Another Data Outage For BlackBerry Users?

By Bla1ze on 17 Jan 2010 02:19 pm EST
Another Data Outage For BlackBerry Users?

*UPDATE*- Things seem to have been restored back to working order*

Reports are rolling in, the forums are filling up and yes, we appear to have another data outage on our hands. While all confirmations have been vocal from customer care reps Rogers and T-Mobile have stated that RIM is having an issue at the moment with no current ETA for a fix. Last outage was attributed to BBM and all users were advised to upgrade to the newest BlackBerry messenger. This time, we don't know as of yet but one thing is for sure, it's getting kind of old. Let us know in the comments folks if you are having some issues and sit tight, while we wait this one out.

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Another Data Outage For BlackBerry Users?


I love my Blackberry. I love RIM. The first couple outages were 'eh' for me, as it's not that common with RIM, easy to forgive. However, we are definitely stepping over some line at this point.

What is this? The third outage in 4 weeks. Granted, Rogers was scheduled, but it's well beyond that window and scope at this point.

BBM, Data both out. Email is still working though.

BBM isn't working for me, neither the internet browser.

I am getting emails, but with a delay. Other BIS services are working, but with delay/slow speed.

i think it has something to do with the scheduled updates they did early this morning....

Sched updates were for Rogers only, if they managed to screw up updates for one carrier to affect mostly all carriers that's an issue of concern....again.. :/

AT&T in Portland OR, email and web working, but having issues logging into IM with the official RIM clients. Nimbuzz works fine though.

Definitely having issues here on TMO USA. Was wonderin why my friends on BBM were all quiet today! Grrr! This is getting old! Whats the point in having an "exclusive messenger" if RIM cant get it together and support it? Back to SMS for the day I guess.

Service is going in and out for me... some BBM messages is going thru and most of my buddies is coming in... emails is delayed but hopefully this problem gets fixed soon

Spent 30 min on hold then this pops up AS THEY ANSWER! lol. BTW, telus told me all was well, then the got notified after I read this to them

Storm 1 on Verizon doing fine - using my BB to leave this comment matter of fact. :p - it's the network. ;)

This is so annoying, its working on and off. Someone needs to just fix this pleaseeeee...taking thru texting is just not the same as BBM-ing.

working spuratically...gchat is completely scope not working at all....using seesmic for twitter...bbm messages are coming in chunks...some "d" some "r" sometimes nothing but people are still getting my messages

Well our messages seem to be sending but in a weird way. When I send a BBM message and press enter, it appears nothing happens on my screen. The text doesn't go from the typing input into the conversation text at all, yet the phone still shows the arrows at the top meaning its sending data. The person I sent the BBM message to gets the message, but like I said, from my screen it appears that nothing happens. ALso, my messages are also messed up. the date line above messages scrolls so that you can only see like a third of the date, really weird. Texts in general send fine and instant messaging and internet work as well. We have Sprint.

I had a rough time activating a backup device, but sending out the ServiceBook again did the job. Now the BBold 9700 is up and running like a charm with Twitter, Mail and Nickelback playing while I type :-)

Web and Facebook only working intermittently here in Colorado, USA. I recently switched to Verizon and Blackberry because of their reputation for reliability, but I've not been impressed.

Haven't noticed a problem. AT&T here in San Diego... But now that I read this, I'm sure my phone will start acting up :(

I'm heading south on the NJTurnpike and my service is fine...had two bbms that showed no D but they went through because the party responded. I think that party has verizon and I think she maybe having issues. I have Sprint and I'm bbming another Sprint person in Lancaster, PA fine. So I'm gonna say that Sprint in NYC, on the NJTurnpike and in Lancaster, PA appears to be fine. Btw, I'm on a bus, I'm not driving.

Bbm was working on and off on telus and was not getting the D or R under the messages...seems to be working fine data issues as well

Yes, we are having a problem here in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am not able to send or receive messages from a buddy in California either.

