BlackBerry Storm Video: Storm 2 (9520) vs. Storm 1 (9530)

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Sep 2009 01:35 am EDT

* Update - October 15, 2009. Read's Official BlackBerry Storm2 Review *

I'm heading to bed, but we'll end the CrackBerry day with another video of the BlackBerry Storm part deux in action. This new video was done up by our Storm lovin' pal Salomondrin yet again (nice and in focus!) and this time around he's comparing a BlackBerry Storm 9520 vs. the first-generation BlackBerry Storm 9530. Take a watch to see his reasons as to why he thinks the BlackBerry Storm II is sooo muchhhh bettttter!  

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BlackBerry Storm Video: Storm 2 (9520) vs. Storm 1 (9530)


Wow! Just posted a couple of minutes ago!


Thanks for posting this my friend. Its an honor to be on the main page of

Don't hate but what I mean is,

Having more memory, better camera, sleeker profile, better touch recognition makes the Storm 2 a better phone. but it doesn't make the Storm 1 a bad phone.

It's not like the Storm 2 will do anything that the Storm 1 cannot. If you already have a storm 1, I honestly, in my opinion, don't see why you would upgrade. Will the Storm 2 make your emails better? will it make your browser better? No. It's still the same OS, same apps, same everything. It's just nicer to have.

If you don't have a storm, then definitely pick up the Storm 2. But if you have a storm 1, I'd say wait it out till Storm 3 or Magnum or whatever.

And before you ask, no I don't have the Storm, I have the Bold. i won't pick up the onyx because, as listed above, it won't do anything my Bold cannot do.

Technology always changes and if you need the best and newest get it. But you shouldn't get rid of perfectly good phones because you think the Storm 2 makes the storm 1 obsolete.

I still see executives and business owners who run their company and business off of the 83 and 88 series blackberrys.

your comment makes me want to cry. you nailed it exactly right. if you are the type who feels the need for the newest and best of whatever you have then get it, but there are no HUGE upgrades here other than (arguably?) wifi and the typing, which imho isn't horrible to begin with and after a few weeks it's second nature.

multiple contact points for surepress tech.

400MHZ + faster CPU


what's that about no huge upgrades? i have the storm 1 and id love to get the storm 2 just for them 3 reasons but i am holding out for storm 3 and for my upgrades so....

To you, maybe having an improved touchscreen interface counts as an upgrade. Not so much to others.

Though where did you hear the Storm 1 had a less than 400 mhz processor? It uses the 528 mhz qualcomm processor.

The only real "upgrade" is the inclusion of WiFi which isn't even considered an upgrade because the Storm 1 never had WiFi in the first place.

My original post was just to highlight that the storm 2 is improved over the storm 1 and fixes many shortcomings, however it is nothing major. Increased memory, inclusion of wifi are great. But how does having 2 gb memory instead of 1 limit the storm 1 in anyway?

I'm sure as the storm 2 releases, people will find other problems. Though I wished they completely changed the touchscreen into something like the new Palm Pre or iPhones such as touch scrolling etc...

Here's hoping RIM quits adding dozens of new models but fixes the problems the existing phones have such as the fact that the browser is severely lacking, apps are horrible etc...

"To you, maybe having an improved touchscreen interface counts as an upgrade. Not so much to others."

IMO... If anything about the Storm 2 is a true upgrade it would be the touchscreen. What use is having a blackberry if you cant use (type) it efficiantly. Do I own a Storm.. No. I own a 8900. But I cant def see justification for upgrading beyond just "wanting the latest hardware". I've used a Storm before and the typing experince was aweful. I'd make the upgrade in a hot second. Just my thoughts :)

I could not agree more. You hit most of my thoughts.

WiFi I can live without. Most of the time I am in areas where WiFi is not. When I am at home, I can use my desktop.

The biggest upgrade is the memory. However, when I can get a Storm 1 for $49....and have little issues with the current memory config.

How much will the Storm 2 cost? $100, $200?

$49 is a good price. The only thing that will make the 2 a big success is if quality improves. I went through 3 1's before I found one that works great.

A long as RIM and VZW continues to update the 1 with new OS's I will be a happy camper. I will get a Storm 2 when my 2 years are up and the 2's are $49.

I want to know are they ever going to release it for all the cell phone companies? Like say maybe T-Mobile? PLEASE PLEASE I hope they do!!!

Glad to see all the videos of it working quickly and smoothly. I am still wondering how it will hold up after being used for a couple weeks w/o a new OS install or a reinstall. I probably will not wait to find out before I buy it though haha.

