Another BlackBerry Q20 'Classic' concept hits the forums

By James Richardson on 23 Apr 2014 09:53 am EDT

We all know that the BlackBerry Q20 is coming at some point this year and will be the first BlackBerry in the 'Classic' range so says CEO John Chen. There's a few things we know for sure that the Q20 will feature - such as a hardware keyboard and also the return of the optical trackpad and function keys. 

What we haven't yet seen is any leaked images of the device and if John Chen has his way we won't do either as they are on a mission to stop leaks. However, that doesn't stop the CrackBerry nation coming up with concept designs of what they would like to see. 

The above images are courtesy of CrackBerry forum member DYLANHABKIRK who's taken what we know and has come up with the design. 

It does of course look very much like the BlackBerry Q10 with the 'tool belt' added but is that a bad thing? Many BlackBerry fans will want a larger screen on the Q20 compared to the Q10 and although I'd be up for that I love my Q10 and still use it as my main device. We've also heard rumors that the keyboard may well feature just three rows of keys - instead of the traditional four. Considering BlackBerry are essentially revamping the Bold I'd be very surprised to see the keyboard change in design, but who knows? 

Only time will tell on what treats BlackBerry has up their sleeves for us in the 'Classic' department. Would you be happy with a Q10 sized device? Sound off in the comments. 

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Another BlackBerry Q20 'Classic' concept hits the forums



Kudos for BlackBerry to have the courage and boldness to bring an updated Classic Bold Q20 !
That said, we wish for these:

1. We want a taller screen, not a square screen...

2. We also want a replaceable battery!
(Just witness the Bold 9900 which is out for 3 years now, need new battery, just buy new one and pop it in! Built-in battery replacement is prohibitively expensive, basically makes the smartphone a throw-away once the battery dies in 2 years time!)

My initial thought except for the straight instead of curved belt and keyboard. It should be named the Straight Bold.

Posted via CB10

Still wondering how they will make possible the bottom swipe gestures (peek, goto Hub, reduce app gesture ...) and not be conflicting with track pad scroll gesture ?

The swipe up doesn't have to be dead center on the track pad, and the android back swipe will be on the back button side but...who will need that now.

I think we can safely assume that the new BlackBerry Classic will not be a device that breaks new ground in styling. If it were to do that it would be silly to name it the Classic.

I would be very tempted by a BB10 device with the look and feel of a 9900. I'd obviously want a larger screen than what the 9900 has and a battery that would last at least 2 days.

Scale the front of a 9900 up to fit the square screen like the Q10 has with the belt buttons included. Do a similar thing to the back of a Q10, slap the 2 halves together and fill the extra space with a larger battery.

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Nope.. the BlackBerry 9900 wa more beautiful with curve shape keyboard.
Design and quality of BlackBerry q10 was horrible.

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That it does. But it they want to sell any of these then they need to make the screen bigger. Just a little bigger than the Q10 would be nice.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q"

Actually, they need to make the screen WAAAAYYYY bigger. Look at the best selling Galaxy S-4 for comparison. Why shrink the screen if we already know people will want the larger phones? But we also want - at least we aging baby-boomers - a hardware qwerty keyboard to deal with our now twitchy hands and fingers that make efficiently using a touch screen impossible.

This could be a huge money-maker for Blackberry, even a company-saver. There are millions of us who really need this phone. And what about those with dexterity problems, they also need this type of phone.


It's basically a Bold 9900 with a printscreen of BB10 slapped on, not really a concept.

And it doesn't even have a bottle opener so it's not really multifunction.


I'm not up with BlackBerry going backwards, but since more classic BlackBerry phones were sold than BlackBerry10 smartphones, then I guess it might be a good idea and just the right phone for people who don't like change :)

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The 9900 was the most solidly built blackberry device to date. It would be smart to build off of a proven platform

I think blackberry should make a updated 9900 update the specs, beef up the ram, slightly larger screen

And make two versions of it available bbos7.1 or 8 if they do that and Blackberry 10.2.1 or 10.3 of its out by then

Everyone was yelling out for a updated 9900 with bbos and bb10 users want a killer top notch device it would satisfy both camps while keeping manufacturing costs relatively lower than two very different devices

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I understand what you're trying to say

If I ever had the opportunity the get any 2 phones no charge it would be 1 Windows from the future & the Q in white not that the color matters I just already own the Q in black

I'm not sure how the Windows holds up but the computer is the most underrated technology

Idk why I've never heard any1 talk about it but you can simply switch the interface back to the desktop

That's what you're suggesting BlackBerry convert to but if people could have more than 1 os on a phone I think they'd have been accomplished that

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In this age of super fluid intuitive OS like ios 7.kit kat android 4.4 who will go for BlackBerry 7 OS phones. The OS 7 had huge limitations and hence BlackBerry after years of hardwork rolled out BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry 10 was the answer to other multimedia and app friendly OS out there.Its fluid and I am sure it will blow all the other OS in next 3 years in terms of UI and functionalities.

I am not able to understand why people still use legacy devices.I just can't imagine in this age just click on the keypad,press back button, wait for hour clock to get alright, take out battery to install app and refresh RAM....its pathetic in comparison to BlackBerry 10.