I'm on VZW, and having the same problem. AGAIN. I'm so fed up with BB that I think I'm going to get a Droid. This is RIDICULOUS!

so if this was a Rogers planned outage then why is it interfering with my BB from T-mobile USA??? its affecting my internet connection like the first outage they had, everything else seems like its working alright at the moment...

my friend has Verizon and she just checked to see if her email and net are working on her BB and it seems to be working fine so im guessing its affecting certain networks here in California, like my T-mobile >=| but hey, gotta love the cheap plans, oh well 0=]

I have a BB Bold through AT&T and a BB Storm through Verizon. Just tested email and BBM back and forth through both. Everything worked fine. 1:05 pm Colorado.

Also web access is working on both.

No idea about BBM though, I still haven't found much of a use for it since my friends don't have BBs and we've always chatted via AIM, Yahoo, or MSN.

service is up and down on mine and several other customer blackbery's. my internet is very slow but others seem to work ok and others not at all.

these outages are getting bbm is moving like .1 miles per hour right now...I'm going Droid as soon as the Nexus for Verizon comes out!!!

Verizon - Springfield, MO

My radio signal indicates 3G, but no little BlackBerry symbol to indicate connection to BIS, however, BBMs are going through, push mail is working instantaneously, and fairly fast internet connection.

Very strange, because usually if I don't have the BlackBerry symbol next to the 3G, none of the BIS services work.

Well, that's the word from SW Missouri.

Here in NY, specifically Long Island, and having no noticeable problems on VZW. Using BB 8330 with no BBMs not going through, web browsing working, socialscope working, email fine. Only thing I'm unsure of is FB, because I haven't checked it (but lets be honest, we all hate the FB client anyway, so who cares?). Didn't even know about these outages until logging in. Sympathy to those left dataless :(

AT&T unlocked Bold T-Mobile customer Orlando FL I've been getting data late but its' not too big of a deal hopefully back to normal soon.

None of my emails or anything are coming through. I have 4 email accounts and getting nothing from any of them.

Verizon, D.C.
Was down for awhile, but everything seems to be back in working condition now. Or should I say....for now?

I am on ATT and since the start of the year I have nothing but problems with my Bold 9700. I have exchanged it and still the same problems. Emails will not come through or when I try and look at the email settings I am told that I need to reverify my account. I am using gmails apps with my own domain name premium account and no such luck.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Update: San Clemente, CA emails are not coming in BBMs are working

everything is working fine here now (VZW MD) had a little trouble with BBM earlier, but i rebooted and it works fine now.

*update, experiencing problems with facebook, not receiving notifications.

Why wait out all these constant BlackBerry Outages? Do what I did. Call your respective carrier, and ask for a CREDIT for your not being able to use your BlackBerry for interminable lengths of time. For the last outage, I got a $25 courtesy credit from AT&T for my monthly bill. For today's outage, I just called AT&T and got another $25 courtesy credit to be taken off my bill. WHY PAY FOR NO SERVICE? Call your respective carriers today. :)

I have a blackberry storm with verizon and I have not had any problems. Email works fine, facebook is coming through, bbm is good, internet browser is working AND I can make calls...
South Florida!

This is the last time I am dealing with this blackberry messenger outage/data outage. I am so sick and tired of trying to use the equipment i have paid good money for, 30 a month for bb service on Verizon! I have made a decision and I am switching to a Droid Eris next month. BB isnt cutting it for me anymore between the crappy app world being slow, bb messenger always being down, and this forever os 5.0 we are all waiting for. Please, do yourself a favor and get a phone with integrated threaded sms!

I'm in Orlando FL and have VZW and it's working well for me. BBM, email, voice and the web are all working fine.