Do people seriously use SureType for typing out messages/emails? What's the point of owning a phone with full keyboard support when you're using nearly deprecated technology. It's like buying a brand new car and only using the AM radio, sure it works, but why bother.

typing with suretype is really fast for some ppl. when i had my storm for 30 days, i was typing with the suretype because i had the pearl for a solid 2 yrs.

suretype on the storm makes the phone usefull, for me the full keyboard is useless, i tried for months, too many errors. when i took the time to figure the whole suretype thing, thats when i fell in love with my storm

It's much faster, has larger buttons, and is very accurate! I only use the full keyboard when typing difficult or ambiguous words. Once you're used to SureType you can type circles around anyone on this device using it over the full keyboard.

SureType makes it a lot easier to type using one hand. If I am walking it is easier to type using one hand then both. It may be old technology, but I for one think it is a good thing.

I'm gettin the storm 2 even tho' my contract is not over yet dont't care. Kevin ur and Salo u are the man. KEEP IT COMING =)

because you can't truly test the accuracy of the typing like that. If you watch the video again, he gets very careless when he's typing on the 1 and seems to purposely screw it up and try to type really fast; while he sort of takes his time when typing with the 2.

That was a very biased part of the video IMO.

I have a Storm 1 and the typing is incredible.

I can't wait to upgrade my Storm to the Storm 2. I'm a heavy texter and camera user. The speed - OMG - the SPEED! Wonder how much it will cost me to do it.

Thanks Kevin and Salomodrin!

Very clear video, thx!
Making it harder for me to decide what my next blackberry will be. I don't like touchscreens but when I see this...
Onyx or Storm2, that's the question now :S
Good also to see Storm2 on Vodafone!

Too bad everyone with a Storm 1 is locked into a two-year contract. No matter how good the Storm 2 is, it's not worth all the bullshit associated with switching.

Not really: you can just buy the Storm 2 at full retail price. VZW won't make you re-up if you don't change the details of your plan.

If you are a VIP customer they tend to waive the 2 year stuipulation if you are upgrading to another smart phone.

There are ways around that, such as early upgrade. The primary line qualifies for early upgrade.

But, with that said. I have a line that is open for upgrade, I could go for this right away. But I am waiting. I would think after the last storm when it was first released, people would wait and watch. Almost all phones released have bugs that have to be worked out, and I am betting the storm 2 will be one of them also. And if you wait 6 months or less sometimes, the price drops, look at the tour, dropped $50 already.

I will keep my line open for back up, better then paying insurance, and wait till march for my early upgrade. By then, most of the bugs should be worked out, and the price will be lower, more apps will be available and updated to work on it, and accessories will be available from more places then just verizon, and cheaper. Waiting is a win win situation.

To all the ones that are rushing out to get the storm 2, I thank you in advance for helping get the bugs worked out before I buy this phone.

Great video, yet again, Salo! Always enjoy watching your videos. I have the Storm 1, and I love it. Having said that, the Storm 2 looks amazing (from your nicely shot videos), and I'll definitely be getting it when it comes out.

i love my storm 1 also, it seemed to me that he intentionally messed up on the typing on the storm 1 to make his point.i don't have a problem with the typing . my problem is the damn memory leaks of the storm. i have to do a battery pull at least three times a day.

I have the Storm 1 and I have test driven the Storm 2 during a recent trip.

As a HUGE Storm freak and I am going to keep it real. Other than the new look I am not largely impressed. There is a slight improvement in typing functions but overall I am not compelled to get one. Especially since I am sure a gen 3 model will appear with the noteworthy improvements we have all been waiting for.

Most of you should recall the Iphone gen 2 and then the gen 3 rolling out probably no more than 6 months later.

I encourage you all to wait until 2010. There should be a big surprise for Storm lovers next year.

You seem to have the inside track. I have been running an 8830 for nearly 3 years, and have been looking at both the Tour and the Storm 2 as possible upgrades. Do you have any idea when the S3 will be available, i.e. mid-2010, of Dec 2010?

I have waited this long... waiting a little longer for a true evolution in the hardware/software wouldn't hurt me. However, if its more than a year away, I might just upgrade now and then do the 1yr upgrade when the S3 comes out...

my first impressions.

the look of the phones are very subtle, not much difference.

more memory....always a good thing


typing....appears to be a nice upgrade

camera.....didn't see a whole of difference there. do you actually have to press the button and hold it in to take the picture? If so, why not press the button and it takes the picture.

speed of the phone.....he was talking about the speed and was clicking icons on the screen of both phones. it appeared about the same to me.

oo ok I wasnt sure if it was confirmed or not storm 2 would come in gsm. but i hope soo!! i'll switch from my bold to this!!