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Fully Agree.
The BB10 OS is the most efficient mobile OS out to date. Not sure how somebody would rather continue to use BBOS. IMO it has a lot to do with education, and how poorly BB10 was presented by the previous management.

The only minor issue I have with BB10 is its cut/copy and paste, select etc., I still find it challenging. Its not consistent. I can see how they tried to make it efficient, in a way, but needs a lot more work. That alone was one simple reason why existing BOLD users did not yet upgrade to BB10.

John Chen needs to rectify this and make it a lot more easier to perform.

Right!!! Over 8 months with q10 and I'm still facing challenges when it comes to cut/copy/select a text, especially in a small space such as text messages. Once they will bring the track pad back I will drop my Q.

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People are lazy generally and a majority of people who are given corporate handsets don't want or need to learn new things

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I'm not talking about one phone with 2 operating systems folks.

I'm talking about the same physical hardware (I'm aware bb10 and bbos have different chip set requirements) with a choice of the OS on it.

Blackberry is following through with bbos regardless I just see this as a potential to save money. Something blackberry really needs to do and to have some sexy devices at the same time

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I never had the Bold, but I did have a Torch, which I never put a case on and threw it around haphazardly, still never had a problem with it. That was a solid built phone, besides, I'm itching for BlackBerry to bring out another "slider. " I love my Z10, but I think I like the design of a "slider"best. Just my 2 cents...

Opined with my Z10!

It will be nice when BlackBerry actually showcases the Q20 final product ... there's so much chatter over these "concept" devices ... which may or may not be even close to the finished product.

It's like making enemies of something that could be great before it even has a chance at fruition.

I'd love to see the smiley keyboard back! If it's an "updated Bold", well, the 9900 rocked a smiley keyboard...

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Agreed. This concept is exactly what I expected to see. I still say an updated 9900 with bb10 would be much better. The 9900 keyboard isn't just better to use, it's better to look at too. It's the main feature of the phone. That's what counts with a blackberry.

Q10 forever!

Second that.

9900 only had beauty and it lacked everything required for a business device.Battery life of 6 hours, constant hour clock,hang,battery pulls and small screen. I personally had a very bad experience when I upgraded from 9700 to 9900.

I lol when someone compares 9900 to q10.I agree Q10 is not that beautiful like 9900,but it's BlackBerry 10 OS and the build quality is miles ahead and superior to any BlackBerry legacy device.

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Yes, it looks like the 9900, but I don't think that's a bad thing. The 9900 is a fantastic phone, I believe any BB fan will agree, and this would be a way of combining the good old 9900 with the Q10 and launching a device without spending a lot of time and resources on R&D for a phone that already sort of exists.

So all Q10 apps can run on Q20. Otherwise the lack of apps issue will start again

Developer of AutoCrop Scanner

Something like my 9000, but bigger screen and bring back the number keys in red end call red take call green and the metal accent around the outer edge. Oh and a massive removable battery. Also bring back the classic flip clock and the desk charger. I think that's about it.

BlackBerry rocks :o)


See, that is a BlackBerry. That is exactly what people see in their mind when they hear the word BlackBerry. I don't understand all the jabber about "going backwards". This is just BlackBerry being true to what they are.

Who cares if not everyone in the world thinks they need a BlackBerry. At least those who need and want them will get the full experience, unhindered by a company (RIM) who didn't have the balls to be who they are.

Finally, someone who gets it. People who bitterly refuse to need to stick to Android handsets instead of trying to be different only to complain about it.

Most likely onto something there... it's the familiar form factor..

What's needed is the guts. Give it the modern CPU and memory; give it the camera and the Z30 antenna technology.. and for the love of Pete put BB10 on it..

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Give me design hybrid of 9900 and Q10 (that awesome bezel of 9900....) with toollbelt and slightly bigger screen and I would be sooo happy

Don't worry guys the BlackBerry Classic has 3.5 inch screen it looks much better than how it looks here

Posted via CB10

that 3.5 screen your saying.... is the toll belt included on that screen size?? if it is, then we are back to 3.1 of Q10. Thumbs down if it is...

Morning all! I like the hint of nostalgia that comes with this design, but I'm not feeling it as a "new device", even though it's only a concept. Perhaps a longer body, with a larger screen may work better. BlackBerry will cater to its strong customer base, but in the US, sales will probably not be as strong. This may not be a bad thing, because the major carriers have all but given up on advertising and selling BlackBerry handsets. Sales overseas should good for this handset though. It will all in BlackBerry's continued comeback, and I see them being major player again in a couple years. #TeamBlackBerry #TeamCrackBerry

That would be a big old turd. Even the Q10 without tool belt is extremely annoying to use on daily basis. Same look but taller screen. There is a perfect phone.

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WTH! Come on BlackBerry! Are you trying to fail? Remember this was the phone that was brought BlackBerry down! 2012 and 2013 are BlackBerry worst years! They lost over 30% market share these two years. Do not go back to the 9900 bold! Come up with your own new concepts that the consumer hasn't seen! Don't go backwards! It didn't work in 2012 it's not going to work in 2014!! Gosh I wish I was CEO of BlackBerry.