I realized email and the browser were out a 1 a.m. this morning. I'm in N.J. (Verizon). The phone was abnormal at 9 a.m. It was working without the usual lags and glitches. The 1 a.m. emails came in with the re-boot time tag as if nothing happened. We all know something did!!! Nothing new here. I will continue to be the Storm Survivor...

im in trinidad, west indies. all of my data services were down in the last crash but they are working fine atm...i hope they continue to work fine...

got bbm throughout the night and bbm a coworker just a few mins ago...he didnt reply but i got a D and R on the message lol

boston area - nextel

Am trying to upload images to FB (BB Storm2, VWZ) and kept getting error messages, figured a reboot would fix it, then find this thread. Reboot didn't fix it, looks like network issues. Realizing the power of RIM/BB, as a new BB user, sure liked the fact that I didn't have these types of issues on my Palm.

yes verizon is having some lagging issues but they tend to work after a while. sometime it goes out but it goes back on

My email was coming in late today, sometimes by more than an hour from the send time. I'm on Verizon in Indiana.

BBM is messed up since the upgrade. they need to fix it quick. constantly have problems with it on verizon network not only me but all my friends/family too.

What gives

I woke around 1:30am to my browser not working! I knew it was another. But haven't noticed anything during the day. In MA on ATTm

I'm experiancing sporatic outages of email and internet service today in New Orleans, LA. What is weird is even using wi-fi on the Bold 9700 I have no internet service. I normaly can use our private WIFi to access the internet with the AT&T network off but not today.

Just purchased an i-Phone for this sort of events..................guess that this time they were just f&^^@ng with us !!!!! hahahaha....

It seems like I'm also having an outage.
I'm from Indonesia and my carrier is Indosat.
Been experiencing difficulties logging in to my Yahoo Messenger since yesterday afternoon. And then i started noticing that i didn't have any coverage at all and everything isn't working. :(
But everything's seem coming back to normal this morning. Thank God! :D

Ok now this is pretty pathetic. Does RIM have an unstable system. They are definitely losing brownie points now and need to step up with not only a revamped OS but stop these outages.

Looks like Android and Palm are gaining ground now.

Have been having problems ALL DAY with t-mobile. This is getting really old. I don't think a day goes by that I have a flawless working blackberry. These problems are not user created either. Strictly network related problems that happen on the daily. Sorry T-Mobile, after today I will be switching carriers.

I have had zero problems on verizon near Chicago all weekend. I've been on bbm and the net without wifi the whole time.

I bought it at 9am as the stores opened the day the 9700 was released. I was excited about finally having everything in one BlackBerry. There was an outage pretty much right after I got home. Then there were at least two more major outages the following month. Then another this month that didn't get much attention...maybe it was just mine. Both of mine.

I sold the damn thing.

My Touch Pro 2 has been great the whole time. My iPhone 3G has been pretty good as well. No iPhone outages! No HTC or Windows Mobile outages. I love my BlackBerry and I am sure that I will eventually buy another but right now I need reliable devices. BlackBerry is not reliable right now.

I didn't even know about this outage sincebi sold the 9700 and don't use the others. I wish y'all luck!

Sounds like a delayed problem.

I had BBM issue and only BBM issues around 11am PST. Issue was resolved by 1pm PST.

West Coast of Canada using Virgin Mobile.

I don't know how to use or have used my bb messenger so I haven't noticed an outage. And my friends with blackberries/tmo haven't said anything either and their bb's are working just fine. Is this a recent thing?

yeap we do have that kind of issues here in Indonesia since Sunday 17th January, but today is getting better.

I misread the screen capture the first time and thought it said "Lovely, another outrage." LOL!

I actually somehow missed this one. I was cleaning the house and isht and using the BB off and on.

no issues that I or my girlfriend came across. Sounds like this outage was incredibly sporatic with location. Some parts of the continent(s) were completely unaffected on any carrier, other parts had all carriers down... other parts some carriers were ok while others weren't... seems like it was almost a "right place, right time" sorta thing. Some of us got hit hard, others of us not so bad.