But my "Catherine Zeta-Jones" is doing everything i need. So no pressure to change for a Storm 2 soon.

Thankfully this video has demonstrated to me that although the S2 is going to be a nice phone, it isn't going to be worth the full retail price for me. The upgrades are not nearly significant enough for me to justify dropping that type of cash. I'm not around wi-fi, and since I use suretype (I'm quite fast with it) the new screen is not really going to improve my typing anyway.

I timed the demos and Storm 1 was 13 seconds, Storm 2 11 seconds. 15% faster and way fewer errors - from "a bunch" to 0. That's the semi-empirical data.

However, I didn't see if he accepted any SureType recommendations and that may well have accounted for error and speed differences. Full QWERTY keyboard test would have been more valid - not sure why that wasn't done. With a 2 second difference and 1 trial it may simply have been normal statistical variation as well.

Data aside, no one can deny his unbridled enthusiasm for the typing. I'm "ok" with my Storm 1, but enthusiastic I'm not.

Fortunately I get 1 free phone/yr, so come Jan I will be looking seriously at swapping out to a Storm 2. And luckily it will have been in the wild long enough I'll have a real feel for what it will do.

For what it's worth ...

- R.

I would take Catherine Zeta Zones over Angelina Joli any day. No comparison in my books.


Sweet video - love the comments!

Indeed the Storm 2 appears to be a huge step up from the Storm 1. I never even considered getting the Storm 1, but I am seriously considering trading my beloved Bold for the new Storm 2!! Can't wait! :-)

Well, wi-fi is a HUGE deal for me! And this coming to AT&T!!!! Very exciting. I thought I was going the Onyx route but now I'm not so sure...

i doubt that it will be on att, its the whole cdma thing . i remember last year this time they shoed the storm one running on att. if you notice the phone have roger on it , thats the company in canada. in order for it to work in the states it have to go on att. which is gsm , i believe. dont quote me on this . but the storm 1 was the same way

You are wrong a few things here.

1. The S2 in this video is a Vodaphone Germany 9520 (or it appears to be based on the background). That makes it a GSM phone, not CDMA.

2. If it were a Rogers phone, then it would work perfectly on ATT, as they use the same frequencies. Just have to unlock it.

3. Storm 1 also has a GSM variant....heard of the 9500. It just doesn't have NA 3G frequencies.

I am most excited about the typing improvement because my typing SUCKS on the STorm 1. I am eligable for upgrade Oct 10 so Storm I come.

Is it just me or is this guy a complete idiot? He is possibly the worst reviewer of a product or device I've ever seen in my entire life. Granted, I thank him for bringing us a pre-release video of the Storm 2 in (some) action, but all his comparisons are bullcrap, superficial ferry dust and are mostly subjective with little or no fact / specifications to back up anything he says. He's had the device for how long now? You think he'd be able to really tell us about it.

"Oh hey...your storm 1 is crap because the storm 2 looks beter!!!!" - I mean, come on dude. Compare specs and software. Show us the meat and potatoes. Don't give us sprinkles without the ice cream.

All of his comparisons were not superficial. He compared wifi vs no wifi, he compared the amount of memory on the devices, he compared the speed of the devices (and the camera), and he compared the ease of typing, which I think is the most important difference. None of those things are superficial. Only his looks comparison was superficial, but even that is useful to some people.

people put too much stock in wifi it is the least important feature that this dude reviewed but everything else seems very good. He got a super boner over it and its really not that important on the phone at all.

Great video Salo.Finally saw the potential in the Storm touchscreen series devices.The only thing left to clear up is the CZJ to Angelina Jolie comparison.No contest:Catherine Zeta-Jones has ALWAYS been more attractive than Angelina Jolie,up to and including today.

Well I've looked at the video I'm not so impressed that I would rush out and get the Storm 2 till after its been thru one or two reincarnations. To respond to the six points in the video..#1 apperance is not an issue I think they look enuf the same that that shouldn't even be an issue. #2 my data package works just fine..internet is the last thing I've had trouble with on my storm ..don't care about wifi #3 I will give some points for better memory..that is about the only thing sofar that interests me. But then it concerns me even on my own home PC #4 Texting?? Hey stupid turn the bloody thing's much easier #5 I don't have any issues with mine on speed..its fine and #6..its a phone..its pix are good enuf..I have a great digital camera for pictures
So now..impress me...

While I am interested in the S2 I am suspect that someone has the phone(ATT not less) and was able to put it out on video.
1 Typing mistakes were not impressive, anyone could type wrong the first time and not the second.
2 As far as faster, one battery pull could change the speed that the screen changes.