Using unlocked BlackBerry Z30 on AT&T

The phone that brought BlackBerry down? You mean the phone that saved BlackBerry. The Bold 9900 is still outselling all BB10 phones combined almost by itself.

Though I see how a different design from the 9900 would prevent it from being tagged 'a more expensive Bold' among companies.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

We've got to remember that those phone sales didn't do poorly because of the design of the phone. The phones didn't sell well because they didn't offer the apps offered on other platforms, and they were prone to freezing when you ran several apps at the same time. The phone pictured will be running BB10 that includes an Android runtime so it doesn't freeze, and has access to thousands of apps. Combine that with security, excellent typing experience, and longer and possibly clearer calls than offered on other platforms, and you have a recipe for success. What can I say? I'm excited for it!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 


9900 and 9790 is the phones which marked the beginning of destruction of BlackBerry. I still remember how me and my colleagues used to hate the hour clock and constant need of battery pulls to free RAM.Its that frustration which led people to abandon the BlackBerry and go for iPhone 4 which marked the beginning of the golden age for apple.

If BlackBerry managed to release BlackBerry 10 phone instead of OS 7,they would have been in a much better position now.

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If they do go with that STUPID 3-row keyboard, I'll stick with my q10 until they realize their mistake when everyone complains about what a pain it is to type symbols. But if they don't change back to the traditional keyboard I'll just switch to Android and go with glass typing since the 3-row keyboard will be just as inefficient as a virtual keyboard anyway...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I love my Q10. I have now moved on from the "tool belt" I have more screen real-estate and I still have my keyboard so i'm happy. If they just made the phone with more of a edge to edge screen, it could be 3.5" easily. Or even make it slightly Wider and bring the screen up to the blackberry logo and go 4".


It's Q30 that they should release as for professionals including me who have upgraded from legacy devices are now used to the splendid Q10. Just can't imagine going back to hard press back and end button.

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Maybe BlackBerry needs a "virtual" toolbelt which can be switched off on demand? That way the same device can be pitched to users who want the toolbelt and those who would prefer a taller display.

Via CB10, Z10 rocking official 10.2.1

If I could have the speed and browser of my Z10 on my Bold 9000 that would do me just fine. I use my phone as a phone and can only read so much text at any one time so to be honest I couldn't give a rats arse about screen size. If I want to watch a movie or look at anything that requires a big screen I hook up to my PlayBook or TV. As for apps I've got an iPhone full of apps I seldom use and when I do they seldom work correctly.


The screen should be as big as the Q10, which would mean a slightly taller device or this is just a waste of time. No one is going to jump to a classic device with a smaller screen than the Q10 especially if they were BB10 users already.

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I got used to using the phone without having the tool belt but it will be interesting to see of how well it goes considering the fact that many of my friends including relatives were reluctant to purchase the Q10 due to it not featuring the tool belt.

Posted via CB10

It's a Copy paste BlackBerry Bold pic. The Bold was very functional BlackBerry.

I predict it will look like Q10 with improved form and build quality. Evolution of BlackBerry done right.

I mind for latest communication tech inside. Long life battery. Nothing in features and software taken out from its predecessors. Keep moving forward .

BlackBerry Lead
Do not Follow

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I think the tool belt should be a virtual tool belt that you can call up and dismiss from the quick settings pull down menu.

Posted via CB10

I know that this is just a concept, but i'm not really digging these concepts that have been shown recently. I'd like to start seeing some actual devices being shown. Stop these concepts, or at least the shotty ones.

Posted via CB10

What if they made it a "virtual" tool belt that could be "hidden" and operate like the Q10 when desired? Then you get the best of both worlds. More screen real estate when needed. Perhaps for those who are really wanting a button, they could allow you to "reprogram" a convenience button on the side perhaps to make the virtual tool belt appear at will. The picture above already looks like a virtual tool belt anyhow.

Yeah the grip is way better, even the base Bold has better ergonomics than the Q10.

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Does anyone else thinks this BlackBerry 'classic' is a bad I mean very bad idea?
Thinking they were gonna upgrade their Z10 or Z30 but they're actually going backwards, I'm failing to see the 'moving forward' BlackBerry has been emphasizing.

Posted via CB10

This new phone isn't ment to upgrade Z10 & Z30 users ...

It's to upgrade the folks still using Curves, Torches, 9000 & 9900's ... because THEY don't like phones without keyboards & toolbelts. And I'm surprised how many of the old phone I still see out there. But they're getting older, and will someday need to be replaced ... and BB wants their business! They will move THOSE clients forward ...

Besides, why would you want to upgrade a Z10 or Z30?? The phone is barely a year old ... and each software update is like a free upgrade. I'm not looking to replace mine until it breaks.

You my friend are an idiot. I was extremely hesitant to upgrade my 9930 to this Q10, and I seriously still miss those buttons. Seriously having the phone screen be unresponsive during a phone call and not able to end the call until I unlock the screen. Little things here and there that if this had launched in the first place I'd have no issues with. It's a good thing and I would seriously consider it an upgrade from my Q10. That being said the Q30 seems like a downgrade because who in their right mind (being a person who wants a physical keyboard) wants to give up a row of keys. Not this guy. I'll take it and the next 'Classic' 2 years from now and be happy. Just because you don't get the BlackBerry customer base doesn't mean you should assume you know everything. Don't like it? Don't get it!

