Another BlackBerry Tag commercial appears online

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2012 10:05 am EDT

Another BlackBerry Tag commercial has appeared online - and thankfully it's quite a bit better than the cheesy Just Tap commercials we've seen recently. Part of the Action Starts Here campaign, this one popped up in India and does a good job of showing off tag. I would love to see more spots like this here in the US, and hopefully when BlackBerry 10 rolls around, we'll get a brand new batch of great commercials. Have a watch and let us know what you think!

Source: BBIN 

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Another BlackBerry Tag commercial appears online


Just show me .... and explain to me what the phone does. I don't need to see someone playing a guitar.

It looks like a bar house commercial. Not a fun commercial like the ROLLER BABIES.

Great commercial, terrible soundtrack and voiceover. Dramatically improve both with the same video and you'd have a great First World commercial.

Yeah not so sure about this one...kind of a creepy vibe. Surely RIM notices that Apple's cutesie child-simple ads are more effective.

Different target audience I guess.

I am sorry an ad online does NOT constitute a marketing program. Need mainstream marketing along with online.

They gotta drop the nerd voice too. Need a mainstream person to do it. And they need to get president obama a bb10 phone soon. Thats a good avertisment for the USA.

Actually, it is more of a "Am I going to get VD from this guy and regret giving him my contact info?" look.

I have to agree with Marc_Paradise. Definitely gives the wrong message because it looks like he is shaking his head "No" as if to insinuate it didn't work, pushed some buttons, and tried again.

This commercial is awful. Thank god it's only online.

Not on blackberry. Android most likely if the person is ever so careless, senseless, oh you get the picture.

Everyone has to remember this was in India... certain gestures (shaking of head) actually means yes and not no.

She was holding a 9850/60 device. Those don't have NFC. :-( Does tag work via BT as well. I dont think so. #FAIL

So........... why dont I have this feature or know anything about it? Ive seen 3 ads about it, but cant find it? I have a bold 9900 in canada? Is it supposed to work for me?

If you know someone well enough to be tapping at a bar your likely taking her home anyway and dont need to worry about the precious time constraint of actually typing in a number

Not a bad commercial; however, there is a problem. This feature is not available for T-mobile customers and having a commercial on a feature that is not available for ALL customers/consumers is not a good idea. RIM should either tell Tmobile to enable the feature, or don't use this commercial at all.


i see commercial like this from Samsung, many times over. And people gets it asap. On BB commercial, 2 or 3 times only. ( California, USA )I wish RIM would show it more and better.. wishful thinking.