not work from PlayBook or Z10 browsers.

"John Paczkowski has concluded what has pretty much been said before, that there is no incentive for Netflix to build the app and that their user base wouldn't grow significantly if there was a Netflix app for BlackBerry 10 so therefore, there is no interest in making one."

I am very surprised that having an android and iOS app grew their user base. I don't think many people sign up for a Netflix subscription based on accessing it on their phones.

Besides, there are other ways of watching movies on a BB, so Netflix is no big deal.

I've just had the most interesting conversation with a Netflix customer service representative. In a nutshell,i was told " I've had specific training on Blackberry,we(netflix) have reached out to BB and BB is unwilling to sign an corporate agreement to allow netflix on there devices. netflix is a billion dollar company its BB that doesn't want to partner with us". Was told all this and some once I started talking about canceling service.....Smfh, lied to me so I wouldn't leave...... 18665797172 ask about BB support shyt crazy

Why doesn't someone record this conversation and then post it online.. beside a quote of what "John Paczkowski" is saying would be great..

I talked to netflix last night they want BB10 badly and as soon as blackberry helps them they will make an app. This is exactly what was said....

Thank you for contacting Netflix customer support.

Here is the transcript from your recent chat with customer support:

Netflix Courtney
Hello. My name is Courtney. Who do I have the pleasure of chatting with?
Markus Hi Is it true that Netflix will never support Blackberry 10 OS even thru a ported android app,
Netflix Courtney
It is nice to meet you Markus!
Netflix Courtney
Ah, gotcha! I can absolutely look into the new Blackberry for you!
Netflix Courtney
Do you know when that phone is coming out?
It was released in canada about 30 days ago - i have been using it for the last 29 days
Netflix Courtney
Okay, and are you able to get Netflix on the device?
No because no app is available yet and even though the browser is excellent it is not on your compatible list ,,,yet.
Netflix Courtney
Alright, so here is the low down! Right now Blackberry isn't working with us to create an app! We would need to work with Blackberry to get running on that system but they refuse to work with us! We want to be on every device, trust me! We want to take over the world and devices.
Netflix Courtney
We absolutely want to be on Blackberries, but it is up to their company on what they want to support. Blackberry tries to stay more to the business aspect then to allowing more apps!
They say they will be at your door any time and that netflix is holding it up.
Netflix Courtney
Their system is incompatible with how our application would work. They would have to open their system to allow apps to operate on their system!
they want apps so more people will buy phone and netflix should what people with the phone to be able to get netflix win win
Netflix Courtney
Yes, and I agree with you 100%. Netflix wants to be on every device, it is business for us. Like I mentioned we are open to create a device on Blackberries, but it would mean Blackberry to want to work with us, I am being honest with you on this aspect too.
Netflix Courtney
I can note your account for a request to support Blackberries for you!
Netflix Courtney
Netflix's goal is to be on every device and also to be located everywhere in the world, like I mentioned, we want to take over the world.
Thanks I will contact blackberry again - you have a great service and i hope it is available soon on bb10 bye
Netflix Courtney
Thank you! It was a pleasure chatting with you, have a wonderful rest of your night and take care! And one more thing, if you wouldn't mind, please stay online for a one question survey.

Check out our Help Center if you have any more questions.

- Your Friends at Netflix

Someone is not telling the truth. Blackberry should release a statement to clarify this mess.....

Look at the Netflix application for Dlinks Boxee Box, my understanding was that Team Boxee wrote it and then upon approval from Netflix officially released it.. Just a thought...

I would be very surprised if Blackberry was behind the Netflix absence in BBWorld. It’s unlikely they will ever make a BB10 app willingly for whatever reason.

So this is my suggestion for those like me that would like to see Netfilx make a BB10 app. Netflix is so reasonably priced that I don’t bother to cancel the service even when it won’t be used for long periods of time. I could commit to canceling my service for 3 months in 2013. If even 10% of Z10 and Playbook users canceled their Netflix for a month during this calendar year it would be a loss to them of over a million$. Would that be enough to convince them?

Thought I’d toss that idea out there. It seems simple enough that most of us could handle it, and if enough people commit could potentially be enough leverage to motivate Netflix to finally make us an app.

As of today, I've canceled my Netflix subscription until they can support the BlackBerry.


Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

Why are we focusing on Netflix...? They didn't respond to all the Playbook users when we signed the petition back in the day... Why don’t we get something going with Redbox’s new streaming service...? I’m sure they are looking for a way to grow their business and I’m sure they are having a heck of a time since Netflix has been around so long... I think it would be a win win for both businesses and definitely for the BB customers that are tired of being ignored…

On a side note, if it’s true that RIM has been the problem all of this time with bringing the Netflix app to BBs and PBs because they want to ultimately force us to use their video and music store to eliminate competitive options, they should pay a price for trying to pull one over on us… We have chosen BB products, the least they can do is provide us with the options we deserve as consumers… I know there are some very skilled programmers over at BB that have already designed a Netflix app and its sitting in a folder somewhere… Dust it off and put it to work in time for the US release of the Z10 & Q10 and the next Playbook OS update.

