From the forums: Another BlackBerry Windermere concept

By James Richardson on 19 May 2014 09:03 am EDT

Judging by the amount of comments we seem to get on our concept posts it would appear that seeing what we may or may not get from BlackBerry in the future is rather popular. 

The above concept arrived the other day from form member ummie4 and while it looks pretty darn sweet I'm not sure we'll see a design like this go into production. 

The big difference here compared to other Q30/Windermere concepts we've seen is the location of the optical trackpad. Although I love the big logo at the base of the phone I'm not sure how user friendly it would be in this position and it's certainly not following the 'Classic' line that BlackBerry CEO John Chen has confirmed will feature in more than one device. 

I'm quite keen on the size and shape of the concept though and its certainly a lot wider than the Q10 that we currently have. What do you think?

Hit up the BlackBerry Concepts & Dream Devices forum and have your say. 

Reader comments

From the forums: Another BlackBerry Windermere concept


LMAO about the enter key!!! :-D

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Why isn't anybody doing a proper mockup of Windermere? Take the leak of the ugly prototype, keep the screen and keyboard, add frets and a Q10 style case and you have something looking like a Q30.
And put it next to a Q10 to compare sizes, not a Z10... The people most interested in upgrading don't have an all-touch devices.

Yeah, that's more like it, except that it won't be as round as the Classic/Bold. I'm thinking something more like the 8800 series.

That keyboard is horrendous no matter how they try and spin it.

The Q30 is going to be a near perfect square and, quite frankly, probably a huge disappointment.

Posted from my TARDIS!

This device may come with a 64 bit octocore processor, that'll get everyone's attention

BB10 - call blocking please, BBM - too many to list

The problem with all concepts of the q30 is that they are restricted to the 1:1 aspect ratio. What BlackBerry ought to have done was to have a 4:3 aspect at least, if not even a 16:9 ratio.

Z10 addict, waiting for the next flagship Z...

This is fugly to me. Definitely not my cup of tea. Like the size but visually unappealing

Posted via CB using my Q10

I like the BlackBerry logo just about anywhere you put it. Looks good where it's at, but like you said. It may not work good as a track pad. Although it could be used to open up the symbols menu.

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry logo is a 3 in 1 button!!!
1. It's a teackpad
2. It's a spacebar
3. It's a fingerprint scanner

Such a great idea!!!

Posted via CB10

Personally I think there needs to be a larger screen and a thinner bezel.

Q. What section is the Windermere aimed at ?

Health care sector? Need a much larger screen. Patients data is vital. Life or death decisions are made from this information.

My idea of 'Built by BlackBerry ' competition is something that could showcase the talent on show.

What do you think?

Posted via CB10

I'm not to big on this, but you can't please everyone! I would love to see a 'Classic' next as I k ow a few people not wanting to give up their Bold.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

I think BlackBerry needs to build three handset types:

1. An all touch phone comparable to the Z10/Z30/iphone 2. A keyboard classic phone and 3. A pearl like phone encased in a waterproof, break resistant, military grade device.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I love the size and while I don't like the placement of the track-pad, you can see why it was put there. Unfortunately, this device would lose the size of the screen, which is part of the appeal.

Yeah this is very ugly! On a lighter note tho, If BlackBerry going to bring back the track pad on bb10 I think it would be unique to have the BlackBerry logo embedded into the track pad

Sent by my QNX powered Z10

What is this. Dev Alpha X? Good try but without shift and alt keys I will have to pass.

Good try though.

Posted via CB10

Like the size. Like the curved KB. Ditch the oversized trackpad at the bottom for a normal space bar and round off the corners a bit.

Ughhh, terrible...
On the curvature of the keyboard - imho for this size of keyboard it hardly provides any improved ergonomics and it just looks retro...

Oops I forgot BBOS still outsells BB10 by a multiple... :)


Sure, please no more curved keyboards anymore. After a year's or so with the Q10 it indeed seems retro.

(The Bold was and still is a good phone for communication... )

The "missing keys" somehow will be integrated as gestures, if I got that right.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Although the keyboard needs work, I totally love the form factor. The shape screams PRODUCTIVITY!

Posted via CB10

Where would the Shift and Alt keys be? There is an up arrow so I imagine that's the shift key or would it be for both?

I need to throw up. That is so ugly. I like the new Z10 concept new to it since it has less bezel

Posted via CB10, Z10

Not a fan.