Looks like it was more the GSM carriers in North America hit rather than companies like Sprint, Bell, Telus, or Verizon (though yes, they did get hit... just not as badly it sounds like). So maybe it was somehow due to the Rogers planned outage... weird.

I had trouble in the morning, I don't really use BBM, but my other BIS services weren't working: MSN, Facebook, and Weather Bug wouldn't update either. By the afternoon I was good to go.

I'm curious as to how many people that threaten to leave and switch carriers or phones, in reality *actually* do it. Lol.

Its like, one time at my work this guy was spewing how they lost a customer and he was taking his business elsewhere. Apparently elsewhere is my work because - there he was again. Lol!

At the empty threats.

Amen! Outages happen. I didn't have these issues, but how is it different than IPhone not working where I live for my friends. Let them leave I say.

I sat with a Roger's technical support rep for 45 minutes just for her to a) demonstrate that people who work for Blackberry Tech Support should really be required to know how to operate a Blackberry and b) tell me that she didn't know what was wrong, after making me delete and reload Bbm 5 times. It's getting really, really old and it's just frustrating.

Tour on US Cellular in missouri. Had no issues. My question is why would people call tech support for an app issue? Its a RIM issue, not a carrier. I wouldn't sit 45 mins with support over bbm, just send a text or call. Lol


This was a planned outage. It was even announced on Crackberry towards the end of last week. This should not have taken anybody by surprise.

Yesterday (Sunday), thre was definitely something wrong because my BBM messages were not being sent (no "D" in the check mark beside the messages). This went on at least for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. The Browser seem to be working during that time.

Sorry Xopher, but wrong -

The 'planned outage' was for Rogers only and meant to be between 0200 - 0600 hrs EST, 17 January

But past 1200 hrs and Rogers services were still dodgy - or, that is, more so than usual. EDGE was running fine on my 8520, but email lags, while BB browser and 3rd Party programs that call home for data were all running endlessly or timing out.

I'm not sure when (if) services came back online Sunday - but everything *seems* to be running as expected now.

So glad I upgraded to the Droid. RIM needs to do something about these outages......can they not handle the new consumer market?

Are you even responding if you not using a BB?

I did not have any outages yesterday. Chatted on group and with friends all day. SMS and browsed the web.

So take you negative vibes on over to a droid section or forum please and thanks bye.

You use a Droid? Why do you even care? I wouldn't call a Droid an upgrade. You info is not secure. Have fun with your brick.

we had some delays issues with BBmessenger here in Mexico (carrier TELCEL), it lasts like 2 hours in the morning (10 a.m.)

Verizon Tour BlackBerry Messenger not working AGAIN! Why is the 2nd thing i love in this world not working! LOL maybe a little too over dramatic. Have tried battery pulls, and re-registering with BIS server and Verizon. Problem seems to be persistent. I seem to get my friend from Italy's BBM messages fine but when i try to send them they don't seem to be going anywhere.

Verizon Tour BBM working again. dont' know exactly what happened..or what's going on with RIM's BIS. but as long as it works i'm a happy BB addict

I think that when these outages occur, RIM should be rebating the cell carriers with those rebates coming back to the users. There should be some compensation when this happens, especially this often. We signed contracts for service, so do these outages breach the terms of contract so people should be able to get out of their blackberry contracts?

I'm a Rogers Sales Rep workin in a heavly populated area with alot of realestate workers. The multiple BIS outages have prevented me from outbound sales, because of lineups out the door with customers with the same questions, "I rely on my BlackBerry to make money, I can't get my emails to my phone!".

Since this was a planned outage on Rogers' network, you should have know about it and planned accordingly.

I think what gets me is that Bla1ze posted this in the blog as if it was not a planned outage - no information in his post that it was a planned outage, even if it affected more users than just Rogers.

I think during these outages you people should stop freaking out for 1. Go spend sometime with your families on the downtime and if its really that important these phones have this really cool voice feature.