I appreciate the effort that went into designing this, because I for one don't have the ability. However, I pray to the heavens it doesn't look like this. I don't think 2008 design will be beneficial to BlackBerry in 2014/15. I was nervous about this when I saw they were naming it 'classic' (which I personally think is a horrible Idea). A big portion of BlackBerry's problem is that people think it's archaic.
The only thing classic about it should be the keyboard and the pad. Everything else needs to be new. I know their focus is enterprise, but they need to remember that in a lot of these enterprise environments, BYOD is king. New should look new. Even when they brought back the old Camaro & Challenger, they looked New. This phone just looks too old. My opinion.

I'll take it just like that. I'm more about what the phone can do than how it looks. Who walks around going "look at my phone...isn't it pretty?" Who cares? Just make it WORK. I wanna be able to hang up the phone right now. Edit my emails. Cut and Paste. Gimme plenty of storage, great camera, and awesome battery life. A hybrid of the best features of 9900 and Q10 would be the best phone ever. Period.

I like the tool belt, but I'm not sure I'd trade in my Q10 if the new BlackBerry Classic looked like that.

I would not buy this phone. Love BlackBerry, love having a QWERTY, but this is a 9930 with a straight keyboard. Not for me.

Nice rendering though, my comment is not toward the guy who made this at all. He did a great job, its just not a phone for me.

It would be a cool device for BlackBerry if you could choose if you want to install bbos7 or bb10


Posted with a sexy Q10

Classic does not have to be 'boring'...and while I love the 9900 - it's a design we've known for years...

CB10 + my Q2^3+2

Classic doesn't necessarily refer to "style", I believe it to mean "Classic Features"...BlackBerry needs to innovate/evolve their style.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

It's nice, clean, and recognizable but there's nothing about it that stands out. I would like to see a bigger screen at the least.

Posted via CB10

Either way, that's one good looking phone. And having the physical call and end call buttons is something I greatly miss

Posted via CB10

It's all well and good to look like the popular predecessor buy will it have the business functionality -a robust link utility. This was a day one issue for the z10. Many said they would not touch it without that core business utility. If it flops we know the issue is not track pad but business apps and integration!

Posted via CB10

The screen definitely needs to be larger! To repeat a comment I heard when the Q20 was 'announced' - why can't the tool belt be part of the capacitive screen? especially if the screen is larger. Alternatively the Q20 could easily be as large as the HTC One (m7), allowing a row of icons to be added and still have the physical tool belt.

I can understand the sentiment behind the design.

I don't see this as a device that would have Samsung and Apple losing any sleep.

BlackBerry still don't get it...

When you have people waiting for the next BlackBerry 10 devices. You can't be backward in coming forward. It's now or never.

The next device has to be better than the Z30. Whether it be touch screen or keyword. If it is a ' Classic ' then it can't be a 9900 Mark II.

How is BlackBerry going to convince the Enterprise crowd that BlackBerry has moved on from OS7 and the devices and designs are far more cutting edge.

This just doesn't cut it .

Check out Digital Homeboy or Ziro 1

BlackBerry devices needs to be for the future not the past.

BlackBerry..Get it done!!! ©

Posted via CB10

Because "Enterprise" wants no experiments, they want tried and tested, stuff they know, are familiar with or already have, whatever works, does not require re-training staff, updates are delayed to the last minute or to save costs, or why do you think they're still hanging around with Windows XP, instead of upgrading to Win 8.1 ?

This phone is NOT to woo the Z10/Z30 fancy crowd or to win over iPeople, but to give the legacy mob something familiar enough for them to upgrade.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Touch pad will look nothing like the old. I expect something totally unexpected as far as the pad

Posted via CB10

I waited for the Q10 and passed on the Z10 only to have to return the first two with keyboard problems. When I am contractually able, I am going to the Z30. A Q10 with the tool belt is of no interest to me.

Posted via CB10

This seems likely, which is unfortunate , because it says BlackBerry is retreating into tradition, not cutting new paths.

Posted via CB10

Why is is so hard to understand they have to cater for legacy users with a different, more familiar phone than those people who are after cutting edge iPhone killer, Galaxy smoking all-touch devices?

It has nothing to do with being backwards.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I remember seeing a concept where the infrared trackpad was the space bar. That was brilliant; more screen real estate and a hidden track pad, maybe even incorporate a security thumb print feature.

I do think a Q20/Q30 is a good idea. So is the track pad. It is a niche that should be exploited. But I also favour an attachable blue tooth option a la typo... but make it uniquely BlackBerry. so the idea is a z10 recrafted to be mate-able with an attachable keyboard. Easy to do.