The temptation to make BlackBerry phones bigger reminds me of the disastrous attempts to make then more "consumer friendly". They only need to be big enough to type on and house a readable screen and usable battery. And remember, most screen phones are in the keyboard mode during most of their use... which makes the usable screen about the same as a Q10.

The temptation to make BlackBerry phones be a kitchen sink for games and movies is what almost killed the company. Also, larger screens just highlight the lack of apps. Keep them small and sleek and efficient. The pendulum is already swinging back that way.

Posted via CB10

The worst phone ever from blackberry, that is why BlackBerry is going to die soon, they are the best worst phone Manufacturers. Z10 is my last phone.

Posted via CB10

I love the keyboard it's the best yet and would not suprise me if windermere looked like this, with a software tool belt, I'd buy this :). Best concept yet and still has the " classic " look :). The tool belt and numbers could alternate too " cool" factor back to Blackberry

Posted via CB10

This is a big step backwards.... first off its ugly.. keyboard looks like its from a Mattel toy and likely the Android apps wont work on this and the devs will have to resize all theres to work.. this is ugly make a z30 with a keyboard and come up with something that everyone is asking for...

Posted via CB10

It's as bad as any other q30 concept I've seen. I hope for BlackBerry sake they have another high end device lined up and the q30 is aimed just for the niche Market Chen is supposedly avoiding.

Posted via CB10

This is the worst concept I have seen.

What's the point in having a partial physical keyboard?

Posted via CB10

Even without the tool belt, take away the logo and straighten up the keyboard and that's perfect for me ;D

Posted via CB10

I like the overall design of the phone, minus the Berry key where it presently site. The edge detail is beautiful, and the thickness is just right. I do wish it was a little taller, and not as wide. Great work!

No no no, oh no please no no no. Thanks for putting in the effort and time though but no not this not this no.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Whats all this stupid rantings about blackberry going to die if they do this or dont do thag. Its unimaginable the quantity of pride in some peoples egos.How can an induvidual deceive themselves by believing that if a company like Blackberry doesnt produce a product that satiscies their childish egos den its bye bye for the said company.some pple here really need to grow up! The truth is dat blackberry is here to stay despite all the scare mongering tactics of apple and android fan boys abd girls.Blackberry is gonna be here even in the next 30 years....say I said so

Posted via CB10

I'd trade my Q10 right now for that! Snazzy! Provided, there's still HDMI and that it's better than the Q10 overall. Way Better. So much better, that the competition takes a year to catch up.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

The keyboard is HOT!!! That's not the trackpad, it's the space bar. I could run with that design. Seriously. It obviously utilizes hover gesturing like the windemere is reported to be using but it's got that fat ass BlackBerry logo on the space bar, a somewhat curved keyboard like a 9930 and I'm guessing a 5" screen to boot. Advanced specs with these cosmetics would be a sure seller. Like those RL Polo shirts with the giant horse. BlackBerry should @ least consider this design.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Track pad should be at the top of the keyboard not the bottom, guys do not mess around with the BELT.
Repeat this " Keep the BELT " !!!
It cost you $Billions to come out with a Z10 and a Q10 without the BELT.
Geez.... all you had to do was come quietly out with the BB10 BlackBerry Classic and Tease the market with a Z30 and a polished OS.
Maybe have a Toggle to turn on or off the BELT ....give them a choice !!

If the logo is the optical track pad then it would be advantageous there, simply because it is far enough away from touch screen so as not to conflict with the in input.
Also those that complain it's ridiculous to place it that low need only look at galaxy phones, particularly the note 3, to see where their physical home and capacitive buttons are placed. I think those smart phones sell kinda OK.
I'm thinking these type of topics should be put on imore or android central. The people there have a better idea of what a great selling smart phone should incorporate, look like, than anyone here or an employee at blackberry would.

Posted via CrackBerry App

I think the concept is good. Personally if it's powerful enough and it's blackberry I would like give it a try..

I a BlackBerry fan but hey at least I admit it...

I've been hooked since the RIM950....

Posted via CB10

Please do not manufacture that. When it comes to incorporating the keyboard, the Q10, 9900 and even the 8330 are tops! All you need to do is make the Q10 just a bit larger, just a bit! and add the physical track pad. Keep the curved corners and it's all good!

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