I don’t comment often, but I’m sick of the Netflix discussion… I have Netflix and wish it was available, but it’s not, so let’s focus on some other solutions…

While I’m on the topic of the Playbook, the next one should be coming out SOON and SHOULD have phone capabilities along with all the other things that have been discussed in the forums. NFC, 2-4 gb of DDR, micro sd slot, a mirrored screen function with our phones, etc… Be innovative… If I can think it up, I’m sure you can do it…

Sorry about the long read…

I could care less ! I wouldn't watch a movie on a phone even with a 5" screen like a Galaxy Note ! I do have it. but only on my ASUS Pad- but that is a 10 inch- I want my phone for business- period! Email Te ting, BBM, Navigation etc- I don;t play games on it either! This is for Blackberry's strength is and has been . I will buy the Z10 to replace my Galaxy III as soon as Verizon makes it available and so will 1000's of others- AND Blackberry DOESN'T TRACK YOU.

No loss to me. I came to Blackberry Z10 from an Iphone. I had the app on the Iphone but never used it as I found the selection on Netflix Canada to be awful. So called "new releases" sit there for months and months. Just before this article came out, my wife and I discussed cancelling Netflix because we can never find much to watch ( which we are going to do simply because we get no value from it). Our ten bucks a month is better spent renting a couple of movies from Telus. I also enjoy Crackle, even though you have to put up with a few commercials. I love my new Z10. It's the best phone I have ever owned. Since the last update, the video play works fantastic for watching online tv shows (CTV mostly, Big Bang Theory, The Following etc. etc.). Good riddance Netflix!

The last Blackberry I had was the Bold touch and after that I promised myself that I would never use a Blackberry again in my life. And as I scrolled by the main home screen and saw the title of this article and I just laughed to myself.

When will you all learn. Blackberry isn't dead, it's on life support. Which means it should have been dead a long time ago but for some reasons you people keep it going.

Look when the people behind the product running the business are terrible business people there's nothing you can do. Ask those once Palm Pre lovers.

It's over! Switch over! I don't care to who! Apple, Andriod, Windows 8! You don't deserve this life can be so much better, just follow me to the light...


Listen, I understand the need for Netflix. But remember BB10 is brand new. iOS is officially the oldest OS in the market. AND when it came out, Netflix was not on the iphone(if i remember correctly). BB/CB Nation remember, we are still launching all over the world and have yet to launch in the U.S. Take deep breath and relax. This is still a uphill battle. There are still a lot of people who have a lot of negative things to say. Be patient folks.

WHO CARES!!!! Seriously who gives a crap! oh no Netflix is not gonna be on BB10 THAT'S NETFLIX's LOSS! everyone (not crackberries) acts like the new OS isn't even worth looking at cuz of this app and instagram, so because of a few apps not making it on BB10 BLACKBERRY as a whole is doomed! Netflix on a phone sounds like a battery drainer to me, who the hell has time these days to sit down and watch a whole entire movie or show on their phone? everyone is always on the go, i could easily watch netflix at home or stream amazon prime shows and movies off my playbook. what

Netflix?.....could could care less either way barely have time to watch tv at home, Im waiting on release date from AT&T -_- now that would be a headliner

Since Netflix has been in bed with Microsoft since they started the streaming feature, is it really that surprising?
Anyway, who the hell still has Netflix? I dropped them when they pulled their massive price hike, have been fine with no streaming, and if I ever did want streaming again I would totally go with Amazon Prime. Much much much better deal and better selection.

I can wait, it's only been a very short while since the Playbook launched without any Netflix still. Just hang on guys, it's coming!

Yes, I AM kidding.

All of us need to email/chat/call Netflix and let them know to develop a BB 10 (and Playbook) app ASAP!

It's the only way they will get it and fix it.

Also let them know that we will cancel our subscriptions if we don't get it soon (I for one will do that if I don't see an announcement). If we all do this they hopefully will finally invest to keep their customers

Why would they not wan't to be on every platform?? How much would it really cost for them to build a BlackBerry App? Just tell BlackBerry to make if you don't want the trouble to make it. Just work out some kind of deal then, i'm sure BB could do a better job making or coverting the app anyway. Instagram too, why would you not wan't your app across all platforms. Why would you purposely lock yourself out of a demographic on purpose. Seriously what is the reason behind such practice in society.

"that there is no incentive for Netflix to build the app and that their user base wouldn't grow significantly if there was a Netflix app for BlackBerry 10 so therefore, there is no interest in making one."

That simply isn't true, because with a new platform comes new consumers/customers

Video game companies don't do this unless its an exclusive and already worked out some deal with that console. But it wouldn't make sense and would be stupid if black ops, madden, 2K, ect... were only available for xbox and not wii or playstation.

Pisses me off actually...

Hello guys,
I just cancelled my subscription with Netflix, because I'm tired that this company is living behind all the Blackberry user.
I can't watch Netfkix on my playbook nor my Phone .
I encourage the Crackberry Nation to cancel you subscriptions to Netflix until they listen to our demands.
I would like to see what Netflix CEO would say to his shareholders when the profitability of the company diminishes, even for for a half a point.
I'm done with this BS.
By the way Netflix is not the only responsable in this matter, RIM has a lot to do with this too.
Crackberry Nation let's get together and let's have our voices to be hear. One company at the time.
We are many! If we unite, nothing can stop us!!!!!!

Another year later, Netflix will change their' mind. Trust me. I have seen this before. Oh.. see those movies ! Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter was amazing. Awesome. Two thumbs up ! Starring by Benyamin Walker and Produced by Tim Burton. See You Soon, Netflix !

To be honest, the more customers I have the better. I honestly cant see why a company would say NO to ANY new customer. Sounds like bad capitalism to me. IMHO any new subscriber is a good 9 bucks for my pocket. I wonder if the shareholders are aware that Netflix is keeping money from them by not producing a BB app?