Posted via CB10

I think what ignorant, bang waggoning people are missing most about the trackpad is the ability to have a cursor I use the browser alot & have no problem selecting text w/ my Q10 but the cursor kind of was everything I understand the trackpad is what makes the classic a classic but it looks like a bold 9900 like the first comment says & that's not cool

Unless, this classic is slimmer & easier to grip it is of no interest to me

Posted via CB10

I'm not too worried about screen size; however, I'd like to see a return to the curved keyboard of the Bold 9900.

Posted via CB10

A hybrid, which will likely appeal to Bold users as well as those who bought the Q10. Two crowds happy with one device (if you don't have any dramas with the tool belt).

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

BlackBerry should lock forward... Q10 screen size for productivity is to small, touchscreen is far away better than keyboard, since I got my Z30, the Q10 is barely used.

via  Z30

What is unfortunate here is people bashing a product that isn't even out. There are many people like myself that would look foreword to the return of the trackpad and toolbelt. Most of the people bashing the concept device here wouldn't want it anyways, so don't purchase it. I don't believe BlackBerry is going to abandon the all touch devices anytime soon. I have the Q10 because I can't use them. I can't even use the touch features on my PlayBook because of my hand size. Let alone on a 3.5 or 5 inch screen. Trying to edit an email or a word document, is almost impossible. Pounding around on a screen isn't my idea of speed and that is what BlackBerry is known for. I have been thinking of going back to my 9930, because of the above problem. However I do like the BB10 OS. There isn't a one size fits all. So if BlackBerry can give us an option that fits our needs, I'm all for it.

true that... all I ever wanted was a Bold 9900/30 packed with BB10 and Q10's front and back camera. That's it, and I'm sure all will agree...

What's better for one person may not be as good for another. I think coming out with a Classic model is fine. The tool belt and keyboard would be welcomed because that's what many want. A bigger screen, highly improved specs, HDMI port, and removable battery would be awesome!

Speed is at the core of the issue here. For functionality and ease of use, I prefer my 9900. For speed, nothing beats my Q10 which comes with it several issues like the camera accidentally going on and the q10 making accidental calls even when I'm just holding the phone with the screen unlocked after a phone call. But if the speed of the Q10 can be married to the functionality of the 9900, then, I'm all for it with updated specs of course. Don't forget a much better camera.

Let me tell you a story about a venerable softdrink maker...

By the early 1980s, Coke had lost the lion's share of its market share (60-24%). Market research indicated that younger markets favored the sweeter taste of Pepsi.... Coke was reformulated--completely--and it's original formula relegated to the vault. Coke's new CEO waited, puffing on a Stogie, for the dollars to come pouring in. So what if their core consumer base disliked it. When asked if they could get used to it, most agreed...they COULD.

Retailers of the fountain drink version, already stung by earlier changes to the Coke ecosystem, we're already mounting protests based on the rumored reformulation.

Pepsi, tasting a smuggled six pack of "New Coke" realized that Coke was trying to recapture market share by becoming a poor Pepsi facsimile. They sent their entire workforce on a company-paid vacation and wrote the easiest market copy in history....and sent advance questions to reporters just in time for Coke's Big Presser.

Stick prices immediately rose and there was an 8% increase in sales.

(queue poop storm)

Those core consumers didn't get with the program....and they amassed company.

Coke's Atlanta HQ, located in the Deep South began to receive calls and letters from angry Southerners. Coke was a large part of the Southern identity and they resented Yankees effing it up.

A robust black market began for the last cases of the original Coke. Cooke's president, on vaycay on Monaco, was shamed when aa restaurant proudly served him an original Coke saying, "we still have 'The Real Thing'" (Coke's tagline).

Three months after its introduction, broadcasters broke in with the news: "Classic Coca-Cola " was back.

Thing is this: if they'd have introduced the new flavor with a new name ot it's lineup, if could have been a success, particularly in the North, where the drink was well-liked.

This feels so familiar. I Blackberry had listened to its Bold users and given them what they wanted--a Bold with the Batwoman Utility Belt (tool belt my ass) and the Z-series for those wanting more real estate, they may have avoided much of the angst we've seen.

Coke didn't consider the "deep and abiding emotional attachment" users had to Coke.

Same with BlackBerry and it's Bold users.

Posted via CB10

Could care less for the Classic, I am more of the New guy...I would want to trade up my Z10 for some slick new touchscreen.

I'm soooo happy with my Q10 if the new keyboard BlackBerry will be anything similar to that ugly thing, I hope that my Q10 will last long or just buy another of the same.

Posted via CB10

If the Q20 will have 3.5 or 3.9 screen and part of that screen space is the belt. The result of the screen space would be almost the same on Q10 back to 3.1.... I just hope not. Track pad and gestures will have a huge negative impac.

Looks old and dated. BlackBerry needs to move forward not behind .

Posted via Verizon Z10 - OS v10.1.2.2174

No, the return of the flimsy track pad!? Hope it going be better buildt then the previous devices(sorry some real problems with those pads).

I for one would be really happy with this design. Not sure if the 3.5 screen size is represented here but otherwise it looks great. You guys (many of you) who are prejudging this device...give the BB engineering team a chance. It may well turn out to have an intuitive blend between BB10 gestures and OS7 shortcuts, etc. We really don't know yet. It's 7 months away still.