What is the difference in appearance, looks the same to me

While I am excited about WiFi,it does not seem to be a big improvement. Does anyone else have some doubts about this video.

Just as a side note, why would anyone pull their battery when you can get "Quick Pull" for free and it works great.

although i love the way it is going to perform, i think i will hold off on the storm 2, unless my storm breaks lol

I agree with " sr_erick ", hated this review(er) and his comparison.

OH wait, so the Storm 2 will be better than the Storm 1? NO WAY!!!!!!!11!!! Really? What about the Storm 3? Will that one be even better? Get off your high horse, you aren't telling us anything ground-breaking. Why is the appearance better? I didn't see anything in the video that made me say 'wow'.

OK, well S2 has WiFi, that is a real improvement. Unfortunately it wasn't an option for RIM. During the S1's release most carriers (Verizon mainly) did not want their phones to have WiFi capabilities, wasn't really a viable option for RIM.

More memory is great, but to be expected from a newer phone. There was nothing in this review that made me think my Storm 1 was crap and that I needed a 2.

By the way... Catherine Zeta Jones is still sexy in my book.

AMEN! Anjelina did at one point bang Billy Bob thorton remember, that has to be huge points against her. Catherine Zeta Jones is super classy and hot... even for a european chick.

storm 2 might be better then storm 1 BUT i have to disagree with this video. i'm running on my storm and the switch between the home screen and the icons is just as fast as it is on the storm 2. there is a huge performance difference between 4.7 and 5.0. it is still buggy because it's not ready yet but it's obvious that rim is heading the right way with this os. the camera was faster on storm 2 but the picture seemed to be washed out because the os didn't wait for the camera to set itself to the flash. unfortunately i couldn't test it on my phone because the camera doesn't work on 191. :-/
about typing a message: the improvement is because of the newer os not because of the newer phone! it's greatly improved in 191 as well. but i have to say that the new screen must be sweet. :-)

ps: i do not intend to start a war! just sharing my opinion.

Storm owners watch the texting on the Storm 1 again. You guys know as well as I do that he typed the wrong keys. He doesn't miss type them on the storm 2. He may have not meant too, but he did. It displayed what he typed.

I am currently using the 8310 Curve (my very first berry) and was originally gonna wait for the onyx or so, I think I'm gonna give the Storm 2 a shot. Thanks for your continued efforts!

So how well will the Storm 2 work with Themes and apps and then what will the app memory read? now that will be a true test on really how good Storm 2 is over Storm 1 if running themes and apps it still performs fast then it will be the best but if at anytime it hangs or glitches then still the same phone. So can you do a test with a theme & 3rd party app running???

the Storm 2 is a Storm 1 killer? OK, I buy that. Now, what about the iPhone because that is the market the S2 really needs go after not the current Storm owners.

More like CrapusOne. Sorry, Opus One puts out crap and sells it high to make it seem like you're buying quality. Don't believe the hype!! :)

As far as the Storm2. wow. I'm on a Curve 8330 on VZW..i'm tossed between this and the Essex (Tour2). My friend has the Tour and I'm not keen on the "Bold-esque" keyboard. Love my 8330 chicklet style keyboard. So wi-fi and chicklet keyboard or wifi and no keyboard...hmm...

Will have to wait I guess....I've so outgrown my curve. :(

Jeesh sometimes these videos are like torture! Its like watching someone else play with your Christmas present. I hope this phone is going to be half as good as I think it is...

I'll settle for Catherine Zeta Jones for now. I'm pretty happy with my Storm. I'll wait the two years and see what'll be available then. Who knows, the Storm 2 might be $49.99 or the Storm 3 might even be out by then.

i noticed the network too. time let it happen. let at&t receive this device. vodaphone can have it too if they want but not before at&t. salo has an awesome device, i want an official at&t one.

I'm ready for it to come out. I'm gonna upgrade to it regardless. Either way people are not gonna be satisfied when it comes to S1 vs S2 videos. The same way you either love or hate the S1. No matter what...if it comes out on VZW, ATT, TMO or Sprint it's gonna act the same. I'm sure RIM is gonna continue to make Storms and other versions of BB's. Yes, they will sell and yes people will upgrade or pay full price. Why go crazy over something that isn't out and that you don't have control over how it's being made. Seems like folks already have it in their heads they're gonna get the phone or not. Thanks for the Vids. Answered a lot of questions for me. Keep them coming.

Yeah I know everyone's like it's the same OS and not much of a difference from the first storm (which I'm currently using), but I'm one of those that has to have it. I've been using & collecting BB's since 2000. They've come along way.