Posted via CB10

Classic yes but will the new BlackBerry Bold ooops I mean Q20 stand up to my Q10? Remember my Q10 is on T Mobile so it is now ultra rare.

Posted via CB10

This just makes the company look like it isn't behind BlackBerry 10. Make your mind up BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Love my Q10 & BB10, but I miss the trackpad for easy editing/navigation. I love the classic oval Bold 9900 look, but -- if possible -- maybe a slightly larger screen and a little bit of a design refresh so the phone looks a little more modern and less 2012. But, overall, that is a beauty.

Looks sharp. But in order for this "Classic" to sell, it needs to have a slightly larger screen than the Q10. DO NOT release a identical BOLD size phone coupled with BB10. Its got to look either similar to the Q10 (bigger screen) and/or better.

Sorry... but this would obviously be a step in the direction of a bygone era... hope Chen and his team do not actually come up with something like this... just combine the Q10 keyboard with the Z10 screen already...

Posted via CB10

Same here, and BBRY will release full touch BB10 devices. John Chen already said he is, but this Classic is targeting the Enterprise because that is most asked for. John Chen already clearly stated BBRY is going to release a "DEVICE" that is for the New Customers. Something that should attract new customers.

IMO, its no other than a Full Touch High Powered Device, most likely called the Z50.

This special Full Touch BlackBerry 10 device needs to be the BEST Spec'ed Device in the industry. Because people's buying habits are messed up, they only look at phone spec's regardless of OS most of the time. Something monsterous like this rumoured Z50 would surely sell like hot cakes, and will not only directly compete with Samsung's best, but also have better specs too.

Oh. Sorry 3.5. Maybe 4" would of satisfied me. Nice looking phone. The reason I went to all touch screen was because my curve 9320 didn't have enough screen. I'm happy w my Z30. Would by this as a toy and use my Z30. I don't carry my reading glasses all the time.

Posted via CB10

Looks just fine to me!! Can't wait for this phone to be released!

I love my Q10 and 9900 just the way they are. Give me the Q20 with a tool belt and BB10 and I'm good.

If I want/need a bigger screen, I'll use the tablet or laptop.

Posted via CB10

Why stick with the same design philosophy of OS7 devices? I know the 'keyboard' was/is impressive, tactile, etc, blah blah but...Surely upon first look without even delving into the software people (consumers) would dismiss this type of device, if it makes production or not, it just looks like a regular, standard 3 year old BlackBerry.

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Looks like the Bold 9000 but that's okay with me.

I'd buy one of these, it looks nice, though I wouldn't mind an even larger screen.

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It doesn't have a square screen, so it's a non-starter.

You can't keep the Q10 form-factor and add the "belt" without the device being taller than a Q10, or having a smaller screen.

Since in fact the Classic is supposed to have a larger screen than the Q10, there's no way it could be that short, unless they crammed a lousy tiny keyboard in there or something.

Not exactly awe-inspiring.

Envisioned a Z30 with a keyboard as the new BlackBerry Classic.

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I think the utility keys should be at the bottom...

Or it just needs the track pad...doesn't need the other keys really does it...

Can't help but think this is a Bizaare step backwards...

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I don't like it! Old boring design. I actually have the Q10 and I think the screen is too small. I'm considering getting the Z30. There were othe concepts that were shown on this site a couple of weeks ago. Those designs were breathtaking. Blackberry should focus more on design not that the latest software is solid.

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If this came with standard BB10, and there was a way to completely shut off the touchscreen, I'd sell my Q10 and buy one of these instantly. I know there are people who swear by touchscreens, and that's awesome... I am not one. Bringing back a precision device with click selection for us people who despise the "jab and hope" method is a VERY wise move for BlackBerry. Apparently efficiency and lower-error design is considered 'classic'- just call me retro, then :)

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LOL @ "jab and hope" hahaha. That's exactly how I feel. I just jab and hope the circle appears where I want it to. If not, I have to jab elsewhere then jab again at the intended spot. I own a Q10 as well, and I love the keyboard and typing experience, but the white/blue circle thing can be annoying sometimes. A trackpad is much more precise, efficient, and time-saving.

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I like this concept alot. I must say the ideas I had heard of a three row keyboard made me squirm. Something like this, but a slightly bigger screen would be ideal to me. Because I have smaller hands the trackpad would allow me to utilize the screen better than adjusting my grip to access the whole screen.

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I am currently using a Q10 and loving it. I love the keyboard thing, and I wouldn't mind to see a larger display screen in Q20.

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What if instead of a track pad they make a hybrid (enter) button with infrared sensor.

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I need help! Love the physical keyboard, but I've been using my son's Z30, and really like all the screenscape! Would love a bigger screen on the new Q20! The Q10 is just not big enough!

I appreciate the talent that went into this but this isn't a wow phone. It would have to look bigger and cooler.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

BlackBerry Classic Wishlist !
16G internal storage
64G Expandable
3800Ah battery
Quad core media processor ( Z30)
Screen 3.75 inch minimum

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Don't need the belt at all, BlackBerry 10 works perfectly fine without it. I'm not going to say the belt is bad, just not necessary if one understands how BlackBerry 10 works. If you don't understand how it works, or simply refuse to understand it, then I suppose the "Classic" series is for you. Otherwise, BlackBerry 10 works perfectly without any extra buttons.

With that said, it still doesn't hurt to have the belt. Again, I just don't believe it to be at all necessary for BlackBerry 10 to work properly. Then again, I can adapt to any interface, but that's because I like new things.

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I went straight from a 9700 to a z10 so I totally and desperately missed the 9900. I think this classic concept would be my ideal phone. (Along with a z30 for my full touchscreen option to replace my z10 and PlayBook)

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No. Its time for a full screen on top of three row, touch capacitive keyboard. With or without the tool belt, this needs to happen. Love my q10 but NEED that full screen!

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And the dinosaurs will still complain BB10 is too confusing with the trackpad.

Might as well abandon all current BB10 development and build a BBOS8 and pray it can sweep the dinosaurs waddling around with a trackpad.

Who needs to really get everyday consumers to buy your phones anyway?

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Very Sexy!!!

The article said "Blackberry Q20 is coming at some point this year." I think it will be available in first or second quarter of 2015.

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Speculations on an unofficial photoshoped
Q10? Classic with a touch. But if they keep screen size to small, they can and should Make a CLASSIC, with a touch of modernity.

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I would love to see the return of a leather back(think bold 9000), and a larger screen. Perhaps a touch wider than the current Q10. I think that there is room for 2 new physical keyboard devices. A "classic" similar to the concept imaged, and a larger screen device.
Unrelated, I have been over in the oneplus forums, and I must say they have nothing on the Crackberry community!

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I'd buy it. It looks really beautiful. Maybe a taller screen would be great, but this is very nice just as it is. Awesome rendering!

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What the beeeep?!? Oh c'mon, seriously, that's hardly a concept when you cut and paste images together. On the second note, with talks of "The Classic" a design while great during its dated period certainly has no place in present. Was this not part of the declined interest in BlackBerry? Even when e.g. car companies bring back classics they don't bring back the same looking 1970's muscle but with a breath of fresh air. Wake up BlackBerry. It's almost like you're hinting at such reason to leave the handset market!

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The screen space is too small. The q10 is already a tad on the small side when you add a bar on the bottom and sometimes on top of the screen.

I think it would make sense to make the screen 2 icon-lines longer and then keep everything else from the q10 or preferably bold9900 look.

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Ya know, who in their right mind woulda thought that Ford could bring back the first pony car a few years ago using eerily similar designs only slightly updated from the '60's...*nd do well with it to boot!

No diff here. The Z10 was IMO the wrong ph - add zero marketing and of course it failed. Q10 was step in right direction but 3/4 assed. Z30, great concept with amazing tech, antenna, monster battery and bose like speakers.

What do I expect from the classic Q20.?

The mutha of all BlackBerrys.
...all the best of the above, with a track pad running on 10.3 or 4 version of Bb10 that has finally fixed CONTACTS!. On a minimum 3.5" usable screen

I would gladly pay for that in a heartbeat.

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

..and Mr Chen, if the Classic has all of that, then by jesus, you boys had better market hell out of it!!

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

It wasn't just "slightly" updated it was indeed updated. One who wasn't a car enthusiast would be able to clearly say which one was the 1960's vs the 2013's! Now, if you try that with this supposed BlackBerry (let's just pretend for arguments sake) people won't see nothing new other than the icons. Look back at CB Kevin's Typo video with him asking people which one is the real BlackBerry. People can't tell the difference and that just sucks for them. And in doing "The Classic" and giving it that name isn't going to do them justice, especially given the release date - it will be shadowed by the iPhone Air no doubt. The Bold was a great phone but I think we're all past the 3.5" screen...and if you're not then it's time to move out of suburbia!

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Relax people, it is just somebody's concept and nowhere near what the real deal is. Lol.

I know it'll be different, if it's like the bold... i'll still love it so much. :D

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From a hardware stand point this looks nice indeed. But there's something that alot of these concept pics dont address the most lastest interview John Chen has made it very clear that not only would the new BlackBerry classic be a updated version of the the famous bold series but that hes bringing back the user experience that was associated with earlier versions of while we cant say for a certainty as to what the final BlackBerry UI would look like in future versions its apparent that it will have a more BB07 or earlier OS feel to it since he himself has said one of the biggest complaints he received about BB10 was that the user experience changed too much for corporate users and that he would be "bringing back the user experience" that BlackBerry fans were accustomed to before BB10.for me I just cant wait to see which features of the classic user experience will be brought back and and how will it be updated using BB10 as the underlying OS.

I honestly don't care about huge screen size at all. I have a q10 now an it's perfectly fine for me. I don't play games etc. I will never own a touch screen phone but I am not sure if I will buy the Classic because I won't need it. I'll definitely want it though!

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In my opinion, I think they need to do more work into styling. (I know it's just concept) but you can't just slap on the belt on a q10 and release it. I hope BlackBerry does a better job of designing. Like q5 is not good looking.

No physical buttons

Have a trackpad under the screen instead if possible. Activates when scrolling or editing text

But let the call and end buttons die.

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Three rows of key instead of four could make another change with typing style, and could make existing users confused when upgrade, so I think  ‎BlackBerry should think again about that idea

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What's the point of naming it a blackberry 'classic' if they reduce the keyboard? The whole point of something being classic is because it resembles something renowned and successful. If they do reduce the keyboard it will end up being a blackberry classic, minus the classic bit...

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I would like to see an extra row of icons, curved keyboard as on 9900 and de clutter the menu system so it is only accessible via the menu key on the belt and no three dots. Hope we get it right this time round! Best of luck blackberry.

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It's looks like the Q10. That's mean Perfect! But, I really do not perceive the need of the "belt". I believe it's a waste of space, but just time will tell. Maybe I'm wrong.

God Bless You!

I´m not interested in "classic" which means to keep the past alive... OS10 IS touch-based and should be supported... While others talk about 3D-Displays and a lot of another futuristic specs which are possible to introduce, the Blackberry-audience wants to keep buttons and rotary switch alive... boring and annoying to CRY for better specs and to ask for a steam engine at the same time...

BlackBerry's future depends on Z10 and Z30. The so called classic is not the future. It is the past. It is passe. But if it can make a few bucks for BlackBerry for now, making a few of them is fine.

I hope this doesn't consolidate BlackBerry's image as a small screen phone maker.

I started using BlackBerry since 950 pager. After using Z10, I can not go back to the small screen keypad, not even Q10. The major reason is ironically the keyboard - the mighty Z10 virtual keyboard.

Why BlackBerry can't make a phone with both large screen and physical keyboard? Make one and it can't be slider.

Innovate and make a double sided phone please.

They should leave some space above the trackpad for the ease of use..otherwise it won't be a progress. Consider the older designs. Plenty of space for the buttons. and moreover this time it's a touch screen. so a space above the trackpad is more important now than ever. You see, in my opinion as a user, these little things are the things that make blackberry fail to impress (sometimes, important times), even their hungry enthusiasts. Sorry to be harsh. But this is business, and I can't imagine a day comes without Blackberry in the market. Thanks and I hope my message gets through.

Yep looks like all the bold BlackBerry phone no one bought good job. Need touch screens hello do you not see what's selling

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It is a touch screen same as Q10 but with a the option to use a phone and decline button and trackpad....thats how they should have made the Q10 originally, that's the only thing I don't like about my Q10, that there's no call buttons

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Looks pretty counter-intuative to me ... whhy innovate and take away the track pad and function keys,

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Looks pretty counter-intuative if you ask me, why would you innovate and remove the track pad and function keys only to revert back to them after... almost seems as if they are fixing a mistake, which is clearly not the case. However, if they are going to bring the trackpad and function keys back, I think they need to be physically integrated in a new way; not just sitting atop the top row of physical keys. Integrated under the screen glass or something would be a significant improvement. Furthermore, I don't really understand how this design (with the function keys and trackpad returning) will play out for all touch devices such aas the Z10... seems to me as if blackberry is taking a step backwards... what a surprise! ;)

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Jeepers! Just when I getting used to this "swipe" thing!

Actually, I love my Q10 so I'll probably give the 20 a miss. Now that I've beat the learning curve with BB10 I really like it.

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My prediction is 4 rows of keys with the q20 and a mild increase in size with the screen

Then the q30 (or q10 successor what have you) will go for the 3 row keys with a moderate increase in screen size.

Thus keeping the traditional BlackBerry boys happy as well as striking new ground for those looking for change.

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Poor BlackBerry! Snowed under with billions of design requests from millions of different folk. Well, here's another.

What I want, what I really, really want, is a Bold 9790 shaped bb10 device.

I'm a q10 user, but before that, I traded my 9900 for a 9790, because I loved the small, portable form factor of the latter. I still have the 9790 now, in my desk drawer, take it out just to hold it, cos - er - I'm sad like that.

Bigger is not necessarily more beautiful. I have a laptop and tablet for media consumption. A small, durable and solid pocket media device is, as I see it, innovation for the future.

If my Bold 9790 could run bb10 I would still be using it now.

For the record: that 9900 inspired 'classic' device is beautiful. If it had a decent snapper, and a 'sub premium' price tag, I'd be up for that.

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I just want BlackBerry to return to what mad a BlackBerry a BlackBerry. The Cradle for every phone and the extra programmable button on the side.
Those features not being on the new phones made them less BlackBerry.

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Truth be told, I couldn't careless about the tool bet. I think it's redundant with gestures. They should leave the form factor of the Q10 as is, and just update the hardware and software, maybe even remove a row of keys and increase the screen size just slightly.

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It sucks ass! Bad move I say again! BlackBerry should pay attention to its own catchphrase "Keep Moving". Well this ain't it, this is like ass backwards...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

It was clearly not designed by BlackBerry and is not going to be the Q20. It's obviously a design of a concept artist.


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I don't care who designed it. It sucks donkey balls. Even if BlackBerry designs it and produces it, it still a step back. This is not the future...

Good for you that you like it. So I'm an idiot because I don't...hmmmm


Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!